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Basic Candle Rules to Follow…

Basic Candle Rules to Follow…


Always smother a flame that is to be extinguished before the candle is completed its burning. Never blow out a flame. This is considered extremely rude to the fire elements.

Always try to light a candle from the flame of a perpetually burning sourse.

If this is not possible, use a lighter, but never a match! Phosphorous and sulfur are used in destructive, negative magik and can greatly influence your candle Spellcasting.

Always use a new, fresh candle when starting a new rite or spell. An old or broken candle will not hold the energy of a new candle. A candle that has been used before has already been energized and dedicated to a task or affermation.

If a candle goes out on its own–do not relight it. Either your magic is concluded or your spell was done improperly and you need to begin again.

Remember to keep yourself, your belongings and your surroundings safe and protected from fire hazard when working candle magick. This is why it is so important to have an Altar-so you don’t burn the house down!

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Your Astral Candle Colour Chart

Your Astral Candle Colour Chart


Sign/Primary Colour/Secondary Colour




Taurus/ red/yellow









Once the basic candle is done you can add to it. You can make yourself an astral candle for example, for a money spell, and add green drips and dollar signs on top of your basic astral colours. Or any colours and signs appropriate to the spell you are doing. You should burn it for at least 15 minutes to be effective for spellwork.

Astral candles can be used for many rituals until they are all burned. They should never be discarded, but either stored safely, or allowed to burn out after the last use.



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What Is An Astral Candle & How To Make One

Astral Candle

An astral candle is used in our tradition to represent a person, generally yourself, on the altar. It is used at Esbats to link your subconscious to the group’s subconscious. Because the altar represents the subconscious mind, when you are doing work alone, the altar is your subconscious representation. But in a group, it represents the group mind, and so to link ourselves to that group mind, we light our astral candle and place it on the altar. It also signifies that we are here of our own free will, and we intend to fully participate in the coming ritual


How To Make An Astral Candle for Your Altar

Referring to the table below, you will use a larger candle for the primary colour as your base, and a smaller candle for the secondary colour. You will carve your name, birthdate, symbol or sigil on the larger candle. You can use a “sacred toothpick” or your Athame, or your Boline, whatever your tradition or your own personal preferences dictate. You can carve into this candle whatever you use to symbolically represent yourself; whether that be your craft name, or some glyph or sigil. You can put your astrological sign on there also.

Now, use the smaller candle to drip onto the larger one. This is best done over a paper towel, as it gets a bit messy. You can drip in any patterns that please you, spirals, stripes, dots, whatever. When covered to your satisfaction – add breath to your candle by blowing on it. This joins your essence, your breath, to the candle. Hold the candle with your pinky’s together, palms out, with the candle resting on your pinky fingers, and the wick up. Start from the base to the wick, blowing up. Turn the candle 1/3 around, and blow from base to wick up again. Turn the candle once more 1/3 turn, and blow again up from base to wick. (3 turns, 3 breaths)

Dressing – anoint with your zodiacal oil by putting oil onto palms and rubbing them vigorously together. Then starting from middle to wick, rub palms on candle up 3 times. Now turn the candle around, so that the base is at the top, and dress from middle to base 3 times. Turn the candle again so that the wick is at the top and then dress from base to wick 3 times. It is not necessary to put more oil on your hands to do this, one application will be enough oil.

Protect this candle because it now has a psychic link to you.






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A Brief History of Candle Spells

A Brief History of Candle Spells

Coloured candles can be excellent magical tools, however, candle magic in its current form is a relatively modern addition to Witchcraft spell weaving.

Coloured candles, as we know them today have only been common for the past 30 years. Prior to this, most candles available were of the utilitarian white variety. The dyes used to colour wax must be oil soluble and are therefore only available from limited sources:

1) Plant based colorants were rare until recently, and were only capable of colouring wax to the warmer hues of the spectrum. (Red, orange & yellow) They generally cannot create green, blue or purple. This, at least shows us that no Witches in the Middle Ages were using purple candles to increase their psychic perceptions or blue ones to heighten the spiritual and protective energies of their homes.

