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May’s Flowers-Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn Plant

May’s birth flower is the lily of the valley, which signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness. If you want to show your loved one that your life is complete with them, give them a few lilies of the valley. The other May flower is the hawthorn plant, which represents hope and supreme happiness. Hawthorne signifies that you want only the best for the recipient.


The May birth flower is Lily.

May Birth Flower is Lily

This low growing perennial plant has small fragrant bell-shaped flowers and two large oblong lanceolate leaves and bloom in white.

Latin words ‘maius’ (May) and ‘anthemon’ (flower), a reference to when this plant blooms, is how it was named.

Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility and “You’ve Made My Life Complete” is the hidden message connected to the flower.


MAY – Lily

LILYLilies were so revered by the ancient Greeks that they believed they sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. Long tied to the Virgin Mary, the white Madonna lily represents virtue, while the lily of the valley conveys sweetness and humility. In the language of flowers, this May birth flower expresses purity of heart, majesty and honor. Send ourWritten in the Stars lily bouquet .
button Hawthorn
Crateagus spp.
Family: Rosaceae
Common Names: ~ English Hawthorn~ ~Haw~ ~May~ ~May Blossom~ ~May Bush~ ~May Tree~ ~May Flower~ ~Quick-Set~ ~White Thorn~ ~Thorn~ ~Thorn Apple~ Glastonbury Thorn~
Chinese Name: Shan-chaIt gets it’s name from the Greek word ~Kratos~ meaning ~strong~ and ~powerful.~ The fruit of the hawthorn resembles a small apple and is called a ~Haw~ or ~Hawberry~ and is often eaten by birds. Manitoulin, locals use them for jams or jellies, giving them the name ~Haweaters.~

According to legend, the Glastonbury thorn is connected with Christ’s death as well as his birth. It is said that soon after the death of Christ, Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain to spread the message of Christianity. He travelled with is his staff. Being tired, he lay down to rest and he pushed his staff into the ground beside him. When he awoke, he found that the staff had taken root and begun to grow and blossom. He left it there and it has flowered every Christmas and every spring. It is also said that a puritan trying to cut down the tree was blinded by a splinter of the wood before he could do so. The original thorn eventually died but not before many cuttings had been taken. It is one of these cuttings is in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey today. Ever since at Glastonbury Abbey, England – the name by which that Avalon is known – on Christmas Eve the white thorn buds and blooms.

The tree, is said to always bloom on Christmas night, even after its twin stems were uprooted during the Civil War.The castaway fragments are said to have taken root, wherever they fell.
There is a tradition in England that a branch of the Glastonbury Thorn is taken and displayed each year in Buckingham Palace.
In England, Hawthorns are cultivated for hedges ~haw means hedge.~ The flowers are associated with May Day, and the hawthorn has long been used as a symbol of spring in English poetry.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the hawthorn had happy associations, linked with hope, marriage and babies. Dedicated to Hymen, the god of marriage, it was used as a symbol of hope at weddings in Greece; bridal attendants wore its blossoms while the bride carried an entire bough. Also, in both Greece and Rome, torches carried in wedding processions were made of hawthorn. The Romans put hawthorn leaves in the cradles of newborn babies to ward off evil spirits.

In medieval Europe, hawthorn was regarded as a symbol of death and illness. It was thought that bringing its branches inside would portend the death of one of the household’s members. Hawthorn was also one of the witch’s favorite plants and was especially to be avoided on Walpugis Night, when witches turned themselves into hawthorns.

In the Middle Ages, folk healers recommend it for various ills. It became a popular herbal remedy in Europe and North America towards the end of the 19th century, when its heart-healing properties were discovered. Hawthorn is also used as a sedative for insomnia.

The North American Indians used it as medicine for many ailments. In China, the fruits of Crataegus pinnatifida were eaten to cure scurvy, taken as a mild laxative, and for stomach ailments. The leaf and twigs have been used as an antidote to poisoning with varnish. Hawthorn was first mentioned as a drug in the Tang-Ben-Cao, a Chinese herbal attributed to Su-Jing, dating to 659 AD. The Chinese make a jam of hawthorn called Shan-cha-kao or Shan-cha-ping. Hawthorn wood is very hard and is used for such small items as tool handles.

