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Water Magick – A Rain Brew

Water Magick

A Rain Brew


Fill a bucket, pot, or cauldron with water. Add a few dried and crumbled fern leaves and take it with a brand new broom outside where you wish the rain to fall. With the sweeping end of the broom stir the cauldron deosil, gently increasing the speed until you are thrashing the water wildly and the broom’s handle seems almost to spin of its own volition . As you do this visualize the rainstorm in all of its wild splendor, the rain landing with thuds on the dry, cracked ground; sending up clouds of dust ; the wind shipping the tree and your own clothing; the small thunder, the awesome power of nature pouring forth all of her wrath into a tremendous outburst.

Now you can vividly imagine the rain slamming down on you and the wind thrashing, lift the broom’s wetted end up to the sky and shake it with all of your might. Dip it back into the cauldron and repeat the process, still visualizing the storm playing out all its forces around you.

Throw the broom down. Lift the container and hurl its contents upwards.

Be Prepared!



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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Making Infusions


Infusions are a very simple and popular way of using herbs, infusions may be taken as remedies for specific ailments or just be enjoyed as relaxing or revitalizing teas. An infusion is made in a very similar way to tea, using fresh or dried herbs. The water should just have begun to boil, since vigorously boiling water disperses valuable volatile oils in the steam. Infusions can be made from a single herb or from a combination of herbs, and may be drunk hot or cold. It is best to make them fresh each day.

Parts Used: Leaves, flowers, and most aerial parts (dried or fresh)

Standard Quantity: For most medicinal teas with a therapeutic action, add 25g dried or 75g (for best results use a kitchen scale to weigh the herbs) fresh herb to 500 ml (approx. 2 cups) water to make 3 doses. If using a combination of herbs, be sure that the total weight does not exceed the standard quantity.

Standard Dosage: Take a teacup or wineglass (approx. 2/3 cup) dose 3 times daily. Repeat doses may be reheated if desired. Add a little honey or unrefined sugar per dose to taste. Reduce the dose for children or the elderly.

  1. Warm a teapot with hot water. Add the fresh or dried herb.
  2. Pour on hot water that has just boiled. Cover the teapot with the lid and infuse for 10 minutes.
  3. Strain the infusion through a tea strainer.
  4. Take a dose, adding honey or a little unrefined sugar to taste. Strain the rest into a jug, cover and store in the refrigerator.


Joelle’s Sacred Grove

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Magickal Goody for July 19 is Clairvoyance Brew

Magickal Goody for Today

Clairvoyance Brew

3 parts Rose petals

1 part Cinnamon

1 part Nutmeg

1 part Bay

1 part Mugwort


Place in teapot, fill with boiling water, let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Remove cover, sniff steam (not so that you burn your nose) for a few moments, visualize the mystic scent opening your psychic awareness, then lie down and prophesize. If you wish, drink a bit of the brew as well, and let the steam continue to rise as you stretch your psychic awareness.

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Magickal Goody for July 14th is Arthritis Tea

Magickal Goody of the Day

Arthritis Tea

Alder buckthorn bark
American angelica root
Black cohosh
Fragrant valerian root
Yellow gentian root

Mix in equal parts.
Steep 1 heaping tsp. in 1 cup boiling water until lukewarm.
Take 3 cups a day, 1/2 cup at a time.

My Favorite Pagan Author: Crick
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Into a cauldron of boiling water, add a handful each of 3 herbs(shredded) that have long been associated with the arts of divination and prophecy.

  • laurel leaves

  • cinquefoil

  • mugwort

Cover with a lid, and boil for 13 minutes.

Lift the lid of the cauldron and deeply inhale the vapors of the bubbling brew 3 times.

Take a normal breath of air, and then once again deeply inhale the vapors 3 times.

Repeat this for 3 minutes, and if you have allowed yourself to properly enter a psychic state, you may begin to receive prophetic visions, either in the form of pictures or symbols, or perhaps in a combination of the two.

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Relaxing Spirit Tea

Relaxing Spirit Tea

1 cup dried rosemary
1 cup dried lavender flowers 1 cup dried sprearmint leaves
1/2 cup dried chamomile
1/4-1/2 cup dried cloves

Blend all herbs thoroughly.
One tsp herbs makes 1 cup tea.
Steep about 5 minutes.

For a special treat: Place a handful of this mixture in a muslin bag and add to bath for a soothing treat.

Author Unknown

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Love Tea


You will need:

2 teaspoons of black tea

1 pinch of rosemary

2 teaspoons of black tea

5 pinches thyme

5 fresh mint leaves

6 fresh rose petals

1 Cinnamon stick

5 pinches nutmeg

6 lemon leaves

3 cups pure spring water




Add all the ingredients to a cauldron/ saucepan and bring to the boil.

Before drinking the tea recite the following:

I have brewed this tea,

In the hope that my love

will desire me.


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Life As The Witch – The Perfect Brew


As most of you will start of using herbal remedies in the form of herbal tea I thought I would write directions for what I consider the perfect pot of tea. Warm your teapot or cup – this maintains the temperature once you add the water. It makes a lot of difference for very little effort. I like using glass or pottery. Of course you can dig out the good china too. If,using metal, there are some great cast iron pots or stainless steel pots when making decoctions.

Do not over boil the water – it drains the water of oxygen. Water temperature: Use water just below boiling point – as low as 70C is perfect for fine aerial parts of the plant. If you are using a kettle, the water is ideal when it starts to make a “rumbling” sound.

Brewing time – adjust your brewing time depending on what herb you are using. Some teas can become quite bitter if left to infuse too long. Others can withstand a number of brews. As a rule of thumb use a standard of 10 – 15 minutes to infuse your herbs. You need enough time to release the active ingredients but not so much to make it too strong and unpleasant.

Sweetening herbal tea – if you like a sweeter tea you can certainly use some honey to improve the flavour. I personally use a bit of sugar as honey adds another flavour dimension which may not always be what you want. However, I would not recommend adding milk.

If you are planning to use herbs to make your own remedies at home then you will likely encounter the process of both infusions and decoctions. Infusions and decoctions are time honoured methods of delivering the health benefits of herbs.





Making Herbal Remedies (Herbology At Home) (p. 23)

Author:Bialas, Anke (2010-03-11)..

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