Protection Spells

Protection Spell


Needed: white candle, protection incense, photo of your loved ones

Light the incense. Place the candle on top of your photo(s) and light it. Envision a protective white light surrounding your loved ones and say:

“O Goddess, protect my loved ones every day, as they sleep and as they play.

Help them to always smile bright, and keep them safe in Your loving light.

Protect them from harm and from all they fear.

For they are the ones that I hold dear.

I thank the Goddess for helping me.

I trust in Her aid So mote it be!”

Let the candle and incense burn down.

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Protection Jar

Protection Jar

This has been handed down to me and has been used many times. The ingredients may be strange but it does work.

Take a clean, empty baby food jar. Fill jar with broken glass, tacks, razor blades, broken mirror pieces and nails.

File the jar half way with urine. Place lid back on and seal with a candle wax (white is best) Bury the jar as close as possible place to your front door. If you are unable to do the front door place by the back door. Bury it deep enough so it won’t resurface anytime soon. They say to replace it once a year but I suggest every 6 months. The legend says the sharp objects will harm the negative energies/spirits sent your way by cutting them up to pieces and the broken mirror reflects the harm being sent to you back to the sender. The urine makes it personal and strictly protects you.

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for December 4th – Spirit Animal Protection Spell

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Spirit Animal Protection Spell


Your beloved watchdog may do his best to guard you, but sometimes a little otherworldly assistance can be advantageous. According to shamanic traditions, spirit animal guardians provide protection and guidance in this world and beyond.Do you feel an affinity with a particular animal?That could be your spirit animal guide or totem.

Ingredients/tools needed:
A black candle
A white candle
Two candleholders
Matches or a lighter
A photo, figurine, painting, or other image of the animal whose help you are soliciting

Best time to perform the spell: Any time

Think about various animals and their distinctive qualities. Bears, for example, are strong and fiercely protective. Foxes are clever, expert at dodging difficulties. Which animal’s characteristics will best serve and guide you now? When you’ve chosen an animal helper, find a photograph, small figurine, or another symbol of that animal.

Collect all the ingredients listed above. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Fit the candles in their holders and set them on your altar (or another surface, such as a tabletop). As you face the altar, the black candle should be at your left and the white one on your right. Light the candles and place the image of the animal between them.

Gaze at the animal image. Sense this animal’s presence near you, not necessarily as a physical creature but as a spirit being who will accompany you wherever and whenever you need him or her. Breathe slowly and deeply, bringing into yourself the qualities you seek from that animal: strength, courage, speed, cunning, and so on. Feel your fear ebbing away. Ask this animal to share any suggestions that might help you. An answer may come in the form of a vision, insight, sensation, sound, scent, or inner knowing.

When you feel ready, extinguish the candles and pick up the image of your animal guardian. Open the circle. Carry the image with you for protection and reassurance.

Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune
Skye Alexander
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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – White Light Safety Spell

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White Light Safety Spell


You’re alone at night in a bad part of town. You’re hiking in the mountains and the trail is more treacherous than you’d expected. It’s time for some on-the-spot magick! This quick and easy spell can be done anywhere, in any situation, to provide instant protection.

Best time to perform the spell: Any time Begin breathing slowly and deeply. If possible, close your eyes.

Imagine you are in the center of a sphere of pure white light that completely encloses you like a cocoon. Envision the light spinning clockwise around you. See the light expanding, providing a thick wall of protection that extends outward from your body in all directions. If you’re in a car, plane, or other vehicle, visualize the white light surrounding the vehicle as well.

Say or think this affirmation: “I am surrounded by divine white light. I am safe and sound, protected at all times and in all situations.” Repeat the affirmation three times. Feel yourself growing calmer and more confident as you place your welfare in the hands of a higher force.



Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune
Skye Alexander

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A Witch’s Jar for Protection

Today is a perfect day to create a Witch’s jar. Classically, a Witch’s jar is a lidded glass jar filled with broken glass, herbs, old nails, pins, thorns, and anything that is sharp and can catch something or prick something. For a modern spin on the Witch jar, I like to use those flat-bottomed glass marbles that are so popular for wedding decorations and in floral design. Check any floral section of the arts and crafts stores for lots of colors and options. (Also, they’re safer to handle than shards of broken glass.) In this case, using the glass marbles reflects negativity all over the surfaces of the colored glass and keeps bouncing around inside of the jar until it gets smaller and smaller and finally dissipates.

1 medium-sized glass jar with lid
1 small bag red or black glass marbles
old iron nails or pins
3-4 holly leaves
3-4 thorns from a red rose
A garlic clove (a Mars herb that will absorb negativity)
A black permanent marker

Wash and dry the jar and the lid; set them aside. Begin by placing the clove of garlic in the bottom of the dry jar. Next, begin layering in some of the glass marbles, a few pins or a nail, a holly leaf, and the rose thorns. Add more marbles, then another nail or pins, the holly leaf, and the thorns. Keep going until you fill up the jar.

