Incantation of the Stars

Incantation of the Stars

Items you will need

  • Best when cast on the third night of the waxing moon.
  • You will need three sticks of wood of equal length, a hand?s length each being ample enough.
  • You must be out of doors when the spell is cast

On the night you wish to cast this spell, go out to a quiet and secluded place. One need be seated, and if at all possible, it be best if one be seated on the earth. Take some time and meditate on one?s desire, be it general or specific. Next, take the three sticks of wood, and lay them flat on the ground to form a triangle. In the center of the triangle, place your index finger of each hand, tips side-by-side and held firmly against the earth, as if with both fingers you are pointing in unison at that one spot. Repeat the following incantation: Stars of heaven Holders of the ancient knowledge Watchers of our ascents and declines Silent yet strong Grant me this I ask Aid me in mine quest, yea, slake my thirst And fill mine mind With that I wish to know So, this I ask, as it may be So let this thing be so

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Proserpina, Pluto’s bride, of spirit realms divine,
Guide us through thy underworld and wisdom serpentine.

All life and death through thee doth flow-
Infernal queen deep seeds do sow,
That we may dream unfettered flights
and soar within thy starless nights.

All dark shades do thee command
in shadows rich in Hades land.
Now Bring us to thy serpent dance
that turning, twining, causes trance.

Proserpina, Pluto’s bride, of spirit realms divine,
Guide us through thy under world and wisdom serpentine
EVOE Proserpina!

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Now let us sing of Mother Night!
Come, thou whose circle is endless flight
She whose body from celestial stars is made,
upon whose breast are souls are laid
Mystery, black as midnight’s heaven far,
yet brilliant as the silver star.
Thy realm is the void primordial skies,
light and life in thy hand  lies.
Dreams and soft ease attend thy train
lead drifting sleep to Orphic strain.
Nikta, decked with starry light
Rests deep silence, indwelling  ebony night.
Goddess of phantoms, of shadow plays
whose body divides the sun lit days.
She from whom  all Gods and men were born
She we seek when the veil is torn…
Be present Goddess with mysteries abound
let the dark’s wisdom by mortals be found!

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Full Moon Spell Binding Chant

Full Moon Spell Binding Chant

After you have cast your spell, honour the Moon by stepping outside and toast her saying:


Magic moon burning bright,
Let mine will be done this night.
Answer now my Pagan Spell,
Let all with ______ now be well.


Pagan Magic

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Chant to Protect Against Disease


Say seven times:
Hail to the sky! Hail to the earth!
Hail to the fiery volcanoes that burn away all viruses!
Mighty spirits, Should illness approach me, I ask that you burn it away!
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Any spell against this place
Or against the one who rents it
will be scattered far apace
And returned to the one who sends it
I now invoke the law of three
This is my will, so mote it be

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Protection Chant


Protection Chant

God and Goddess of the skies,
Please respond to my cries.
Lift me up in your strong arms,
Away from those who seek to harm.
Shield me from the awful rage,
That shall face me day to day.
Help me be strong in what I do,
And help my heart remain true.
Give me strength to face each day,
And the hardships before me lain.
Let those who I love me in return,
And everyday let me learn.
I bid you both my spirit keep,
While I’m awake and asleep.
So mote it be!


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Full Circle

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics
Full Circle

A pebble came from the earth.
A rock came from the pebble.
The boulder came from the rock.
The mountain came from the boulder.
But now back to earth.
The wind came from the sky.
The breeze came from the wind.
The gust came from the breeze.
The tornado came from the gust.
But now back to the sky.
The snow came from the cold.
The water came from the snow.
The river came from the water.
The ocean came from the river.
But now back to the cold.
The fire came from the light.
The flare came from the spark.
The blaze came from the flare.
The inferno came from the blaze.
But now back to the light.
Life came from the ashes.
We came from life.
Unity came from us.
Destruction came from unity.
But now back to the ashes.
The earth,
The wind,
The water,
The fire,
The life,
Return all as one, from beginning to end.

-Author Unknown


Blessed Be
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