Your Witches Rune for Sunday, December 17th is The Star

The Star, Witches Rune

The Star, Witches RuneToday’s Witches Rune

The Star

Meaning: In many cultures, the Star is a symbol of hope, dreams and destiny, and in the Witches Runes this symbol has a similar connotation. When the Star rune appears, it’s green light for you to go after what you want.
Note that the Star does not say you’ll get everything you want without any work. No. This symbol is a not about easy success, but about having faith in what you are doing – and doing it. In fact, the goals suggested by the Star are usually the highest and most significant ones – the ones that are hardest to get. It does not matter what the dream is, but its significance in your life. This symbol also represents ideals, and they can be both individual and collective ones.
In a more down-to-earth way, the Star is related to revolutions, changes, risks, speculation and all things motivated by faith and ideals. It can represent a sudden spark on inspiration, a windfall, a sudden rise to fame or a promotion. Though the sudden changes brought by the Star are usually positive, they are also fast: you can get back to point zero as quickly as you rose. So don’t be afraid to jump forward when the opportunity arises.
The Star urges you to take the risk, to have hope and to trust. After the staleness of Crossroads, the Universe finally begins to move again. If you believe in Higher Powers, this symbol shows that They are guiding you in this moment. The Star is a very positive rune, but in a more negative context it can represent revolution for revolution’s sake and the constant idealization of people and situations. It can also stand for excessive individualism when going after a dream.
In relationship readings, this rune represents hope and an idealistic kind of love. Usually the people involved in the relationship have high expectations about the other. They easily put their partner on a pedestal, only to feel frustrated when reality strikes. The Star can also represent unrequited love, or the love for someone who is unattainable. On the other hand, this rune tells you to not give up love entirely – keep looking, because someone is coming.


Additional Information Supplied by Your Spiritual Journey Australia


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Your Rune For Sunday, December 21st is Tiwaz


bw-tiwazYour Rune For Today

Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. However, you must be careful that costs of attaining your goals overshadow their values.


Additional Information About Today’s Rune, Tiwaz.

teiwaz: Tyr

Creation Date: teiwaz.wav
Phonetic equivalent: t
DIVINATORY MEANINGS: duty, discipline, responsibility, self-sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound,physicality, the warrior path
MAGICAL USES: protection, victory, strength, strengthening the will, healing a wound
ASSOCIATED MYTHS & DEITIES: Tyr and the Fenris Wolf, Odin’s ordeals
ANALYSIS: Just as the second aett began with the cleansing destruction of hagalaz, so too does the third aett begin with a loss. However, hail is imposed by the Gods to force the sacrifice of those things that aren’t really vital to our development. Teiwaz, on the other hand, represents a voluntary sacrifice, made by someone who understands exactly what he or she is giving up and why. Tyr’s sacrifice of his hand to allow the binding of the Fenris Wolf was a noble one, and notable in a
pantheon of deities not known for their sense of duty and ethical responsibility. He is believed to be one of the oldest of the Norse Gods – a Bronze-age rock carving was found in Scandinavia depicting a one-handed warrior – and his position may well have originally superseded Odin.
Tyr’s rune is also one of the oldest in the fuþark, having survived virtually unchanged from the
earliest Bronze-age carvings. It represents all those qualities associated with the God: strength, heroism, duty and responsibility. But it also represents a deeper mystery – that of the wounded God. Like þurisaz, the pain of teiwaz focuses the attention and forces discipline. However, in this case the effect is more conscious and the wound carries a greater significance. Uruz has been confronted and bound, and the lessons of teiwaz and hagalaz have been learned. This is the path of the warrior.
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Your Witches Rune For Friday, December 19th is The Moon