The ship Mayflower was named for the Hawthorn. Hawthorn is the state flower of Missouri.
HawthornCrataegus oxyacantha

The May Tree

Sixth month of the Celtic Tree calendar, May 13th – June 9

Sixth consonant of the Ogham alphabet


Huathe (Hoo-ah) – H
This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki and its essence represents the energy of cleansing and preparation. It clears the mind of negative thoughts and mental confusion, offering clarity. It gives patience and offers stillness.

Hawthorn is burned to purify,

and draw faery to your eye.


 Planet: Mars and Venus

Symbolism: Purification, sacred marriage 

and male-female unity

Stone: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite

Birds: Blackbird, Owl, Purple Martin

Color: Midnight Blue, Purple

Deity: Olwen, Blodeuwedd, Gardea, 

Hymen, Hera, Virgin Mary

Sabbat: Beltane, May Day

Folk names: May bush, May tree, quickset, 

thorn-apple tree, white thorn.


Medicinal propertiesThe flowers, leaves and fruits of the Hawthorn have properties that reduce blood pressure 

and stimulate the heart, as well as act as a mild sedative. 

In herbal medicine they treat heart and circulatory disorders, migraine, 

menopausal conditions, angina, and insomnia. 

The flowers are strongest as sedatives, and used externally can treat acne and skin blemishes. 

The berries (also known as “Pixie Pears”) contain Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. 

They can be crushed and used to ease diarrhea, dysentery, and kidney disorders. 

It is strongly advised against self medication because of the its effects on the heart.


Magickal properties

The tree essence cleanses the heart of negativity and stimulates love and forgiveness.

The Hawthorn is the tree most representative of the struggles the Christian Church had 

in suppressing pagan beliefs and celebrations. 

Hawthorn is respected as a tree of enchantment under the protection of the faery realms. 

It guards wells and springs. Its beautiful flowers are said to help prayers reach heaven.

If you sit under a Hawthorn on May 1st you are liable to be whisked away for good to the faery underworld. 

 The blooms of the hawthorn are used in spells for fertility, happiness, and good luck in fishing.

To take a blossoming hawthorn branch inside one’s house will cause their mother to die. 

Wands made of this wood are of great power. The blossoms are highly erotic to men. 

Hawthorn can be used for protection, love and marriage spells.


The original May Poles were made of Hawthorn


Hawthorn can be woven in to a growing fence called a Hedgerow. 

These thorny barriers are very effective and have saved many villages from thieves and highwaymen.


And every shepherd tells his tale

Under the hawthorn in the dale

~John Milton L’Allegro

Tree Magickby Gillian Kemp


All will be well for you. 


The Hawthorn has magical powers to ward off evil. 

A happy turning point is forecast. 


At dusk on May Eve, candles are lit on the Hawthorn, 

or May tree as it is also known, to welcome Summer. 

Bright gifts bringing happiness are coming; so, too, are positive signs. An upsetting situation is improving because the Hawthorn tree offers numerous medicinal remedies. But this twiggy thorny tree, with its white-stalked flowers with red anthers, also advises caution. Christ’s crown of thorns was said to be of Hawthorn and, being the color of blood and bandages, traditionally it is unlucky to bring May blossom into the home.


white and odorous with blossom,
framing the quiet fields,
and swaying flowers and grasses,
and the hum of bees.
– F. S. Flint, 1885-1960, Trees


Protection Spell:


Carefully gather a few thorns from the tree. 

On a piece of paper, write the name of the person or situation from which you seek protection, and then wrap it around the thorns.  Bury this in the ground – if possible near the tree from which the thorns were collected. 

Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes



In England, the hawthorn is known as the mayflower tree in honor of the month during which it blooms.

Symbolizing hope, it was the name the Pilgrims took for their famous ship, The Mayflower.


LESSON OF THE HAWTHORNfrom The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


The blossoming of the Hawthorn 

marks the certain end 

of the dark days of winter 

and the return of the procreative forces 

of nature to the fullness of spring. 

The beautiful white flowers 

give cause for celebration 

of nature’s capacity for renewed life 

and love, and for the wonders of lovemaking, 

conception, and childbirth. 

For the Celts there was no shame 

attached to these natural processes. 

They were revered and respected 

as an essential part of life, 

and as a sacred expression 

of the human capacity for love.


