Gemstone of the Day for March 23 is Erythrite

Gemstone of the Day



(Color: deep red-purple to lighter pinks in massive and thin crust forms)

Hardness: 1.5 – 2.5

Specific Gravity: approximately 3.1

Chemistry: Co3(AsO4)2-8(H2O) , Hydrated Cobalt Arsenate

Class: Phosphates

Crystallography: monoclinic

Cleavage: perfect in one direction

Fracture: uneven Streak: pale red Luster: vitreous

Named from the Greek, “erythros” for “red.”

Healing: Erythrite is used for infections, inflammations, and diseases related to bone marrow and red blood cells. Never use as an elixir. Astrological signs are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Vibrates to the number 2.

Workings: Erthrite is used to aid in meditation.

Chakra Applications: Used to open and connect all of the chakras.

Foot Notes: Erythrite is a secondary mineral in cobalt-bearing deposits. Best field indicators are color, associations and flexible crystals. Erythrite is sometimes called “Cobalt Bloom.” Erythrite can be found in North America in Idaho, and Ontario Canada. Morocco and Germany as well as Sornora, Mexico. It is a common mineral where nickel and cobalt are found.



Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

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Crystal of the Day for March 16th is Ralsonite

Crystal of the Day


(Colorless, White)

Named for J. Grier Ralston (1851-1880 CE) of Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA, who first observed the mineral.


Hardness: 4.5 Specific

Gravity: 2.5

Chemistry: NaxMgxAl2-x(F,OH)6•(H2O)

Class: Halide

Crystallography: Isometric – Hexoctahedral

Cleavage: perfect

Fracture: Brittle – Uneven

Streak: White

Luster: Vitreous – Greasy

Healing: Ralstonite is used in the diagnosis of various ailments. It is also used for the treatment of tularemia and advanced cases of rabies.

Magical Workings: Ralstonite is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer and vibrates to the number 7.

Chakra Applications: none

Foot Notes: Ralsonite is a colorless, white, or yellowish mineral composed of hydrous basic sodium magnesium aluminum fluoride, occurring in octahedral crystals.


Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

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WOTC Extra – You’ve Got the Right Crystal, Now What?

You’ve Got the Right Crystal, Now What?


Once you have selected the type crystal you are going to work with it is a good idea to cleanse it of any negative/residual energies that have become attached to it either because it’s a new tool or due to previous uses or rituals. There are lots of different ways to do this. You can either use one of these methods, or any combination or variation that feels right for the spell you are casting or ritual you are performing.


Use rain, spring or sea water to pour over the crystal or stand the crystal in.


Bury the crystal in Earth, sand or salt.


Pass the crystal through incense smoke.


Pass the crystal through/over a flame.


Stand the crystal in moonlight.


Use a citrine crystal to cleanse the crystal you are using, (citrine is unique in that it is believed not to hold on to negative energies).


The more you work with a specific crystal, the more you will feel a personal connection to it and the more effective a tool it becomes.


Hedge Witchery

Oak, Lily Oak

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Let’s Talk Witch – Crystals



Crystals are a valuable and very versatile tool. You can wear them as a talisman, place them on alters and incorporate them in to spells. Below is a list of my favourites and how I use them. As with all magical correspondences the below list is by no means set in stone, there is every possibility that a particular crystal will present you with an entirely different set of energies to the associated ones I’ve described. Work with what feels right for you, our connection with magical energies is as unique as we are as people so there will be always be exceptions to every rule.



Transforming negativity, visions of other plains, and soothing.



Truth, communication, trust, creativity, intellect, psychic ability, healing emotional trauma.



Clarity, joy, calm and confidence.



Heightens spiritual awareness and allows you to connect to your higher self.


Blue Lace Agate

Spirituality, movement, grace, eases loneliness & loss, healing bone and joint conditions.



Prevents feelings of anger, fear and jealousy. Encourages courage, individuality and helps heal bone and skin conditions and tissue damage.



Energizes, rids negativity. Encourages wealth and prosperity.


Clear Quartz

Focuses energy, alters consciousness and links dimensions.



Passion, ambition, romantic love, sex, sensuality, persistence, stamina, survival, power, confidence and assertion.


Green Adventurine

Prosperity and financial good luck.



Reaching your full potential, enhance mental capabilities, self-control and peace.



Relieving pain, stress and rage. Helps reasoning and observation.



Sends negative energy back to sender, wealth, love and healing.



Psychic ability, visions, clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming and astral travel



Intuition, especially in times of conflict or change, protects magic, balancing.



Contacting spirit guides, creativity, calming, intuition, psychic perception, cleansing, repels negative energy and balancing.



Eases change, encourages imagination and creativity, happy dreams.



Marriage, love, luck, peace. Deflects negativity back to sender.



Intellect, memory, wellbeing, guards against negative energy.


Rose Quartz

Healing emotional wounds, love and balancing.


Smokey Quartz

Eliminate and protect from negative energy.


Snowflake Obsidian

Banish grief and aid decision making.


Tigers Eye

Female issues, emotional tension and optimism.



Hedge Witchery

Oak, Lily Oak

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Crystal of the Day for March 12 is Iolite

Crystal of the Day



Hardness: 7 – 7.5

Specific Gravity: 2.58-2.66

Chemistry: Mg2Al3O

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Class: Metamorphic

Crystallography: Orthorhombic

Cleavage: poor in one direction

Fracture: Uneven, conchoidal, brittle

Streak: white

Luster: greasy – vitreous

Healing: Iolite is used to help heal sore throats, fevers and malaria. It is also used in detoxification of both drugs and alcohol. It assists in healing varicose veins.

