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Lucky Money Charm/Poppet

Lucky Money Charm/Poppet

For a lucky charm that will bring you prosperity, make a small poppet containing a winning lottery ticket, a single die, and a golden coin. Stuff it full with red, green, or gold paper. Sew it up and say:

Fortune, fortune, Gamelia be!
Forever fortune bring to me.
By this poppet, close I’ll stay.
Fortune bright find me today!

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Stop Bad Luck Charm Bag

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Small Draw-String Bad (About 1-2 inches deep)
  • Angelica root
  • African Ginger
  • Fennel seed
  • Holy thistle
  • Clove
  • Basil
Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following:

Angelica root
African Ginger
Fennel seed
Holy thistle

Add a small citrine to the pouch and you have a powerful sachet. During the full moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Keep it close to your heart.


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Wednesday’s All-Purpose Agate Spell

Celtic Comments & Graphics

Wednesday’s All-Purpose Agate Spell


Try using tumbled agate stones for this Wednesday spell, as they are inexpensive and can be picked up at most metaphysical or magickal shops. Even nature-themed stores or arts and crafts stores often carry tumbled stones. This is a great spell for a friend or loved one who is going through a tough time. This crystal spell pretty much covers all the bases. The next time a friend asks for a little magickal help, you’ll know just what to do.

Gather several different colors or varieties of agates (tumbled stones); four to six different-colored agates would be plenty. Ring the agates around a plain white tealight candle in a holder, and then repeat the following spell three times:

Lovely agates come in many colors and hues
May this charm grant luck and prosperity to you
Health, wisdom, and protection for you now do I call
In all seasons, winter to spring and summer to fall.

Close the spell with:

By all the powers of three times three
As I will it, then so shall it be!

Let the tealight burn until it goes out on its own. Then give the stones as a gift to your friend and tell them to keep the stones in a spot where they will see them daily for a month (or from one full moon phase to the next). They can either keep the agates or return them to you after the month has passed.

Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan
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A Witchs Lucky Candle Spell (Samhain)


To bring good luck into your life, take a brand-new orange-colored candle that has never been lit and anoint it with three drops of cinnamon, clove, or lotus oil. (Each one of these oils is said to possess strong luck-attracting vibrations, which make them ideal for this spell.) When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, light the candle with a match and thrice recite the following incantation:




Gaze into the flame of the candle and fill your mind only with thoughts about good luck. Visualize the Wheel of Fortune turning in your favor. Allow yourself to genuinely feel lucky, as though you had just won a prize. The more emotion you put into your spellcasting, the better the outcome will be. It is also important to never doubt the power of a spell, otherwise your negative thoughts will inadvertently undermine its effectiveness.

Allow the candle to burn until sunrise (the morning of November 1) and the spell shall be fixed. Note: To prevent accidental fires from occurring, many witches place their candles in a sink or bathtub if they are to burn all night long unattended.

If the candle has not burned itself out by sunrise, you may now extinguish its flame by pinching it out with your moistened fingertips or by using a candle snuffer. Remember, as mentioned before, never blow out the flame with your breath because, according to old occult folklore, you will cause all of your good luck to blow away.

To peer into the future or into the realms of the unknown, sit before a mirror at midnight on Halloween. Place a black candle to the left of the mirror, and an orange candle to the right. With a match in each hand,light both candles at the same time, gaze into the reflection of your own eyes in the mirror and concentrate upon that which you desire to know until a vision (often misty at first) appears in the glass. Within this vision your answer may be found.

Another Halloween method of candle divination calls for a small cauldron to be filled with water in which a handful of mugwort gathered on Saint John’s Eve (June 23) has been steeped. (Mugwort is an herb that has long been used by witches to aid divination.) Light two pillar candles—one black and one orange—and hold them about one foot above the cauldron in your left and right hands, respectively. Concentrate upon whatever it is that you desire to know, and then recite it thirteen times in the form of a question as you tilt the candles so that the melted wax spills into the water below. Examine the patterns created by the black and orange wax to find a symbolic divinatory message.


 Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore
Gerina Dunwich


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The Witches Magick for the 28th Day of the Blood Moon – Alchemy Prosperity Spell


Alchemy Prosperity Spell


Gather together a sheet of green paper, a pen, a pinch of salt, a match, a thermometer with mercury, and a rubber band.

At midnight, draw a magic circle and call in the elemental powers. On the sheet of paper , draw a equilateral (equal- sided) triangle. Write the word Mercury above the top point of the triangle. Write the word Sulfur next to the right point of the triangle, and write the word Salt next to the left point. Put the salt, match (unlit), and thermometer on top of the triangle. Fold the paper in half, and then roll it up (salt, match, and thermometer included) into a scroll. Secure the rolled scroll with the rubber band. Hold the scroll in your power hand and say three times:


At this midnight,
moonlight hour
By the alchemy of
salt, sulfur, and
Please bring me
prosperity, blessed be!


