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The Witches Magick for the 23rd Day of the Blood Moon – Goddess Wealth Spell




Cast this spell to manifest riches and wealth.

You will need a green votive candle, a bowl of salt, a chalice of water, and amber incense.

At 5: 55 pm., gather everything together and draw a magic circle. Call in the elements . Light the candle, and dedicate it to the Goddess. Face north, and scatter three pinches of salt at the north point of the circle. Light the incense from the candle flame, and put it in the incense holder. Also dedicate the incense to the Goddess. Carefully wave the lit incense three times, back and forth, at the east point of your circle. Set it down on your altar. Carefully hold the lit candle, and wave it back and forth three times at the south point of the circle. Set the candle on your altar, and pick up the chalice of water. Sprinkle several drops of water at the west point of your circle. Put the chalice on the altar. Face the altar, merge with the Goddess, and say:


By earth, air, fire, water, and spirit
Great Goddess, please hear my call
May your divine powers light the way to prosperity
Please help me to manifest riches and wealth
Great Goddess, in your divine quintessence
Please share your abundance with me
By earth, air, fire, water, and spirit
So be it! By the Goddess, blessed be!


Gaze at the candlelight for several minutes, and imagine manifesting the wealth you desire. Actually imagine stepping into your prosperous future.

Afterward, thank the Goddess, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Allow the candle and incense to safely burn down. Throw the salt away, and return the water to the earth.


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Spell for Sunday, September 21 – Mabon Herbal Prosperity Spell

Mabon Comments & Graphics 

Mabon Herbal Prosperity Spell

Cast a magic Circle or get into a magic space. Bring with you the following:






In a circle, anoit the candles with the Mabon oil. Hold the gold candle and charge it with words to bring prosperity. So mote it be. Charge the black candle to draw you all that is safe, correct, and granted by the Gods and Goddesses.


Place the candles in the holers and as you light them say: This flame is the light of the God Mabon and the Mother Goddess Modron. Light the charcoal. Put a pinch of Prosperity Incense on it.


Take the paper and write your spell, what ever it may be, what ever you may want. Repeat this outloud, speaking to Mabon and Modron. Thank them for the bounty they have given you in the past. Think of the Wheel of the Year that has come before, and be truly thankful for all you have been granted.


Smudge the spell in the smoke of the incense by passing the paper through the rising smoke. Roll the spell and tie with some yellow thread or cord and set it aside. Place the fabric square or magic bag in front of you with some gold cord to tie it. Pick up your dried herbs and stone one by one. Hold them in your hands. Lift your hands and show them to the God and Goddess. Visualize htlight of the God and Goddess striking the object. Place the herbs and stone in the bag, tie and set aside.


Snuff out your candles or let them burn. You may want to relight them at a time when you want to again cast the spell. Carry the spell and magick bag with you.




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The Witches Spell for Aug. 8th – Prosperity Spell

Dragon Comments & Graphics

A Spell for Prosperity

A Spell for Prosperity This spell works best when performed during a waxing or full moon, but if you’re in a pinch, it can be cast any time. For this spell, carry a piece of aquamarine in your pocket, and bring basil incense and your wand or athame to the shore. This is a good time to use your shell incense burner and your driftwood wand. While facing the sea, cast your circle or draw a pentacle in front of you with your wand. Light the incense and call upon the spirits of the sea to bring you prosperity. If you have a specific sea deity that you honor, address them with your desires. Otherwise, speak your affirmations to the water:

As there are grains of sand in the sea
So shall be my health and prosperity

If you need a specific sum of money, use your wand or athame to write it in the sand close to the water so the waves will carry your wish out to sea. Take time to meditate; the waters may provide an answer to your money problems immediately. When the incense has burned out, extinguish the charcoal or flames with sand, then be sure to clean up after yourself before you leave.

Thank the sea spirits and deities. Sleep with the piece of aquamarine tucked inside your pillow each night. The aquamarine serves as an avenue of communication between you and the sea. While you dream , the spirits of the sea may come to you with the answers to your money problems. When your situation has been improved or resolved, return to the same spot where the spell was cast, and offer the aquamarine to the sea, thanking it once again for its help.

Llewellyn’s 2014 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living
(Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac)
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Spell to Gain Money

Spell to Gain Money


pine needle




cauldron spoon

1 quarter

1 dime

1 nickel

green candle
Cast the circle. Light the green candle. Drop the quarter, dim, and nickel into the water while saying:

“Silver is the color, color of the quarter, nickel, and dime. Give me wealth, wealth to help my time.” 
Drop the pine needle into the cauldron and stir the cauldron with the cauldron spoon while saying:
The mix will make it multiply, with a blink of my eye. Leave the spirit be, and let it set free.” 
Take the candle and hold it over the cauldron so that seven drops of candle wax falls into the cauldron. Release the circle.

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An Old Indian Money Spell

An Old Indian Money Spell


This is an old habit in India to become wealthy and is very simple:
Get a coin(nickle or dime). Take the coin and bless it by fire (heat it in a flame), bless it by wind (blow on it), then water (drop it in water that you have empowered and purified), then earth- bury it next to your front door.

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Money Attraction Mojo Bag

Money Attraction Mojo Bag

Green flannel bag
Silver dime
$2.00 bill
Pinch of sugar
Tonka bean

This money attraction bag can be carried on the body, in the pocket, or in a purse.  When carried in a pocket it should be in the same pocket as your money, so in a front pocket with coins or a back pocket with a wallet.

The Tonka bean should be wrapped in the $2.00 bill before being added to the bag.  Additional items that may be added include an acorn, a bay leaf, some gold or silver glitter, or pyrite.  If you cannot find a $2.00 bill and your local bank is unable to provide you with one, you may substitute an old
Silver Certificate.  Failing that, use a regular $1.00 bill, try and find a nice crisp one.The silver dime must be a real silver dime.

To fix the bag, consecrate it in smoke, preferably from a green or gold candle.
Feed the bag with Wealth Attraction Oil:
1/4 ounce carrier oil
5 drops peppermint
5 drops lemon

Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Gianne, Lady

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Steady Income Mojo Bag

Steady Income Mojo Bag

Green flannel bag
Clock charm or image
John the Conqueror root
Gravel root
Pinch of salt

This bag for steady income is designed to keep you both employed steadily and at a steady rate of pay.  It won’t prevent you from getting a raise, but should prevent wild fluctuations in income from week to week.  If you work in a tipping industry, you may want to strongly consider if you should make this bag.  While it should prevent you from having a terrible week with extremely low tips, it may also prevent you from having an excellent week with much higher than average tips.

In addition to the items listed, you may add a small paper with your income based skills listed.  Choosing to list only one skill is fine.
To fix the bag, consecrate it in smoke, preferably from a green or gold candle.  If you are doing a financial candle spell on the same day you plan to make the bag, use the smoke from that candle for extra power.
Feed the bag with Retain Wealth Oil:
1/4 ounce carrier oil
3 drops cinnamon
2 drops gardenia
1 drop bay


Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Gianne, Lady

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Money (Quarter) Spell

Money (Quarter) Spell


Items needed:

Metal dish(reserve for burning spells)

1 Dollar bill

4 green candles blessed


Light candles and ground yourself, visualize your goal being met light the dollar bill and place in dish. Rotate in a clockwise motion, Chant the following nine times.


“Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun Golden God come join the Fun Silver Priestess dance with Me Bring the quarter much Money!”


After chanting allow the candle burn completely out

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