Workings: Use Iolite when meditating or pursuing a Dream Vision or other forms of psychic connection. Iolite is often called the “Shaman Stone.” It is used by shamans as a healing and vision stone. Use for astral projection.

Chakra Applications: Use Iolite to open the 3rd. Eye and Crown Chakras. Iolite is thought to open a channel from the Throat Chakra to the Crown Chakra, thus setting up spiritual communication with the Higher Self.

Foot Notes: Iolite is the gem variety of the mineral cordierite. Iolite is called water sapphire because it looks very much like a blue sapphire. When the vikings went sailing out on the ocean, they used thin pieces of iolite as the world’s first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun, which allowed them to navigate safely.

The major sources of gem grade iolite come from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar and Burma.


Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

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Flashback 2009 Ostara Celebration


An example of an Ostara altar from Google images

“New hopes, new beginnings, new relationships. The earth is reawakening. It’s seed-sowing holiday! It’s a fertility festival! It’s the festival of Eostre, an obscure but lighthearted Anglo-Saxon goddess, a source of conflicting evidence and  confusion. She straddles the balance of light days and dark nights,

For centuries, egg have been painted and left at the shrines of goddesses around the world. In Druid legends,an egg found on this day was a healing egg and mode from the spittle of serpents (very powerful and useful in divination). A poultry egg has long been the universal symbol of fertility and a source of songs and legends.

Rise with dawn and prepare yourself carefully today. The planets call for attention to detail and knowing your boundaries. Clear your aura, bathe, and don clean garments. Visit a clear river, pond, ocean and witness the light dancing on the water. Meditate. Cast a tiny crystal into the water-the very instant it splashes, you should get a glimpse of your journey and if you are very lucky, perhaps the water sprites dancing in the morning mist.”

Copyright 2009 K. D. Spitzer Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2009 Page 51

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General Cleansing Ritual for Magickal Objects



The following should be used to cleanse any object for Magickal use. Be it a ritual tool, amulet for protection or other need, any object to be charmed/enchanted for a specific reason. It can also be used on any jewelry or other gift your receive.

The purpose for this is to rid the object of anyone else energy who may have handled at some point in time. This way it will only have your personal and Universal energies attached to it, making the object totally yours.

This should also be done if anyone besides you picks up and/or touches the object after it has been cleansed and empowered or blessed. If you have charmed something to absorb negative energy before it can reach you; you should also cleanse the object weekly to ensure it is always at its peak of power to collect the negativity before it gets overloaded and leaks on to and/or into you and/or on to someone close to you.

WARNING: Some gems and semi-precious gems should not be left sitting in any type of water. For those things sparingly sprinkle them with the salt water (Earth/Water Element)and then immediately dry it with a soft clean cloth. The color of the cloth is in someway unimportant but many say it should be a white cloth. The reason for the white is it can bring positive energy on to the object you just cleansed.

What you need:

12 inch by 12 inch Clean White Cloth

Shallow bowl or cup of plain Water

About 1 teaspoon of Regular (not iodized or sea) Salt Or Dirt from your yard or a special place in the woods you go to.

White Candle

Hand Fan or Feather


Object to be cleansed.

How to cleanse any object:

Repeat each incantation three times before moving on to the next Element.

Add the salt or dirt to the water. place the object in the salt/dirt water with your power hand (the hand you write with). Then say” Earth and Water I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this object”. Take it out of the salt water with your power hand. WARNING: Some gems and semi-precious gems should not be left sitting in any type of water. For those things sparingly sprinkle them with the salt water (Earth/Water Element) on all sides. Also see warning above for complete directions for cleansing delicate things.

Place the object on the white cloth. With your power hand pick up the feather or hand fan. Wave it over the stone saying “Air I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this object”. Turn the object over and repeat until all outside surface has been done.

Light the white candle then pick the object up in your power hand. Move the object over the top of the flame (being careful not to burn yourself) saying “Fire i ask you to remove all outside energies from this stone”. Turn the object over and repeat until all outside surface has been done.. Place the object back on white cloth and blow out the candle.

Pick up the object and place the Pentacle on the white cloth. Lay the object on the white cloth and say, “Spirit I ask you to remove all energy from this object except mine.” There is no need to turn the object over on the Pentacle as it is all encompassing when in use.

After the cleansing is done close the ritual be saying one time :So Mote It Be

Now your object is ready to be Magickaly empowered and/or blessed for whatever it use to you is.

Copyright 2013 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Gemstone of the Day for March 2nd is Bavenite

Gemstone of the Day


Hardness: 5.5                  
Specific Gravity: 2.7             
Chemistry: Ca4Be2Al2Si9O26(OH)2                
Class: Silicates                
Crystallography: Orthorhombic                 
Cleavage: perfect        
Fracture: uneven                     
Streak: white                    
Luster: vitreous – pearly

Healing: Bavenite is used to treat disorders of speech, hearing, sight, smell and touch.

Workings: Bavenite is used to provide incentive to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. It is used to enhance one’s self image.
Bavenite is associated with the astrological sign of Libra and vibrates to the Master numbr 33.

Chakra Applications: Bavenite is associated with the Throat chakra.

Foot Notes: Bavenite is a rare silicate that forms radial crystals in shades of white. It is found in beryllium-rich granite pegmatites.
Author: Crick
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