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A Spell to Revive Passion

A Spell to Revive Passion

If passion is cooling between you and your lover this simple spell may help revive it. Ideally it demands there be a fire in your sacred space. If this is not practical, when you consecrate the laurel leaves, consecrate some coal and when you have opened your circle, leave the circle and take the leaves and the coal to your fireplace. Or if you live in a centrally heated home, you could build a bonfire or use your barbecue.


You will need:
Lots of laurel leaves
A fire in embers

Gaze at the embers, a picture of your love in your mind’s eye, for a moment or two before throwing some of the laurel leaves onto the embers. As they smoulder say:


Sacred leaves glow in the fire
Warm the heart of my true love’s desire.


When the leaves have burned away, repeat the ritual twice, adding,


‘And let it be done, that it harm no one,’


the last time you say the words.


If the fire was in your sacred space, bring the magic making to an end in your usual fashion. If you had to leave the circle to cast the spell, return to it through the same ‘door’ you made in it when you left, and then perform your closing ritual



Encyclopedia of Spells
by Michael Johnstone

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A Spell to Win Affections

A Spell to Win Affections



This spell takes time to cast its magic but if, after a week or two, the person whose affections you are trying to win does not seem to be responding then perhaps the fates are advising you to look elsewhere for love.


You will need:
An onion
A new flowerpot
Potting compost
A boline
Jasmine essential oil


Scratch the name of the person you are in love with on the base of the onion with the boline and plant it in the flowerpot. Focus on the flowerpot for a moment or two, then say:


Plant take root and grow shoots.
Shoots grow into leaves.
May a flower bloom among them.
And as the flower blooms,
May *******’s love for me
Take root, bloom and flower.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.


Close the magic making in your usual way, before putting the pot on a window sill that faces the direction in which your love lives. Repeat the incantation every day until the first flower appears and if by then there has been no reaction then look to pastures new.



Encyclopedia of Spells
by Michael Johnstone

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A Spell to Evoke a Romantic Response

A Spell to Evoke a Romantic Response


If you are attracted to someone but there is no response, this spell may do the trick. It won’t make them fall for you, but it will make sure that nothing stands in the way. The spell works best if it is cast on a Friday.
You will need:
A wine glass
A plain gold ring
80 cm of red ribbon
A crystal of rose quartz
A bowl of red flowers
A picture of the person you wish to attract, if available


Stand the wine glass on your altar. Thread the ribbon through the ring to make a pendulum and, holding the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger, let the ring hang in the rim of the glass, without letting it touch the sides .


Say aloud your name and the name of the person you are attracted to. Pause for a moment then repeat both names again and then once more. Look at the picture (if you don’t have one, bring one into your mind’s eye) and spell their name out loud. As you say each letter, let the ring tap against the glass.


Tie the ribbon round your neck, the ring resting on your heart and bring the magic making to an end. Wear it for three weeks, taking it off only to repeat the spell on the next three Fridays. If after the end of the third week there has been no sign that your interest is being reciprocated, then perhaps it’s time to realize that some things are never meant to be.



Encyclopedia of Spells
by Michael Johnstone
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Keep Your Lover Binding Spell


To prevent the loss of your lover, during the waxing Moon take a lock of your partner’s hair and mix it with your own, contemplating your essences intermingling. Wrap the hair along with a personal artifact from each person in a red silk square, and bind with a ribbon of green, chanting:

“Love to the left of us, love to the right of us,
over us, under us, even uniting us.”

Envision the red silk as your mutual love, the ribbon as your spellbinding. Tie it tight. Attach a sprig of berried holly to the center of the package, saying:

“Prickles defend our love.”

Place the bundle in a black star-spangled box. Do not open or untie unless you wish to break the bond.

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If you are madly in love and wish it to go full steam ahead into handfasting (Wiccan Marriage)
make him this excellent supermarket-ingredient love potion. Get yourself some orange juice, some spring water, some rose water and a dash of nutmeg-oranges are very potent symbols of love-if your partner brings you one you can be sure he adores you.

Anyway, blend a beautiful refreshing drink from the above (don’t overdo the nutmeg) and drink it with your lover-you don’t have to tell him what it’s for. Look into his eyes-you’ll see the truth there about your future once he’s downed this powerful concoction.

This spell also work male to female.

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You will need:

One long red ribbon

One red candle

Rose oil

Working:-In a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

1. During a Friday at the Venus hour, (11am or 11pm) Light and burn the red candle which you have anointed with the rose oil. Envision the image of the sort of lover or soul mate you desire. Do not aim at any specific man or you will limit the scope of the spell. Now wrap your ribbon a round your right index finger and visualize the man you wish for.

2.Place the ribbon on your forehead so that it crosses your 3rd eye, (between your eyebrows)Concentrate and `see` your love with all your energy.-His looks, his eyes, his voice. Hold the image of this man in your mind and ask him to think sweet, loving thoughts of you.

3. Think of all the thoughts you want him to `send` you and try to hold them for 5 minutes.Burn the candle and do this spell for 10 minutes at the eleventh hour on a Friday(morning and evening) The harder you concentrate your energy and the more often you try this spell the better the results will be. `Send` no negative messages!

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You will need:

fire rosehips

a red paper heart
Write your name and the name of the person you wish to love you upon the red paper heart. Build a fire, and when the flames are at their fullest throw in the rosehips. Concentrate and picture the person in the fire, and then say:

God and goddess, I appeal to you
From fire’s breath and love anew
Roses offered through the flames divine
Take (name of person)’s heart and make it mine!

Hold the paper heart to your heart, and then throw it into the fire. Watch it burn to ashes, and then close the spell:

God and goddess, your help I seek
To turn aside emotions weak
And help true love bind me to this,
I seal my spell with passion’s kiss!

As an ending to this ritual, for love is a dangerous thing to play with, you might
consider adding “and if it is not for the good of all, may my spell not come to pass.”

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In wet weather walk over the fields and where the great white mushrooms rise up flat and wide, gather the greatest cup and carry it home.

That night, by candlelight, take a large needle and with it scratch this small, upon the mushroom’s upper skin:

Flesh of darkness Born of death
Give my will Thy life and breath
Wither dry And shrink to dust
My heart shall feed Upon thy crust

Breathe upon this inscription, and then lock the mushroom away safely for the rest of that night.

The next morning, take a sharp knife and chop the whole in to many little pieces. Spread them out in an iron pan and set them in a warm oven until they are quite dry.
Then sew them up in a bag of red cloth.
Each night thereafter, wear this charm over your heart, until the desired effect is accomplished. When it has been fulfilled, you should take the charm back to the field where you took it from and bury it in the same spot where it was gathered.

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