Holly Bush


(This is just one type of Holly bush. There are a few different varieties.)

The holly was a deeply masculine symbol to the Celts, one that represented the God and his polarity with the Goddess. Its magical and ritual uses are numerous, and so are its gifts.

Often we don’t know what it is we really need. We’re usually pretty sure we know what we want, but when we get it we end up reminded of the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.”

During the Holly Moon, approach the as the embodiment of your father God, and ask if you may take a sprig of the plant. Place it under your pillow for the next seven night. As you ready yourself to fall asleep, pray to the God for enlightenment. Look to your dreams for answers. During the day be aware of things you haven’t noticed before or opportunities that present themselves unexpectedly.

Copyright Edian McCoy Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2004 Page 83


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Hawthorn Tree

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Over a century ago, the musical play H.M.S. Pinafore debuted on the London stage. On of the songs from the score insisted that “Things are seldom what they seem.” These words personify the hawthorn–a tree that in folklore, is much more than what it seems. Even in modern Ireland you’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to move or harm one for fear of upsetting the capricious fairy sprites who call it home.

When you need to know what is what, call upon the spirit of the hawthorn to assist you:

Fairies of the hawthorn I ask,

A favor and simple task;

Show me what is false and true,

And I will give a gift to you.

When you’ve received a vision of your answer, tie a pretty ribbon on the bush or plant a coin near its base in thanks.

Copyright Edian McCOy Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2004 Page 67

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WIllow Tree


The water-loving willow tree is sacred to the goddesses of the night and is ruled by the Moon. We can use its power to enhance our native psychic abilities.

Find a willow and sit at its base. Meditate on opening your psychic centers. Ask the tree whether it’s willing to help you. If it is, stand and press your forehead against its bark while concentrating on an issue or unanswered question you have on your mind.

Allow yourself to fall into a deep a meditative state as you safely can, and open yourself to the power of the willow. You will get answered. You should also ask the tree to show you what you need, not just what you want.

Thw willow governs creativity, and it can help you finish that sonata you’ve been composing, overcome writer’s block, give you fresh ideas for a painting or sculpture, or show you a new way to move as you dance.

Copyright Edian McCoy Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2004

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The Witches Magick for the 5th Day of the Seed Moon – Dice in the Moon Divination

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

Dice in the Moon Divination


You will need a large white piece of paper, a writing pen, and three dice.

On the piece of paper draw a circle, representing the moon. Lay the paper down on a flat surface, and before rolling the dice, determine what question you want to ask. Ask your favorite moon goddess such as Akupera (Hindu) or Diana (Roman) to bless the dice, then cast the dice into the circle and count up their total. Any dice falling outside the circle of moon must be recast. The following list gives each number’s divination meaning.

3 Good luck and good fortune

4 Disillusionment and disappointment

5 Someone will bring you happiness

6 Family and home issues

7 Beware of scandal and lies

8 Money matters and finances

9 Love is coming to you

10 Spiritual gains

11 Illness or injury

12 Secrecy and possible betrayal

13 Success will be yours

14 Helpful friends

15 Be cautious

16 Time for taking a journey

17 You will meet strangers with good advice

18 You will attain your goals

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight

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WOTC Extra – Meaning of the Dices You Cast

Meaning of the Dices You Cast


For yes/ no questions, you can use an odd number as yes and an even number as no; if you have a list of options with a number of items that match the number of sides, roll a die to get the option number ; if you can’t decide which of three movies to watch, declare 1-4 for movie 1, 4-8 for movie 2 and 9-12 for movie 3 and roll a 12-sided die. We gamers call that a range, and as long as you decide it before you roll, you can use any die to do it!


Below are meanings for the numbers one through twenty. They’re taken from numerology, and can give you general meanings for your polyhedral rolls. Ask a question , roll the die, and see if the answer works for you! It might take a bit of creative thought to see how the keywords given pertain to your question; but with a bit of thought and practice I think you’ll find that the dice really do give good answers.


1: New starts, action, originality, making decisions, independence

2: Harmony , cooperation, mediation, passivity, gestation, diplomacy, self-knowledge

3: Scattering, freedom, entertainment, self-expression, growth, travel

4: Practicality, work, order, building foundations, finances

5: Change, freedom, new intellectual interests, travel, communication

6: Family, health, service, listening to others’ problems, marriage, change in home, redecoration and remodeling, domestic and community responsibilities

7: Self-analysis, achievement, health problems, reflection, rest, health, vacations

8: Business, power, responsibility , money, business, karma

9: Giving to others, endings, service, changes, charity, inspiration

10: Intuition, fortune, luck, a turn for the better

11: Limelight , inspiration , religion , tests, legal dealings, art, quick decisions

12: Waiting period, change of view, reversal, submission

13: Change, release, transformation

14: Active sexual principle, pregnancy, social and family obligations, competition, a need to verify

15: Indecision, bondage, freedom, laughter, discernment

16: Love affairs, health, accidents, awakenings

17: Good fortune, rewards, travel, meditation, assistance

18: Caution, dreaming, healing, body care

19: Love, marriage, rewards, obstacles overcome, new beginnings

20: Turning points, decisions, awareness, adaptability, reconstruction.



Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch.


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Let’s Talk Witch – Doing Divination with Dices, Huh?

 Doing Divination with Dices, Huh?


