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The Witches Magick for Sunday, August 3 – Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

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Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

To help speed a recovery from illness, write the sick person’s name upon a white human-shaped candle of the appropriate gender. As you anoint it with three drops of myrrh or mint oil, visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say:

In the divine name of the Goddess
Who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
As a magical tool for healing.

Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph, willing him or her to be well again, and chant the following incantation:

Magic mend and candle burn,
Sickness end; good health return.

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WOTC Extra – Reading The Wax Drippings from Your Wax Divination

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Reading The Wax Drippings from Your Wax Divination 


The most common, because of the way the wax rotates on the surface of the water, spirals represent reincarnation, the universe, the world, or perhaps a particular life. It could be you need to evolve beyond it, or that it is something from a previous life. Perhaps, depending on the nature of the question, the problem (or its solution) is in the home. This is an excellent example of how interpretation must be a personal thing; no one else can tell you exactly how these symbols relate to you. Usually, the first meaning that comes into your mind is the correct one.


Circles represent eternity and fertility, and both of these attributes can be interpreted according to the question asked. Fertility would perhaps represent a new activity, financial security, or even a new baby on the way! It may also signify the successful completion of a project. Eternity may mean just that— it will be a long time before something is completed or comes to pass. Circles also represent religion and spirituality, and thus can be seen in this context during interpretation.

Broken Lines

If the wax drops form into lines but they aren’t connected, it represents a scattering of forces, or a lack of focus in your life, business, or other pursuits. It can also signify forces working against you, but don’t take this too literally—such forces may well be within your own being. This isn’t a positive pattern to find, for it is a sign that changes must be made to bring order into your life.


Unconnected wax drops are sometimes the only thing you can get. As stated before, this sometimes signifies lack of attention on the divination, but it can also mean that the problem is too complex for an answer at this time. If you try wax divination several times with only dots coming up each time , you’re either asking the wrong questions or, if you haven’t asked one, you shouldn’t be seeking a glimpse into the future at this time— at least not through wax and water. It’s probably best to let the candles and water rest , and to attempt a different method— perhaps one mentioned elsewhere in this book.


Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic (pp. 106-107).

Cunningham, Scott


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Let’s Talk Witch – Candle Drip Divination

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Candle Drip Divination

For this you will need a number of long tapers (eight inches or longer) of the four basic elemental colors— green, yellow, red, and blue. One of these is necessary for every reading. You will also need a large, round or square vessel filled with cold water. This can be of any material, but pottery or glass are best, for they can withstand heat. Plastic is not recommended.

Put the candles, a book of matches, and the vessel of water on a table or other flat surface. You are now ready to begin wax divination.

If you have a particular question you want answered, use the color candle related to your question, through the symbolism of the elements. If the question doesn’t seem to be related to any of the elements, use a white candle.

If you have no question but are simply desiring a glimpse into your own future, use a yellow candle, for this is the color of divination in general.

Light the candle and hold it upright over the water for a moment, thinking about your question or simply calming your mind.

When the candle is fully flaming and has begun melting the wax, tilt it and hold steadily about an inch over the water’s surface.

The wax will begin dripping onto the water.

If the tiny drips (which harden into small droplets of wax, smooth on the top but round on the bottom) do not merge and create a pattern, you aren’t concentrating on the question. Sweep everything else from your mind.

The wax drops will form a pattern on the surface of the water.

If you have trouble achieving this, begin moving the candle slowly, allowing the drops to touch one another and so form a line on the water. If this is done for a few minutes, a definite shape will appear on the water.

When this happens, quench the candle’s flame with your fingers or a candle snuffer and set aside. Look at the shape . What does it look like? Pick it up carefully so as not to break it and turn it over. Does it look the same, or different? Study its thickness to see if it says anything to you symbolically.

Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic (pp. 106-107).
Cunningham, Scott
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True Will Ritual

True Will Ritual 

After doing a strong purification, casting a circle, calling the quarters,
and doing a strong “tree meditation” (as in Starhawk’s Spiral Dance): Visualize the essence of each of the elemental energies within and say affirmations identifying with each of the elements, and with what you affirm:

“I am Earth, I am centered and strong.
I am the vessel through which my True Will manifests.

I am Air, I am focused.
My mind is keen and tuned to reveal my True Will.

I am Fire, I have the power within
to know my True Will and to act upon it.

I am Water, I am sensitive, intuitive, and magickal.
The waters of my inner consciousness are calm, clear and clean.
I am able to see into my depths and to know my True Will.

