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Protection Water and House Blessing

Thought I should give you a little idea of how well this spell/blessing can work. I have been using this for about ten years now. We live next door to a state run boys group home, there are boys there who have gotten out of jail as well as those that just don’t fit in, in regular foster homes. Never once have we had a problem with any of the boys there even when other neighbors do. In fact they don’t even cut across our yard more then once.

Please don’t get me wrong not all the boys have a criminal background and some of those that do are now trying to change their live around for the better. We have had some of the boys help out with yard chores and if it is a boy we feel I can trust we would have them help us again.


What you will need:

24 Ounce glass container with lid of  rain or tap water
Add to it whatever amount feels right to you (nothing in potions is as simple as add 1 teaspoon of this or 1 Tablespoon of that it is all done by what feels right to each person doing it.) You do want MORE Salt the garlic in the mixture
Table Salt-No Iodine if possible
Powered Garlic
Roughly Ground or Broken into small pieces Rosemary
Use your Atheme, Ceremonial Knife, Wand or even a spoon you will use for only for mixing potions and/or herbs to mix the ingredients while reciting this spell:

“I bless this water and all it contains to keep my home and property protected from negative energy and entities, anything that may wish to harm those who dwell here,
Anyone living or dead who may try to do or say something against those that live here.
Keep us safe in all types of storms be it Elemental or man-made, physical, mental or emotional.
Make and keep our home a dry place,
A warm and safe place.
Let all who enter our home be filled with love and light
I ask Archangel Michael to surround our home and property with his protective white light.
These are my words THIS IS MY WILL So mote it be”

Strain the water into a bowl you can easily dip your fingers into.


Using your power hand (the one you write with) dip your fingers into the Protection Water and using the sign of the Pentagram or an even sided cross you sprinkle the Water saying, “EVIL LEAVE DO NOT ENTER.” This is said with convection and in a firm voice. Re-dip fingers as soon as they feel even a little dry.

Starting from the doorway you enter through make the sign of a Pentagram or Cross at each of the four corners of the door frame (I do mine inside as well as outside). You then begin walking clockwise through the house stopping at EVERY corner, window, doorway (whether it is a door or and arch way between two rooms or a closet or even a cabinet door), mirror, TV, cable box, DVD/Blu Ray/VHS player, computer (desk, laptop, tablet, etc), land line, cell phones, faucets, drains, radios, washer and it hoses, dryer and dryer vent, and everything else you may have that is a connection with the outside world and your home.

Next go to the second level of your home (if you have one); starting at the main entrance follow the same procedure to bless that level as you did on the main floor.

After that if you have a basement in your home bless everything that needs to be on that level.

Last place indoors is the attic (if you can get into it) bless everything that needs to be up there. If you can not get to your attic using a spray bottle, spray a little of the blessed water on to the ceiling in each room and the inside top of doorways.

Now go to the outside of the home. Bless the outside of all doors that the house can be entered through by either anyone living or dead or any type of entities; just as you did indoors. Also do a Pentagram or Cross on any door itself by dipping your fingers in the water draw the sign directly on to the door.

Last but not least you do the perimeter of your property. Strain the water into a spray bottle have the water coming out in a straight line rather than a mist, then just keep squeezing the trigger as you walk the out perimeter of your property. Start at the corner of your property closest to the main entrance of your home than walk clockwise and just keep repeating. “Evil leave do not enter”, in a firm, commanding voice until you reach the place you started at. Walk about two more feet back across where you started so the protection circle/square/rectangle is completely closed. If you have a lot of property you will want to walk a perimeter of the land you mow and/or use most often including a house vegetable garden if you grow one away from your normal yard.

Repeat the house blessing yearly both inside and out as many different negative things try to get at us. By doing it this way you can make sure the protection wards for your family are strong and nothing has found a weak spot to cross into your property and/or home.

I have also used this as a body spray if I am going to some place where I may not know people. I mix a batch of protection water with less garlic and salt but the same amount of Rosemary. I mix the water and let it stand for two days then strain it. Do not make a lot of the body spray at once because it only smells nice for about two weeks and then the garlic is too strong.

I also spray this on a stone that I carry in my pocket whenever I go out to keep negativity away from myself. If you use this to empower a stone rinse it with running water every time you come home and say, “Water wash all negativity from this stone.” Place it outside or on a window sill in the Sun to dry. After it is dry re-spray it with the Protection water.

The protection water can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. Or you can freeze it for up to a year. Make sure to strain the herbs out before placing in either fridge or freezer. When I freeze mine I use an ice-cube tray that way I can take out as many cubes to melt as I need the water for.

Copyright 2013 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Spell to Empower Object for Protection

This spell is best done during the Moon’s waxing phase or on the full Moon to get the most Universal energy to help empower it.

This spell can be used on a black stone, a necklace or other jewelry you were all the time.

