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Venus Love Charm

Venus Love Charm

This is one of those rare full moon love spells that doesn’t focus on red or pink. Try using a little different color energy for this one. The piece of silk can be any color, but purple or white is best (try pink or red for another option). Supplies for this spell:

• A new silver coin
• 4 pieces of rose quartz
• A square piece of silk
• A purple candle

Set your piece of silk out on your altar, and put the candle in the center in a secure candle holder. Wax may drip on the silk so don’t use anything that is really important or valuable for that. Also on the cloth, set the silver coin on the south side of the candle (use a compass if you have to). Place the 4 pieces of quartz on the corners of the cloth. Needless to say, do this spell on the night of the full moon.

Light the candle and say these words 4 times, touching a crystal each time:

From the 4 corners of the Earth
Bring my true love to me

Envision light going out from the candle and spreading out into the world to connect with your next true love. Try not to picture anyone in particular. Leave the candle burning for the night and then bundle up the crystals and coin in the silk, and leave on your altar.


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Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

Harness that full moon power with this love spell. This is also a potent fire spell so you will need somewhere that you can safely light a fire. Outdoors is best but a fireplace, woodstove or even a cast-iron cauldron would do. Other than that, you will need to have:

• A handful or two of coarse salt
• About the same amount in dried red rose petals
• A place to burn a fire safely

This spell takes 3 nights, starting the night before the official full moon date. Get a small fire going (you can use any type of wood for that). Stand before the fire toss in some salt, and say,

Let his heart burn for me,
Sparked under the light of the moon,
Let his heart burn for me,
Bring him to me soon.

Obviously, change the text from “his” to “her” if needed. Toss in some of the rose petals, and repeat again. Let the flames burn for a few more minutes if you wish or extinguish the fire. Do the same ritual for the next 2 nights. A new love should come into your life before the next full moon.


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Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

Items You Will Need:

  • Full Moon
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Five Tea lights/any color
  • Lavender/Lots
  • Concentration
  • Wine
  • Goblet
  • Athame
  • Moonstone or Crystal of some sort
  • Cloth Strip or Bandage of some sort

1.Place the candles in a pentagram shape and connect them with the lavender to make a star,then use some lavender to circle the star still connecting the candles to make a pentagram(should be big enough to place the goblet and athame in the middle without touching the sides).
~TO CONNECT:Bottom left to tip
Tip to bottom right
Bottom right to top left
Top left to top right
Top right to bottom left
2.Light the candles in correspondence with the five elements
~TO LIGHT CANDLES:Top right = Air
Bottom right = Water
Bottom left = Earth
Top left = Fire
Tip = Spirit
3.As you light the candles say:
~AIR:”God of Air I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power.”
~WATER:”Goddess of Water I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power.”
~EARTH:”Goddess of Earth I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power.”
~FIRE:”God of Fire I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power.”
~SPIRIT:”Spirit of the Universe I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power.”
4.Once all the candles are lit fill the goblet halfway with wine and place it in the middle of the pentagram and place the athame in the middle of the pentagram along with the goblet.
5.Look up at the moon and say:
“Mother Moon I look to you this night to ask for your blessing and protection through your next phase of beauty.”
6.Take the athame in your dominate hand and raise it to the moon,extend your other hand in front of you over the goblet,and looking to the moon say:
“Mother Moon I sacrifice eight drops of blood to represent the eight phases of your beauty.”
7.With the athame slice across your hand and let exactly eight drops of your blood fall into the goblet.
8.Take the moonstone or crystal into the hand that you cut and that hand in you other hand,squeeze the moonstone or crystal in your hands close to your chest as hard as you can without dripping blood all over yourself.
9.Place the blood-covered jewel in the goblet of wine and say:
“As I ask for you blessing I offer you this sacrifice as price for my requests.”
10.Take the goblet in both hands,hold it up to the moon,bring it back to you,and take a drink.(It may not taste very good,sorry)
11.Put the goblet down in the pentagram again,dip your fingers in the liquid,and trace a star on either your chest or forehead,then touch your fingers to your lips. Clean and bandage your hand,we wouldn’t want it to get infected now would we.
12.Meditate until either the tealights burn out or the wine dries. The longer you meditate the more relaxed you will become.
13.Take the jewel from the goblet and place it under your pillow and keep it there until the sun rises then was it and keep it somewhere safe until the next time you need it.