Some of us love to play dice games (or role-playing games, drinking games, or any combination of the above) and know just exactly where our dice are. If you don’t, go looking for your board games; many games use one or more 6-sided dice to decide how far you move, and you can borrow the dice from there. (Just don’t forget to put them back, or you’ll be really miffed at yourself the next time you pull the game out!) Most discussions of dice divination expect you to have three six-sided dice, but you can use one if you want; as you can see from the lists below, you’ll just have a shorter range of answers available.


One die divination can give you nuanced answers to a yes/ no question; 3 dice divination has a range of possible responses that can give answers or suggestions for more general questions. If you have a six-, 10-, or fifteen item list of possibilities, roll one, two (2-12), or three (3-18) dice to determine which list item you should select.


1 die divination:

1. Favorable indications

2. Success depends on friendly relations

3. Triumph

4. Disappointment

5. Good news

6. Doubt



3 dice divination:

3. Pleasant surprises in the very near future

4. Unpleasantness of some kind may occur

5. Plans will come to fruition; wish will be granted

6. A loss of some kind is forecast

7. Possible difficulties in business, money troubles, gossip, and so on.

8. Expect criticism

9. Marriage; unions

10. Birth, either of a child or of a new project

11. A parting, which may be temporary

12. A message of some importance will soon arrive

13. Sorrow

14. Friendship; help from a new friend

15. Begin no new projects for a few days

16. A pleasant journey

17. A change in plans may soon be necessary.

18. Success; a wish will be obtained. *BEST*



Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch.


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WOTC Extra – How to do a Spread with Your Playing Cards

How to do a Spread with Your Playing Cards


You can shuffle and pull one card if you want a yes/ no answer, a simple answer to a quick question, or if you want a general significator for your day, much like some people pull a single tarot card or rune to see how their day will go.


Another yes/ no method that can give you a more complete picture is the three pile spread. Shuffle the cards, and start laying them out on top of each other; start a new pile when you have dealt ten cards or when you deal an ace. Make a total of three piles; if two or three of the piles have aces on them, the answer is yes. I have also had good results interpreting the aces and/ or other cards showing to get more details on the question. (Aces of hearts and spades? Yes, you can do it, it’ll involve friends, and may not be that easy!)


A three card spread can give you a card each for the past, the present, and the future. You can use the card colors for a general indicator: red, red, black would show something that starts well and is going well, but will end badly. You can keep that in mind when looking at the specific card meanings. You can also use a three card spread without reference to time, and just let the cards tell you a story about the issue on your mind.


If the three card story works well for you, you’ll also enjoy the nine card spread, where you lay out the cards in three rows or three cards; the top row for the past , the middle row for the present and the bottom row for the future. It’s very easy to collect spreads — if you go to your favorite search engine and look for rune spreads, tarot card spreads, or oracle card spreads, a lot of different ideas will come up, and all of them will work with playing cards. It all depends on how into it you want to get!



Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch


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Let’s Talk Witch – Divination, Got any Playing Cards?

 Divination, Got any Playing Cards?


There are a lot of different decks of cards used for divination . Tarot, Lenormand cards and oracle decks are everywhere, with new versions published every day. But if you want to do divination with what you’ve got, a standard 52-card deck of playing cards will work just as well as a fancy, expensive, or hard-to-find deck, and they have been used for that purpose for centuries.


There are several ‘layers’ to playing card divination. If you’re looking for yes/ no answers or fortunate/ unfortunate indicators, all you need to do is pull out one card at random and look at the color of the suit. Red is considered favorable, or ‘yes,’ and black is considered unfavorable, or ‘no.’ In general, people represented by red court cards are fair-haired, while people represented by black court cards are dark-haired; but this is not a hard and fast rule.


The next layer are the suits themselves. They have evolved their own meanings over the years as people have used them for divination:


Hearts signify emotions; love, friendship, happiness, and domestic concerns. Generally speaking, they are “happy” cards.


Diamonds signify career and money issues, power and success, hard work and affairs outside the home.


Clubs signify business, ambition, achievement and social interaction. They generally indicate success and happiness.


Spades signify gossip, challenges, messages, obstacles and upsets. They can be considered warnings.


Then there are the meanings of the card numbers. You can combine the meaning of the suit with the meaning of the card number to figure out the meaning of each individual card. There are also specific meanings for each card, and these are included below the general meanings.


Kings and Queens are older people or people in authority


Jacks are younger people with more vigor and less authority


Aces show you alone, making decisions and first steps in a particular direction.


Twos are about relationships; meeting another person or force in agreement or conflict. A popular picture used to explain the idea is marriage.


Threes are about the synthesis or two creating a third: a child, a project, or an idea. The picture here is family — mother, father and child.


Fours are about structure, safety, the work it takes to make a life. The picture is a home, the four walls that keep the family safe.


Fives are about stepping out from structure: destabilization, advancement, and sometimes (but not always) conflict. The picture is leaving home.


Sixes signify communication and messages.


Sevens are inspiration, intervention, spiritual matters, and benevolent outcomes.


Eights are about gates; like a three, but setting forth as an adult. Swift activity, new enterprises.


Nines show taking the final steps to completion of an idea or project.


Tens signify completion of a full cycle, something ending at the same time something new is beginning.


Divination with What You’ve Got

Cobalt Witch


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