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The Witches Magick for Thursday, July 17 – Truth Serum

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Truth Serum


Perhaps something’s fishy and you suspect your lover isn’t telling you the truth. This spell lets you see through the smokescreen and get to the heart of the matter. Instead of administering the truth serum to him or her, you drink it yourself to open your second sight. But be sure you really want to know what’s going on before you proceed.







A cup

A dark blue candle

A candleholder

Matches or a lighter

A scrying tool (a reflective surface such as a dark mirror, a crystal ball, a large clear quartz crystal , or a dark bowl filled with water)

When: On the night of the full moon Brew an herb tea from the water, nettle, chamomile, and yarrow, and pour it into a cup. Add a little honey to sweeten it. Sip the tea slowly while you allow your mind to relax and grow receptive.

When you’ve finished the tea, place the candle in its holder and set it on your altar, a table, or other surface so the candle flame will be about at your eye level when you’re sitting down. Light the candle and gaze into its flickering flame for a few moments . Set the scrying tool near the candle, so the light reflects in it.

Think about your lover and the issue about which you have concerns. When you feel ready to learn the truth, look into the scrying tool and behold your lover’s face before you in the reflective surface. Ask him or her whatever you want to know. You might see visions, hear a verbal response, feel a reaction in your body, or merely sense what’s true. Trust your intuition.

Continue scrying for as long as you wish, asking more questions if you desire. When you’ve received all the information you seek or can process at present, extinguish the candle.

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for May 20th – A Spell for Wisdom and Knowledge

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A Spell for Wisdom and Knowledge


Time: best done on a full moon.

Cast a circle your normal way, but with an altar facing to your corresponding direction.
(i.e. October birth=east watchtower) have at hand dragon’s blood, sandalwood and rain mist incense. Burn them as you call upon the Goddess and the God. Explain to them your situation and ask for wisdom, courage, strength, and knowledge to be bestowed upon yourself.

Once you have done this, do a chant of thanks. Thank the Goddess and God for their assistance then close the circle thanking all deities that assisted in your endeavors by making it easier to speak to the Goddess and God. Ensure that you close your circle well.

Sit there and meditate on your request a little longer whilst allowing the incense to burn out naturally. Once this is done thank yourself and the area that was bestowed upon you to allow you to perform such a nurturing ritual.

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WOTC Spell of the Day for Apr. 20 – Learning Your Life Lessons Well

Spell for Learning Your Life Lessons Well

To ensure you learn the lessons the universe is sending you

Optional extras: Yellow candle; a book or books that represent learning to you; pen; paper; bowl of water or scrying mirror

Notes: This spell is for those times when you have the feeling the universe is trying to teach you something, but you’re just not getting the lesson. (Especially if you have gotten the same basic lesson over and over again!) It’s also good for times of difficulty if you think there is supposed to be a lesson but can’t figure out what it is.

Light the candle and place it behind the bowl of water or mirror. Sit in silence for a while, then say the spell. Then sit in silence again, looking into the water or the mirror, letting your mind wander. If some thoughts come to you, even if they don’t make sense, write them down on the paper. If necessary, put the slip of paper under your pillow or on your altar, and see if the answer comes to you later.

Live and learn, learn to live
I strive to get what life can give
Send to me the lessons true
And help me know just what to do


Amid the mess and choas fierce
Shine a light to darkness pierce
Show the way to knowledge deep
Which to let go and which to keep


Clear the way so I might heed
The lessons that I truly need
Show me what I need to learn
As life’s pages I do turn.
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True Will Ritual

True Will Ritual


After doing a strong purification, casting a circle, calling the quarters,
and doing a strong “tree meditation” (as in Starhawk’s Spiral Dance): Visualize the essence of each of the elemental energies within and say affirmations identifying with each of the elements, and with what you affirm:

“I am Earth, I am centered and strong.

I am the vessel through which my True Will manifests.