The Welsh Goddess Olwen, 

the White Goddess of the Hawthorn, 

once walked the empty universe 

and her white track of Hawthorn petals 

became the Milky Way.


Green grow the leaves on the Hawthorn tree.We jangle and we wrangle

And we never can agree

~old English carol



Celtic Moon sign – Hawthorn Moon


The hawthorn is a small tree that was often used for hedging, and it has a mixed reputation. Known to be both a sign of fertility and death, it was said to contain the knowledge of both reproduction and transformation. Both of these processes take time – and if you were born under the sign of the hawthorn, you have an innate understanding of both the importance of process and the necessity for change. Your challenge is to use that understanding to guide you when undertaking new starts – don’t rush. Wait, and prepare carefully.
Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, and Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000


The Hawthorn is a prickly sort of plant with beautiful blossoms. Called Huath by the ancient Celts, and pronounced Hoh-uh, the Hawthorn month is a time of fertility, masculine energy, and fire. Coming right on the heels of Beltane, this month is a time when male potency is high — if you’re hoping to conceive a child, get busy this month! The Hawthorn has a raw, phallic sort of energy about it — use it for magic related to masculine power, business decisions, making professional connections. The Hawthorn is also associated with the realm of Faerie, and when the Hawthorn grows in tandem with an Ash and Oak, it is said to attract the Fae.

Hawthorn Moon Magick:

Focus on keeping a barrier between yourself and things that you don’t want.  Aim to push away old problems or lingering irritations.  This is a sign of fertility and death. If born under this sign you have an innate understanding of the importance of process and the necessity for change.

The Faces of WomanSpiritA Celtic Oracle of Avalon

by Katherine Torres, Ph.D.


Choices refining life

Emerge from the realm of transfiguration

Will I know or not know?

Will I respond or not respond?

Decisions. Decisions. Life’s a Joyful Game.

What choices are you ready to make?






The fair maiden who, the first of May,

Goes to the fields at the break of day

And washes in dew from the Hawthorn tree

Will ever after handsome be.

~Neltjc Blanchan

Nature’s Garden 1900


The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey


Hawthorn Fairy


Along with oak and ash, hawthorn forms the “fairy triad” that is especially inviting to fairies. Hawthorn is, in some ways, the fairy tree, forming a portal to the fairy realms and holding strong magic.    The hawthorn fairy offers access to the Otherworld, but also protects the unwary, so it is important to be patient with this spirit. She can enchant your life, bringing growth and fertility to all areas, and when the hawthorn flowers in spring, it represents the bridal gown of the young Goddess.    Hawthorn is sacred to the Welsh sun goddess Olwen, the “white lady of the day.” Where she trod she left white footprints on hawthorn, and her father, Yspaddaden Pencawr, was “Giant Hawthorn.” Thirteen tasks were demanded of her suitor, Culhwych, before he could marry her and overcome the power of the giant.     Thirteen is a number associated with the moon, for the moon makes 13 circuits of the zodiac to one of the sun. Thus the hawthorn suggests union: of sun and moon, male and female.      The hawthorn fairy promises cleansing, fulfillment, guardianship, and fertility. Keeping grounded and practical is the best way to access her and use her gifts.


picture is The Hawthorn Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker
THE CELTIC TREE ORACLE by Liz and Colin Murray


The Hawthorn card represents cleansing and chastity, bringing protection from the inner magical realms – in other words, a period of restraint, waiting or keeping oneself to oneself. Concentrate on mental rather than physical activity as a prelude to the spiritual fertilization, growth and harvesting what will follow, providing such preparation has been properly made as the pure white flowers of the Hawthorn turn to glowing red haws in the autumn.

Merlin and the Hawthorn Tree

from various sources, as told in Myths of the Sacred Tree by Moyra Caldecott


When Merlin was an old, old man (and none could give a count of all his years) a young girl came to King Arthur’s court. Some said she was the handmaiden of the goddess who had emerged from the lake to give the sword Excalibur to Arthur. To look upon she was beautiful beyond belief, but none could see into her heart.

Her name was Vivien, and she watched the wonders of the court closely, soon becoming envious of Merlin’s great powers. She determined to lear all she could from him and so beguiled him with her flattery and her beauty that he, sighing, followed her wherever she went and easily gave her secrets that were best kept hidden.

