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Lady A’s Magick Spell for Friday, September 12 – Warding Off the Evil Eye/Blocking Black Magick

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Lady A’s Magick Spell for Friday, September 12 

Warding off the Evil Eye/Blocking Black Magick


Items You Will Need:

  • rosemary

  • lavender
  • black pepper
  • cinnamon
  • ginger root
  • 6 white candles
  • one black candle.

    This spell should be cast during a new moon phase.

  • First cast a magical circle (hail to the guardians)
    Next face the north and sit and meditate

  • Get up and light your candles clockwise all except for the black. Then when you have lighted your white candles, use a white candle to light the black candle. Then light the mixture of herbs and spices.

  • Say:

    “Whatever evil comes to me here
    I cast you back, I have no fear
    With the speed of wind and the dark of night
    May all of your harboring take flight
    With the swiftness of the sea
    And all the power found in me
    As I will so mote it be.”

    Then in a loud voice say ”I cast you out”
    and blow out the black candle as hard as you can. Let the mixture burn, then draw an eye on the candle and wrap it in a white cloth and bury it in your back yard.

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The Witches Spell for Thursday, September 4 – Spell for Protection

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Spell for Protection

The following spell may be performed at any time you feel the need for extra protection. First of all, gather together the following:

1 white candle

Implement for inscribing a candle

Protection oil (such as Lotus, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Rose Geranium)


Candle holder

4 obsidian arrowheads (obsidian, onyx, or apache tears stones may be substituted if you do not have the arrowheads).

Also, gather together any ritual items you feel necessary. Next, cast your circle. In the center of your circle, facing north, take the obsidian arrowheads (or stones) into your hand. Charge them with protective powers and place them around the candle holder, one in the North, one in the East, one in the South, and one in the West. Next, take the candle and inscribe a pentagram on it (which is among other things a symbol for protection), along with your name, or the name of the person you wish protection for. Now anoint the candle with your oil, while concentrating strongly on your need for protection. Know that you are divinely protected, a child of the Goddess and God. See and feel yourself being completely safe and secure, protected in your home, car, workplace, etc. Continue to charge your candle and visualize until you feel the candle literally bursting with energy. Now set the candle in the candle holder and light it. You may wish to continue the visualization, or use whatever techniques you wish to send the energy out from you. When you are ready, close the circle and allow the candle to burn down completely. It is finished. So Mote it Be!!!



I Put A Spell On You (Wicked or not so Wicked Spells)

Mary Moeller

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It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for 3 days.

The following ingredients are needed:

Love or protection incense


It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for 3 days. If you must put away your tools, try to leave the spell candle out in the open. Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may be using in addition to your spells candle. (Black) Love or protection incense is recommended. While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of the work. Bathe or cleanse your self. Do not let negative thought enter your mind. Go your work area. Cast the Circle, light incense. Envision a large, white ball of light surrounding you, your work area, and your home. Hold the candle between the palms of your hand and direct all positive energy into it. Place the candle and prior to lighting say, “This candle represents protection over me in all things.” Light the candle and say, “As the light of this flame grows, I feel the light and positive energy around me. As this candle burns, everything around me is blessed with light and love. I am blessed with light and love. Negative energy is banished.” Sit back and watch the candle burn. Keep visualizing the white ball of light and protection around you.. Evision your higher self blessing you and protecting you from harm. When the candle has burned 1/3 of the way down say, “As the flame of the candle is extinguished… Evil, negativity, and harm towards me is banished! Any entity, ghost or spirit her by mistake go into the light and pass on to the world of spirit, be not afraid as many wait for you there who you have loved and who love you. Extinguish the candle. But don’t blow it out! Repeat this for 2 more nights. Bury or throw away the left over wax.

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The following ingredients are needed
red candle
black candle
white candle
elder blossoms

The night before the Full Moon, find a place where your altar will not be disturbed for 24 hours. Put the cauldron in the center with a red candle on the right side, black candle of the left side, and white candle in the back; but do not light them yet. Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of elder blossoms, marjoram, mint and rue in an unbroken circle around the cauldron. Into a tiny vial, measure equal drops of clove, frankincense, jasmine, and lavender. Set the sealed bottle in the cauldron and leave until the night of the Full Moon. On Full Moon night, take a cleansing bathe and robe yourself in white. Carry a good protective or purification incense through every room in the house. Make certain that the smoke drifts into closets. Return to the altar and light the candles. Take up the dagger or sword. Face the East and raise the sword in salute. To salute in this manner, simply hold the sword point upward in front of you. Say: By the power of the rising sun, all evil in my life is done. Turn to the South, salute, say: By the power of darkening night, my shield is strong, my armor tight. Turn to the North, salute, say: By Full Moon in blackening sky, I am not alone. My help is nigh. The Goddess’s hands around me stay, To keep me safe by night and day. Begone, foul spirits, unbidden here. I send you back, I do not fear. For I have won. I am set free. You have no further power over me. Face the altar and take up the vial of oil. Put a drop of oil on your finger and anoint your forehead, heart, solar plexus, wrists and ankles. As you do this, visualize a shining blue suit of armor slowly descending over your body until you are entirely protected. Cap the bottle and store in a safe place. Thank the Powers for their help and extinguish the candles. Apply the oil and repeat the chants whenever you feel the armor is slipping.

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Powerful Protection Spell

Powerful Protection Spell

Protect your loved ones. This spell can HELP protect yourself, too.

The following ingredients are needed
Voice or ability to hear your voice in your head.
Candles (Optional)

If you are using candles, place them in a circle around you and recite the following spell. If you are in public, say this in your head.

Protect my family, protect my friends, Protect us all until the end.

This spell should be said as many times as possible.


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Protection from elements

Protection from elements


A handy spell to help protect yourself against the weather

At any time, chant;

So that I may not get ill or into trouble; cover me over with a protective bubble.

(Note: ‘ill’ can be replaced with ‘hurt’ for other forms of protection.)

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Protection from Enemies Mojo Bag

Protection from Enemies Mojo Bag

Red flannel bag
Chunk of Dragon’s blood
Angelica root
Dried Rue

This bag is designed to protect you from enemies or anyone who would do you harm in three ways.  The Dragon’s blood will protect you from any negativity, the Angelica Root is for basic protection, and the Rue will protect you from the Evil Eye.  This bag should be carried and worn very close to the skin.

In addition, you may add some Evil Eye beads, but the herbs should be sufficient on their own.

To fix the bag, breathe onto it.  You may also say a chant or prayer for protection.

Feed the bag with Defense Oil:

1/4 ounce carrier oil
3 drops myrrh
2 drops cypress
1 drop patchouli
Mint leaf

Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne
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Mojo Bag for Protection

Mojo Bag for Protection

Red flannel bag
2 small lodestones
2 long nails
Lock of your hair
Pinch of salt

This protection bag should be carried or worn close to the body, preferably touching the skin.  It will protect from injuries, the evil intentions of another person, and bad luck.  To protect an area such as a room, conceal the bag near the entrance to the room and make sure it is completely out of sight. In addition to the items listed, you may add a small Catholic Saint figurine of your choosing if there is a particular Saint you feel an affinity with, or you may choose Saint Benedict for basic protection from evil.

To fix the bag, breathe onto it several times, you may add a personal prayer.


Feed the bag with Defense Oil:

1/4 ounce carrier oil
3 drops myrrh
2 drops cypress
1 drop patchouli Mint leaf
Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne, 
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