Esbat Spells

Moon Spell

Moon Spell



  • A small globe of crystal or clear glass.


Initial Preparation:

The first time you starts this spell and every time you wish to use it for a new special purpose, you have to clear and consecrate the globe of crystal/glass by holding it up to the light of the Full Moon, so that the lunar image is caught therein.


After this has been performed, the globe may be used as a charm to procure the secret wish of the owner.  On the night of each New Moon, hold the sphere in the left palm, by candlelight, gaze upon it, and chant:

Crescent be full and crystal fill: Thus my eye and thus my will: Fiat Voluntus Abdita! Fiat Voluntus Abdita!! Fiat Voluntus Abdita!!!

The globe should then be kept in a small bag of leather incribed with figures of the Moon’s phases, and worn about the neck during those days and nights between the crescent and the full.  While it is not being worn, the globe should be wrapped in a black cloth and hidden away.

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Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual


The full and new moon rites are a celebration of the moon and Her cycles, as well as a celebration of us.

What you will need:

Your tools

Silver or white candle

White altar candle

A view or picture of the moon



Place the silver or white candle next to your altar candle.

Position your altar so that you can see the moon.

Perform a meditation.

Cast your circle.

Raise your arms over your head, palms up, while saying:


Take the cauldron of earth hold it toward the moon and say:


Take the silver or white candle and place it in the cauldron. Light it and say:


Kneel and say:


Now close your circle. Point your athame down and release while saying:


Let the silver or white candle burn itself out.If you decide to do a spell, perform it before closing the circle and point your athame up instead of down. Then close your circle.

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The Witches Magick for November 28th – Full Moon Divination Spell

Full Moon Divination Spell

The purpose of this spell is to find an answer to any question that has been weighing on your mind. To divine the future.


A full moon.


During a full moon, make a circle using the thumb and index finger of the hand you use for casting a circle. Center the full moon within the circle.


“Good moon, Round moon
Full moon near:
Let the Future
Now Appear.”

Concentrate on the moon and ask a question. The answer will come.


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How To Celebrate an Autumn Full Moon – Group Ceremony

How To Celebrate an Autumn Full Moon – Group Ceremony

Celebrate the autumn full moon outdoors!

In addition to — or instead of — holding a monthly Esbat rite, some Wiccan and Pagan groups prefer to have a season-specific full moon ceremony. During the autumn months, the harvest season begins with the Corn Moon in late August, and continues through September’s Harvest Moon  and the Blood Moon of October. If you’d like to celebrate one or more of these moon phases with a ritual specific to the harvest, it’s not hard. This rite is written for a group of four people or more, but if you needed to, you could easily adapt it for a solitary practitioner.

Here’s How:

  1. Try to hold this ritual outside. Fall nights are usually crisp and cool, and a perfect time for outdoor rituals. Ask each member of the group to bring an item to place on the altar — something that represents the bounty of the harvest. Decorate the altar with these seasonal goodies. Some ideas would be:
    • A basket of apples
    • Gourds, squashes, or small pumpkins
    • Indian corn
    • Colorful leaves
    • Stalks of grain or wheat


    You’ll want to include quarter candles, as well as a cup of wine or cider. If you’re including Cakes and Ale as part of your celebration, place your cakes on the altar as well.

  2. Assign a member of the group to call each quarter. Each person should stand at their assigned quarter holding their unlit candle (and a lighter or matches), and facing the altar. If there are more than four of you present, form a circle.

    Some traditions choose to begin rites facing east, while others prefer the north. This ritual begins with the calling of the north quarter, but you can adjust or adapt it based on the needs of your own tradition.

  3. The person in the north quarter lights their green candle, holds it to the sky, and says:

    We call upon the powers of Earth, and welcome you to this circle. May the fertile soil of the land bring us prosperity, abundance, and the bounty of the land, in this time of harvest.

    Place the candle on the altar.

  4. The person to the east should light her yellow candle, hold it to the sky, and say:

    We call upon the powers of Air, and welcome you to this circle. May the winds of change bring us wisdom and knowledge in this season of abundance and bounty.

    Place the candle on the altar.

  5. Moving to the south, light the red candle and hold it to the sky, saying:

    We call upon the powers of Fire, and welcome you to this circle. May the shining light of this season’s moon illuminate our way through the coming winter.

    Place the candle on the altar.

  6. Finally, the person to the west lights the blue candle, holds it to the sky, and says:

    We call upon the powers of Water, and welcome you to this circle. May the cool autumn rains wash away the last comforts of summer, and prepare us for the chill that is to come.

    Place the candle on the altar.