But Vivien was not satisfied with what she learned. She claimed that Merlin was teaching her no more than a child could learn. She wanted more and deeper mysteries to be revealed to her. He demurred, saying that she was not ready. Then, afreaid he would not be able to withstand her pleas and knowing that some mysteries were too dangerous and powerful to be entrusted to someone so young and unwise, he left the court and went across the sea to the forest of Broceliande in Brittany.

She followed him, weeping and telling him her heart was broken because he did not trust her.

At last, with a cunning alternation of the granting and the withholding of sexual favors, she wheedled out of him his last and most closely kept secret: how it was possible to imprison a man within a tree. Within seconds of obtaining knowledge of this spell she implemented it. The mighty Merlin, the wisest of all men, was confined forever within a cage of bark – a hawthorn tree.


OGHAM The Celtic Oracle
by Peter Pracownik and Andy BaggottIntuition is the guide and protector on the spiritual path especially during times of dramatic change and growth. Listen to your heart, not your head, for the parts of your being that are wild and unconditioned by society have much to teach you at this time. Emotional and sexual balance must be maintained or enchantment will lead you astray. The nightcrow is an ally in the land of dreams and all night-visions can hold important information for those intuitive enough to read them. Likewise signs, omens and portents that come to you during the waking hours all have messages to be understood. Remember, everything is significant. An open heart nurtures an open mind.

Hawthorn is the magical protector of small birds and the fairy folk. It is said that at twilight where oak, ash and hawthorn grow together, the spirits of nature dance in celebration of Grandmother Earth’s abundant beauty. Where it is found growing around sacred springs, you can be sure that access to the Otherworld is but a thought away, its thorns symbolising the psychic protection needed for all spiritual journeys.

Insight: Hawthorn reminds us that love can be beautiful, and to beware its hidden thorns.
Divinatory Meaning: If hawthorn has been brought to your awareness today, you may need to look into matters of the heart. Lke the hawthorn tree in flower, love is sometimes delightfully joyful. Long and steady relationships bear fruit that sustain us through life’s cold and difficult passages. But beware the thorns hidden among the fruits and flowers. It has been said that a true lover’s heart is always half broken, and that we tend to hurt those we love best.
Affirmation: O Hawthorn tree, harbinger of summer’s light and of lovers’ joyful unions, mau I be wise int he ways of love. Help me to celebrate love’s fruitful blossoms even as I make light of its thorns.
A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine by Ellen Evert Hopman
The Green Man Tree Oracle
by John Matthews and Will WorthingtonCHALLENGE OPENS THE WAY BEFORE US

Challenge does not always have to be threatening – it can also invite us to explore new territory, to test our strength and abilities to the limits. People climb mountains and undertake extreme sports to face the challenges these offer, and most would agree that the experience has given them new insight into their lives, as well as an abundance of energy. The fear and uncertainty that arise in the face of challenge can cause our actions to petrify into immobility, however. Wherever fear is present, power is also possible: one small change of approach and attitude can transmute fear into power, inability into ability, and uncertainty into daring.  Your challenge need be no more than simply admitting to yourself that your life is in a rut, and accepting the possibility of change, of finding a new path and new goals. This card encourages you to look more closely at your circumstances, to discover where the challenges lie for you, and then to move forward to face them with as much courage and wisdom as you can muster.

I honor the energy of hawthorn for cleansing and restraint.
I will choose what I place within my body, and empty myself of all that violates my personal well-being.

So mote it be


Pray PeaceFrom :

Nuin/Ash, Feb. 18 – March 17

Divination: Magic, peace

About Nuin / Ash

Tree- Ash
Month- March
Color- Green
Letter- N
Class- Chieftain
Animal- Snake, snipe
Planet: Neptune
Gemstone: Coral
Flower: Wood Anemone
Diety: Lir, the sea-god and Gwydion The Magician.
Ash: (Nion: NEE-uhn) Nuin. Battle of Draiocht Prosperity/Harm Nua/Nuin/Hardihood. Feminine — Moon of Waters . The fifth tree and its latin name is fraxinus meaning firelight. The Ash is also known as the Cosmic Ash, or World Tree. It is said to be an ancestor of humankind. In Greece powerful families were believed to have come from ash trees. In Celtic cosmology, it is said to connect the three circles of existence – Abred, Gwynedd and Ceugant – which can be variously interpreted as past, present and future, or as confusion, balance and creative force; there being no hell, but only continual rebirth as passage is made from circle to circle until the Land of the Blessed is finally reached.

