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Compose an alter: place a censer in the center before an image of the Goddess.
Have a twelve inch (or so) round mirror there as well.
Ring the alter with nine white candles.
Burn a protective incense (such as sandalwood, frankincense, copal, or rosemary) in the censer. Begin with the candle most directly in front of the Goddess image, saying these or similar words:

Lunar Light Protect Me!

Repeat lighting each candle.
Now say these words holding the mirror and invoking the Goddess in her lunar aspect:

Great Goddess of Lunar Light
and Mistress of the Seas
Great Goddess of the Mystic Night
and of the mysteries;
Within this place of candles bright
and with your mirror nigh;
Protect me with your awesome might
While ill vibrations fly!

Standing before the alter, hold the mirror facing the candles so that it reflects their flames.
Slowly move in a circle keeping the reflection of the candles in the mirror letting the light reflect off your surroundings.
Slowly increase your speed invoking the Goddess as you move faster and faster watch the light as it cleanses removing all negative and energies in your home.
Once finished stand once again infront of the Goddess image and thank her for helping protect you and your belongings.

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With your first and middle fingers trace a pentagram of the object you wish to protect.
Visualize electric blue or purple flames streaming from your fingers to form the pentagram.
Say these word as you trace:

With this pentagram I do lay
Protection here both night and day
And the one who should not touch
Let his fingers burn and twitch
I know invoke the law of three
This is my will; so mote it be!

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Materials :

1 candle to represent your self
4 or more black candles
3 white candles
*The number of candles can be varied
Incense any but preferably the following:
Basil, Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Pine, and/or Sage

The Spell:

One the eve of a full moon gather the materials and inscribe the candles as follows.
The candle representing yourself. Place your name or any symbol that represents you or the person you are doing the spell for.
2 of the black candles with repel
2 of the black candles with adsorb
The 3 white candles with protection
Take your personal candle in your hands and invision yourself. Fill the candle with your energy. Place the candle in a holder in the centre of your work area. Say the following as you light it:

This is me.
Here I stand.

With your candle lit place the three white candles around it in a triangle with the point of it a way from you. Say the following as you light them:

This is the light which will always protect me.
It is the light with in me.
It is the light which flows throughout the universe.
It is the power of protection.

Now close you eyes and invision a bright light building up around you. Fell its warmth and protection. Feel it repelling any negative energy.
Now Place the black candles in a circle around the white. Say the following as you light them:

This is the dark that surrounds the light.
It absorbs that what would cause me harm.
It repels what would cause me harm.
It allows only good to enter in.

Invision a black wall around your white light. See all that you are afraid of being bounced off the wall or neutralized. Focus on this image for five minutes the snuff the candles as you say:

The light remains and protects me from all that is Bane.
So mote it be.

Continue this ritual until you no longer feel the need. You can use the same candles over again.

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Sit or stand before any fire. Look into the flames (or flame, if using a candle). Visualize the fire bathing you with glowing, protective light. The fire creates a
flaming, shimering sphere around you. If you wish, say the following or similar words:

“Craft the spell in the fire;
Craft it well; Weave it higher.
Weave it now of shining flame;
None shall come to hurt or maim.
None shall pass this fiery wall;
None shall pass No, none at all.”

Repeat this simple yet effective ritual every day when in need.

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Make a magickal tea from any of the following herbs and then sprinkle some of it in the corners and doorways of your home to purify, defeat all wicked conjuring, and prevent evil forces from entering:

angelica root
broom tops
curry powder
holy thistle
poke root (which can also be added to your bath or cleaning water)



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The Witches Magick for March 5th – Uncrossing Candle Spell

The Witches Magick for March 5th – Uncrossing Candle Spell

Uncrossing candle spell

Items You Will Need:

White candle (pillar or offertory)

Uncrossing oil

Uncrossing powder

Flame-proof dish or candle holder big enough to hold about a cup of water as well as the candle

Dress the candle with the oil and powder and stand it in the dish. Pour in about a cupful of blessed or spring water. Light the candle and say a blessing, chant or psalm over it; this works best if you say it three, seven or nine times. Let the candle burn out (it will go out once it hits the water level). Bury the candle stub at a crossroads and pour the water out there too, saying out loud a confirmation that you are now free from evil.

You can also use a reversing candle spell to uncross.


Recipe for Uncrossing Oil

Equal Amount of each.
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The Witches Magick for Feb. 12th – A Witch’s Ladder Charm


This charm can be of two varieties. One is a general purpose charm of protection and good luck, the other for a specific purpose.

Supplies needed

For a General Purpose Charm

A length of White Cord,
A length of Red Cord,
A length of Black Cord
Nine Feathers, each of a Different Color
Red for physical vitality,
Blue for mental abilities, peace and protection,
Yellow for cheerfulness and prosperity,
Green for growth and health,
Brown for stability and respect,
Black for mystical wisdom,
Iridescent Black for mystical insight,
Barred Black, Gray or White for balance and harmony,
Feathers with “eyes” such as peacock feathers for protection and inner clairvoyant vision

If it is possible, make the Ladder on the night of a Full Moon. Arrange your alter and cast a circle. Use about a yard of each color yarn. Tie the ends together and braid them together while you say :

Yarn of Red, Black, and White
Work Your magic spell this night.

Repeat this until the braid is finished. Braiding is a magickal act because it makes three strands into one. This represents the three aspects of the Goddess in one. Tie a knot at the end of the braid. Starting at about a foot from the beginning of the braid, tie a feather with a knot around the base and say : (example a green feather)

With this feather and this string
Prosperity this charm will bring

Tie all nine feathers to the cord, spacing them as evenly as possible. Tie the ends of the cord together to form a circle. Pass the finished Ladder above a candle flame then incense smoke. Sprinkle it with consecrated water and say :

In the names of the Goddess and the God
By Air, Earth, Fire and Water
I consecrate this charm
Of feathers nine and cord of three
As I will, so mote it be!

Hang the Ladder where it will not be seen by others but where you will see it every day.

To make a Ladder for a specific purpose, you need three feathers and one length of yarn braided into a cord in the color of your need.

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The Witches Magick for Jan. 27th – The Cauldron & The Knife Protection Spell

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Just before going to bed, fill a cauldron (or iron bucket, bowl or pot) with water and place it inside your house near the front door. Take a very sharp knife or Athame and place it point-down into the water, saying:

“Into the water I place this blade,
To guard against the thief and shade.
May no flesh nor astral shell
Enter this place wherein I dwell”

This is a good protection spell, and can be performed every evening. In the morning, remove and dry the knife, and place it somewhere safe. Then, without touching it, pour the water outside, (or down the drain if necessary) and put the cauldron away. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do this spell if you’re expecting company, as it could be dangerous (and wet).

You can do this at each door if desired, and protects against more than corporeal forms.

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