WOTC Extra – Stones: Their Colors & Their Magickal Meanings


Stones: Their Colors & Their Magickal Meanings

Just like in candle magick, crystals and stones may be grouped together by their colors. Here is a straightforward listing for you to peruse and to work your earth magick with.

Red— Red stones and crystals are definitely projective ones. Typically related to the planet Mars and the element of fire, they are forceful powers. Red stones such as carnelian promote courage and bravery, while red jasper promotes valor and banishes fatigue. Red crystals and gems also give the body a burst of energy, both for athletic prowess or for sex. Red stones may be incorporated into healing rituals and spells. Try these for drawing out the heat of skin irritations or minor burns.

Orange— Orange crystals and stones are thought to be a gentler version of red ones. They are also projective and associated with the sun, such as the orange-colored stone citrine, which can grant you a positive outlook on life. These sunny stones and crystals are perfect for shedding some light on a subject or for a little creative illumination. Orange stones are linked to personal power. They can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. This is a successful color. Work with it to pump up the volume on your own vitality, creativity, and energy.

Yellow— Yellow gemstones and crystals are projective. These will fall under the influence of the sun, the planet Mercury, and the element of air. And what a surprise: they are worked into magick for communication, visualization, and perception! These are the stones to work with when you need to get the old brain kicked into high gear. If you need help expressing yourself, whether it’s in public speaking or writing, work with yellow stones and crystals. These babies will make you more eloquent while you are speaking and or writing, plus your thoughts will flow more freely.

Green— Green stones, gems, and crystals reflect the colors of life, nature, and fruitfulness. Green is a receptive color and may be worked into spells for healing, gardening, grounding, good luck, and prosperity. A mystical green crystal to try is malachite. This stone encourages success, draws cash, and can even protect its bearer from danger. Any green-colored gemstone or crystal may also be incorporated into spells that work with the faerie kingdom or the elementals. As you’d expect, this color of stone is tied to the element of earth.

Blue— Blue gems and stones are receptive and often linked to the element of water and the planet Neptune. These crystals promote peace and soothing emotions. They can be used to promote a good night’s sleep and may keep away bad dreams. A good blue stone to try is the blue lace agate. This stone has all of the qualities listed above. As blue is a healing color, blue stones are often incorporated into healing rituals, charms, and spells.

Purple— Purple crystals are receptive and also spiritual. These gems and stones correspond with Jupiter and Neptune. Purple is the color of magick, royalty, and the gods. Purple or violet gemstones such as amethyst promote spirituality, protection, and peace. Purple stones can alleviate tension headaches and help reduce stress and anxiety. Displaying a cluster of amethyst crystal points makes negative energy dissipate, provides balance, and restores harmony in your home.

Pink— Pink stones and crystals are also receptive stones and bring warm, fuzzy feelings. They are linked to the planet Venus and are used to promote love, happiness, and friendships, as well as soothe frayed nerves and tempers. Stones such as the rose quartz can help encourage relaxation of both the mind and the spirit. They also can help end the spat between a feuding couple by magnifying loving feelings and relieving anger. Given as a token between friends, pink stones can gently link one magickal friend to another.

White— White stones and crystals fall in the receptive stone category and are governed by the moon. These stones have the magickal qualities of promoting safe travel, a good night’s sleep, psychic abilities, intuition, and, of course, moon magick. White stones such as the moonstone are traditional stones used to open up psychic receptors and to encourage empathy. The moonstone is a popular magickal stone and is often worked into Goddess magick and rituals.

Black— Black stones are also receptive and sometimes projective. As the color black absorbs light, so, too, will a black stone absorb negativity, despair, and anger. These ebony-colored crystals and gems are ruled by the planet Saturn. Black stones are perfect for protection work, for grounding, and for removing negativity. Some black stones, like jet, can actually help you gain influence over obnoxious or difficult people. These stones are people. These stones are talismans for security, self-control, and power.

