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The Witches Spell for May 20th – Spell To Learn Your Life Lessons

Spell To Learn Your Life Lessons

To ensure you learn the lessons the universe is sending you

Optional extras: Yellow candle; a book or books that represent learning to you; pen; paper; bowl of water or scrying mirror

Notes: This spell is for those times when you have the feeling the universe is trying to teach you something, but you’re just not getting the lesson. (Especially if you have gotten the same basic lesson over and over again!) It’s also good for times of difficulty if you think there is supposed to be a lesson but can’t figure out what it is.

Light the candle and place it behind the bowl of water or mirror. Sit in silence for a while, then say the spell. Then sit in silence again, looking into the water or the mirror, letting your mind wander. If some thoughts come to you, even if they don’t make sense, write them down on the paper. If necessary, put the slip of paper under your pillow or on your altar, and see if the answer comes to you later.


Live and learn, learn to live

I strive to get what life can give

Send to me the lessons true

And help me know just what to do

Amid the mess and chaos fierce

Shine a light to darkness pierce

Show the way to knowledge deep

Which to let go and which to keep

Clear the way so I might heed

The lessons that I truly need

Show me what I need to learn

As life’s pages I do turn.

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Listen and Open Up Spell

Listen and Open Up Spell

A Spell to help someone listen and open up to you.

If ever there is a time that you need someone else to hear what you are saying, try this simple spell. Position yourself so that you are sitting lower than the person you wish to speak with. Visualize a wall between the two of you, a wall that is made of collapsible material. Imagine a sharp object, such as a sword, in your hand and something such as a shield in his/her hand. “Put” your sword down and watch the wall crumble away. In you mind, ask the person to set aside their shield as well. Ask the person to speak what is on their mind. Allow them to talk as long as they need to while you only listen. Their defenses will slowly melt and they will become more open to hearing what you have to say.

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Unblocking Blast

  1. Place  an incense burner filled with frankincense under a straight back chair. Light it.

  2. Sit on the chair, ideally in the nude.

  3. Wrap a plain white sheet around yourself, just under your chin. The chair will be covered up as will you, except for your head. Be vigilant for fire safety.

  4. Sit for between five and fifteen minutes, focusing on the smoke driving your bad luck away.

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Unblock a Situation Spell

  1. Charge a peridot, sardonyx or quartz crystal.

  2. Place it on an altar.

  3. Focus your desires on the stone.

  4. Carry it with you in a lucky charm bag.

  5. Recharge it periodically on your altar.

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Yemaya’s Unblocking Spell (2)

If you can’t swim or are afraid of water, you may still petition Yemaya.

  1. Sit down in the sand at the waterline.

  2. As the waves come in, greet them with your hands, gather up the water from the waves, and toss some over your head, some over your body.

  3. Throw seven white roses to Yemaya.

  4. Come out of the water without turning your back to the ocean. Let the candles burn out.

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Yemaya’s Unblocking Spell (1)

Life is filled with obstacles and unhappiness. However Yemaya is the all-powerful mother of all, who desires happiness for her children and will do whatever she can to obtain it for them. To obtain joy and smooth sailing:

  1. Go to the beach.

  2. Dig a small pit in the sand.

  3. Light white and/or blue candles. Make your petition.

  4. Enter the water. Greet Yemaya in her guise as mermaid or as a beautiful woman rising up from the sea. Offer her seven white roses.

  5. Immerse yourself completely seven times.

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Road Opener Hecate

Hecate  presides over three-way crossroads. Hecate truly controls all roads:  not only does she control avenues of opportunity, she also guards the frontier between the realms of the living and the dead, and the various planes perceptible only with psychic vision.

Hecate’s color is black. She only accepts petitions after dark, the only illumination permitted being torchlight. The last day of every month belongs to her, as do the days of the Dark Moon. These are the best times to request her favor.

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Larch Unblocking Spell

Larch, a unique evergreen in that it sheds its needles, is the tree of New Beginnings. Burn larch woodchips, resin and/or needles to liberate blocked energy.

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