Protection Spells

A Protective and Purifying Spell

A Protective and Purifying Spell


It can be used on you or a room. Use it while having your hands in clean water and imagine blue light entering you or the room.


“Pure of water, pure of heart.
Evil influence begin to part.
Protective shield of water rise.
All evil that enters meets its demise
Good intentions, pure and bright,
Protect and serve me, cast your light!”
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A Spell to Warn Against Negativity

A Spell to Warn Against Negativity

You will need a stone, ring, necklace….something you keep on you at all times. This spell will not protect you from evil, but instead will warn you when it is near.

Hold the item in your hand, tight! Charge it with your energy and the power of white, while chanting:

“Depressed souls, evil beings. Who live to grieve, who take all bad and rids the good, who tastes wrong. Let it be known, to know negative, when around you heat. Heat, not burn…So, the holder will be warned.”

Chant this as many times as you wish. When evil and negativity is near…your object will become hot and itchy.

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Salt and Black Pepper Floor Wash for Protection (Voodoo)

Salt and Black Pepper Floor Wash for Protection


To give natural protection against anything evil and to protect against evil works done to you, mix salt and black pepper in a bucket of water and scrub your home from the inside out every morning before sunrise.

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Red Brick Dust (Voodoo)

Red Brick Dust


To keep negativity from entering your home take an old red brick and pound it into dust. Take the dust and pour it across your doorway

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Create a Spiritual Barrier (Voodoo)

Create a Spiritual Barrier


To make a spiritual barrier between you and evil influences, make spiritual protection magic oil that contains the following:

• Angelica essential oil

• Rosemary essential oil

• Bay leaves

• Piece of mandrake root

Add to a base of almond oil. Anoint entryways, windowsills, and doorknobs to your home and workplace to keep out negative influences.

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Protection Binding Spell

Protection Binding Spell


If you feel that a specific person is out to do you or others harm, this simple spell should stop them in their tracks.


Items needed: Photograph of the person to be bound, one black candle, one 9” piece of black cord, and a box filled with dirt.


On the night of the waning moon, collect all the required items. Place them on your altar. At the stroke of midnight begin the spell.


Light the candle and visualize the subject of your spell as you chant:


Black as night and this dark hour
I have the right, I have the power.


Pick up the black cord and tie nine evenly spaced knots in it as you chant:


I bind thee from doing harm,
Your evil now I disarm.
Bound by knot and cord you remain
Until from harm you shall refrain.


Tie the knotted cord around the photo. Place the bound picture in the box and cover it with the dirt. Extinguish the black candle. Bury the box in a safe place. When the individual whose image is resting in the box stops hurting you and others, you may safely take them out of the box and unbind them.

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WOTC Extra – Dragon Magick for Protection

Witchy Comments
Dragon Magick for Protection


For the Dragon Magick for Protection, you will require:

1 White or Purple Candle to represent yourself

One Candle for the Earth Dragon.

You will need to gently stir to call upon the Earth Dragon.
The Earth Dragon is said to be an awesome power. It is said to be the most powerful and if provoked, it can cause earthquakes and geological plate shifts. You need to stir them with extreme gentleness and remember to treat them with tremendous respect. You wouldn’t want to make them angry.


Cast your magick circle and be seated inside. Chant these spells to gently stir the Earth Dragon:


“… I call to the Lord and Lady fair

I summon to us the Element of Air

I stir the Ancients with knowledge of old

Be here this night our spirits you hold.

Lord and Lady protect us, keep us from


Air empower us with communication and


Ancient Ones give us knowledge that lasts

Provide us this in the circle that’s cast.

I call the Lord and Lady to hear your sons

and daughters

I summon to me the Element of Water

I stir the Ancients with truth from the past

Be here this night, be here at last.

Lord and Lady protect us; keep us close to

your side

Water empower us with emotions of pride

I call the Lord and Lady who gave us birth

I summon to me the Element of Earth

I stir the Ancients to be here this night

To travel upon their spiritual light.

Lord and Lady protect us, surround us

with love

Earth empower us as below so above

Ancient Ones give us wisdom that lasts

Provide us this in the circle that’s cast.

I call the Lord and Lady with loving desire

I summon to me the Element of Fire

I stir the Ancients, the old ones, the wise

To comfort our fears, our yearning, our


Lord and Lady protect us with your

strength of healing

Fire empower us with passionate feeling

Ancient Ones give us understandings that


Provide us this in the circle that’s cast….”


Once complete, light the Earth Dragon candle and chant the following spells:


“….Earth Dragon strong and true,

Send to me your magick new.

Egg of protection we shall see,

This is my will so mote it be….”


While chanting this spell, envision the energy from the Dragon candle going to the candle that represents you. See the energy around your candle as a green light in the shape of an egg. When this is accomplished, and you truly feel the energy, light your candle from the Dragon’s candle. You shall now be protected by the mighty kind.


You can also snuff out your candle and put it in a safe place ready to be re-used if you need additional protection. Remember not to blow it out. You will need to snuff it out and when you need additional protection, just light up this magically charged candle.

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The Witches Spell for Wednesday, May 21 – Protection Oil Spell

Witchy Comments
Protection Oil Spell


To make the protection oil, you will need:

1/8 cup of Jojoba or Almond Oil

5 drops of Black Pepper Oil

4 drops of Pettigrain Oil

1 drop of Clove Oil.

Mix them together properly to make your magical protection oil.

Envision in your mind the protection and charge them by visualizing your energy leaving your body and infusing the oil. Now while performing this, chant the following spell to enhance the magic.

I stand here in your guardian light,
Empower this oil with your might.
Protection from harm is what I ask,
Please accept this as your task.

Once the charging is complete daub yourself with this protection oil and with a small amount of oil, draw a pentagram on your forehead; careful with your eyes. Now you shall be protected.


Energy Healing, Herbal Magic & Protection Charms – A Wiccan Practical Guide

Alice F. Audrin

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