I am Spirit. I am all that is.
I am Balance and Unity.
I am that from which my True Will comes.”

Consecrate a candle with five elemental tools and do a free form
chant to dedicate the candle to aid in knowing your true will.

Light the candle and place it in front of you.

Gazing at the candle, meditate on the following, one at a time:
Know thyself, areas where your are uncertain of your true will, your commitment to act on your True Will when you know it, and spiritual growth from knowledge of self.

Then chant until you feel unity with the light from the flame

“Candle light, candle glow, inner sight, will to know.”

You should then go into a trance and get direct messages from deep within.

When you have received what you need, tell yourself to remember your insights and take a few deep breaths and return to the circle. Then say something like:

“Though I extinguish this candle flame and end this rite, may I always be aware of the flame of will that burns within me, and may I always act according to my True Will, born of Spirit.
So mote it be”

Snuff the candle.

~Author Unknown


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The Witches Magick for July 25th – A Uncrossing & A Reversing Candle Spell

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Uncrossing candle spell

White candle (pillar or offertory)

Uncrossing oil

Uncrossing powder

Flame-proof dish or candle holder big enough to hold about a cup of water as well as the candle

Dress the candle with the oil and powder and stand it in the dish. Pour in about a cupful of blessed or spring water. Light the candle and say a blessing, chant or psalm over it; this works best if you say it three, seven or nine times. Let the candle burn out (it will go out once it hits the water level). Bury the candle stub at a crossroads and pour the water out there too, saying out loud a confirmation that you are now free from evil.

You can also use a reversing candle spell to uncross.

Reversing candle spell

Black or double action (black and white or black and red) candle

Uncrossing or reversing oil

Carve ‘return to sender’ on the spell candle or write a petition paper. Dress it with the oil . Light the candle and if possible place it on a mirror.

If it is a double action candle (a two-coloured candle), burn it to the centre then carve your name on the coloured or white end and your enemy’s name on the black end. Dress your end with uncrossing oil and the other end with crossing oil. You can either burn one end and then turn it over and burn it from the other end or place the candle horizontally stuck in the centre with a nail (that has been nailed into a piece of wood first). This way both ends burn together although it does get a bit messy! This will reverse the spell and send it back to the person who set it in the first place.

Dispose of the stub by burying it at a crossroads or casting it into running water.


Pagan Portals – Hoodoo: Folk Magic (p. 20)
Rachel Patterson(2013-08-30).
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Get a white candle — either a plain one (offertory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the gender of the person you want to bless. Carve the person’s full name on the candle, then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil. For more power, you may place a name-paper of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the saucer.


Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings. As you light it each day, say this



[Name], May you be blessed

May all good things come to you

May nothing whatsoever harm you

May your heart be light

May your travels be safe

May your health be good

May your mind be sound

May your friendships sustain you

May you be blessed in every way



* If you have a special request for this person (such as that they find a lover, get a good job, come home safely from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.


Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going for longer than seven days. They may make a habit of burning such a candle every day — or once a week, on Sundays — for as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing so for months at a time. If the candle is large and it is to be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you can drop a tiny bit of oil into the “well” or hole in such a large candle just before lighting it each time.

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Protection Candle Spell

Protection Candle Spell


Encircle a red candle with any protection herb and light the wick. Sit and gaze at the fiery power of the light that shall protect you from harm. When you are ready, you may say this, or another verse:

“For thine protection, I now pray,
Let all evil turn away.
Protect me night,
Protect me day,
And keep misfortune well at bay.”
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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for July 4th – Quick Decision Candle Spell

Quick Decision Candle Spell


For this spell you will need the following items:

1 Red Glass

7 -day Novena Candle

3 Pennies

3 pieces of candy

3 Cigars with 3 Wooden Matches

Small bottle of Rum

Petition written on paper


Clean the candle with saltwater and let dry. Write on the petition paper the issue about which you need to make a decision. Take all items to a crossroads. Lay down the petition paper, covering it with the pennies and candy. Place the candle in center of petition paper or document. Arrange the cigars at the 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions, with the candle being in the center of this cross configuration. Place the unlit wooden matches at the 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 10 o’clock positions.

Next, open bottle of rum and take small swig, swishing it around in your mouth. Spray it out over the paper, candle and everything. Place the remaining rum in bottle down next to candle. Light candle and walk away.

Do not turn to look back at what you have left. Return home a different route than the one you traveled to get to the crossroads. f there is no change in your situation within three days, repeat offering until decision is made or change has occurred.

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