The common ash is a major tree of the lowland forests in much of Europe & is considered an important timber tree. It is the traditional material for the handle of a besom & a popular wood for making wands.The Ash tree has the toughest, most elastic wood & is used in weaver’s beams. The women would weave cloth and intermingling threads together in a tight pattern as the microcosm and the macrocosm are united. The bark of the ash can be used as a substitute for quinine in intermittent fevers. Simmer 2 Tablespoons of bark for 20 minutes in one cup of water. Take a quarter cup four times daily. The leaves have a laxative effect. Steep 2 Tablespoons of the leaf in one cup of water for 20 minutes & take a quarter cup daily. The Ash tree symbolizes the linking of the inner and outer worlds. You may feel locked in or bound but this aids in realizing that all things are connected. Magickal Associations: Prosperity, protection, healing. Healing wands and protective staffs are made of ash. If you bury a newborn’s nail trimmings beneath an ash tree, it is said to ensure that he or she will grow up to be a good singer.

Physical: You and the world are interconnected & your actions echo continually, infinitely in the cosmos, so stay aware of the effects of your actions.
Mental:Your problems or questions do not solely belong to you. Many others have these same qualms & musings, so try & look at the question in a broader sense and ask opinions of others.
Spiritual: Try your best to realize & understand that all things are connected. Balance your needs with the Earth’s.

Saille/Willow, April 15 – May 12

Divination: Intuition, creativity, fertility, mysticism

 About Saille / Willow

Tree- Willow
Month- February
Color- Bright Colors
Letter- S
Class- peasant
Animals- Hare, cat, hawk
Planet: The Moon
Gemstone: Moonstone
Flower: Primrose
Diety: Morgan le Fay or the Morrigan
Willow: (Saille: SAHL-yuh) Battle of Divination Support/Denial Súil/Séanadh/Resistance. Feminine– The Witches’ Moon; Moon of Balance. The willow is sacred to the triple Goddess, especially Cailleach the old Crone aspect; she represents the dark side and wisdom. The Willow in the Tree alphabet stands for the female and lunar rhythms of life. Water and tidal movements of the sea are governed by the pull of the moon. The moon in its monthly rhythms is female, contrasting with the male sun’s daily and yearly turnings. In many ways, the Celtic people held women in higher esteem than we do today. In the olde days, the celtic women were allowed to be property owners unlike women in other nations, and whoever controlled the property controlled the marriage. They were also allowed to keep their last names after marriage, depending upon the importance of the family name.

Today, both North America and Europe are home to a large number of the willow species. Two common tree willows are the white willow & the crack willow. The willow is another tree that loves water & the bark also contains a pain reliever called Salicin which is used in the treatment of rheumatic fever, arthritis, headaches, diarrhea, dysentery, fevers, edema, and ovarian pain. Salicin is the active constituent from which aspirin was first synthesized. To make the tea, steep 3 teaspoons of bark in one cup of cold water for 2-5 hours, then boil for one minute, and strain. It is also available as a powder. The powder dose is one teaspoon, 3 times a day in tea or capsules. The tincture can be taken in 10-20 drop doses four times a day. The Willow governs the cycles, rhythms, the ebb, and the flux. Magickal Associations: Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility, magick for women, and gaining balance. It is said that the willow tree has a healing aura that blesses all that it touches.

Physical:The material world is full of lessons and cycles of ever changing values. Change is necessary for growth, and values are no exception.
Mental: To gain understanding of something, a continued accumulation of knowledge is the foundation that brings it about. You can not take everything into yourself in a single lesson. Repetition is your key to greater knowledge & understanding.
Spiritual: Time to take it easy & relax. Learn to play with the cyclical nature of things.