Your Witches Rune

The Moon

Meaning: Differently from the Sun, the Moon has more subtle powers. While it can represent changes too – after all, the moon changes it face a bit every day – these are usually much slower and long-term than the ones represented by the Sun. It’s feminine and passive.
As the rules of the nighttime, the Moon often symbolizes a transition time, in which things are not yet defined or very clear. It may represents lack of information and bad timing – any action done under the influence of the Moon may not go as expected because of that. Just like the moon influences the tides of our planet, it also influences our inner water – our emotions – causing a bit of emotional instability. This often inspires us to act without pondering.
The Moon works with undercurrents, it shows hidden developments or things done in the shadows. All secrets are protected by the Moon, and it its most negative manifestation this rune can stand for lies, deceit and even self-sabotage.
The Moon is also associated with the female cycles, thus it may represent pregnancy, family, roots and ancestors. When the Moon appears, there’s a strong need to go back to your roots in order to find comfort and understanding. It often symbolizes that you have to find yourself a safe place to wait, like a newborn in the womb… You have to be patient.
I relationship readings, the Moon can represent a strong sexual attraction (specially with the Romance rune), secret affairs, hidden and contained impulses and secrets. Although it adds strength to the attraction, it does not add speed, so the Moon can often represent that almost unbearable tension that builds between two people during a long period of time. It can also represent a certain instability in the relationship, with moments of closeness and moments of separation.


The Spiritual Journey Australia

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Your Rune For Friday, December 19th is Wunjo


bw-wunjoYour Rune For Today

Wunjo denotes joy and shared bliss. It may also represent a job well done and the satisfaction one feels from completing such a task. Wunjo brings good fortune and harmony.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Wunjo.

wunjo: glory
Phonetic equivalent: w
DIVINATORY MEANINGS: success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, bliss, achievement of goals, contentment
MAGICAL USES: for success in any endeavor, to motivate, to complete a task.
ANALYSIS: Wunjo is the last rune of the first aett, and thus represents both the end of one cycle and preparation for the next. It is a very positive, stable rune, and is another place where people tend to get stalled along their journey. Christian poets related it to heaven, but in fact it more closely resembles the Pagan Valhalla, since this particular paradise is not a permanent one.Like the wealth of fehu, the glory of wunjo is only an illusion. We have achieved success on one level only, and there are many more lessons to be learned. It is, however, a welcome respite that allows us to
rest, re-charge our batteries and prepare ourselves for the rest of the journey. It also gives us some perspective, allowing us to look back and reflect on the road thus far. Wunjo gives us a glimpse of what is possible, but if we try too soon to reach out
and grab it, like the Grail it will disappear between our fingers
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The Daily Witches Rune for December 17th is The Wave


Daily Witches Rune

The Wave

Meaning: This rune is deeply connected to the element of Water. Its most basic meanings are intuition, imagination, mystery and spirituality. It can also represent any journey on water. But those are just the surface meanings of this very complex symbol.

This rune represents a moment in which nothing is solid under your feet. Everything moves, changes and transforms swiftly as the water does, and it may be hard for you have are surety about anything. The Waves show things that happens in the deep waters of our life… Repressed emotions and thoughts are represented by this symbol.

This rune can also symbolize solitude, renounce and sacrifice. When it appears, it’s difficult to make choices due to lack of information and uncertainty. But it’s not a good time to act anyways. It’s time to save energy, and free yourself from certain ideas and habits that are no longer useful. When the Waves appear, you may be more prone to self-delusion, self-sabotage and deception. Do not believe in everything you hear and see during these times. It’s hard to be calm and rational when under the influence of the Waves.

But this rune has also positive implications. It can represent a deep connection to all that is deep… to the spiritual world, and to your most deep resources. When you think you have nothing else to give, nothing to hold on to, the Waves reveal a wealth of inner power that can be used to survive the complicated times. These can be the water of your rebirth, or the water that will drown you – all depends on how you react to this situation.

In relationship readings, this rune can represent powerful emotions and passions, very difficult to control. One can easily feel carried away by this “flood” . There’s a strong spiritual connection behind this relationship, that can be good or bad. The Waves can also show that a relationship is being sabotaged by unclear communication and misunderstandings. Finally, it can represent a relationship in which the partners are separated for some reason, causing tears and feeding certain illusions.


