Gemstone of the Day for October 28th is Barite

Gemstone of the Day


Hardness: 3 – 3.5            
Specific Gravity: 4.5                  
Chemistry: Barium Sulfate BaSO4                         
Class: Sulfates                 
Crystallography: Orthorhombic             
Cleavage: perfect     
Fracture: uneven              
Streak: white              
Luster: vitreous

Healings: Barite is used to remove toxins from the body. It is also used to treat addiction and to enhance one’s vision.

Workings: Use in in rituals and spells designed to clear obstacles in one’s life path. Barite is an excellent stone for use in the healing of the earth.
Barite is associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius and vibrates to the number 1.

Chakra Applications: Barite is used to cleanse and stimulate the Throat Chakra. This allows for open communication of ones emotional feelings.

Foot Notes: Barite is commonly found as a gangue mineral in metallic ore deposits of epithermal or mesothermal origin; but it may also be found as lenses or replacement deposits in sedimentary rocks, both of hypogene and supergene origin. Barite often replaces other minerals, and may even replace organic materials such as wood, shells, and fossils. Barite is the main ore of barium. Barite is found in  Australia, Belgium, England, Morocco and in the Sahara Desert in Africa.
In the U.S., Barite is found in Weld Co., Colorado; Hardin Co., Illinois; Nye Co., Nevada; Alpine Co., California; Los Angeles Co., California; Lake Co., Colorado;  Mead Co., South Dakota; and Cleveland Co., Oklahoma.
Author: Crick


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Specialty Stones

Specialty Stones


Everything in the cosmos is special and has its unique signature or finger print, yet the following stones I have always placed within a class of their own because even among the special they are special.

Is a pewter colored, metallic looking stone that a very powerful protective aid to the user. Hematite conveys the powers of invisibility, or blending into once surroundings, as well as the reputed power of invulnerability.

Smoky Quartz
As we now know, this stone along with all other forms of quartz , amplifies the energy of the wearer, or any other items which are used in spell crafting. However, I place this stone in a class of its own because it has the ability to concentrate vast amounts of energy, and it is a great substitute for stones such as onyx, which as I mentioned are so sensitive that they also draw in unbalanced energy. I have found that this stone seems to have a self healing, self cleansing ability, which allows it to be used for a longer period of time without the need for a “resting period” of recovery. Smoky Quartz also has the ability to ground negative unbalanced energy, so it also has a protective quality which is of great use to those who practice magick or energy work of any form.
Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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Brown Stones (Grounding)

Brown Stones

Brown stones represent the power of earth; the elemental reservoir in which all elements interact, and where manifestation occurs; so brown stones essentially corresponds to all of the spiritual elements to a lesser or greater degree. The earthy aspect of these stones gives them the power to enhance our material lives , and they are best used to help us here in the “real world “, as an aid to solve the problems which we may encounter simply by being a participant in the material realm of life.

The color brown symbolically represents the color of nature. Brown is composed of the blackness of the state that that existed before time, which is empowered by the spiritual elements of air, water , fire, and earth. When the colors yellow, red, light blue and green are mixed on to a palate of black, a deep earthy brown is the resulting color which is created through the mix of these energetic frequencies.

Tiger’s eye
Tiger’s eye grants the power of true observation as well as an unbiased perspective onto the wearer. This stone is also highly valued for its power to protect the wearer from the “evil eye”, or harmful vibrations which are projected onto the wearer by other people either consciously or unconsciously. I have found that tiger’s eye helps to bring a focus to my inner seeing allowing it to more easily encompass the practical, less symbolic nature of things. Most clairvoyant information actually relates to a more symbolic aspect of a situation; tiger’s eye opens the inner sight to a more literal state where what you see is what actually has or will take place at some point in the future.


“The cross road stone”
This stone represents a brown stone at its best, as a representation of the elemental reservoir, or the converging point of interaction of all the spiritual elements. This stone has the power to connect the wearer to the seasonal energies through out the year, regardless of the time. Each season is a representative of the elemental powers of creation, and this stone represents the combination of the elemental balance in all things of life, and so it is of great power as an aid to all elemental magickal work.


Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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Orange Stones (Energizing)

Orange Stones

Orange stones hold within them the power of Mars, which is further exalted by the power of the Sun. This brings them a driving force which changes and radiates the entire being of the user. Orange stones represent passions; the things we live and strive for, which are illuminated by the inspiration that comes from the heart of our souls; the divine sun within us.

The red and yellow vibrations of color that create the combination of the orange frequency gives the orange stones the obvious aspect of the fire element, which is combined with and further fuelled by the element of air. Orange is the color of combustion, which when in a controlled state helps us forges to continually create a better version of our selves.
This stone is its most powerful forms have the color of orange fire. This stone bestows courage, protection, and confidence on to the wearer. Carnelian works in a similar fashion to citrine , however it resonates better with the more practical levels of being, such as survival and evolution within the more material aspects of life.
Fire Opal
The energy of a fire opal can be felt simply when looking at this stone, as it appears to radiate light form within its center . Fire opal immediately warms the heart of the wearer, helping the wearer to feel the positive aspects of a situation. Fire opal also has a replenishing affect , helping the wearer to recover from turbulent times in life, such as work related or any other form of stress.

Sunstone corresponds to the center of the self: “the illuminating sun within” which is the heart of an individual. In a similar fashion as moonstone reflects lunar and psychic vibrations onto the wearer, sunstone radiates solar, illuminating rays of optimism on to the wearer. Sunstone enhances self expression, and helps to foster feelings of self-esteem that is born out of the true emergence of self love, or the acceptance of who we are.

Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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Black Stones (Neutralizing)

Black Stones

The color black relates to two aspects of consciousness: the state that existed before there was light and color, as well as the blending of all frequencies of color. Black stones have the classification of drawing a neutralizing quality, because all colors are drawn into them. They represent the paradox of creation: the full potential of nothing and everything in one place. When all color is in one place, they are cancelled out or neutralized.

Black stones for this reason correspond to every planetary and elemental aspect of creation, because they illustrate the neutral and original core state of being.
This stone is a powerful aid to seeing into other planes of existence, and has been highly acclaimed for its ability to enhance the psychic abilities of the wearer. It is possible to perceive visions simply through gazing into the surface of jet, especially when gazing into a jet sphere. Gazing into jet is like gazing into the underworld, the end and beginning of all life. I sometimes wear a ring of jet when I am performing tarot reading , and I have noticed that it helps me to pass into a very deep meditative state, which is helpful in accessing my psychic awareness that resides in my unconscious mind. However, there have been times when I have gone so deep, that I’ve ceased to care about doing the reading in the first place. So I now only use it in extreme cases, when I find myself getting caught up in the emotions of my clients. Jet calms the mind, neutralizes anxiety, and removes emotional pain.
Onyx is regarded as a stone of deep neutralization, removing all foreign and unbalanced energy. This stone can be used in a similar fashion as jet; however I suggest caution with its use. For some reason I have noticed that onyx becomes easily tainted with the emotions of other people, it almost seems to be magnetized to specifically draw energy inward.

This has its advantages, because it can be used to channel great power into magickal work, yet the emotions must be kept in check when using this stone because it is ultra sensitive . Unbalanced emotions such as jealousy and rage are heavy emotional energies and they are usually the first vibrations that onyx will draw in. If you have any doubt in your mind when casting a spell, then onyx just might draw this doubt into itself, and into your magick. So it is best kept in a special place, when not in use, and only called upon when you have absolute resolve that you are going to change your life in some way according to your true will.


Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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White or Clear Stones (Exaltation)

White or Clear Stones

The color white relates to the highest vibration or frequency, and is the absence of all color, relating to the most rarefied levels of core consciousness. It can be said that white stones (magickally speaking) are without planetary or elemental correspondences, however many white or clear stones are aligned to the moon, as well as the planet Pluto. White stones are of a frequency that is higher than the elemental realm, although they of course originate from the earth.

Clear Quartz
Clear quartz is the most abundant of all crystals. Clear quartz amplifies all levels of energy, and can boost any magick. Clear quartz makes a good focal point for meditation, and it is very popular in healing modalities. I have found that the entire aura system can be cleansed and repaired by clear Quartz. The high frequency of this crystal makes it ideal for divination, which is why it is used to make most crystal balls. Although many crystal balls are now made of glass, I see no difference in the level of energy that is magnified through either vessel, because they are essentially the same substance.