—Ellen Dugan, Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

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Let’s Talk Witch – Energies of the Stones: Projective and Receptive


Energies of the Stones: Projective and Receptive

There are two types of energies inherent in crystals, gems, and stones: projective and receptive. Projective energies are sometimes described as electric, hot, day, physical, bright, summer, masculine, and active. Receptive energies are often described as magnetic, cold, night, spiritual, dark, winter, feminine, and inert. It is important to know that one type of energy is not superior to the other, for they each have their place in magick, and they both bring balance to our lives.

Projective stone energies are able to get in touch with the conscious mind. They are associated with the sun and the planets Mercury and Mars. They are also linked to the masculine elements of air and fire. These stones tend to fall in the color range of red, orange, yellow, gold, clear, and sometimes black. They can be utilized to fight disease, and can attract good luck. Projective stones bring vitality and health, and they also may impart courage and success to their bearers. These projective stones are powerful tools to fight off negativity, boost your physical energy levels, and grant you a strong sense of grit and determination. A few projective stones to try for these purposes are amber, banded and brown agates, carnelian, citrine, garnet, hematite, onyx, quartz crystal points, red agate, red jasper, tiger’s-eye, topaz, and zircon.

Receptive stones have the opposite sort of energies. These are associated with the moon and the planets Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. They are associated with the feminine elements of earth and water, and they are often cooler colors, such as green, blue, purple, grey, silver, pink, and black. These receptive stones are wonderful tools for soothing and calming situations and people. They promote grounding, may assist in meditation, and can help folks search within to find the answers they seek.

Receptive stones and crystals can also promote spirituality and wisdom, as they encourage peace and psychic abilities. A few receptive crystals and stones to work with include amethyst, azurite, blue and green agates, chalcedony, green jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, opal, peridot, rose quartz, sapphire, tourmaline (black, blue, green, or pink), and turquoise.

—Ellen Dugan, Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

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Gemstone of the Day for January 21 is Garnet

Gemstone of the Day



Hardness: 6.5-7.5                                                     
Specific Gravity: 3.5-4.2
Chemistry: Ca3Fe2+2(SiO4)3           
Class: Silicates           
Crystallography: Isometric – Hexoctahedral
Cleavage: None                  
Fracture: Conchoidal                        
Streak: White                        
Luster: Vitreous (Glassy) 
Garnet comes from the Greek word “Granatum” which refers to the color of the pomegranate seed. 

Healing: Garnet is known as a Healing stone. It is used to purify and cleanse the body and/or spirit. It’s healing abilities work on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Believed to regulate the heart and blood flow and aid in curing depression. It stimulates the pituitary gland, relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain.

Garnets were believed to protect one from poisons.

Garnets are also known as a Stone of Commitment.

Workings: Garnet is used to protect homes from fire and lightning, heal snakebites and food poisoning, protect people from nightmares, and warn of danger. Garnet is also believed to promote true love. Astrological signs of; Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. Vibrates to the number 2. Its energy is projective and it is ruled by the planet Mars. The element is Fire.

Chakra Applications: Garnet is used to draw negative energy from the chakras.  Stimulates both the Base and Crown chakras, thus energizing the body.

Foot Notes:  Birthstone for the month of January. Garnet may be given as a gem on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary.Garnets belong to the isometric crystal class, which produces very symmetrical, cube-based crystals. They are double silicates; one of the metallic elements is calcium, magnesium, ferrous iron, or manganese and the other aluminum, ferric iron, or chromium.
Garnet occurs in many different kinds of rocks ; in metamorphosed impure limestones, in basic igneous rocks, in granite rocks, in schists and other metamorphic rocks as well as in igneous rocks. Garnet jewelry has been found that date back to the Bronze Age (3000 BCE).
Garnets can be found in the U.S. (Arizona), South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Scotland, Switzerland and Tanzania .


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Gemstone of the Day for January 15th is Galena

Gemstone of the Day


(Color: lead to silver gray sometimes with a bluish tint)

Galena comes from the Greek word “galene”, lead ore

Hardness: 2.5+                     
Specific Gravity: approximately 7.5+                    
Chemistry: PbS, Lead Sulfide                            
Class: Sulfides                      
Crystallography: isometric                     
Cleavage: perfect in four direction forming cubes        
Fracture: uneven and rarely seen because of the perfect cleavage         
Streak: lead gray           
Luster: metallic to dull

Healing: Galena is called a Stone of Harmony. Excellent for use in grounding. Galena reduces inflammation and increases circulation of the body. Used to increase the assimilation of selenium and zinc. 

