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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – I Can Feel You, Where Are you Spell

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I Can Feel You, Where Are you Spell

This is a spell to help you make a past life connection


Necessary Enhancement and Magickal Tools

The necessary tools for this spell include any tools you have chosen for your formation as described below.

You will need:
• wine or juice (white or red)
• chalice or special cup
• a small piece of polished or rough rose quartz

You will also need red, yellow, white, and pink candles to be lit after the spell is underway, placed in a row in front of you.

All spells should begin with casting a circle, which is your shield of protection. If you are using a triangle or a square, cast your circle first and then cast your formation within it. The best formation for this spell is the triangle. Cast your formation using a wand, a knife, an extended arm with fingers pointed, salt, or other material items you may have chosen.

Direction to Face
This spell is most effective if you are facing north. Arrange your candles and any tools or enhancements that will be in your formation so that they will be in front of you when you are sitting facing north.

Moon Phase
This spell will work best if cast during the full phase of the Moon because we are hoping to increase your opportunity of finding that person you sense is out there for you.

Day of the Week
The most favorable days of the week to cast this spell would be on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, but this spell can be cast on any day of the week.

Optional Magickal Enhancements
The following items will add a deeper dimension to your spell and help you to focus yourself more fully, but they are not necessary and the spell can be cast even if you don’t have these items available.

The best gemstones to use for this spell are carnelian and lapis lazuli. If using additional gemstones other than those recommended in your formation, place them in front of you.

Incense that will enhance this spell would be musk and dragon’s blood. Place incense in a safe place within your formation if you like; however, start the incense outside of your formation.

If you like music and will not find it distracting, you might want to play something soothing or sensual, like Native American drumming, flute, chanting, or something instrumental you find romantic. Whatever you are comfortable with will be best.

Before You Start Your Spell
Make sure you have no distractions.
Turn phones off if possible.
Play soothing music.
Keep the lights dim.
Wash your hands or shower before you begin.
Light incense if you are using it.
Gather everything you need and have it close at hand.
Draw your formation.
Ask your higher power to allow the information to flow through you.

Affirmation to be read within your formation before you actually begin your spell. Hear the whispers of this Moon tonight. I sense you but do not know who you are or where you are. My mind travels to thoughts of you. Are we destined to be together, or is what I am feeling a part of a past life that once was and is no more? Are you a mere fantasy or do you really exist? Oh , Moon’s energy, feel my dismay. Why does this lingering thought of a person I have never met intrigue me so? What holds us back from finding each other? Through grace, if this be my love, then keep us apart no longer.

How to Perform the Spell
1. Light the yellow candle and say: “I am here, come to me.”
2. Take a sip of your wine.
3. Light the red candle and say: “Feel me breathe.”
4. Light the white candle and say: “May we have light to find each other.”
5. Take your rose quartz and pass it over and above the flame of the three candles, high enough so you do not burn yourself.
6. Now hold the rose quartz on your heart and close your eyes. Try to picture a silhouette of someone but not a face. If no vision comes to mind, do not force it. Let it go for now.

Finally light the pink candle and recite this incantation:

I gaze at the Moon with her magickal power,
Are you gazing too, at exactly this hour?
I do not know you, nor words we have spoken,
This spell is now cast and cannot be broken.

Conclude with any statement that signifies closure of the ceremony in your mind such as “And so it is,” “Blessed be,” or “Amen.” Now extinguish your candles and release your formation.

After you leave your circle, take your rose quartz and put it somewhere you will see it daily, if possible. The next time you see another piece of rose quartz, buy it and keep it out of sight. Know that someday you will give it to the person you are meant to be with. And eventually the two gemstones will sit side by side.

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Diane Ahlquist

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The Witches Spell for the 3rd Day of the Snow Moon – Goddess Healing Spell

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Your intention when doing this spell is to direct as much healing energy as you can toward a particular area on the body. You can do this healing on either yourself or someone else.

You need a white candle, a green gel pen, a sheet of red construction paper, and sandalwood incense.

Draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Light the white candle and dedicate it to your favorite healing Goddess:

Great Goddess let your light shine
So that health may reign divine.


Take the green gel pen and draw the outline of a person on the construction paper. Now mark the area that needs healing with an X. Light the sandalwood incense, and also dedicate it to the Goddess of healing. Pass the piece of construction paper with the picture through the incense smoke. Place the picture on your altar, and pick up your magic wand. Direct it at the spot where you want the healing energy to go, and say:


By the power of the Goddess, where I point my wand
All illness and disease be gone So be it! Blessed be!


