WOTC Extra – Some Useful Chants

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WOTC Extra – Some Useful Chants



Daily Protection Chant

I am Protected by the Might

Gracious Goddess

Day and Night

Hold me Safe

From the Harm

Make me feel nice and warm.

To Focus Chant

Quiet My Mind

Please be Still

Focus on What All that I Will

No Scattering or Dissension

I order you, please pay attention

Bring clear focus, to my mind

Grant me Clarity until my work is complete.

Remove Stress from Oneself Chant

Storms Within

Storms Without

Storms Above

Storms Below

In my center

Stillness lies

It is my will

It is my right


Wiccan Chants

Roche, Christine

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Let’s Talk Witch – Chanting

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Let’s Talk Witch – Chanting



The sacred art of chanting is a practice as old as time itself, involving the use of words and phrases in an attempt to bolster ones spiritual development.


Many ancient and modern religions use chants as part of their own religious culture.


In Wicca, chanting is used to raise the energy within oneself to achieve a goal or task. It allows one to align with the God or Goddess consciousness then imbuing that consciousness into their own being. Chanting sends energy to the spiritual realm in order to manifest change in the physical realm. Chanting will also assist with focusing your mind on whatever it is you are looking to achieve.


When chanting, it is very important to have complete faith in the recitation of the chant being used. It is primarily through faith – aided by a strong will – that you achieve your goals.


 Wiccan Chants

Roche, Christine

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Protective Chant

Protective Chant

“Earth and Sea
Keep harm from me.
Wind and Fire,
Safety is my desire.”
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Power Animal Chant

Power Animals by Alernon

Come to us: Eagle, Wolf, Bear and Cougar. Dance we now The Power dances.

Eagle soaring above the peaks, Share with us freedom, majesty and fighting skills. Teach us lessons we need to learn. Dance with us The Power dances.

Wolf, cunning tracker, by day or night. Share with us endurance, courage and adaptability. Teach us lessons we need to learn. Dance with us The Power dances.

Bear, trampling along earthen paths, Share with us Mighty strength and sense of smell. Teach us lessons we need to learn. Dance with us The Power dances.

Cougar, lonely tracker of terrain’s, Share with us Agility, stamina and endless curiosity. Teach us lessons we need to learn. Dance with us The Power dances.

Movements slow Movements rapid. Frenzied swaying Upward, downward. Dipping, turning Round and round. Dance we now The Power dances.

Dancing partners, You and I. With me, in me I am you, you are me. Together as one, Yet separate, too. Dance we now The Power dances.

Awaken now All Spirit Beings, To dance the dances With your human kin.

Dance the Cycles Of Life and Death, Hope and Fear, Good and Evil. Dance the Cycles, Now and Again.

Lowerworld, Upperworld, Journeying now and forevermore. Of Time and Space All is Once, There is none. Dance the dances Again and again. ……

This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal. Each issue of the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal is published by High Plains Arts and Sciences; P.O. Box 620604, Littleton Co., 80123

Information taken from:

Empathy’s Mystical Occult Site

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Chant To Morrighan on the Night of the New Moon

Goddess Comments & Graphics


Dark Goddess,

fill me with your dark light

the power of the new moon.

Grant me rest;

empower me;

renew me!

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A Cleansing Chant

A Cleansing Chant


 Uphold the rules of the Wiccan Rede.
Be high in spirit ye shall succeed.
Power of the Elements Five,
Will help Mother Nature stay alive.
From grains of Earth to the moving Air.
Past the burning Fire that magic flares.
Flow with Water, lakes, and streams;
Around the Spirit’s aura and dreams.

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WOTC Extra – Benefits of Chanting

Gothic Comments
WOTC Extra - Benefits of Chanting


To understand the implications of sacred sounds a little better, consider the sounds that assail you every day. How does sound affect you? A honking horn will make you jump, for example, while the sounds of tinkling bells may inspire a smile. Through the use of sacred sounds, you massage your spirit with joyful noises that are uplifting and positive.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis developed a form of therapy that has been used in the United States and Europe to treat physical and psychological problems ranging from depression to autism. His techniques help patients improve their listening abilities and recapture the restful, sonic environment of the womb.

Chanting shifts consciousness because the vibration of sound has a measurable effect on the nervous system. Sound healers, including Colorado’s Jonathan Goldman, use sound to activate and balance the body’s energy centers, known as the chakras. Each chakra resonates with its own unique tone. Goldman says that the vowel sounds can be used as mantras to open up and “tune” the chakras, thereby enabling them to transmit harmonious, healing energy to the body.

