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The Witches Magick for Wednesday, January 21 – Spell to Protect One from Spirits or Demons


Spell to Protect One from Spirits or Demons

Cast a circle of salt on the ground and step into it.

“I call upon the knights of
the past, all knights of the
ancient law.
Please hear me dead
knights of the English
Hear me all knights who
were lost in battle, who’s
blades did good.

Hear me all knights of old,
hear me all knights of lost
souls. I invoke thee this
I summon thee to my aid.
Your body is gone now but a
spirit you be.
Hear me dead knights I
invoke thee. By your
blade of the spirit I invoke
you. By all your might I invoke
you. By your spirit I invoke
you. I summon thee and enlist
each of thee.

I invoke all you dead
knights that were lost.
Hear my pleas and fight at
my side. Protect me from
spirits harm. Fight my
battles I say to thee. Hear
me spirits of lost knights,
come to my aid, come to my
side. Protect me from spirits
harm. Protect me from
spirits light. I invoke you. I
invoke you. I invoke you.
Let my army be done.
Let it be
Let it be…

—Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

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Magickal Activity for January 16th, The Day of Concordia


Circle of Friendship Spell

Items needed: One pink candle for each person you wish to befriend; one gold candle to represent yourself; one sprig of rosemary; one sprig of lavender.

Begin by placing each pink candle, evenly spaced, in a circle. In the center of the circle lay the rosemary and lavender sprigs in a cross formation. Place the gold candle next to the center of the cross. Take a few moments to relax. Visualize yourself and your circle of friends having a wonderful time.

Light the gold candle first, and then in a clockwise direction light each of the pink candles. Chant the following once for each friendship candle:

“As the stars above in darkness shine,
With a light that fills the heavens divine.
So bright with radiance our friendships glow,
Outshining the sun and dimming all foes.”

Allow the candles to burn for one hour and then extinguish. Repeat the spell every evening until the candles have burned out. Save the rosemary and lavender. It can be used later for friendship amulets.

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The Witches Magick for January 12, Two Spells for the Price Of One, LOL! – A Protection Spell for your Cat and A Protection Spell for Your Dog


A Protection Spell For Your Cat

Pour a circle of salt and take you cat inside of it. Take some olive oil and draw a circle on the cat’s head then speak these words:

“All powers that be, I ask
That you keep (say the name
of your cat) at home
And safe from his/ her
And all desire to roam
Give him/ her complete
Known to his breed
And see that he/ she is happy
where they will be.


Dog Protection Spell

Draw a circle of salt on the ground and bring your dog into it.

Speak these words in a chant:

Guardians of mine
protect this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
Please defend this house
And all creatures within
Mine and your sacred beast
Is our true loyal friend.
Keep him/ her from harm
As he/ she guards all
And watch over him/her
From below and above.



—Douglas Hensley, (A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes)

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The Witches Magick for Monday, January 11 – Circle of Protection


Circle of Protection

Make a circle of salt. Stand inside the circle with a white candle. Gaze into the flame of the candle.

Concentrate and imagine fire all around you with glowing.

Protective light. Now speak these words in a chant:
“Craft this spell
Into the fire
Craft this spell well
I weave it high
I weave it now
I speak to this simmering flame
None shall ever come
To hurt me or maim
No one shall ever pass
This fiery wall
None shall pass
No one at all!”

Repeat these three times then blow out the candle and step out of the circle of salt.

—Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

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The Witches Magick for the 24th Day of December – Some Folk Magick Protection Spells

Winter Mythologie

Some Folk Magick Protection Spells

Protection Against Evil
Ingredients: Turquoise Stone
Carry with you a small piece of Turquoise stone for constant protection from evil sources.
Ingredients: Tortoise Shell
An unusual spell to help obtain protection from various sources requires you to carry with you a small piece of Tortoise shell.
Protection from Evil
Ingredients: Amber Stone
Another charm to be carried for protection is an Amber stone. You should carry this with you when you are in need of protection from negativity.
Prevent Evil
Ingredients: Basil
One form of preventing evil from arising through a seance or through any other means, is through protecting your home by sprinkling Basil powder around your home. Be sure to include windowsills, and doorways as well as the floors.
Ingredients: Basil Plant / Stems with leaves
Another protection spell calling for basil requires you to place a vase of Basil stems and leaves in the room where you desire the protection.
–Dawn Flowers, The Spell Book of Wiccan Shadows Under the Moon


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The Cauldron and the Knife Spell


Just before going to bed, fill a cauldron (or iron bucket, bowl or pot) with water and place it inside your house near the front door. Take a very sharp knife or Athame and place it point-down into the water, saying:

“Into the water I place this blade,

To guard against the thief and shade.

May no flesh nor astral shell

Enter this place wherein I dwell”

This is a good protection spell, and can be performed every evening. In the morning, remove and dry the knife, and place it somewhere safe. Then, without touching it, pour the water outside, (or down the drain if necessary) and put the cauldron away. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do this spell if you’re expecting company, as it could be dangerous (and wet). You can do this at each door if desired, and protects against more than corporeal forms.

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The Witches Magick for December 8th – Circle of Security

blessed are the witches


Here’s another way to keep your home and everyone in it safe from harm of any kind – acts of nature as well as human menaces.


Small clear quartz crystals

A black cloth

A garden trowel or shovel


Begin on Saturday during the waning moon

Collect the listed ingredients. If you live in a house and have a yard, you’ll need enough crystals to completely circle your house. If you live in an apartment, you’ll need one crystal for each window and each door to the outside. Wash the crystals with mild soap and water, then pat them dry. If you have a large area to cover and a lot of crystals, you might need to continue this spell over a period of days.

Draw or find a picture of a pentagram and lay it on your altar, or another surface. Place the crystals on it and visualize them absorbing the protection represented by the pentagram. Lay the black cloth over the crystals, covering them completely. Allow the crystals to sit overnight.

In the morning, remove the cloth. Pick up the crystals, put them in a bowl or other container, and take them outside. Beginning in the east, bury the crystals in your yard one at a time, making a protective circle that surrounds your home. Position them as close together or as far apart as feels right to you. If you live in an apartment, start at the east and place a crystal on each windowsill (inside) of your living space. Then set a crystal in a safe spot near or above each exterior door. As you work repeat this affirmation aloud:

“Crystals wise, crystals strong

Protect my home all day long.

Crystals clear, crystals bright

Keep it safe throughout the night.”

You may also want to hang a pentagram on each door that leads into your home


–Skye Alexander, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells


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Long Term Protection

Long Term Protection

This form of summoning is closer to permanent as we would perceive it. Yet in this for you must still work with a time frame in mind, however distant it may be. Guardian Dragons may be summoned in this fashion for protection of people places and things needing or deserving long term care (such as children, houses, spouses, etc). Multiple objects can be protected with but a change in grammar, but they must be together for a single dragon to protect (the objects become a mini-horde).:

“Dragon brave and Dragon wise,

let nothing escape your eyes.

I summon your from your hidden lair,

(name object here) is entrusted to your care.

Permit no harm to come to (named object)

within your sight, in your presence let all evils take flight.

No baneful creature born of flesh or spirit,

may touch (name object) nor even come near it.

Let those that would bring harm,

be filled with fright and alarm.”

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