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Moon Power Spell

Moon Power Spell


This spell can be performed indoors as well as outside. It is representational since you use a paper moon or flower. In the incantation the Moon is represented as a white swan. This should be done at the time of the Full Moon and is designed to bring the energy of the Moon within your grasp until the next Full Moon.


Items You Will Need:

A bowl of water

White paper moon or flower


Float the paper moon or flower in the bowl.

  • Raise the bowl towards the Moon in the sky and say:
  • Hail to thee white swan on the river.
  • Present life, tide turner,
  • Moving through the streams of life, all hail.

Mother of old and new days, To you, through you, this night we cling to your aura. Pure reflection, total in belief, touched by your presence, I am in your power and wisdom. Praise your power, your peace, my power, my peace. I am strong. I praise. I bless.


  • Replace the bowl on your altar. Stand for a few moments appreciating the power of the Moon. This spell is purely an incantation to the Moon and is therefore very simple. It needs no other tools or techniques except a physical representation of the Moon. Water is sacred to the Moon and therefore we offer her that which belongs to her.


Author: Angelina_20

Website: SpellsofMagic.com

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The Witches Magick for June 12th – Earth Energy Linking Spell

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 Earth Energy Linking Spell


The earth energy binding spell, will essentially bind your energy to something of the earth. In theory you will have an endless energy supply whenever you’re feeling drained or tired… You should consider connecting to something you like or feel drawn too. For example your favourite tree, favourite plant, favourite outdoor spot to go and relax etc. You will then create a symbol (or one that already exists) that will be the connection point between you and your desired earthly object.



Items You Will Need:



• -knife or carving tool


• -strong will


Find you earthly object and ask it whether or not it is ok to tap into its energy, use your intuition to hear the objects response (this may take meditation) Draw your mark somewhere on your body(suggested where no-one will see it) Carve or Draw the same mark onto your earthly object Meditate; visualizing the connection between yourself and the object growing stronger, see and feel its energy empower you.

Visualize the symbol on both of you, glowing a bright green light, and chant:


I call upon the earthly powers, connect us now and in all hours, I draw my energy from this mighty _____(earthly object here) and connected we shall forever be!


Chant until you feel the connection is done.



You have now connected to the life force of the object, however, this does not allow you live until your earthly object dies, you are just borrowing/sharing the energy it’s emitting. Be warned, the connection will be break and you will no longer have the power that the object possesses if it dies, gets chopped down, poisoned etc. you must tend to your object and keep it safe from harm. If you are feeling drained for any reason, just go and meditate by your earthly object for a while, focusing on your connection.




Author: Veneficium14

Website: SpellsOfMagick.com



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The Witches Magick for May 31st – Stretching Your Energy Field

Stretching Your Energy Field


People who have presence, who have personal power, often have an expanded energy field or aura as well. The energy field, in fact, is what we react to when that person walks into our view. With practice, you can learn to expand your energy field from the usual several inches around your body to several feet. The field is easy to detect through touch. Stand in front of a mirror and open your arms wide, as if you’re about to hug someone. Bring your hands slowly toward your head until you feel a slight resistance. This should happen when your hands are several inches away from your head. When your energy field expands, you’ll feel the resistance farther away from your head.

You can also train yourself to see your energy field. Gaze into a mirror in a twilit room. It’s best if a dim light is at your back. If you wear glasses or contacts, remove them. If you have 20/ 20 vision, gaze at your head in the mirror and let your eyes unfocus, so that your reflection seems hazy. The longer you gaze at your reflection in this way, the more likely you are to see a halo of light surrounding your head. Some people detect colors , others simply see a halo of transparent light. Now think of something that made you exceptionally happy— your marriage, the birth of your child, the purchase of your first home, getting an offer for a great job. Conjure the emotions that you felt during this event or experience. Let the emotion fill you completely . As the emotions suffuse your entire being, your energy field will start to expand, and the halo will balloon.

As you’re feeling your energy field expand, take several deep breaths. Pinch your right nostril shut and breathe in through your left nostril. Hold your breath for a count of ten and exhale through your right nostril. Repeat three times, then switch nostrils. Alternate nostril breathing stimulates both hemispheres of the brain and, as you become accustomed to charging your energy field, the alternate breathing signals your unconscious of your intent.

With practice, you can charge your energy field in ten or fifteen seconds. You can use this technique for just about anything–when you’re hoping to attract love, new job opportunities, or meet new friends. Your body becomes the tool. It can be done anywhere, anytime.


