Money Spells

Moon Money Spell

Moon Money Spell

Done During the Full Moon
Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin into it.
Position the cauldron so that the light from the moon shines into the water.
Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon’s silver.
While doing this say:

“Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your
wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you give, my purse can hold.”

Repeat this three times. When finished, pour the water upon the earth.

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The Witches Magick for Wednesday, April 9th – Apple Tree Wealth Spell

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The Witches Magick for Wednesday, April 9th – Apple Tree Wealth Spell

April Tree Wealth Spell


Items you will need:

3 slices of bread

A cup of apple cider


The Spell:

You will need to locate a fruiting apple free to do this spell. Place the slices of bread on the tree branches and pour the cider onto the roots. As you do this say:


“Blessed be, fruiting apple tree
Now bring great wealth to me
Hats full! Pockets full!
Bushed by bushel-sacks full!
Thank you, great apple tree
Blessed be! So shall it be!

As the apples grow and ripen, so will your wealth

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The Witches Spell for March 27th – Green and Gold Money Spell

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Green and Gold Money Spell


Material needed:

A square piece of green cloth ( natural fiber, 6″ x 6″ )

Green glitter and gold sequins

A 7″ long string of green yarn

3 shiny, new pennies

Lay the square, of green cloth out flat before you. Place the three pennies in the middle and concentrate on the amount of money you desire. ( Be realistic not greedy ). As you think of the amount of cash you need, sprinkle a couple teaspoons of green glitter and gold sequins over the pennies and say:

” Green and Gold
Let my wish take hold,
For money I need,
I do this deed. “

Gather all four corners of the cloth so that it forms a small pouch around the coins.

Grasp the four corners of the cloth together and wrap the green yarn around it, tying it tightly together. Keep this wherever you normally put your money, or inside a purse.


Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods

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Rich Witch Spell

Rich Witch Spell

This spell should be cast on the evening of a new moon.

Find a flat surface or use your altar. Light a green candle and place a bowl and a spoon on the surface before you. Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg and a teaspoon of cinnamon in the bowl. As you mix the ingredients, think of an amount of money you would like to see in your bank account. (Don’t go overboard though, or you will scatter the spell’s energy.)

Continue to focus on that amount of money as you take three coins of low denomination and toss them repeatedly until you get one tail and two heads.

Place the coins and the powder together in an old wallet or purse and shake it up as you chant:


Place the purse in the same place as you keep all your financial documents.

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Success and Prosperity Spell



* a small green or brown talisman bag
* three silver coins
* cinnamon and cedar chips
* a small dish
* your wand
* a pentacle
* cauldron
* ritual knife


This spell is best done during the waxing moon or on the Full Moon. Set your cauldron on the pentacle.  Place a small dish inside the cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon and cedar chips on it.  Beside your cauldron, lay your wand.

Tap each coin with the wand as you chant:

Glistering silver, coin of the Moon,
Shiny and round, bring me a boon.
Draw to my hands many more of your kind.
Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.

Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs.  Stir the air clockwise seven times over the cauldron and chant:

Earth elementals, cunning and bright,
With me share treasures here on this night.
Share with me riches of silver and gold.
Success, prosperity, all I can hold.

Put the coins and the herbs in the talisman bag and lay it overnight in the moonlight.  Either carry the talisman bag with you or keep it near your bed where you will see it every night.

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When March winds blow, and skies are bleak
And your checking account looks like welfare week
Go to your kitchen with a dash
Find a jar to bring some cash.

Get a tea bag, mint for sure
Brew a cup, you need no more.
In your little witches pot,
Add vervain, not a lot.

In goes dragons’ blood and cinquefoil
Bring it all to a rolling boil.
Mix ingredients, stir it thrice
Cut the heat, throw in some ice.

On paper virgin, write your need
Be specific, ignore the greed.
Put the paper in the jar
To bring in riches from afar.

Call the Fates, yes all three
Ask them for prosperity
Here’s the chant, it’s easy now
Take your time to give it pow.

Three great ladies crossed the land
Each held prosperity in their hand
The first said, “She needs some.”
The second said, “She has some.”
The third said, “There is more to come.”
“We turn three times, the way of the Sun.”

Raise your energy, clap three times
Then seal the brew with a magical sign.
When it cools, pour in the jar
Close it tight, mark with a star.
A minor magic, I call this
To bring you monetary bliss
For extra punch, choose a planetary hour
Full Moon’s good, for extra power.

When money comes, thank the Gods
Pour the content on the sod
Return in like the gifts you got
And remember all the blessings brought.

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Cash Back Spell

Cash Back

Use to make a few quick bucks

The following ingredients are needed:

everything is in the spell instructions

1) Cash Back.

You will need, New Moon, purse full of small change, salt (any kind will do) and a white candle.

2) Scatter the coins making them into a circle. Inside the circle sprinkle a handful of salt to cleanse the space. Light a white candle, then hold it in you LEFT hand, look up to the sky and say 9 times;

“Wealth is great, This is my fate, Luck will grow, with this I know”.

3) When you have finished, blow the candle out. Leave the coins outside all night. The next day put them back in your purse and dont spend them for 1 week. Cash will start to arrive within a few weeks.

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Candle spell for money

Candle spell for money

The following ingredients are needed:

2 black or orange candles
Anointing Oil

Best Day To Cast:

  Sunday – Thursday or Friday
Use this spell, get more money.

Etch your name and the words money, wealth, riches and any other words of power along the sides of the candles. Oil the candles and light them. Grasp them firmly in your hands until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers. Project  what you want, repeating :


“These candles bring me wealth and richness”

When done, extinguish with a snuffer. Re-light the candles every night until they are completely burned down.

- From – Phantom120

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