Do not use as an elixir.

Workings: Astrological sign is Capricorn. Vibrates to the master number 22 Use during meditation.

Chakra Applications: used to align the chakras

Foot Notes: Galena is the most important ore and the principal source of lead. It is found throughout the world. In the United States it is found inMissouri, Idaho, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Utah as well as in Australia, Canada, England, France, and Mexico. Galena specimens tarnish when exposed to air becoming dull in luster. Galena from certain regions is rich in silver.
Author: Crick
Website: The Whispering Woods
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Gemstone of the Day for Jan. 11th is Obsidian

Gemstone of the Day


Small nuggets of obsidian that have been naturally rounded and smoothed by wind and water are called Apache Tears.

(Color: dark green to dark brown and black, also can show sheens of gold or green, yellow, blue and/or purple coloration. Sometimes with white inclusions (Snowflake Obsidian)

Hardness: 5 – 5.5                           
Specific Gravity: 2.6                
Chemistry: SiO2    
Class: Mineraloids                 
Crystallography: amorphous               
Cleavage: none                
Fracture: conchoidal             
Streak: white                          
Luster: vitreous

Healing: In general obsidian is used to dispell toxins from the body. Apache tear is said to be effective against
snake bite. Blue obsidian is used to treat disorders of the eyes. Green obsidian is used to treat heart disorders.
Use Purple obsidian for stress related disorders. Use Red obsidian for treatment of blood disorders.

Workings: Obsidian is used as a stone of protection. Polished pieces of black Obsidian are used for scrying. Wear
an obsidian amulet to guard against abuse and as a stone of protection against negativity. It is an excellent
grounding stone. Use Blue obsidian for astral projection.
The energy of obsidian is projective and its Elementis Fire. It’s associated planet is Saturn. And its astrological
sign is Sagittarius. Obsidian vibrates to the number 1, though different types of obsidian will vibrate to different numbers.

Chakra Applications: Use Blue obsidian to stimulate the Throat chakra. Use Green obsidian to stimulate the
Heart chakra. Use Purple obsidian to activate the Crown chakra.

Foot Notes: Obsidian is a mixture of cryptocrystalline grains of silica minerals in a glass-like suspension, a super-cooled liquid. Obsidian forms when a silica-rich magma of granitic composition flows onto the earth’s surface,
where it solidifies before minerals can develop and crystallize. It is, therefore, an amorphous solid or glass rather
than an aggregate of minerals.
Author: Crick
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Gemstone of the Day for January 8th is Topaz

Gemstone of the Day



(Clear, blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, pink and reddish pink)

The name “Topaz” isfrom the Greek “Topazion”, an island in the Red Sea.

Hardness: 8         
Specific Gravity: 3. 49 – 3.57                
Chemistry: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2
Class: Nesosilicate Insular SiO4 Groups                  
Crystallography: Orthorhombic                   
Cleavage: perfect                     
Fracture: conchoidal                               
Streak: white                        
Luster: glassy

Healing:  Topaz stimulates the endocrine system and is used to treat isues related to disorders of the liver and gall bladder . It assists in general tissue regeneration and is valuable in the treatment of hemorrhages. It also allays poor appetite and helps to treat blood disorders.

Magical Workings: In ancient times, a figure of a falcon carved on a Topaz was thought to help earn the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates. Topaz was seen as a Stone of Strength by the ancient Greeks. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. 
Topaz balances emotions and calms passions. It releases tension and gives feelings of joy. Topaz is known as a spiritual rejuvenation gemstone. It is a stone of trust and protection; it draws out negativity, exhaustion, and tension. 
It is also used to stimulate the intellect; it aids abstract thinking and creativity from the mental level to the physical form.
Topaz is said to be greatly empowered when combined with amethyst.
Topaz is associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius and vibrates to the number of 6.

Chakra Applications: Topaz is used to stimulate the Throat chakra.