“We can change our vibrational rate through our own self-generating sounds,” sound healer Jonathan Goldman believes. As individuals, we can use our voices to affect our own frequencies and energy levels. As a group, we can “adjust the planet to a new level of consciousness.”

Goldman recommends starting with the deepest “UH” sound you can make while focusing your attention on the root chakra, the energy center at the base of the spine. Then, at a slightly higher pitch, vocalize “OOO” and feel it vibrating in the sacral chakra. Next, direct the sound “OH” to the solar plexus. Continue moving up the body and the register, uttering “AH” in connection with the heart chakra. Let “EYE” resonate in the throat chakra, then “AYE” at the brow chakra or third eye, and finally “EEE” at the crown chakra.

The concept isn’t so strange, really. You’ve probably had the experience of feeling joyful, invigorated, and rejuvenated when singing your favorite music. Sound waves can be focused to produce a range of remarkable effects, from a singer shattering glass with a clear, high note to a doctor using ultrasound to break up kidney stones.

Even the universe sings. Many people describe having heard the voice of the earth as a low, resonating hum. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, the planets revolving in their orbits around the sun produce sounds that he called “the music of the spheres.” Perhaps by attuning themselves to these universal vibrations, human beings can create harmony on this planet.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Chanting and Magick

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Chanting and Magick

“In the beginning was the Word,” the Bible says. According to Christian tradition, the voice of God is the instrument of creation, the source of all that exists on earth and in the cosmos. The Hopi believe the universe was created by Spider Woman, who sang the sun, moon, earth, and stars into being, then animated earth’s creatures with her voice. According to Sufi mythology, God fashioned the first human from clay, then asked the angels to sing the person’s soul into a state of ecstasy so that it would enter and enliven the clay.

These creation stories express the power of the voice and the magick inherent in sound. Witches and other magicians often chant, sing, and intone special words or phrases to create the circumstances they desire. Most spells and rituals involve affirmations, incantations, prayers, or invoking spiritual beings for assistance. Chanting can also dispel unwanted energies and break down obstacles that might otherwise impede a spell’s success.

Some shamans even use chanting and singing to reconnect the soul with the physical body after a trauma has caused a separation. Singing to the missing parts of the soul/self is believed to create a pathway or bridge so the wandering parts can find their way back home.

As musician Steven Halpern puts it, sound is the “carrier wave of consciousness,” capable of transmitting information from one life form to another. Sound can even carry intentions between the visible and nonvisible realms.

Words of Power

Spiritual and occult literature abounds with references to the power of the human voice. For millennia people have been reciting magickal words as a way of invoking supernatural forces and petitioning them for assistance. This is usually done by calling out the deities’ names. Speaking someone’s name is said to be an act of power, giving the namer influence over the named (which is why in some belief systems, individuals have “public” names and “private” names that are kept secret). In the Genesis story, Adam was allowed to name the animals on earth and thus was given dominion over them.

Witches and magicians recognize the power inherent in some words, incorporating them into spells and rituals. Abracadabra, for instance, is universally associated with magick, by the public as well as occult practitioners. But the word isn’t just part of the stage illusionist’s repertoire. Derived from the Aramaic Avarah K’Davarah, which translates “I will create as I speak,” it expresses a magician’s intention to manifest a result. As long ago as the second century the word was written as an inverted pyramid and used in amulets to protect the wearer from illness.

One of the most powerful and sacred statements is also one of the shortest: I am. This magickal combination connects you with your divine essence for creative purposes. You can intone the words to balance your vital energy, center yourself, and generate power, much as you might chant the word Om. Or you can consciously choose to form a magickal sentence that begins with “I am” in order to manifest a desired condition.

Many witches end spells with the words “So mote it be.” This phrase (like “so be it”) seals a spell and instructs the universe to carry out the witch’s will. If a witch wants to banish an entity or energy, he might order it to leave by saying, “Be gone.” The expression “Blessed Be” is a favorite greeting among witches and a magickal exchange of positive energy.

Resonance and Vibration

Because the universe — and everything in it — is composed of vibrations, all sounds produce effects. Sound healers have demonstrated that the body’s chakras can be balanced by playing certain notes on the musical scale. Don Campbell, musician and author of The Mozart Effect, believes he healed himself of degenerative bone disease by “making thunder” — singing, dancing, and vocalizing a loud, long, extended tone that expressed his deepest fears, tension, and joy.

Witches tap the power of resonance to raise energy, cleanse sacred space, focus the mind, and empower spells. Whether you use your own voice or a drum, gong, bell, tingsha, singing bowl, or other instrument, sound can increase the effectiveness of your magick and add beauty to your rituals.


Author:  Skye Alexander

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