Fearn/Alder, March 18 – April 14

Divination:Resilience, strength, energy

About Fearn /Alder

Tree- Alder
Month- January
Color- Crimson
Letter- F,V
Class- Chieftain
Animals- Red fox, ram, stallion, gull
Planet: Mars
Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Broom
Diety: Bran or Arthur
(Fearn: FAIR-n) Battle of Philosophy Shielding/Fury Fearn/Fearg/ Contention. Masculine — Moon of Utility; Moon of Efficacy; Moon of Self-Guidance. Fearn, the fourth tree is associated with water and stands for resurrection. The catkin bearing alder resists decay in its watery habitat. The water spirits, the undines, love this tree as well as the unicorn. The buds of the Alder are set in spirals, the symbol of life and re-birth, a balancing tree of Male and Female energy. Alders are members of the Birch family (Betulaceae) and are common along lowland rivers. Like willows, an alder sprouts from a stump & this allows them to regenerate after heavy flooding.

Bran the Blessed is the god associated with the alder. According to legend, he used his body to span dangerous waters and raise his followers above it. Mortally wounded in a battle with the Irish, Bran prophesied the events that would follow soon after his death, then instructed his followers to cut off his head and take it with them. They traveled to Harlech, where the head sang for seven years; then to Gwales, the head remaining uncorrupted and continueing to prophesy. Finally, stopping in London, Caer Llyndain, they buried Bran’s head at the White Mount, or Bryn Gwyn, now the site of the Tower of London. It was said that as long as the head remained concealed it would give protection against plague from across the oceans. Bridges were commonly constructed of alder. The Alder suggests protection and the powers of the oracles. They are used for spiritual guidance, protection and help in decision making, teaching, weather magick, duty, and mental prowness.

Physical: Be aware of singularity in yourself and in others. Be sure to acknowledge whatever you see in others if possible.
Mental: You will avail yourself of something you have previously overlooked. The skills of the Oracle are not easily acknowledgeable because the mind is more often than not, either unable or unwilling to deal with the intuitive part of itself.
Spiritual:You will offer spiritual aid and protection in a dispute or disagreement. Do not fear. Just allow your intuition to be your guide.

Luis/Rowan, Jan 21 – Feb. 17

Divination meaning: Protection, ability to distinguish good from bad, insight

About Luis / Rowan

Tree- Rowan
Month- December
Color- Grey and Red
Letter- L
Class- peasant
Animals- Unicorn, bear, duck
Planet: Uranus
Gemstone: Peridot
Flower: Snowdrop
Diety: Brigitania (Britian)or Brighid (Ireland)
(Luis: LWEESH), rowan – Battle of Poetry Quickening/Illness Luis/Luim/Perspective. Masculine – Moon of Vision; Spirit Moon; Astral Travel Moon. The second tree and is useful for breaking evil enchantments. The tree of vision, healing, psychic powers. It is also known as, Wicken-tree, Wild Ash, Witchbane, Witchen, Witch wood and Tree of Life. Rowan is said to have come from the lands of the faery and is also associated with witchcraft. All parts of the tree are considered sacred and it is held dear by the Druids and the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

The rowan, or mountain ash is related to serviceberries. They tend to thrive in poor soils and often colonize disturbed areas. Rowans flower in May and can grow as tall as 50 feet high. They are members of the Rose family (Rosaceae). Runes are carved on this type of tree wood, and Rowan sprays and crosses were placed over homes for protection in the days of olde. The birds feast on its lovely red berries in winter, & if you look at these berries, you will find that they sport a tiny pentagram on them. The pentagram is the ancient symbol of protection. The berries are very high in vitamen C and are used for sore throats and tonsilitis. Take one teaspoon of the fresh berry juice or one quarter cup of tea. The tea is made by simmering one teaspoon of the juice in one cup of water for 20 minutes. The Rowan tree is used for protection and control from enchantment and beguiling. Also used for controlling your own life; Healing; Personal Empowerment; Divination. Wear a tiny cross of rowen wood on your clothing for protection when needed. The leaf and berries are used in incense to increase psychic powers.

Physical: You will focus your senses clearly so as to distinguish good from bad.
Mental: You will not be swayed, tricked or beguiled. Your senses will be in excellent order.
Spiritual:Have no fear. Your strength will turn away any negativity that threatens your purpose and your serenity.

Beth / Birch, Dec. 24 – Jan. 20

Divination meaning: New beginnings, good fortune, luck, change


About Beth / Birch

Tree- Birch
Month- November
Color- White
Letter- B
Class- peasant
Animal- Cow, Pheasant
Planet: The Sun
Gemstone: Rock Crystal
Flower: Daisy
Diety: Taliesin, the bardic-god (Welsh)
and Lugh of the Long arm, the Sun-god (Irish and Gauls.)