When the jar is full, hold your hands over the top of the jar and put some of your own protective energy into it. Visualize your need for protection filling up the jar and empowering all the supplies that are held within. Now screw the lid onto the jar, and draw a pentagram surrounded by a circle on the top of the jar with the black marker.

Now pick up the jar and hold it up to the sunlight. See all the light sparkling through the glass and bouncing around off those colored marbles? Pretty, isn’t it? But in this case, pretty really gets the job done. Now, give the jar a gentle shake to start the magick. Hold the jar in both hands and concentrate on what you are doing. Then, when you are ready, repeat the spell:


Tuesdays are the day for protection and courage
This Witch’s jar will remove any and all worries
Garlic to keep emotional vampires at bay
This jar is a magickal tool working night and day
The thorns and nails catch any evil that may occur
While colored pieces of glass will reflect and scatter
This jar is now sealed with the sound of a Witch’s rhyme
The protective magick begins in this place and time.


Place the jar in the most-used room in your house. Tuck it in a corner, behind the living room couch, or under your desk. Allow the jar to absorb and to break up any negativity or spite coming your way. This spell may be renewed every few months or so by holding up the jar to the light and allowing the sun’s light to burn out any lingering energy. If you wish, you may replace the old garlic clove with a fresh one. Then, please repeat the spell verse jar.



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan
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Tuesday’s Magick – A Bloodstone Protection and Courage Spell

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A Bloodstone Protection and Courage Spell


The bloodstone, when worn or carried, brings courage and eliminates fear and anger. The bloodstone was often used as a talisman for athletes and warriors. When you need a little extra courage and bravery to face challenges and stressful, scary situations, give this practical Witch’s spell a whirl.

For this particular crystal spell, you will need a few supplies: a red spicy-scented votive candle, a votive candle cup, three bloodstones (inexpensive tumbled stones are perfect), a photo of yourself or a small snip of your own hair, a small cast-iron cauldron, and matches or a lighter. Set up on a safe, flat surface.

Place the photo or snip of hair in the bottom of the cauldron. Now place the candle inside of the cup. Set this in the center of the small cauldron, on top of the photo or the hair. (If you are worried about the heat damaging the photo, then set the photo beneath the cauldron.) Next, arrange the three bloodstones around the candle cup. Ground and center yourself. Then, when you are ready, light the candle and repeat the following spell three times:


On this Mars day, there is fiery energy to spare
I call for courage and passion to know, to will, to dare
Three green bloodstones and a burning candle of red
I call for bravery and banish fear and dread.

Focus on the flame for a few moments. Believe in your ability to handle the situation, whatever it may be. Close the spell by saying:


For the good of all, with harm to none
By Mars’ energy, this spell is done.

Let the candle burn until it is consumed. If this is an ongoing problem or conflict, then repeat the spell every day for one week (in other words, from a Tuesday until the following Tuesday). Clean out the votive cup and light a new red votive candle for each day of the spell. When you are finished working this, clean up your setup and put away all of the spell components. If you like, you can carry those tumbled bloodstones with you to help reinforce your convictions.



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan
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Water Magick – Send Back Spell

Water Magick

Send Back Spell


Set up a small round mirror (not your Magic Mirror) so that it is leaning against the wall, or set it in a holder so that the mirror is parallel to the wall. Place before it a black candle in a plain holder. Be sure the candle is reflected in the mirror.

Now place a large white candle away from the mirror so that it isn’t reflected in the mirror and light it. This is done to ensure that the black candle doesn’t attract any evil forces.

Now standing before the mirror and black candle, light the candle and begin chanting:


Nigrum malum redeatis unde uenistis!


Evil darkness, return from whence you came!


Repeat this chant while looking at the candle for a few moments , and then leave the room. After an hour snuff the candle’s flame, then snuff the white candle flame and put it safely out of sight. Repeat this spell for seven nights. This spell sends evil forces directed at you back to the original sender . It is a defensive move only.



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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The Witches Magick for Thursday, October 30 – Rowan Tree Protection Spell

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October 30

Rowan Tree Protection Spell


To keep yourself safe on Halloween from bewitchment, ill wishes, or the evil doings of supernatural beings, cut a branch of the rowan tree that is covered with red berries. With a red thread, attach it to your clothing or hair as you thrice recite the following magickal verse:



The rowan tree has long been regarded as the most magickal of all trees, and its protective powers are legendary. However, if you are unable to find a rowan tree to complete this spell, you can still
protect yourself on Halloween simply by wearing something that is red. According to occult folklore, the color red works exceptionally well in keeping sorcerers and supernaturals at bay.

Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore
Gerina Dunwich

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