2) Pigment dyes were another limited source of colorant. They are extremely finely ground minerals, so finely ground that it was not possible with the technology that preceded the early 19th century to utilize them as colorants. For example: Although copper carbonate was available, the ability to grind it finely enough to remain suspended in wax as a (blue-green) colorant was impossible before the early 1800′s.

3) Aniline dyes were obviously not available until quite recently. Derived from coal and oil, they have only been available since the late 19th century.

Before the 16th century, candles were made of animal fat (tallow) or sometimes ‘lamps’ containing oil with a fibre of some sort as a wick. They often smoked, sputtered and smelled. Only the elite (which it is unlikely the village Witch was generally a part of) could afford the more rare and costly beeswax candles. (Harvesting beeswax sacrifices a great deal of honey production, therefore it is unlikely that they ‘made their own’) Stearin, the chemical compound that most modern candles are made of was originally produced in the early 19th century, and candles in general have only become widely available since the 1960′s.

So what is all this getting to you ask? What is the point? Well, if you pick up a book that claims Egyptians used lapis blue coloured tapered candles to contact spirits and the Celts used silver and gold votive candles to represent the Goddess and God, put it down. Books filled with this type of misinformation are out there! They may contain original and creative ideas for the use of candles and colours, but if they claim that these are “ancient” or even “traditional” Witchcraft techniques, they are most likely fakes.





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Seance Protection Candle Spell

Seance Protection Candle Spell

This candle provides protection during seance proceedings:

1. Slice the top off a small white votive candle.

2. Carve the bottom of the candle so that the wick is exposed and maybe lit.

3. Fill a glass half full of spring water.

4. Place a saucer on top and quickly flip it over so that the glass rests on the saucer but no water is spilled. This is easier done with practice.

5. Place this on the floor behind the door.

6. Place the reversed candle on top of the glass and light it.


*Spell removed from old Yuku group. If author is known, please contact us. We will then give credit where credit is due.*

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Crystal Healing Spell ~ Simple

Crystal Healing Spell ~ Simple

You Will Need:

3 candles- 2 light blue & 1 white

Allspice & Rosemary (equal parts each) or a Healing type incense

photo or paper with name of recipient

a small quartz crystal

The Spell:

Place the candles on your altar or workspace in a semi-circle with the white candle between the two blue ones. Place your incense burner above the white candle. Place the person’s name in the centre of the layout, with the quartz crystal on top.

Light the incense then the candles. Centre yourself and inhale the incense as you think of all ill health dispelling from the person and instead being replaced by healing energy, much as the air is filled with the smoke of the incense.

Gather your healing energy and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal and to the recipient who’s name or photo is beneath it.

Give the recipient the crystal to carry as a charm for continued good health.

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Candle Healing Spell

Candle Healing Spell

You Will Need:

1 blue candle

1 oz. powdered ginger

5 drops eucalyptus oil

The Spell:

Run a hot bath. Add the ginger and the eucalyptus oil.

Light the blue candle and turn out the lights. Enter the bathtub, and soak in the bath water.

Feel the waters cleansing you of the toxins in your body, and say:


“Isis, Goddess who heals all
Release this ____ (cold, flu, etc.) From me make me well again.”


Chant this as you feel the toxins leaving your body.

When you feel slightly shaky (this will happen!), drain the tub and visualize the toxins washing down the drain.

Rinse your body and your tub with cool water, visualizing all of the toxins washing off of your body, and your body becoming free of what you were sick with.

Bring the candle to your room and immediately go to bed, keeping the candle light for a few minutes as you visualize yourself waking up feeling much better.

*Note: If you need to, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad and put it by your pillow. This helps a lot! *

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Candle spell for money

Candle spell for money

The following ingredients are needed:

2 black or orange candles
Anointing Oil

Best Day To Cast:

  Sunday – Thursday or Friday
Use this spell, get more money.

Etch your name and the words money, wealth, riches and any other words of power along the sides of the candles. Oil the candles and light them. Grasp them firmly in your hands until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers. Project  what you want, repeating :


“These candles bring me wealth and richness”

When done, extinguish with a snuffer. Re-light the candles every night until they are completely burned down.

- From – Phantom120

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