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The Witches Magick for Sunday, August 3 – Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

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Witch’s Healing Candle Spell

To help speed a recovery from illness, write the sick person’s name upon a white human-shaped candle of the appropriate gender. As you anoint it with three drops of myrrh or mint oil, visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say:

In the divine name of the Goddess
Who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
As a magical tool for healing.

Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph, willing him or her to be well again, and chant the following incantation:

Magic mend and candle burn,
Sickness end; good health return.

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Magickal Activity to Honor the Tenjin Festival

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Simple Healing Spell


Items needed:

one sheet of green construction paper

a black pen or marker


one green votive candle.

Draw a human shape on the sheet of paper using the black pen or marker. Cut the figure out as you would a paper doll, and write your name on one side of it. Rub the doll over your body and visualize your health problems being transferred to the doll. Bind the doll with the string as you chant:

As I bind my illness into thee,

Let good health return to me.

Light the green candle and place the doll next to it. When the green candle has completely burned out, take your doll to the nearest river and toss it upon the water. As your doll is consumed by the water, so your illness is washed away.

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Spell To Banishing Sickness From Yourself


Take an Athame or wand (or use your index finger) and repeat the banishing
pentagram ritual while saying:
O malady, disappear into the heavens;
Pain, rise up to the clouds;
Inflamed vapor, fly into the air,
In order that the wind may take thee away,
That the tempest may chase thee to distant regions,
Where you came from where you did no harm So mote it be!

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Mind/Heart/Spirit Healing Ritual


To quiet a troubled mind, mend a broken heart, or heal a wounded spirit, you will
need the following items:
1 DOVE FEATHER (preferably one that crosses your path by chance, but definitely
one which has NOT been plucked, but has fallen naturally.)
2 BLUE CANDLES (for healing, tranquillity, peace and forgiveness)
LAVENDER BATH SALTS OR OIL (for love, peace, happiness, purification and protection)
1 CINNAMON STICK (OR CHIPS) (for spirituality, success, healing, power, love and protection)

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To Heal Physical Pain (Voodoo)

To Heal Physical Pain


For this spell you will need:

• a piece of amethyst (as clear as possible), or a piece of Fluorite

• good visualization skills

Sit in a quiet place and clear your mind of everything you can. Take the amethyst (or fluorite) and hold it in the hand that is closest to the hurt (if the pain is in the center of the body hold it in your writing hand). Imagine a soothing light collecting at your feet and draw it up slowly towards your head filling every part of the body. Whilst doing this say silently the following verse:
“Bright light, shining light Heal my hurts with all thy might.” 
Repeat this as you move the light up through the body. When you reach the top of your head expand to fill outside the head with light for about a foot. Then return to where the pain is most concentrated, push all your healing energy into this area. If this doesn’t work the first time then repeat. You should feel better soon. To end the spell, repeat the verse again but finish with “so be it”.

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The Witches Magick for Tuesday, June 10, 2014 – Spell for Healing With Poppets

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Spell for Healing With Poppets


The poppet can be used for healing purposes–in fact that is probably its primary use. The poppet can also be used for love magic. The same construction method is used: two outlines cut from cloth, sewn together and marked with identifying symbols and characteristics (all whilst concentrating your thoughts on the person it represents).

You should stuff the poppet with the herb appropriate for the person’s ailment. If ever in doubt as to what to use, stuff the poppet with Calendula (also called Marigold, Marybud, Holibud–Calendula officinalis), which is a cure-all.

You should name the poppet (as in love-magic, to symbolically represent the person who is to benefit from the healing spell), sprinkling and censing it, then lay it on the altar. Should you be working for someone who has had surgery, then make an incision in the poppet in the appropriate place. Then, taking it up from the altar, concentrate on the healing and direct your power into the patient as you sew up the incision.

 You can do Auric and/or Pranic healing using the poppet in lieu of the actual person.

Once you have named and consecrated the poppet, then anything you do to it, of course,you do to that person.

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – A Spell to Gain Energy

Witchy Comments & GraphicsMemorial Day is the official start of Summer. People are getting out doors, running wild, got to do this, got to do that. They don’t realize they have three days to get everything done. Due to this face paced weekend, I thought some of you might want or need this spell. Have a grand time and be care!


Materials: A bright red or orange candle, a spicy incense, a glass of clear pure
cold water, and a bowl of sea salt.

If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside for a few minutes
and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say:

“Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do.

I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward.”

Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say,

“Give me strength, O sacred Earth.”

Pass your hand near the candle and say

“Give me strength O sacred Fire.”

Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say,

“Give me strength, O sacred Air.”
Drink the water down and say
“Give me strength O sacred water.”

Now immediately get up and go do your task.

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Irish Healing Waters Spell

Irish Healing Waters Spell

Take equal parts of lavender, violet, and rosemary. Empower them and then boil them in a pot with about a quart of water over medium heat. When the water is richly colored and the herbs are scenting your kitchen, drain the water off into a jar. A plain coffee filter works great for this. Place the jar in sunlight for an entire day to absorb the radiant energies of the sun. (You can do this on a Wednesday to add the healing powers of mercury to the spell) Occasionally look at the jar and add your own energies to it.

Just before sundown fetch the jar and hold it firmly between your hands just below your naval. Feel your desire to be well filling the jar and with your minds eye see it glowing brightly as the sun. Chant these words until you have filled the jar with as much energy as it will hold.

By the herb and by the sun
wellness and I are now as one
strengthening energies now are merged.
Baneful energies now be purged.


Anoint spots where illness lurks or on your belly if you are unsure where the source of discomfort lies. Or pour contents into bath water.

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