Brainstorm for at least thirty minutes as to how you can draw more prosperity into your life. Allow the magician within to come out and wave her or his wand to financial success. In your journal, write how you can blend magic with directed thought and action to manifest your goals. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to manifest your goals. Things that are difficult often take more time than you think. Things that seem improbable or impossible just take a little bit longer yet. When you are finished, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Put the scroll on your altar for a moon cycle to draw prosperity to you.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Old Cast Aside Misfortune Spell

Old Cast Aside Misfortune Spell


Full well you know if you have already made your way upon the mystic path that the Rowan tree is honored among many people, for evil and bad fortune doth it dispel.


Now, when summer hath come unto its height and the Rowan tree is full-laden with ripe red fruit, find you first a branch that reaches unto the South. Take this branch within your grasp and now, with light touch, shake upon the tree to cause four berries to fall. Take these up, and gather also four leaves from the very same branch, and then make haste with them, for to bring them back unto your chamber.


Now make you a fire within your hearth, of birch and apple wood, and when the fire blazes with red and golden flame, cast forth a single Rowan berry and its leaf, unto the heart of the fire forthwith, and say these words:


“Virtue be mine, As from this tree Beware The Fire I cast at thee.”


Now take a second berry and its leaf, and consign these too unto the flames, and say these words:


“Wisdom is mine, As from this tree Beware the fire I cast at thee.”


And now take the third berry and its leaf, and cast them forth unto the fire. And say these words:


“Power is mine, As from this tree Beware the fire I cast at thee.”


Now, in due time, take the fourth berry and its leaf and place them within an iron pot. Roast this pot slowly over the fire until the berry and its leaf have become dry and black with heat, and then cool them on the ground. Place them now within a red cloth and bury this magick charm within the earth and yet near the doorway which leads into your house, for then shall no harm befall thee. For evil-doers shall withdraw themselves from its presence should they come unto this place.

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Magic Broom Good Luck and Prosperity Spell (Voodoo)

Magic Broom Good Luck and Prosperity Spell


The purpose of this spell is to bring good luck and abundance into your life. For this spell you will need:

• Charcoal block

• Money drawing incense

• Hemp cord

• Miniature broom

• Cowry shell

• Coin

• Piece of abalone shell

• Hemp cord

Place a piece of charcoal on a fireproof dish and light it. Take a pinch of the money drawing incense and put it in the charcoal. As the incense burns, tie the hemp cord onto the broom and attach the charms: cowry shell for general good luck, coin for wealth, abalone for protection in business and personal affairs. Tie seven knots in the cord, and with each knot, focus on what you specifically desire in the area of luck and prosperity.

When you are done say the following:
Spirits of the wilderness I appeal to you, Bring into my home All that is shiny and new. Spread hope and prosperity,  Contained within this grass, May my life with wealth and  prosperity be amassed. So be it. 

Now you can hang the talisman in your home or office, or wherever you want to concentrate your efforts.

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The Witches Magick for June 27th – Simple Love Spell

Witchy Comments



This spell is simple and requires no searching for exotic ingredients. It is performed to draw people to you (friends) and enhance your sexual attraction (if you desire more than friends) In many ways, this is a confidence and self-esteem spell. You can focus on a specific person during the rite in order to strengthen the bond between you or to draw that person to you. Remember the laws of return however, that which you send out will often return to you.

Do a thorough physical cleaning of your bathroom, and cover any mirrors with material (white or pink towels or sheets are nice) Then draw a bath and to the water add a small handful (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) sea salt or other available salt while saying:

“Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay.”

Light three white votive candles or place 3 floating candles in the bath tub, focus on your body, how sensual it is, how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful, this spell is just drawing out your best! Women have a strange image of what men desire, and men have an equally odd image of what women desire. This is probably our society’s influences, like TV. Focus on what you like about yourself (there is something). You may also begin to focus on that specific person if desired.

Turn off the lights and turn on your favorite music if possible, something that makes you feel reckless and sexy, or calm and at peace with yourself, depending on your taste, mood, and the desired end result you want. For example, for sex, you may want a sexy rock album, for general attraction, you may want a happy mellow song. The feeling that the music evokes in you is important.

Enter the bath and relax, make sure every part of your body is immersed in the water at least once. If you don’t have a bathtub, tie the salt up in a wash cloth while saying the above words, and use it in the shower.

When you are finished (I spend about an hour and 1/2 in the bathroom and shave, shampoo, etc. beforehand) Repeat the original words, plus this ending line, so you’ll say:


“Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay.” 

“I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself! I am love!”

It may sound kind of funny, but this one really works. Feel free to intuitively add what you like to this, sandalwood or rose soap, incense, a glass of your favorite ritual beverage, bath oil… especially those made with herbal extracts or essential oils, our favorite perfume or cologne, a special bath towel purchased for this ritual only, etc. Your intuition will only serve to refine this working and enhance its effects!

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