  7. Have everyone in the circle join hands and say:

    We gather tonight by the light of the moon, to celebrate the season, and rejoice. May the next turn of the Wheel bring us love and compassion, abundance and prosperity, fertility and life. As the moon above, so the earth below.

    Go around the circle, passing the wine or cider. As each person takes a sip, they should share one thing they are looking forward to in the coming month. Do you hope to manifest financial independence? Develop your intuitive powers? Or are you perhaps hoping to grow your relationships? Now is the time to state your intent.

  8. Take a moment to reflect on the bounty of the season. When everyone is ready, either move on to your next ceremony — Cakes and Ale, Drawing Down the Moon, healing rites, etc. — or end the ritual.


  1.  Quarter candles are colored candles based on the colors of the four cardinal directions: green for north, yellow for east, red to the south and blue in the west.

What You Need

  • Candles for each of the four quarters
  • A cup of wine or cider
  • Symbols of the harvest to decorate the altar
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Draw Down The Moon

Draw Down The Moon

Items You Will Need:

  • Full Moon
  • 4 tea lite candles for each element
  • 1 Mirror

The Spell:

Start by lighting the four candles and placing them at each direction (North, South, East, West) and cast a circle.
Sit between the candles, facing the moon. Meditate on the moon for a couple minutes, just let her light fill you up.

Hold the mirror on your lap, catching the Moon’s reflection and point it so it bounces off the moon and points to you. Let it absorb into your skin and your mind and your soul. Once you feel powerful, begin to chant as many times as you wish:

“Mother of the moon
the past and the soon
The light of the night
Come to me tonight.”

This spell is simple. Cast it during the Full Moon and you will be amazed at how aware your senses become.

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Moon Power

Moon Power

This spell can be performed indoors as well as outside. It is representational since you use a paper moon or flower. In the incantation the Moon is represented as a white swan. This should be done at the time of the Full Moon and is designed to bring the energy of the Moon within your grasp until the next Full Moon.

Items You Will Need:

A bowl of water White paper moon or flower

The Spell:

  • Float the paper moon or flower in the bowl.
  •   Raise the bowl towards the Moon in the sky and say:
  •   Hail to thee white swan on the river.
  •   Present life, tide turner,
  •   Moving through the streams of life, all hail.

   “Mother of old and new days,   To you, through you,   this night we cling to your aura.   Pure reflection, total in belief,   touched by your presence,   I am in your power and wisdom.   Praise your power, your peace,   my power, my peace.   I am strong. I praise. I bless. “

  •   Replace the bowl on your altar. Stand for a few moments appreciating the power of the Moon. This spell is purely an incantation to the Moon and is therefore very simple. It needs no other tools or techniques except a physical representation of the Moon. Water is sacred to the Moon and therefore we offer her that which belongs to her.
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Full Moon Fruition Spell

Full Moon Fruition Spell

Items You Need:

  • You will need:
  • Parchment seal
  • Dragons or Doves Blood ink
  • Brown Candle
  • Sprinkling Herbs or Spell Powder
  • Fireproof vessel

The Spell:

On the Full Moon, gather your ingredients and depending on your needs will dictate what Seal, herbs and Blood ink you need to use. Ex. If you have a house closing that is just not going through, use a Parchment seal for Earthly matters, herbs could be (powdered) Bay leaves or Earth Spell Powder and ink, Doves blood. Carve into your candle three symbols for the Moon, light candle. Write in “Blood Ink” on parchment seal your name and date of birth along with any other appropriate symbols. Sprinkle a SMALL amount of herbs or Spell Powders on your parchment seal, focus on seeing your need fulfilled, light tip of seal in candle flame and place in vessel, and as it burns recite this incantation:

“On this right and ready hour,
I call upon the mystic powers. ,
Secret parchment, ancient fires,
bring to me my hearts desire.,
Let the wheels in motion roll,,
All I seek will now unfold.”

Let candle burn out or snuff before leaving.

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Full Moon Money Spell

Full Moon Money Spell

Items You Will:

  • Green Candle
  • Sandalwood oil/Patchouli (optional, but recommended)

The Spell:

On the green candle write the names of the people taking part. If you wish anoint it with either the Patchouli or Sandalwood oil. ?While doing this recite the chant;

“Now is the time for weaving our wills.?
As the Gods and Goddesses lend us their strength,?
we draw it into for our use.?
We cast our energies into the universe to create our destinies as we would have them be.

Light your candle. Focus on the energies being sent into it and transformed as they escape through the smoke and flames into power to do our bidding, reciting this chant.

Full moon bright, full moon’s light,?
Grant to me, my wish tonight.?
Bring wealth into my life to stay,?
Let all my problems melt away.?
Let money come forth now to me.?
With harm to none,?
so mote it be.”

Allow the candle to burn out by itself.

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