Milky Quartz
(Hecate’s Stone)
This stone is very powerful, and I recommend using it in moderation, because for me the energy can sometimes be too intense. This stone is aligned to the moon, so the lunar changes affect this stone, and can cause fluctuation in mood if you are not careful. Like clear quartz it can magnify the energy of any magick that you link to it; again care must be taken because the stone is extremely sensitive, and can pick up negative energies such as those that remain in an environment in which an argument has taken place.

Isis Stone
Moonstone with one look at this stone one can see how it derived its name. Among my favorites, this stone is the favorite. This stone enhances every type of magick, from spell casting, meditative work, invocation and evocation. Simply holding the stone enhances the magick potential. It has been found that this stone effortlessly opens up intuition, inner sight, as well as any connection with any Goddess. The stone is complete, which is why it is nicknamed the Isis Stone.



Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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Purple Stones (Ascending)

Purple Stones

The color purple of course is part red and part blue, to a greater or lesser degree. Therefore we can see that there is both a fiery and watery aspect to these stones: an empowering and expanding affect. The Red and blue combination of purple stones aligns them to the planets Mars and Jupiter respectfully.

Amethyst comes in a variety of colors ranging from a violet pink, all the way to the most regal purple. This is one of the most spiritual stones, raising the vibration and opening up the intuition. This stone equalises the whole energetic system and brings balance and stability to our being. The name Amethyst is said to come from the Greek word, meaning “not drunken”; for this reason the stone can reduce the impairment brought on by alcoholic beverages, especially red wine which is reminiscent to some grades of amethyst in terms of its shade of color.



My nickname for Iolite is The headstone” not in relation to tombs, but relating to this stone’s ability to focus the mind, and helping to activate the clairvoyant or clear inner sight of the user. Whenever I sit with this stone, I feel like there is a question and answer session going on within my mind. I am unsure if this is awareness outside of my mind, or if it is my higher mind, I only know that the information I receive when using this stone is always accurate. While using this stone I have also been able to telempathically link with other people, allowing one to feel the others feelings, without losing yourself


Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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Green Stones (Renewal)

Green Stones

All Green stones correspond to the earth, Venus, as well elemental earth

This stone has many functions, although like ruby it is usually associated with relationships, friendship, and love. The fresh green color of many emeralds bring a calming refreshing effect to the wearer, analogous to the refreshing feel that is brought on by the herbs in the mint and spearmint family. The main function of this stone however is harmony, which is why the stone is so great in helping to enhance the connection within relationships, which is a quality of Venus. I have heard from some sources that the stone can also be used to enhance psychic awareness though I have never used emerald for this purpose. Emerald brings stability which aligns it to elemental earth.
Jade is a powerful stone which is believed to imbue long life on to the wearer which is the domain of elemental earth. Jade was highly regarded by the Aztec and Mayan cultures, and was often placed within the tombs of the dead, in a similar fashion as Lapis lazuli was frequently used in Egypt. It was believed by these cultures that jade could connect people with the souls of their ancestors, as it protected the deceased to ensure they rested in peace.
Green Aventurine
This stone comes in many colors, such as red brown or blue, yet the green variety is far more common. This stone helps to open the heart of the wearer, healing old emotional traumas, as well as providing a positive optimistic out look to the wearer. Green aventurine also connects to the earth plane , which is illustrated by the green color symbolising growth and renewal.
Similar to red jasper, in that the stone
was believed to cure serpent bites; and ward off poisons and infection. Serpentine has the power to place one’s goal above their fears, and so should be used in times of challenge when we are facing difficult and trying times.

As is the case with emerald , serpentine is said to awaken psychic abilities. Although I have not experienced this myself, I believe this assertion emerged because of the name of the stone; as the serpent is seen by many cultures to be a symbol of wisdom as well as the dormant energy called Kundalini that is said to rest at the base of our spine. In my personal work I use this stone as a stone of protection, which I derived from the Egyptian serpent- god Uraeus: the protector of the king or priest.



Magick: A Core Practice, Understanding The Journey In Wicca/Witchcraft
Jamie Assiah

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