Let the candle burn down safely. Thank the healing Goddess, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 29th Day of the Blood Moon – Nymph Love Wish


Nymph Love Wish


Nymphs are amorous faeries born on the water, or are celestial or terrestrial. Gods, Titans, heroes and mortals have all fallen in love with them. A nymph lives to be the same age as the Phoenix, who outlives nine ravens, who outlives three stags, who outlives four crows, who outlives nine generations of aged mortals. Nymphs live in the place they protect and care for such as a star, planet, tree, crystal, flower, cave, ocean, lake, spring , river, or mountain. Generous to the kind hearted, they are sensuous shape shifters. Luminous, graceful, and beautiful, they grant the wishes of lovers . Cast this spell to call upon the nymphs to help your love wish come true.

For this spell, you will need your wand and a bell.

At dusk, draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Use the base of your wand to knock nine times on the altar table, in three series of three. Put your wand back upon the altar, and then hold the bell in your receptive hand, and ring it seven times. Now say:

Beautiful nymphs of the moonlight
Silver mist clad
Ladies of starlight
Graceful and loving friends,
I call to you now
Moon women of enchanting powers
Faery spirits wild and free
Beautiful nymphs of beauty and brightness
Please grant me my wish tonight.
[State your love wish.]
Thank you lovely Ladies, blessed be!

After you are done casting the spell, ring the bell three times with your receptive hand, and use the base of your wand to knock on the altar three times. Thank the beautiful and generous nymphs, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 28th Day of the Blood Moon – Alchemy Prosperity Spell


Alchemy Prosperity Spell


Gather together a sheet of green paper, a pen, a pinch of salt, a match, a thermometer with mercury, and a rubber band.

At midnight, draw a magic circle and call in the elemental powers. On the sheet of paper , draw a equilateral (equal- sided) triangle. Write the word Mercury above the top point of the triangle. Write the word Sulfur next to the right point of the triangle, and write the word Salt next to the left point. Put the salt, match (unlit), and thermometer on top of the triangle. Fold the paper in half, and then roll it up (salt, match, and thermometer included) into a scroll. Secure the rolled scroll with the rubber band. Hold the scroll in your power hand and say three times:


At this midnight,
moonlight hour
By the alchemy of
salt, sulfur, and
Please bring me
prosperity, blessed be!


Brainstorm for at least thirty minutes as to how you can draw more prosperity into your life. Allow the magician within to come out and wave her or his wand to financial success. In your journal, write how you can blend magic with directed thought and action to manifest your goals. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to manifest your goals. Things that are difficult often take more time than you think. Things that seem improbable or impossible just take a little bit longer yet. When you are finished, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Put the scroll on your altar for a moon cycle to draw prosperity to you.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Blood Moon – Three-Candle Banishment Spell


October 27


You will need a white candle , a purple candle, a blue candle, and nine drops of sandalwood-scented oil.

At midnight , begin by anointing each candle with three drops of the oil. Rub the oil into the wax while chanting:

Goddess of three
I call upon your divine energy
Banish all who wish to harm me
So mote it be!


Set the candles up in their holders in a line on your altar with the white one in the middle. Light the candles and dedicate them to the Goddess by saying:


Divine Goddess of
Let your love shine
in my life Dear Goddess,
please bless and
guide me
And protect me
from all harm
So be it! Blessed be!


Use your intention to connect the flames of the candles together. Imagine the light intensifying and becoming a giant shield of light that banishes all evil and darkness in your space, clearing it out with the divine light and love of the Goddess. Continue doing this for at least thirty minutes. Allow the candles to burn down safely.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 25th Day of the Blood Moon – Walking On Water Love Spell



Cast this spell to light up your love life.

You will need inspiring music, a large bowl of water, and six red or pink floating candles.

At 12: 34 a.m., draw a magic circle, and call in the elements. Turn on the inspiring music. Fill the bowl with water, and float the candles on the water. Light the candles , one at a time. As you light each of the six candles, repeat:


Water and flame combine
Goddess and God divine
I call upon you tonight
Illuminate my true love
In this watery candlelight
As I will so be it!