(Beth:BEH) Beith. Battle of Nature Birth/Death Beith/ Bás/Will. Feminine- Moon of Inception; Moon of Beginnings; The Birch is the first tree, and symbolizes new beginnings, creativity, changes, and purification. This tree is sacred to cerridwen. The white bark of the birch indicates cleanliness and determination in overcoming difficulties. In the days of olde, it was thought that evil dwelled in the body & mind of criminals, so they were birched to drive out the evil, & to renew them for the new year.

The Birch is said to be a symbol of summer ever returning. It is also said that the birch is the mother of the oak tree because in prehistoric times it was the birch that prepared the earth floor for the majestic oak to be born. The Birch is ruled by Venus, and it draws out the beauty in us. The silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) is one of the most common birch trees of Europe. It can grow up to a 100 feet tall. The common birch (B. pubescens Ehrh.) is almost as widespread as the silver birch and it can grow up to 65 feet in height. The Birch is one of the first trees to grow on bare soil and it is said to give birth to the entire forest. Because it was said to be good for new beginnings, often children’s cradles were made of Birch. The inner bark makes a great pain reliever. Birch leaves are used to treat arthritis. It also makes a leaf tea that is said to dissolve kidney stones over a time long period.Steep 2 teaspoons of leaf per cup for 20 minutes. The dosage is 1-1½ cups over a day. Birch twigs and leaves can be simmered and added to bath water for itchy skin and falling hair. Taken before bedtime, the tea is sedative.

Physical: This tree provides new beginnings to those who are willing to start fresh and cast off negativity, unhelpful influences and bad thoughts.
Mental: Concentrate on your desire & hold the image of the desired results firmly in your mind.
Spiritual: For new beginnings, turn your focus to the white of the birch. It stands out clearly from distractions and obstructions.


Oghams and Their Meanings

Oghams and Their Meanings

The trees listed below were among the trees revered by the ancients and as such were used in divinations by the Druids. They believed that the trees were inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors or had a spirit of their own. The Oak, Thorn, and Ash trees were called the faery triad and it is said that the faeries dwell where the three are seen growing together. Based on their love and respect for the trees, the Druids fashioned their alphabet after them, and it is called the Ogham (owen or oh-yam). They used it for writing, in magickal performances and for divination.

The trees were divided into three classes, by order of importance to the druids. The Chieftains were first. Then the peasants and the shrubs. Two of the symbols are not actually trees but point out the power of the sea and the groves. If you wish to use them for divination, you can make your own. Just paint or engrave them on something made of wood. Then you place them in a bag and draw out three (some draw up to seven). Then toss them on the floor. The closest ones represent the present, next the past and the future. You can also carve these symbols into candles or draw them on things for protection or spellcrafting if you wish.

The celtic people also had a calendar which we call the Celtic Tree calendar fashioned after the trees with each month corresponding to a particular tree. In the following posts, you will find information about each tree by month and it’s meaning when used in divination.

The Ogham

The Ogham

The word Ogham (pronounced OH-yam) has been used to refer to:

A group of twenty trees, sacred to the Druids, that give names to the letters of the Ogham alphabet.

An alphabet of twenty-five characters used for inscriptions on magickal tools in Celtic Ireland & Britain.

An alphabet of twenty characters used for divination and hand-signing in Celtic paganism.

A calendar of thirteen months named for each of the sacred trees.

Below you will find a modern-day interpretation of the Celtic tree calendar. Besides using trees as a way of telling the seasons, the druids used them for many other things. These are called Oghams. Linked to this calendar, you will find much more information on each individual ogham or tree, including the meanings of each during divination.

Oghams were often used by the Celts of olde as a tool of divination, yet they were also used as an alphabet to inscribe many things. First, you must make your own set & inscribe each letter on something made of wood. (Some use stone or tile.) Then place them in a bag for storage. Now when you are ready to use them in divination, find a quiet, peaceful place to sit. Meditate briefly on the question that you want to ask. Then draw out 3 of the pieces and see what the correspondences are. This should help you determine the answer to the question. You may also use them to inscribe your name on your magickal tools or to write in your Grimoire or Book of Shadow, just to be on the safe side & so no one can understand your writings. Oghams are also often used on amulets and talismans.