Emotion Spells

Happiness & Comfort Spell


You need Jasmine oil Freshly picked flower (any kind will do)
Paper + Pen Candle Container

Write down on a piece of paper who or what makes you sad or angry and burn the paper saying:

“I burn this paper to bring me happiness.”

Then drip the jasmine oil on the flowers and burn the flowers saying:

“I burn these flowers to bring me comfort.”

Pour the ashes into the container while saying:

“Akasha (the goddess), bring me happiness and bring me comfort.”

Repeat it three times then put the container somewhere cool.

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A Spell for Well Being & Star Oil



When you have been sick, but are beginning to feel better, this is a good spell to cast. It is energizing and will leave you feeling healthier than when you began. For periodic maintenance, you may want to use the spell twice a year.

Things you will need:

1 white or pink image candle

Powdered rose petals

Push-pin thumbtack

Star Oil (see below)

Carve your name, or that of the person for whom you are casting the spell, onto the candle.

Anoint the candle with the oil and sprinkle with powdered rose petals.


Raise energy and focus on general well-being as you charge the candle.

Burn under the waxing moon, chanting:


Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Peace, Health, Joy, Laughter.


Peak the energy and let it fly out to the universe. Let the candle burn completely.

(If you use runes you may also carve Sigil, Flame, and Caduceus in the wax before anointing the candle with oil.)




1/4 ounce almond oil

10 drops lemon oil

7 drops jasmine oil

7 drops rosemary oil

17 drops chamomile oil

5 drops sandalwood oil

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Spell to Calm and Center Your Emotions



Moon Phase: Waning,

Timing: Any Day, Any Time, Use as needed


A bowl of distilled or boiled water

Favorite Incense flavor

A white candle

Some Earth


The Spell:

Begin by casting your circle as you normally would. Say aloud:


Here before me I gather the elements of life, Earth, Air, Fire,

Water, to remove all negative energies from within.

The Earth grounds me from harm


(rub the Earth between your hands)


The Air blows away any fear


(run hands through the smoke of the incense)


Fire burns away negativity


(quickly run fingers through the candle flame, be careful not to burn yourself)


And Water brings freshness back in


(place your hands in the bowl of water)


With harm to none, I release my negativity to cleanse my emotions,

And fill myself full of good intention.

So mote it be


Take the Water and Salt outside and empty it near your door (if in a large city,

a park will do fine) and save the candle and incense for later spells of similar need.

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Peace Ritual



Design this ritual to suit your needs.

Choose candle colors that represent the things you seek peace for (e.g., maybe green and brown for peace on earth).


From out of the dark and into the light

A circular mark, a candle burns bright.

I look towards the sky…my song do I sing.

Spirits soar high and gifts do I bring.

I offer my all! My mind, I then clear

Hearken my call! I feel you are near!

Candle burns higher; my spirits set free!

Hotter than fire, this magic will be!

Let magic come ’round, from under the ground,

To form with my sound and then, to be bound!

Around me I feel the magic so real,

Before you I kneel.. the spell I now seal!

Let all hatred CEASE! And let there be PEACE!

These words that I say, with magic AWAY!

This spell that I send is now at an end.

Let the magic I’ve laid, go forth and not fade!



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A Moon Magick Ritual For Calm

A Moon Magick Ritual For Calm


* Wait until the Moon is moving towards full, and is quite bright in the sky.


* Find somewhere as dark as possible so the light is undiluted and slowly ‘inhale’ the light through your nose, looking at the Moon and drawing its light towards you.


* Hold your Moon breath for a count of ‘One and two and three’. Remember to say the ‘ands’ to stop yourself rushing – this is relaxing, not a race.


* Close your eyes and exhale the darkness of your panic, frustration or unhappiness.


* Continue alternately inhaling with your eyes open and exhaling with your eyes closed until you feel that you are filled with silver light.


* Now gently exhale a little of that light in a single breath, this time with your eyes open, directing it in your vision towards someone you know who is also feeling stressed or anxious.


* Inhale more moonlight and continue to exhale, still with your eyes open, continuing to direct the healing light.


* Let the Moon shine into a silver or crystal bowl of water. Before bedtime, tip the water into your

bath so you can absorb the Moon energies through your pores.


Whenever you feel stressed, visualise the Moon, close your eyes and gently inhale; peace will come to you because you gave it out to others.


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Witches Magick for Tuesday, April 8th – Charm for Courage

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Witches Magick for Tuesday, April 8th – Charm for Courage

Items You Will Need:

Jewelry Items

Musk or Cedar Oil

Obtain a piece of jewelry. Any sort will do as long as it is something that you like enough to wear frequently. Rub a bit of oil into the piece and chant:

“I imbue you with courage, and bravery, and nerve.
I empower you with self-confidence, so you may serve
My needs when anxieties attempt to emerge
Eradicate them; let new confidence surge.”

Wear the jewelry as needed.


Everyday Magick
Author: Dorothy Morrison


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Self Assurance Spell

Self Assurance Spell

Gathe​r a piece​ of paper​,​ one grey crayo​n,​ one brigh​t crayo​n (​orang​e-​yello​w is good)​,​ match​es,​ and a small​ item to repre​sent yours​elf (​perha​ps a pebbl​e)​.​

On the left side of the paper​ write​ in grey the word “​doubt​,​”​ and draw a cloud​ over the word.​
On the right​ side,​ use the brigh​t crayo​n to draw a sun with the word “​assur​ance”​ under​neath​ it.

Then lay the paper​ befor​e you, placi​ng the symbo​l of self on the left side.​ Slowl​y,​ while​ repea​ting the phras​e,​

“​From doubt​ to certa​inty,​ light​ to mark my way. Misgi​vings​ be gone,​ I’m seizi​ng the day,​”​ move the stone​ acros​s the page until​ it sets firml​y on the word “​assur​ance.​”

Next,​ take a deep breat​h and tear away the left side of the paper​,​ relea​sing your breat​h as you finis​h teari​ng.​ Burn that side to liter​ally destr​oy your doubt​.​

Wrap the remai​ning paper​ aroun​d the stone​ or objec​t and carry​ it to encou​rage confi​dence​ every​ day.        

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The Witches Magick for March 24th – Ashes to Riddance

The Witches Magick for March 24th

Ashes to Riddance


There are times in our lives when we become burdened with worrying. We spend so much time worrying that we never come to solving the problem. Sometimes we have past hang-ups that prevent us from moving towards more positive lifestyles. This little spell is to help us put an end to these ruts in our lives.

Needed: Ashes from burned wood Jar or bowl to hold the ashes

Moon Phase: Waning Moon

Locations: Outdoors in a clearing

Gather wood ashes the day of the spell and place in a glass jar or open bowl.During the day, hold the jar or bowl and visualize all your worries and/or hang-ups pouring from your3rd eye and heart and into the ashes. When the night falls, take the ashes to a clearing in a field, wood, or parking lot. Hold the jar or bowl in your hands and do one last pouring out of
your worries and hang-ups. Now say:

“You are ashes, And to ashes you shall return.”

Pour the ashes out of the jar or bowl and walk away without looking back.
When you’ve returned home be sure to wash out the jar or bowl.Burn some incense, take a bath, or light a candle, and refocus. It is done.

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