Carefully and very slowly stir the water clockwise with your power hand. Smile inside and out as you imagine your life flowing and aflame with more love. Continue doing this while the candles burn down. When you are finished, bid farewell to the elemental powers, and pull up the circle. Return the water to the earth.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 24th Day of the Blood Moon – Pecan Love Muffins




The fresh-baked aromas of cinnamon and vanilla are especially tantalizing. They are warm and comforting aromas that stimulate your emotional and sexual appetites. After dinner, bake these muffins for your love muffin!

Makes about two dozen muffins . Gather together a mixer, muffin pan, a package of muffin cups.

For the muffins, you will need one box of yellow cake mix, four eggs, a half cup of sour cream, a half cup of powdered sugar, a half cup of butter or margarine, and a quarter cup of cooled Chai tea.

For the filling, you will need one teaspoon of cinnamon, a quarter cup of melted butter, one cup of crushed pecans , and three tablespoons of brown sugar.

For the glaze, you will need one cup of powdered sugar, one and one half tablespoons of warmed (but not boiled) milk, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When you turn on the oven, say:


Blessed be! Heat up our sweet sublime love tonight!


In a large bowl, combine all muffin cake ingredients. With each ingredient you add, repeat:


I mix these muffins with sweet sublime love!


Beat the muffin mixture with the mixer at medium speed until smooth and creamy, about three minutes. Line the muffin pan with the muffin cups. Put a couple of tablespoons of the muffin mixture in each of the muffin cups.

Next, mix the filling ingredients together. Sprinkle the filling mixture liberally over the cake mixture in the muffin cups. As you do, chant:


I fill these muffins with sweet sublime love!


Add another couple of tablespoons of the cake mixture over the filling. Bake about twenty minutes, or until golden brown. Cool.

For the glaze, put the powdered sugar into a bowl, add the heated milk and vanilla. Spoon the glaze on top of the cooled muffins. With each muffin you glaze, repeat: I top these muffins with sweet sublime love!

When you hand your love a muffin, say:


I thought about you today You’re important to me. Our love is sweetly sublime!




Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Lady A’s Magick for Friday, October 24th – Lunar Energy Ritual

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Lunar Energy Ritual

Before beginning this ritual, you must select the moon phase you will work with. Many people work with the full moon because it is the most universally applicable energy. Depending on why you wish to access the lunar energy, you may choose the new moon or waning moon as more appropriate to your purpose. The following method of drawing down lunar energy can be used for any phase of the moon. You don’t need any materials for this ritual.

1. Prepare yourself and your space, then cast a circle.
2. Center and ground. Breathe deeply and steadily.
3. If you are not in a position to be able to see the moon, visualize it clearly in your mind’s eye as it would appear in the sky. Remember to visualize it in the correct moon phase.
4. Hold your hands up and out, as if they were cradling the moon. Allow your energy center to extend two tendrils of energy up your arms to your hands, and then up toward the moon.
5. Visualize the moon’s energy pouring down in a gentle, controlled flow. Feel your energy meet that of the moon, and allow the lunar energy to flow down those energy connections into your arms and your body. Pay attention to how it makes you feel.
6. Drink in the lunar energy for as long as you desire, or until you feel “full.” When you are finished, gently disengage your energy tendrils from the lunary energy, and absorb them back into your body, into your energy center.

Alternate Suggestions for Drawing Down the Moon

If you are wary of taking energy into your body for whatever reason, you may prefer to draw the lunar energy into a tool instead, such as your athame or wand. Another method is to draw the lunar energy into a cup of milk or water. After you accomplish this, you may drink the liquid, bring the lunar energy through it instead of directly from the moon. This is a lovely way to make lunar water to keep for future rituals, as well. Once the water is charged with lunar energy, bottle and label the water and store it in the refrigerator. You may wish to add a cleansed moonstone to the container to further charge the water. This is an excellent way to store the energy of the moon in a particular phase, to be released at a later date when you require it in a ritual or spell.

You can fill stones, candles, and any object you desire with lunar energy with this method. Some Wiccans simply leave an object in the moonlight to charge it, but this method is more active and involves you as a participant, further keying the energy to you and your use.

1. Hold the tool in your hands and raise it so that the tip points toward the moon.
2. Extend your own personal energy up and out through the tool, and draw the lunar energy down as before, but do not draw it past the tool; allow the lunar energy to fill the tool to whatever degree you desire. In this method, the energy remains in the tool until you discharge it toward a goal. Alternatively, you may wish to charge the tool on a regular basis with lunar energy in this manner, in which case you will not discharge it toward a goal in a spell or ritual.

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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