Candle Magick

Crystal and Candle Spell


Items needed:

Basic altar set-up including:
–salt and bowl of water, candle in color symbolic of need.

Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle.

Charge of the Goddess/God.

Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following:

“This crystal is hereby cleansed and dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and God.”

With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength. As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested.

Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle. Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum.

Allow the candle to burn down.

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Spell for Needed Changes


Sit in a quiet place that is special to you. Hold a white or cream candle in your hands and visualize the area of your life that this candles energy is needed in. After you light this candle the energy will come to you. It may come right away or when you lease expect it.
When you are ready recite the spell or use your own words of power.

“This candle I see before me, its color so bright,
Holds my needs of change in its light.
I call in the forces higher than I
To release the energy that is held inside
May it work for me in the most correct way,
Harming none and helping all as it leaves my stay.
I call on thee in perfect trust and love sending me guidance from above.
This I make happen and so be it will.
Take away this thing that brings me ill.
So mote it be. 3x3x3″

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Candle Spell Against Psychic Attack



You Will Need:

White candle

Red candle

Black candle

Imagine a blue ball of energy inside the candles. Caress the candles as you chant:

Goddess of Three, I call upon thee,
To protect from those who wish to harm me
Keep them from using the gift from thee
Keep them from using thy gift to harm me.

When you finish chanting, imagine the blue ball exploding into lines of blue. Imagine the lines surrounding you and wrapping you in warm blue energy. See the blue light as a shield. Know that it is unbreakable. Think about how it is the Goddess’ Light protecting you.

Then put the candles someplace where they can burn undisturbed and let them burn themselves out, sending all the energy into your shield. This spell is best performed during the full moon.

For longer effects you can make it a seven-day spell.

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Candle Spell to Stop Harassment


Timing: During the waning moon.

Use a brown candle (an image candle, if you can) to represent the person who is harassing you.

Write the person’s name on the front and back of the candle.

On a small piece of parchment paper, write:

‘From now on, (name) will say nothing but sweet words about me and to me.
By the power of Aradia, so mote it be!’

Put a drop of honey in the middle of the paper and roll it into a ball.

Heat a knife, pin or your athame, make a gash in the candle (in its mouth, if it’s an image candle) and stuff the paper ball into it.

Let the candle burn a little while every night for an odd number of nights, to a maximum of nine nights. Throw the remnants into flowing water, but save some candle drippings or ash to sprinkle in the path of your oppressor.

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To Reverse Spells Cast With Candle Magick


Light two black candles and chant:

In the name of the Gods and all ye Spirits
In the name of Kernunnos and the light and the dark
And the Gods of the Netherworld
And whosoever shall be casting a curse against me
Let them suffer their own curse
Let these candles be their candles
This burning be their burning
This curse be their curse
Let the pain they have caused me and mine
Fall upon themselves.

Do this spell for five consecutive nights (as close to midnight as possible) and each night chant the spell until the candles are spent.
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Let’s Talk Witch – Candles & Colors

Celtic & British Isles Graphics
 Candles & Colors


I have had several people contact me in regards to the colors of the candles we have on this site. Each of the list are different and this is because each list comes from a different tradition. Not all traditions or paths agree on the same thing. Due to this fact, I was asked if I could find something that almost all paths and traditions might be able to agree upon. I can say it hasn’t been easy but I did run across an article that I believe (I said “I believe now!”) that everyone could agree upon. I hope this takes some of the confusion out of the candle color mystery. Enjoy!

Candles and Colors


Candles are a great part of the magic you will be performing in these pages. The colors of candles are said to obtain qualities, which can exhibit magical properties. These properties are attributed to the color of the candles, and the oils used to anoint them, as well as the herbs used in dressing them. You can anoint a candle with oils or herbs simply by rubbing them onto the candle. Concentrate on the desired effect of the spell while anointing the candle. The same can be done with herbs by sprinkling the top of the candle , in the hot wax, with the desired herb. Be sure to watch the candle closely while doing this, for the herbs are highly likely to catch fire and burn. Below is a guide to help you understand these attributes and their place in the magical scheme of things.


Red candles are used in matters dealing with strong emotions, such as love, and anger. For this reason it is often used in revenge, or passion based spells.


Blue candles are generally used in matters pertaining to the promotion of health, and the recovery of illnesses , or ailments. It also is used when one wants to embody trust, and empathy in the eyes of others.


Yellow candles are usually used in magic dealing with new beginnings, or peaceful changes. They are also burned when one wants to promote or encourage spiritual growth.


Green candles are often burned when matters of money are a concern. Green candles are also great for fertility spells, and are used in many healing ceremonies as well.


Black candles are used most often when one wants to add a little extra power to their practices. Black also embodies forceful attributes, and helps in matters which require immediate attention and resolution.


Purple candles are used when one is trying to obtain peace , or tranquility. Purple candles will help promote a relaxing environment. They are also commonly used in healing spells.


White candles are primarily used in spells concerning cleansings or purity. When one is performing healing spells, white candles will certainly not hurt either. You can also use them when working other general magic.


Pink Candles are almost exclusively used for matters dealing with romance, desire, sex, and fertility; however, they also promote peace.



The Book of Dark and Light Shadows (p. 41). Under the Moon.
Dawn Flowers
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The Witches Magick for Sunday, August 3 – Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

To help speed a recovery from illness, write the sick person’s name upon a white human-shaped candle of the appropriate gender. As you anoint it with three drops of myrrh or mint oil, visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say:

In the divine name of the Goddess
Who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
As a magical tool for healing.

Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph, willing him or her to be well again, and chant the following incantation:

Magic mend and candle burn,
Sickness end; good health return.

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WOTC Extra – Reading The Wax Drippings from Your Wax Divination

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Reading The Wax Drippings from Your Wax Divination 


The most common, because of the way the wax rotates on the surface of the water, spirals represent reincarnation, the universe, the world, or perhaps a particular life. It could be you need to evolve beyond it, or that it is something from a previous life. Perhaps, depending on the nature of the question, the problem (or its solution) is in the home. This is an excellent example of how interpretation must be a personal thing; no one else can tell you exactly how these symbols relate to you. Usually, the first meaning that comes into your mind is the correct one.


Circles represent eternity and fertility, and both of these attributes can be interpreted according to the question asked. Fertility would perhaps represent a new activity, financial security, or even a new baby on the way! It may also signify the successful completion of a project. Eternity may mean just that— it will be a long time before something is completed or comes to pass. Circles also represent religion and spirituality, and thus can be seen in this context during interpretation.

Broken Lines

If the wax drops form into lines but they aren’t connected, it represents a scattering of forces, or a lack of focus in your life, business, or other pursuits. It can also signify forces working against you, but don’t take this too literally—such forces may well be within your own being. This isn’t a positive pattern to find, for it is a sign that changes must be made to bring order into your life.


Unconnected wax drops are sometimes the only thing you can get. As stated before, this sometimes signifies lack of attention on the divination, but it can also mean that the problem is too complex for an answer at this time. If you try wax divination several times with only dots coming up each time , you’re either asking the wrong questions or, if you haven’t asked one, you shouldn’t be seeking a glimpse into the future at this time— at least not through wax and water. It’s probably best to let the candles and water rest , and to attempt a different method— perhaps one mentioned elsewhere in this book.


Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic (pp. 106-107).

Cunningham, Scott


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