I am Air, I am focused.
My mind is keen and tuned to reveal my True Will.

I am Fire, I have the power within
to know my True Will and to act upon it.

I am Water, I am sensitive, intuitive, and magickal.
The waters of my inner consciousness are calm, clear and clean.
I am able to see into my depths and to know my True Will.

I am Spirit. I am all that is.
I am Balance and Unity.
I am that from which my True Will comes.”


Consecrate a candle with five elemental tools and do a free form
chant to dedicate the candle to aid in knowing your true will.

Light the candle and place it in front of you.

Gazing at the candle, meditate on the following, one at a time:
Know thyself, areas where your are uncertain of your true will, your commitment to act on your True Will when you know it, and spiritual growth from knowledge of self.

Then chant until you feel unity with the light from the flame

“Candle light, candle glow, inner sight, will to know.”

You should then go into a trance and get direct messages from deep within.

When you have received what you need, tell yourself to remember your insights and take a few deep breaths and return to the circle. Then say something like:

“Though I extinguish this candle flame and end this rite, may I always be aware of the flame of will that burns within me, and may I always act according to my True Will, born of Spirit.

So mote it be”

Snuff the candle.

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T is for a Spell to Determine the Truth




Spell to Determine the Truth

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Egg

1 White Candle


Egg Holder

Divining Oil or Vegetable Oil

Open a fresh egg and dispose of its contents. Do not wash the shell. Place the half shell on or in something to secure it. A soft-boiled egg server is perfect, but anything that will hold the half shell and prevent it from tipping over is fine.

Fill the half shell almost to the brim with rainwater. If you have Divining Oil, place a drop or two in the water now. Do not stir. If you have no Divining Oil, place a drop or two of a natural vegetable oil in the water. Once again??do not stir.

Light a single candle and slowly pass it over the eggshell three times, reciting the following words as you do so:

As of the earth

So let it be

That all that I seek

Be shown to me

Put down the candle. Place the tip of your right index finger into the water in the eggshell. Keeping your right index finger in the water, pick up the shell with your left hand and over a sink or some other suitable place, crush the shell while your finger is still in the water. Dispose of the shell. Extinguish the candle.

For the next twenty-four hours, your right index finger will tingle whenever it is near the truth.

This spell can be repeated as needed.

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To Know The Truth

To Know The Truth 

Take a fresh banana, red ribbon and a piece of parchment, and reflect upon that which you seek the truth about.

Light a white candle, and clear your mind. Then, on the parchment, write that which you want to know. Fold the paper towards you three times. Then, slice the banana open near the middle, and push the paper into it. Tie the ribbon around the banana to seal it up, and make sure to have a longer strand attached, so you can hang the banana. Say out loud:

“The truth will be shown to me, as I will – So mote it be!”

Hang the banana outside, on a tree – or on a nail outside your front door. When the banana has spoiled, you will know the truth in any matter.

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Write the name and full birthdate of your gossiping enemy on a piece of slippery elm bark.
Wrap it in a piece of black cloth and say:
(Name of person) be now silent!
Let your bitter tongue be broken!
(Name of person) be now silent!
Let no evil words be spoken!
Bury the cloth-covered bark in a forest or graveyard at night by the light of a pale
waning moon as you visualize that person unable to speak whenever he or she
attempts to spread malicious gossip about you.

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You will need: A tall, deep-blue candle peony or lavender oil and parchment (or paper)
On a waxing moon, anoint the candle with the fragrance of lavender or peony by the purest moonlight.
By this same moonlight – and this light only – inscribe the name of your lover on parchment.
Still by moonlight, use the name-paper as a taper to light the candle.
Place the candle upon a fireproof surface, away from a window or curtain,
and rest while the candle burns low. As you lay down your head that night, ask that your
love be open and honest of his actions; ask that he leave off flirtation and reveal true feelings
for you if he has them. Before a week has passed you will have a sign of his true regard.

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