First cleanse the object of all energy besides your own and the objects internal energy.

Hold object in your power hand or if you are doing it while in a circle place it in the middle of your altar. Use your wand or atheme to direct the power you raise into the object. Repeat spell three or five times. Fill in the blankets with the object you are empowering.

This _____ is now mine,

I will wear (carry) it through out time.

To protect me from things I can see.

To protect me even more from things I can not see.

_____ call to me if I forget to take thee.

So Mote It Be.

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WOTC Extras – A Few Quick and Simple Protection Spells Just for You

A Few Quick and Simple Protection Spells Just for You

Door Guardian: Elegba Head

This stylized head represents the orisha Elegba/ Eleggua and in Voodou Papa Legba, guardian of the gates, who determine who enters and who shall not pass. Papa Legba’s head is formed from concrete, with cowrie shell eyes and ears to keep watch over your property.

Place Elegba’s head behind the door. Feed him rum every Monday. Supplement with candy, cigars, and cigarettes, especially when he’s worked extra hard for you!



Doorstep Spell Floorwash Extra Power

1. Place Red brick dust and cascarilla powder in a bucket

2. Pour boiling salted water over it.

3. When it cools add Indigo Water, Florida Water and some of your own urine.

4. Scrub the steps and threshold area of the front entrance to the home.



Doorstep Spell Rice

1. Fill an open jar with raw white rice.

2. Place the jar by the entrance door for protection.

3. Rice doesn’t repeal evil, it absorbs it. Replace with fresh raw rice weekly.

4. Do not bring the old rice back into your home. Do not cook it . Dispose of it outside the home, whether by burning, throwing away, or scattering on the earth.



Fiery Wall of Protection Spell: Extra-strength Mojo

1. Place a handful of fiery of protection powder in a charm bag.

2. Drizzle it with Fiery wall of protection oil and protection oil.

3. Add a medallion depicting Michael the archangel and/ or a tiny doll-sized sword. A fancy tooth pick works well.

4. Carry it in your right pocket.

5. Replace the powder weekly, dressing it with fresh oil.



Garlic Anti-evil spell

1. Hang a garlic head on doors to repel evil.

2. For maximum power, use either one, four, five or a dozen heads.

3. Should the garlic start to rot or deteriorate, bury or burn outside the house and replace with fresh heads.



Inner Safety spell

Sometimes danger comes from within. If anger and rage threaten to over whelm you. The following may offer safety:

1. Add essential oils of chamomile, spearmint, and lavender to a base of sweet almond oil.

2. Add a few drops of cherry plum flower essence (Bach, healing herb)

3. Massage onto the body, especially the back of the neck, as the need arises.

4. Visualize a gold, yellow or white light of protection surrounding you.



Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies

Alicia (juju j.a.n.e.) Hill


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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – Magic Egyptian Knot Amulet

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Magic Egyptian Knot Amulet

Complete your grounding, centering, and shielding exercises

Gather a length of red string, ribbon, or embroidery floss

1 tbsp sea salt

½ cup water

1 tbsp incense of your choice

1 cup melted candle wax

Cleanse and empower your ingredients

Knot or braid the red string into a bracelet while visualizing your need.

Knot the bracelet seven times. With each knot, say the seven names of the Goddess.








Bless the bracelet with Air by passing it through the Incense three times.

Bless it with Fire by passing it over the Candle three times.

Bless it with Water by sprinkling it with three drops of water

Bless it with Earth by passing it over the salt bowl three times.

Bless it with Life by blowing across it three times.

Tie the bracelet around your wrist with a square knot.


“With this, the Lord and Lady

shall shine light on shadows

cast and keep me from harm’s way,

let this be done!

So mote it be!”

Spell Craft Primer A guide to understanding the basics of spell workings

Laurie Pippen

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for Feb. 17th – Witches Bottle (Protection from all harm)

Dragon Comments & Graphics=


Take a mason jar and put pins, needles, razor blades, cactus spines, rose thorns, broken glass, etc. in it.


Prick your finger and let at least 3 drops of your blood into jar(this binds the jar to you). While making the bottle concentrate your thoughts on what you are doing.


Urinate in the bottle and seal it well. Dig a hole and put it in it and say:


“Lord of Life, Lady of Light – Join me here for this rite
I have made this bottle for my protection
According to ancient ways and tradition.
Direct all harm sent my way – To this grave I make today.
Return it three fold to the send – And let my life ever be better
Open my ears to hear and my eyes to see, As I will, So Mote It Be!”
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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – Dragon Magick for Protection

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

Dragon Magick for Protection

For the Dragon Magic for Protection, you will require one White or Purple candle to represent yourself and one candle for the Earth Dragon. You will need to gently stir to call upon the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon is said to be an awesome power . It is said to be the most powerful and if provoked, it can cause earthquakes and geological plate shifts. You need to stir them with extreme gentleness and remember to treat them with tremendous respect. You wouldn’t want to make them angry.