The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need)
Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish
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Full Waxing Moon Spell To Revive Witches Power



At the Full or Waxing moon phase just before midnight anoint a purple candle with real vanilla essential oil or extract. Raise energy by tightening yourself up and pumping your hands, fingers to palms, up and down, and envisioning the moonlight as entering your body and flowing to the candle whilst you anoint it. Do this outside or before a window opened to the moonlight. Place the candle on the ground or windowsill and light it. Say:-

“Fair Selene, Goddess of the Moon, love and light,
I ask you to send me your magickal
powers this moon lit night,
By the power of the myriad starlight above me.
And your moonlit heavens, so shall it be! “

Visualize your outstretched arms as soaking up the moonlight and the moonbeams
being absorbed into you. You will feel the Goddess giving you her awesome power, Snuff, (NEVER blow out) your candle and leave it overnight on your altar or where it is. Either at the sunrise, or just before mid-day. Place the candle in the same place and stand arms outstretched towards the sun soaking up the energy of its heat and sunbeams, Say:

“Great Ra, Lord of the sky and solar power,
Lend your fiery magic to me.
Let this witches powers be reawakened and
be as powerful as the forces of the cool Moon
and burning sun, By soil, wind, flame and sea,
Grant my desire. So mote it be! “

Now your Magickal powers and your desire to use them will have been reawakened.
Take your snuffed out candle to your altar and relight it there to burn out as a mark of respect to the God and Goddess. Spells are far more powerful if you write them yourself.

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A Request to the Lady for Stronger Power Spell



“Lady Moon has spread her fingers of night over my patch of reality,
And she watches me as I stand beneath her encompassing gaze
Away from those who would cloud my vision.
Her sister stars glitter through the sky and sing for the night.
Mother, please fill me with your beauty and reveal to me the mysteries of your silent domain.
My heart holds naught but love for you,
My soul wishes to sing in harmony with its sisters within your embrace.
In love and respect I come before you
And I ask to be blessed with the power of Lady Moon.”

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The Witches Magick for May 12th – A Spell To Call Hecate To Aid Your Magick

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The Witches Magick for May 12th - A Spell To Call Hecate To Aid Your Magick


This spell calls the Witch-goddess Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and witchcraft, to aid you in your magick. Use this spell just before casting a spell.

You Will Need:
Your voice.
Your intention to cast a spell.
Your love for the Witch-goddess Hecate.

1.) Close your eyes and mentally say:

“I call the goddess Hecate,
To guide my magick on its way.”

2.) The open your eyes and say out loud:

“I Call the goddess Hecate,
To guide my magick on its way.”

3.) Cast your spell.

4.) Thank Hecate for all of her graceful and nourishing help.

Spells of Magic.com


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A Sun Magick Ritual For Energy

A Sun Magick Ritual For Energy

Because it can be dangerous to look directly at the Sun, catch your sunlight close to noon in a large crystal or in water in a brass dish.


* As before, ‘inhale’ the sunlight via the crystal or water with your eyes open. Hold the Sun breath, counting ‘One and two and three’, then close your eyes and exhale the darkness of your doubt, anger or lack of confidence. With practice, this will become a single movement.


* Continue until you are filled with light and energy, then exhale a Sun breath, directing it to someone who is exhausted, frightened or ill.


* Inhale the Sun and again exhale it towards a person or people in need.


* Rinse your face in the Sun water, then tip the rest into the ground to energise a plant.


Whenever you feel tired, recall the Sun and inhale its light in your mind’s vision.


Repeat both these intakes of power once every month. If you have a particularly stressful or challenging time, hold a moonstone for your Moon energies in your power hand. Hold a sparkling crystal quartz for the Sun in the other (receptive) hand to boost the flow as you visualise the natural sources. In this way, you can balance the energies in both spheres of the brain for integrated mind and soul flow.

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The Witches Magick for Monday, May 5th – Casting A Fire Cricle

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The Witches Magick for Monday, May 5th – Casting A Fire Cricle


This spell utilizes the powerful protection of fire.

Items You Will Need:

8 candles

Fire proof container

Piece of Paper and Pencil

The Spell:

Set up the 8 candles in a circle. One to the North, one to the North East and so on. Make the circle about a foot in diameter. Light the candles. Rip the paper into 9 pieces. Write your name on the first piece of paper. Place it in the center of the circle of candles. On the next 8 write “harm”. Place each of the 8 by the candle on the outside of the circle. Now start at the top candle and take up the piece of paper that says “harm” on it. Catch it on fire and quickly put it in the fire proof container while saying this:

“Fire burns and fire turns all evil and harm away from me.”

Repeat this for each of the remaining 8 pieces of papers that say “harm” on them. When all papers have been burned, look at your name and say this three times with confidence:

“Fires power and fires might
Protects me every day and night.”

Allow the candles to burn down to nothing and extinguish themselves. By the way, you can use birthday candles or smaller candles so the process will be quicker if you wish. (NOTE: Use only fireproof candle holders.) You now have a Fire Circle of protection around you!



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