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The Witches Spell for the 11th Day of the Snow Moon – Blue Light Dream Meditation

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Blue light is used to wash negativity from your energy field.

Before you go to sleep, lie back comfortably. Take a deep breath to center your awareness. Imagine a bright cobalt blue light shining in a stream into your power chakra at the base of your stomach. Sense its warmth as it begins to energize you on every level of your being. Starting in your gut, it sends out a positive harmonic that neutralizes any discomfort or negativity it encounters. Sense it moving through the various parts of your body, mind, and spirit, eliminating anything negative.

After eliminating the negative , the blue light then starts accentuating the positive energy in you. Imagine that you can take the blue light and manifest it into anything you want. Realize that all you have to do is wish it to be and it becomes reality.

While you drift to sleep, tell the blue light what you really want and who you really want to be. Repeat to yourself over and over:

Bright blue light, please empower my dreams.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Spell for the 10th Day of the Snow Moon – Snow Moon Love Shower

snowI must apologize to everyone experiencing snow right now for this spell. But is after all, the time of the Snow Moon. Sorry guys!


This is a shower best taken by two people.

You will need a cup of fine mud from a cosmetic mud mask.

Begin by standing in the bathtub and applying the mud to one another. Rub the mud all over your partner’s body, taking delight in the way it feels. Press your bodies together, exchanging mud in slippery skin movements. The Earth Goddess and God merging together as One. In unison call out:

Goddess and God of the sacred earth
Mother and father of creation
Let the light be our guide
And love our mantra
So be it! Blessed be!

Step into the warm shower and wash the mud from each of your bodies while whispering loving thoughts to one another. Tell your lover how much you love them. End the shower by toweling each other dry.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 9th Day of the Snow Moon – Divining Love


Divining Love

This spell utilizes the ancient art of dowsing to answer your questions regarding love.

You will need two seventeen-inch lengths of wire and two five-inch hollow tubes . Copper wire works best with copper tubing as the holders. If nothing else, you can use metal coat hangers and straws.

Bend the wires into L shapes, with the long arm being twelve inches and the short arm five inches. The holders go around the short end. The wire should move freely around in the holder.

Hold the wire rods in each hand, outward from your waist, and take a deep breath in and out, and say:

“May the Goddess bless these divining rods as a true and clear oracle.”

Now, think of a question regarding love and state it aloud three times. The rods should start parallel to one another. As you ask your question, watch what the rods do. If they open up, it’s a positive answer to your question. If they cross one another, it’s a negative response to your question.


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight


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The Witches Spell for the 8th Day of the Snow Moon – Snow Moon Ritual Oil




Draw the power and passion of the Goddess to you with this ritual oil.

You will need nine tablespoons of grape seed oil, six drops of sandalwood-scented oil, two drops of lavender essential oil, and twelve drops of vanilla extract.

Pour the oils and extract into a bottle with a sealed top. Shake the oil while saying:

Goddess of love bless this sensuous oil
Please fill it with your divine power and passion.

Warm the oil up slightly before using it to massage your beloved. Enjoy the aroma as you kneed the oil into your lover’s skin. After you rub your beloved, then have him or her massage you with your snow moon ritual oil.


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight
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The Witches Magick for the 7th Day of the Snow Moon – Spread Your Wings and Fly




Spread your wings and fly toward your full potential with this spell.

Sit or lie back and get comfortable. Take several deep breaths , inhaling slowly, holding your breath for a count of three, and exhaling. Sense all the stress and tension moving out of your body every time you breathe out.

Stretch your arms out and as you do so, imagine them growing feathers and becoming wings. Slightly move your arms, and it lightly moves you up into the clouds. Around you are butterflies and zebras that ride through fairy-tales on moonbeams.

By lightly flapping your wings, you ride the wind to wherever you want to go. Through the intention of your mind, you can become whoever you want to be. Now is the time to spread your wings and fly. Now is the time to reach for the stars and realize your full potential. Allow yourself to drift to sleep, as you wing your way through the stars.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Spell for the 5th Day of the Snow Moon – Cat Dreams

Fantasy Comments & Graphics

This spell teaches you how to energetically shape shift into a cat in your dreams. Shape shifting allows you merge with a particular animal spirit and to bring the power and wisdom of this spirit into your own being. It means you can be as sleek, sure-footed, and cunning as a cat when you need to be. These can be very good traits which is why cats are so adaptive and prone to survival. Their ancestors have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

You will need pictures of cats and sandalwood incense. Cats come in many different colors, sizes, and personality types. Become familiar with these many faces of cats, and in particular, what face most closely resembles who you are as a person. Take time to observe as many cats as you can. Watch how they interact with other cats and how they interact with humans. Merge with the cat spirit and become one with the cat goddess, Bast.

Tonight before you go to sleep, put the pictures of cats on your altar and light the sandalwood incense. Call out to the cat goddess Bast:

Dear Bast, Goddess of the divine feline
Please come to me tonight during dreamtime.
Blessed dreams! Blessed be!