Cast your magic circle and be seated inside. Chant these spells to gently stir the Earth Dragon:

“… I call to the Lord and

Lady fair

I summon to us the

Element of Air

I stir the Ancients with

knowledge of old

Be here this night our

spirits you hold.

Lord and Lady protect us,

keep us from harm

Air empower us with

communication and charm

Ancient Ones give us

knowledge that lasts

Provide us this in the circle that’s cast.

I call the Lord and Lady to

hear your sons and


I summon to me the

Element of Water

I stir the Ancients with

truth from the past

Be here this night, be here

at last.

Lord and Lady protect us;

keep us close to your side

Water empower us with

emotions of pride

Ancient Ones give us

patience that lasts

Be here this night in the

circle that’s cast.

I call the Lord and Lady

who gave us birth

I summon to me the

Element of Earth

I stir the Ancients to be

here this night

To travel upon their

spiritual light.

Lord and Lady protect us,

surround us with love

Earth empower us as

below so above

Ancient Ones give us

wisdom that lasts

Provide us this in the

circle that’s cast.

I call the Lord and Lady

with loving desire

I summon to me the

Element of Fire I stir the Ancients, the old

ones, the wise

To comfort our fears, our

yearning, our cries.

Lord and Lady protect us

with your strength of


Fire empower us with

passionate feeling

Ancient Ones give us

understandings that last

Provide us this in the

circle that’s cast…”

Once complete , light the Earth Dragon candle and chant the following spells:

“… Earth Dragon strong

and true,

Send to me your magic


Egg of protection we shall


This is my will so mote it


While chanting this spell, envision the energy from the Dragon candle going to the candle that represents you. See the energy around your candle as a green light in the shape of an egg. When this is accomplished, and you truly feel the energy, light your candle from the Dragon’s candle. You shall now be protected by the mighty kind.

You can also snuff out your candle and put it in a safe place ready to be re-used if you need additional protection. Remember not to blow it out. You will need to snuff it out and when you need additional protection, just light up this magically charged candle.

Energy Healing, Herbal Magic & Protection Charms – A Wiccan Practical Guide

Alice F. Audrin

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for January 27th – White Light Safety Spell

Winter Images

White Light Safety Spell

You’re alone at night in a bad part of town. You’re hiking in the mountains and the trail is more treacherous than you’d expected. It’s time for some on-the-spot magick! This quick and easy spell can be done anywhere, in any situation, to provide instant protection.


Best time to perform the spell: Any time


Begin breathing slowly and deeply. If possible, close your eyes. Imagine you are in the center of a sphere of pure white light that completely encloses you like a cocoon. Envision the light spinning clockwise around you. See the light expanding, providing a thick wall of protection that extends outward from your body in all directions. If you’re in a car, plane, or other vehicle, visualize the white light surrounding the vehicle as well.


Say or think this affirmation: “I am surrounded by divine white light. I am safe and sound, protected at all times and in all situations.” Repeat the affirmation three times. Feel yourself growing calmer and more confident as you place your welfare in the hands of a higher force.




Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune

Skye Alexander

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A Spell to Cast When You Feel Threatened

A Spell to Cast When You Feel Threatened

We all go through times when we feel that we are under threat, perhaps at work when schedules are tight and tempers are about to snap. Or maybe in the home when tensions are making themselves felt, creating a chill in the air. This spell, which calls for excellent visualization skills, protects you by forming a crystal shell around you, protecting you from
the bad vibrations of ill temper.
You will need:
A clear crystal of quartz or any favourite one that is full of clear
Place the crystal on a table where it will catch the sunshine. Sit at the table and breathe in deeply through the nose. Hold the breath for a moment or two before exhaling through the mouth. Repeat this several times, absorbing the light cast by the crystal as you inhale and exhaling any negative feelings, doubts and darkness.
After a minute or two, stand and begin visualizing a ring of crystal rising around you, from your feet upwards, getting higher and higher with each breath you take.
When the crystal ring is above head height, see it close over you, forming any shape in which you feel comfortable to be enclosed – a pyramid perhaps, or maybe a dome. Still breathing deeply, feel the crystal form a floor beneath your feet. Stretch your arms and feel your fingers touch the sides. Look upwards and see the dome or pyramid point. If you can, see yourself from outside the protective crystal in which you have surrounded yourself.
Now say:
Within this crystal, I am safe from negative thought,
And will be so, whenever I return to it.
And let it be done, that it harm no one
When you feel it is right to do so, return to normal breathing and see the crystal open to allow you to step outside it, safe in the knowledge that you can return to it whenever you need to.
Those who have used this spell find that keeping a crystal in the house, office, or wherever else they think they may need protection from negativity strengthens the spell’s potency.
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