Foot Notes: Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine.  It typically crystallizes in granitic pegmatites or in vapor cavities in rhyolite lava flows. Topaz crystals with more water are yellow to brown, while those with more fluorine are typically blue or colorless. Many of the faceted gemstones one see’s on the market are enhanced through heat or irradiation.
Author: Crick
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Crystals and Gemstones Used For Healing


AGATE – Good for transmutation; helps with the emotion of acceptance; gives a mellow, blended aspect; beneficial in stomach area.

AGATE/BOTSWANA – Use with high-pressure oxygen therapy; smoke inhalation.

AGATE/FIRE – Master healer with color therapy; enhances all essences; grounds and balances; sexual & heart chakra binder; burns energy.

AGATE/MOSS – Emotional priorities; mental priorities; colon, circulatory, pancreas & pulses; blood sugar balance; agriculture.

AGATE/PICTURE – L & R brain imbalances; i.e. epilepsy, autism, dyslexia; visual problems; blood circulation to the brain; apathy is eased.

ALEXANDRITE – Low self-esteem & difficulty centering imply need; central nervous system disorders; spleen & pancreas.

AMBER – Memory loss; eccentric behavior; anxiety; inability to make decisions; thyroid, inner ear & neural-tissue strengthener; activates altruistic nature; realization of the spiritual intellect.

AMETHYST – Headaches; blood sugar imbalance; L brain imbalances; edginess; facilitates healing; inner peace; psychic insight; stimulates third eye; aid for meditation, spiritual opening & internal surrender

ANHYDRITE – Heavy metal maism is alleviated.

AQUAMARINE – Fluid retention; coughs; fear; thymus gland; calms nerves; problems with eyes, ears, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth; Mental clarity; meditation.

ATACAMITE – Genitals; VD; thyroid; parasympathetic ganglia.

AVENTURINE – Eliminates psychosomatic ills, fear; skin diseases; nearsightedness; positive attitude; creative insight.

AZURITE – Arthritis & joints; surfaces psychic blocks that form physical blocks; helps one let go of old belief systems; dissolves fear & helps transform it into understanding.

AZURITE-MALACHITE – Skin diseases; anorexia; calms anxiety; lack of discipline; powerful healing force to physical body;emotional release.

BERYL – Laziness; hiccoughs; swollen glands; eye diseases; bowel cancer.

BLOODSTONE/HELIOTROPE – Circulation; all purpose healer & cleanser; stomach & bowel pain; purifies bloodstream; bladder; strengthens blood purifying organs.

CARNELIAN – Grounding; stimulates curiosity & initiative; focuses attention to the present moment; use with citrine on lower 3 chakras; digestion.

CHALCEDONY – Touchiness; melancholy; fever; gallstones; leukemia; eye problems; stimulates maternal feelings & creativity. release.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Emotional balance & comforter; alleviates fear, guilt & nervous tension; facilitates clairvoyance; arthritis; feminine disorders; eases labor & birth; thought amplifier.

CHRYSOLITE – Inspiration; prophecy; toxemia; viruses; appendicitis.

CHRYSOPGRASE – Gout; eye problems; alleviates greed, hysteria & selfishness; VD; depression; promotes sexual organ strength.

CITRINE QUARTZ – Heart, kidney, liver & muscle healer; appendicitis; gangrene; red & white corpuscles; digestive tract; cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere; creativity; helps personal clarity; will bring out problems in the solar plexus & the heart; eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

CLEAR QUARTZ – Transmitter & amplifier of healing energy & clarity; balancer, channeler of universal energy & unconditional love; all purpose healer; programmable.

DIAMOND – All brain diseases; pituitary & pineal glands; draws out toxicity, poison remedy.

DIOPSITE & ENSTATIATE – organ rejection; heart, lung & kidney stimulation; self-esteem.

ELIAT STONE – Tissue & skeletal regeneration; detoxification; antidepressant; karmic life acceptance.

EMERALD – Radiation toxicity; all mental illness; circulatory & neurological disorders; transmits balance, healing & patience; increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities;meditation; keener insight into dreams.