As you close your eyes to go to sleep, let the images of cats move through your mind’s eye. Merge with the cat spirit, and repeat to yourself as you drift to sleep:

Tonight I dream with the cat spirit.
Blessed be Bast.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – I Can Feel You, Where Are you Spell

Fantasy Comments & Graphics

I Can Feel You, Where Are you Spell

This is a spell to help you make a past life connection


Necessary Enhancement and Magickal Tools

The necessary tools for this spell include any tools you have chosen for your formation as described below.

You will need:
• wine or juice (white or red)
• chalice or special cup
• a small piece of polished or rough rose quartz

You will also need red, yellow, white, and pink candles to be lit after the spell is underway, placed in a row in front of you.

All spells should begin with casting a circle, which is your shield of protection. If you are using a triangle or a square, cast your circle first and then cast your formation within it. The best formation for this spell is the triangle. Cast your formation using a wand, a knife, an extended arm with fingers pointed, salt, or other material items you may have chosen.

Direction to Face
This spell is most effective if you are facing north. Arrange your candles and any tools or enhancements that will be in your formation so that they will be in front of you when you are sitting facing north.

Moon Phase
This spell will work best if cast during the full phase of the Moon because we are hoping to increase your opportunity of finding that person you sense is out there for you.

Day of the Week
The most favorable days of the week to cast this spell would be on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, but this spell can be cast on any day of the week.

Optional Magickal Enhancements
The following items will add a deeper dimension to your spell and help you to focus yourself more fully, but they are not necessary and the spell can be cast even if you don’t have these items available.

The best gemstones to use for this spell are carnelian and lapis lazuli. If using additional gemstones other than those recommended in your formation, place them in front of you.

Incense that will enhance this spell would be musk and dragon’s blood. Place incense in a safe place within your formation if you like; however, start the incense outside of your formation.

If you like music and will not find it distracting, you might want to play something soothing or sensual, like Native American drumming, flute, chanting, or something instrumental you find romantic. Whatever you are comfortable with will be best.

Before You Start Your Spell
Make sure you have no distractions.
Turn phones off if possible.
Play soothing music.
Keep the lights dim.
Wash your hands or shower before you begin.
Light incense if you are using it.
Gather everything you need and have it close at hand.
Draw your formation.
Ask your higher power to allow the information to flow through you.

Affirmation to be read within your formation before you actually begin your spell. Hear the whispers of this Moon tonight. I sense you but do not know who you are or where you are. My mind travels to thoughts of you. Are we destined to be together, or is what I am feeling a part of a past life that once was and is no more? Are you a mere fantasy or do you really exist? Oh , Moon’s energy, feel my dismay. Why does this lingering thought of a person I have never met intrigue me so? What holds us back from finding each other? Through grace, if this be my love, then keep us apart no longer.

How to Perform the Spell
1. Light the yellow candle and say: “I am here, come to me.”
2. Take a sip of your wine.
3. Light the red candle and say: “Feel me breathe.”
4. Light the white candle and say: “May we have light to find each other.”
5. Take your rose quartz and pass it over and above the flame of the three candles, high enough so you do not burn yourself.
6. Now hold the rose quartz on your heart and close your eyes. Try to picture a silhouette of someone but not a face. If no vision comes to mind, do not force it. Let it go for now.

Finally light the pink candle and recite this incantation:

I gaze at the Moon with her magickal power,
Are you gazing too, at exactly this hour?
I do not know you, nor words we have spoken,
This spell is now cast and cannot be broken.

Conclude with any statement that signifies closure of the ceremony in your mind such as “And so it is,” “Blessed be,” or “Amen.” Now extinguish your candles and release your formation.

After you leave your circle, take your rose quartz and put it somewhere you will see it daily, if possible. The next time you see another piece of rose quartz, buy it and keep it out of sight. Know that someday you will give it to the person you are meant to be with. And eventually the two gemstones will sit side by side.

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Diane Ahlquist

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The Witches Spell for the 3rd Day of the Snow Moon – Goddess Healing Spell

Unicorn Comments & Graphics

Your intention when doing this spell is to direct as much healing energy as you can toward a particular area on the body. You can do this healing on either yourself or someone else.

You need a white candle, a green gel pen, a sheet of red construction paper, and sandalwood incense.

Draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Light the white candle and dedicate it to your favorite healing Goddess:

Great Goddess let your light shine
So that health may reign divine.


Take the green gel pen and draw the outline of a person on the construction paper. Now mark the area that needs healing with an X. Light the sandalwood incense, and also dedicate it to the Goddess of healing. Pass the piece of construction paper with the picture through the incense smoke. Place the picture on your altar, and pick up your magic wand. Direct it at the spot where you want the healing energy to go, and say:


By the power of the Goddess, where I point my wand
All illness and disease be gone So be it! Blessed be!


Let the candle burn down safely. Thank the healing Goddess, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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