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The Witches Magick for August 25th: August New Moon Ritual

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

August New Moon Ritual

Adjusting to Change Spell

As you reap the harvest of your magickal work (not to mention the alterations that you have made in your everyday life) , you will see many benefits. You may be stronger, wiser, more prosperous, healthier… thinner. Whatever you have been working on, you should be seeing some of the results by now. That’s good, right? Of course it is.

Still, most people find change to be at least a bit unsettling, even if the change is for the better. Some of us get downright stressed out by the new and different, even if it is what we asked for in the first place. So here is a spell to help ease you through the transition to the new and improved you.

Note: You can also use this spell any time you need help with some type of change, including the not-so-positive ones that life occasionally throws at us. It doesn’t need to be done at one of the moons to be effective, either. Just put all your need for help into it, and the Goddess will hear you, no matter what the date.


Adjusting to Change:

Note: This ritual is best done in a quiet atmosphere. If you like to play music in the background as you get started, turn it off before you call the quarters.


*Note if you are a Solitary Practitioner change the HP or HPS to yourself)

  • Cleanse and consecrate the circle with sage or incense.

  • Cleanse and consecrate the circle with salt and water.
  • If desired, pass the Peace and Happiness oil around the circle. Have circle members or just yourself anoint while concentrating on becoming more at peace.
  • Cast the circle, either hand to hand or by having the HPS walk around the circle with her athame.
  • Call the Quarters.

  • HPS invokes the Goddess: “Great Goddess, Lady of the Moon, we welcome you. As the moon rules over the changes in the tides and in our bodies, so you rule over the changes in our spirits. We ask that you join us tonight, and aid us as we seek to deal with those changes with grace and dignity. So Mote It Be.”

  • - Drum to raise energy. If your group likes to chant, this is a good time to do the “She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches changes” chant. Remember to focus on what you want to achieve with this magickal work.
  • When you have raised the energy in the circle to its peak, recite the spell together. If some or all of the people in your group are in crisis, repeat the spell three times for added power:

Adjusting to Change Spell

In time of change, to ease transition

I call upon the Goddess wise

To help me find my new position

Underneath her moonlit skies

Guide my spirit, hands and heart

In this time of shifting tide

Aid me with the tasks I start

While easing what I lay aside

Whether grief or joyous birth

Sadness or release

With Air and Water, Fire and Earth

The Goddess brings me peace

So Mote It Be

-Take a moment of silence to ground, and let your new balance settle in.

-Pass Cakes and Ale. Comfort foods like cookies are good for this ritual

-Pass the Speaking Stick.

-Dismiss the Quarters.

-HPS thanks the Goddess.

-Open the circle. (This is a good time to recite the Wiccan Rede.)


Circle, Coven, & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Deborah Blake(2014-03-30).
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Lady’s Spell of the Day for July 11 – Full Moon/Cleansing Rite Spell


Unicorn Comments & Graphics

Lady’s Spell of the Day for July 11

Full Moon/Cleansing Rite Spell


Special tools:

Cauldron filled with salt water

Altar Devotion

Cast the circle

Invocation of the Goddess I greet the Lady and call upon thee

Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness. I ask you, Mother, to descend upon my circle

And reside within me, thy priest/ess.

Invocation of the God

I call upon thee O Great Father, Sun and

Consort of the Mother,

Who brings her light and warmth. Come forth Mighty Horned One.

Live now within the body of this thy priest/ess.



Anoint forehead with salt water

“I cleanse my thoughts that they might be pure and honest – grant that they always be pleasing to the God and Goddess.”

Anoint throat

“I cleanse my voice that all that I say might be for good and naught for ill or harm.”

Anoint heart

“I cleanse my heart that it might be open, giving and full of light.

Grant that I might give freely of my love and care to others.”

Anoint hands

“I cleanse my hands that I might use them for workings of good, to help and never to harm.”