FLOURITE – Bone disorders; anesthetic; hyperkenesis; ability to concentrate; balances polarities; 3rd eye
center; mental capacity & intellect.

GARNET/RHODOLITE – Capillaries; skin elasticity; protection from pre- cancerous conditions.

GARNET/SPESSARTINE – Bad dreams; depression; anger; self esteem; hemorrhages; hormone imbalances; inflammations; sexual disease.

HEMATITE – Blood cleanser & purifier; self esteem; augments meridian flows; aids in astral projection.

HERKIMER DIAMOND – Enhances dream state; helps alleviate stress; draws toxicity from physical form; balances polarities; increases healing ability; develops ability to “give”.

JADE – Kidney, heart, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen, thymus, thyroid & parasympathetic ganglia healer; strengthens body; longevity.

JASPER/GREEN – Constipation; ulcers; intestinal spasms; bladder, gallbladder & general healer; clairvoyance; balances healer’s auric field.

JASPER/PICTURE – Skin, kidneys, thymus & their neurological tissues; betters the immune system; past life recall; overactivity in dream state & hallucinations show a need for it.

JASPER/RED – Liver; stomach troubles & infections.

JASPER/YELLOW – Endocrine system tissue; thymus; pancreas; sympathetic ganglia stimulation; etheric body alignment.

JET – Feminine disorders; teeth; stomach pain; glandular swelling;fevers; hair loss; alignment of lower spine.

KUNZITE – Alcoholism; anorexia; arthritis; epilepsy; gout; headaches; colitis; retardation; memory loss; schizophrenia & manic-depression; phobias; emotional equilibrium; thyroid malignancy; gums; pain; self-esteem.

LAPIS – Neuralgia; melancholy; fevers; inflammations; penetrates subconscious blockages; throat chakra; sore throat; energy focuser for teachers, lecturers & speakers, mental & spiritual cleanser; used on 3rd eye for meditation;eliminates old & negative emotions; use with other healing stones; thought form amplification; helps in creating mantras.

LAZULITE – Frontal lobe stimulation; hypertension; liver diseases; immune system.

MALACHITE – Draws out impurities on all levels; balances L & R brain functions; mental illness; co-ordination and vision; radiation eliminator; evil eye protector; all purpose healer, especially in solar plexus & good for healers.

MOONSTONE – Soothes & balances the emotions; helps eliminate fear of “feeling”; encourages inner growth & strength; aids peace & harmony & psychic abilities; aligns vertebrae; digestive aid.

ANITE – Larynx; lungs; thyroid; parasympathetic nervous system; major muscle tissues.

NATROLITE – Color; lower intestines; thyroid; sciatic nerve; parasympathetic nervous system.

OBSIDIAN – Protects the gentle from being abused; stabilizer; stomach, intestine &I general muscle tissue healer; bacterial & viral inflammations.

ONYX – Objective thinking; spiritual inspiration; control of emotions & passions, help eliminate negative thinking, apathy, stress & neurological disorders; also used as a heart, kidney, nerve, skin, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener.

OPAL/CHERRY – Red corpuscle & blood disorders; depression; apathy; lethargy; intuition & joy.

OPAL/DARK – Reproductive organs; spleen & pancreas; filters red corpuscles & aids white corpuscles; bone marrow; depression, esp. of sexual origin; balances; amplifies creative & intuitive thought; grounds radical emotional body.

OPAL/JELLY – Spleen & abdominal diseases; cellular reproductive problems; helps absorb nutrients; minimizes wide mood swings; mystical thought amplifier.

OPAL/LIGHT – Balances L & R brain hemispheres for neural disorders; stimulates white corpuscles; helps bring the emotions to mystical experiences; aids abdomen, pituitary & thymus problems.

PEARL – Eliminates emotional imbalances; helps one master the heart chakra; aids stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems.

PERIDOT – Protects against nervousness; helps alleviate spiritual fear; aids in healing hurt feelings & bruised egos; incurs strength & physical vitality; aligns subtle bodies; amplifies other vibrational energies & positive emotional outlook; helps liver & adrenal function.