Courtesy of Your Spiritual Journey Australia

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Your Rune For Wednesday, December 17th is Ansuz


bw-ansuzYour Rune For Today

Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Ansuz.

ansuz: Odin


Phonetic equivalent: a (as in ‘fall’)
DIVINATORY MEANINGS: authority figure, leader, mind & body
balance, justice, shaman, clairvoyant
MAGICAL USES: for wise decisions, success, leadership; to help in divination and magic
ANALYSIS: This rune represents the instinctive, primal energy of
uruz tempered with the discipline and experience of þurisaz. These elements are combined in the personage of Odin, who exhibits the characteristics of both chieftain and shaman – a god of wisdom as well as war. Odin is also a shaman, traveling between the worlds on his eight-legged horse, SleipnirAnsuz is a balanced rune. As with fehu, many people choose to remain at this point in their journey. It represents power, both secular and magical, and this power can be quite seductive. Odin has learned the lessons of the first three runes, thus gaining the wisdom to rule wisely, but this is really only another beginning. He has only gained temporal power, and has only a few of the tools he will need to perfect himself spiritually. There is a certain lack of compassion and perspective in this rune. Odin sits high above his world, looking down and making decisions, but he doesn’t yet have the capacity to really care about or understand his people or himself. He still needs that emotional connection to become a truly great leader
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Your Witches Rune for Tuesday, December 16th is The Birds (Flight)


Today’s Witches Rune

December 16th, 2014

The Birds (Flight)


Flight, also called “The Birds”, this is a rune of movement and communication. Emails, letters, phone calls, news, unexpected visits… all is symbolized by The Flight.

While the Moon told you you didn’t have enough information to act, the Flight tells you the information is coming – if it’s not here already. Now you can make informed choices and change your plans accordingly. It’s very common for this rune to represent a change in plans, specially those who happen after we get a piece information that we didn’t have. This is also a rune of synchronicity – of receiving the information you need exactly when you need it.

On a physical level, the Flight can represent travel, specially by air. With the Waves rune, it can indicate a journey by water. It also represents visits, both the expected and the unexpected kind. Because of its relation to communication, it can represent discussions, exchange of ideas and team work… but its negative side can stand for gossip, rumors and excessive noise. Mental tension, overstimulation, anxiety and lack of sleep are also part of the Flight’s dark side.

This rune shows that the wheels are already moving, and that the situation is not longer stagnated. The Flight can symbolize a sudden freedom, a feeling of being liberated from the burdens of the past. Good ideas and solutions for problems appear. And because this rune is a fast one, it tells you to do it – and do it now. Don’t put it off till later, or you may lose the opportunity.

In relationships, the Flight shows that there will be a lot of communication between the people involved. Any form of expression involving words will be at the center of this relationship. However, it can indicate some physical distance between the partners. This rune, usually when combined with the Rings rune, can represent important documents and contracts. It’s often a sign that you will receive news from (or about) the person you are interested in.



Your Spiritual Journey Australia

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Your Rune For Tuesday, December 16 is Dagaz


bw-dagazYour Rune For Today

Dagaz represents the fresh light of a new day. You are close to making a breakthrough. You have the will to change whatever you deem necessary. You may see the world with absolute clarity at this time.


Additional information about Today’s Rune, Dagaz, courtesy of The Runic Journey.


ðagaz : day

Phonetic equivalent: d (pronounced as ‘th’, as in ‘this’)

happiness, success, activity, a fulfilling lifestyle, satisfaction
to bring a positive outcome
Sunna, Baldr, Nerthus, Yggdrasil
This rune effectively marks the end of the third aett, leaving only oþila to complete the cycle. As in the previous two aetts, ðagaz concludes the third with light and hope. However, while wunjo represented earthly glories and the sun, heavenly power, the day brings these two realms together, bringing the more abstract light and power of sowulo ‘down to earth’ and applying it to our everyday lives.The shape of the rune itself denotes this kind of interconnection. It is reminiscent of gebo, with its balance of masculine, feminine and the four elements, but ðagaz makes further connections to the celestial and the realm of nature. Like inguz, it symbolizes harmony with one’s environment. but again takes it a step further, implying a harmonious relationship with the spiritual environment as well. It is a bringing together of all six cardinal points – the four compass directions, the celestial realm above us where the Gods are thought to dwell; and that which is below – all the spirits of the earth and of nature. All of these things are balanced and integrated through ðagaz and brought into our daily lives.

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