Anoint feet

“I cleanse my feet that they might take me far in life, that my journeys may be filled with love, light, peace and the joy of the Goddess and God.”

Meditation for a time.

Cakes and Wine (eating bread and drinking wine or juice to restore energies spent during ritual) Release the circle, thank the God and Goddess.

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The Witches Magick for Friday, June 20th – Midsummer Ritual

Litha Comments & Graphics

 Midsummer Ritual


Begin by casting a circle. Now stand before your altar and say the following or similar:

“Great God of the sun, I have come here this day to honor you in your strength, for I know that now is the time of your greatest power.”


Raise your wand or Athame towards the sun and say the following or similar:

“Great father God, Great mother Goddess, come into my heart, and purify me. Smite the evil in my soul, just as your magickal love purges the evil from all things.”

Visualize the energy of the sun flowing into your athame, and into you. See it clean any impurities that exist in you. Feel it as it cleans you.

Once you have finished reflecting on the God and Goddess’ purification of you, move to the south side of you circle (the direction of fire) and light a (small) ritual fire.

Now say the following or similar:

“Great horned father, may this fire burn in representation of your greatness.”


Meditate for a while (while staring into the flames) on the sun, and all it does for us. Once you have meditated, you should allow yourself some time to commune with the gods. Just open your mind to them and let them speak to you. If you like you can thank them and tell them what midsummer means to you. Or you can just lay there in silence and know that they are watching. Once you are done, thank the gods for watching over you.

The ritual part of this rite is over, however, midsummer & midsummer’s night are probably the best times to perform magick. Any spells cast during this time are likely to be vastly more powerful than when cast at other times. If you do not have any particular thing to cast a spell for, then perhaps now would be the best time to cast a spell that ensures happiness for you over the coming winter months. Think hard about it, because this opportunity comes but once a year.


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Moon Power Spell

Moon Power Spell


This spell can be performed indoors as well as outside. It is representational since you use a paper moon or flower. In the incantation the Moon is represented as a white swan. This should be done at the time of the Full Moon and is designed to bring the energy of the Moon within your grasp until the next Full Moon.


Items You Will Need:

A bowl of water

White paper moon or flower


Float the paper moon or flower in the bowl.

  • Raise the bowl towards the Moon in the sky and say:
  • Hail to thee white swan on the river.
  • Present life, tide turner,
  • Moving through the streams of life, all hail.

Mother of old and new days, To you, through you, this night we cling to your aura. Pure reflection, total in belief, touched by your presence, I am in your power and wisdom. Praise your power, your peace, my power, my peace. I am strong. I praise. I bless.


  • Replace the bowl on your altar. Stand for a few moments appreciating the power of the Moon. This spell is purely an incantation to the Moon and is therefore very simple. It needs no other tools or techniques except a physical representation of the Moon. Water is sacred to the Moon and therefore we offer her that which belongs to her.


Author: Angelina_20


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Full Moon Fruition Spell

Full Moon Fruition Spell


A Full Moon is the perfect time to bring things to fruition. If you have something in your life that is hanging in the balance, this is the spell for you.


You will need:

  • Parchment seal
  • Dragons or Doves Blood ink
  • Brown Candle
  • Sprinkling Herbs or Spell Powder
  • Fireproof vessel


On the Full Moon, gather your ingredients and depending on your needs will dictate what Seal, herbs and Blood ink you need to use. Ex. If you have a house closing that is just not going through, use a Parchment seal for Earthly matters, herbs could be (powdered) Bay leaves or Earth Spell Powder and ink, Doves blood. Carve into your candle three symbols for the Moon, light candle. Write in “Blood Ink” on parchment seal your name and date of birth along with any other appropriate symbols. Sprinkle a SMALL amount of herbs or Spell Powders on your parchment seal, focus on seeing your need fulfilled, light tip of seal in candle flame and place in vessel, and as it burns recite this incantation:

“On this right and ready hour,
I call upon the mystic powers. ,
Secret parchment, ancient fires,
bring to me my hearts desire.,
Let the wheels in motion roll,,
All I seek will now unfold.”

Let candle burn out or snuff before leaving.


Author: Fumiya


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