PYRITE – Helps purify the bloodstream and upper respiratory tract; upper intestines; digestive aid; nervous exhaustion; grounding.

QUARTZ/SOLUTION – Lymphatic cancer & circulatory problems; helps the psychologically inflexible.

RHODOCHROSITE – Narcolepsy & narcophobia; poor eyesight; extreme emotional trauma; mental breakdown; nightmares & hallucinations; astral body; kidneys; clears solar plexus of blocked energy; unconditional love & forgiveness; evil eye protection; helps one utilize the creative power of the higher energy centers.

RHODONITE – Inner ear; alleviates anxiety; confusion & mental unrest; promotes calm, self worth, confidence & enhanced sensitivity.

RHYOLITE – Balances emotions; self worth; enhances capacity to love; aligns emotional & spiritual bodies; stimulates clarity of self statement.

ROSE QUARTZ – Heart chakra opener; love & self-acceptance healer for emotional wounds; dissipates anger & tension.

ROYAL AZEL (SUGALITE or LUVALITE) – L & R hemisphere balance; opens crown chakra; heart statement; increases altruism, visions & general understanding; protects against negative vibrations; helps one gain power to balance the physical body

RUBY – Heart chakra; balances love & all spiritual endeavors; self-esteem; strengthens neurological tissues around the heart; prevents miscarriages.

RUTILE – Alleviates blockages within the psyche from childhood pressures.

SAPPHIRE – Spiritual enlightenment; inner peace; colic; rheumatism; mental illness; pituitary; metabolic rate of glandular functions; anti- depressant; aids psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance & astral projection; personal statement; also for pain.

SARDONYX – Mental self control; depression; anxiety & especially for grief.

SMITHSONITE – Eases fear of interpersonal relationships; merges astral & emotional bodies; balances perspective.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Stimulates Kundalini energy; cleanses & protects the astral field; draws out distortion on all levels; good for hyperactivity & excess energy; grounding.

SODOLITE – Oversensitivity; helps intellectual understanding of a situation; awakens 3rd eye; cleanses the mind.

SPINEL – Leg conditions, when worn on solar plexus; powerful general healer; detoxification aid.

TIGER’S EYE – Mind focuser; helps purify the blood system of pollution & toxins; psychic vision; grounding.

TOPAZ – Balances emotions; calms passions; gout; blood disorders; hemorrhages; increases poor appetite; general tissue regeneration; VD; tuberculosis; reverses aging; spiritual rejuvenation; endocrine system stimulation; releases tension; feelings of joy.

TOURMALINE- Dispels fear & negativity & grief; calms nerves; concentration & eloquence improve; genetic disorders, cancer & hormones regulated; raises vibrations; charisma; universal law; tranquil sleep.

TOURMALINE/BLACK – Arthritis; dyslexia; syphilis; heart diseases; anxiety; disorientation; raises altruism; deflects negativity; neutralizes distorted energies, i.e. resentment & insecurity.

TOURMALINE/RUBELLITE – Creativity; fertility; balances passive or aggressive nature.

TOURMALINE/GREEN – Creativity; opens heart chakra; immune system; psychological problems with the father; blood pressure; asthma; balancer; eliminates conflict within.

TOURMALINE/BLUE (INDICOLITE) – Lungs, larynx; thyroid; parasympathetic nerves.

TOURMALINE/WATERMELON – Heart chakra healer; imparts sense of humor to those who need it; balancer; eliminates guilt; nervous system; integration, security & self-containment.

TURQUOISE – Master healer; protects against environmental pollutants; strengthens anatomy & guards against all disease; improved absorption of nutrients; tissue regeneration; subtle body alignment & strengthening; eye disorders.

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Magick Healing Stone


What you will need: any stone, a green candle and a white one

To make the healing stone: take an average stone from your yard or anywhere else (if you have no yard or they all really suck) or you can purchase one like a tiger’s eye.

Once you’ve got one cast your circle, call your quarters. Do an altar devotion then cleanse consecrate, and empower it. Instill the flame of a green candle and a white one to empower it with healing magic and purify it.
While doing this hold your pentacle over it and say as many healing spells as you know. Then pour holy water on it and you’re done.

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