Happy Home Spells

Charm of the Beast Spell


You Will Need:

3 hairs of an imposing beast
black cloth
oil of frankincense or myrrh

Mix the mugwort and angelica in equal parts, add to it the 3 hairs and bind together in a black cloth.
Add a few drops of the oil onto the cloth. then say

” He who is strong, he who is mighty
Lend thine power to this charm
Demons turn on your heels and run”

Draw over it a pentagram and the charms of banishment.
Burn the mixture to drive away the spirits that ail you.
Burn it in your home or room you wish to exorcise. Bury it before your doorstep and no demon shall touch you nor enter. Wear the charm or hide it in the roof to ensure safety against any ills.

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Basil Happiness Spell

Basil Happiness Spell

Surround your dwelling with fresh basil so as to draw and increase joy within the home, and to stimulate tranquillity, harmony, cooperation & peace.

Grow basil in your garden

Place pots of fresh basil by your front entrance and around the perimeter of your home

If it’s not possible to grow basil, then place fresh basil in a vase in a prominent spot in your kitchen, replacing it weekly or as soon as it starts to spoil.

Cook with it as much as possible, or incorporate it into spell work (basil also draws love and money towards you)

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Blue Bird of Happiness Spell

Blue Bird of Happiness Spell

Rare blue flowers confer peace and protection on a home.

Grow cornflowers, delphinium, bluebells and hydrangeas.

Reserve the blossoms; dry, grind and powder them, and then sprinkle the powder discreetly through the home.

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Happy Home Oil

Happy Home Oil


Add gardenia petals, myrrh and a pinch of five-finger grass to blended jojoba and coconut oil, together with a pinch of salt.

Place droplets around the house, or dress candles with the oil.

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Joy & Laughter Oil Spell

Joy & Laughter Oil Spell

Add essential oils of sweet orange, lime and pink grapefruit to a base of jojoba oil.

Dress candles with this oil and burn throughout the home to instil joy & laughter.

Spread the joy!  By soaking cotton balls with Joy & Laughter oil and carry them in your pockets, so that the joy travels with you.

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Vervain Happy Home Spell

Vervain Happy Home Spell


Vervain is considered the friendliest botanical.

Unlike other botanicals, which are said to display an ambivalence towards people, vervain is believed to love us and crave our presence and delight in bestowing us with good fortune.

Surround the home with it. Vervain’s magickal protection is desirable, plus you’ll always have a fresh supply.

Create infusions by boiling water over vervain and sprinkle this liquid throughout the house to maintain happiness and good cheer.

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Vanilla Spell

Vanilla Spell

Stick a vanilla bean into a tightly sealed canister of sugar.

The aroma will infuse the sugar: use it in your cooking and feed it to your family, to instil feelings of peace, contentment and happiness.

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Alum Spell

Alum Spell

Alum magically ‘eats’ negativity.

Place Alum in dishes

Discreetly arrange to eliminate negative feelings and behavior

Replace at least once a week

* D o  n o t  c o n s u m e  t h e  a lu m  y o u r s e lf  a n d  k e e p  o u t  o f  r e a c h  f r o m  childr e n  &  a n i m al s .

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