Dark Arts’ Spells

Destructive Knot Spell


If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing, there is a knot spell for this.

Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem in all its agonizing detail. Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever works. Then firmly tie the knot. Walk away from it, out of the room if possible.

Take a shower, eat, do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you to relax. When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm and peace untie the knot.

See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is swept away by the cleansing, refreshing North wind.

It is done.
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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for the 8th of July (Special Request) – The Vern

Celtic Comments & Graphics

The Vern

Your neighbor or your colleague is driving you nuts


Remember the ’80s sitcom about Vern and his well-meaning nemesis neighbor, Ernest P. Worrell? “Hey Vern, it’s Ernest!” While it’s too late for Vern, here’s a curse for you to use on that special someone you could do without. It’s not terribly serious, but it will get your tormentor off your back. Use it for anyone who’s a pain, but never use it against someone you envy.

You will need:

A piece of first-quality stationery, unlined (available at a stationery store)

A pen

A few dressmakers’ pins

Take your stationery and write this down: “I give you the man who has stolen my pleasure. May the grass grow at his door and the fox nest on his hearthstone. [Write the name here.]”

Roll up the paper and secure it with several pins. Say: “So I give the name who took me away, who has been privy to that taking-away.”

Place it under your neighbor’s doorstep. The front step’s better than the back.

For a coworker, simply place the scroll at the back of one of his least-used desk drawers. The bottom drawer on the right side is best.

When things improve, remove the roll—but keep it handy if things deteriorate again. This is not a curse with great sticking power, but it can be re-used.

The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Dawn Rae Downton

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for July 7th – The All-Purpose Payback Spell

The All-Purpose Payback Spell


Choose the All-Purpose Payback when you want to “do unto others as they did unto you.” It’s a quid pro quo that will directly return to your oppressor the harm he’s caused you. That’s why it uses a figurine: it represents your “cursee.” That’s also why you can’t use the All-Purpose Payback when you’re feeling put upon generally or when things aren’t working out, and “someone’s got to pay.” Have in mind someone or something specific whom you’re paying back. Have in mind as well what he did to you, and focus on sending it straight back to him.

You will need:

A white candle

A small saucepan

A long match (a fireplace match is good)

Wait until dark. Melt a candle in the saucepan over low heat.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and wait until the wax is cool enough to handle. Shape it into a rudimentary figurine, working quickly so that you’re done sculpting before the wax starts to harden.

Strike the match under the ends of the figurine, first the feet and then the head, and drip them into the saucepan. You don’t need to melt them much. As you do, slowly say your victim’s name three times.

Extinguish the match between the thumb and third finger of your left hand.

Dispose of what’s left of the figurine by burying it in the ground. Replace the soil, level it, and dispose of the wax in the saucepan by reheating it to melting and pouring it on top of the soil.

Your oppressor is now at your mercy just as you were once at his/her’s, and exactly the same way.



The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Dawn Rae Downton


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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for January 29th – Keep nosey neighbors away

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for January 29th

Keep nosey neighbors away


Your neighbors seem to be more interested in your life than in their own. This spell helps prevent your neighbors from interfering, even if they profess to be well meaning.

Ingredients/tools needed: A mirror A table knife

Best time to perform the spell: On a Saturday or during the new moon

Stand in the center of your home. Hold the knife and point it at your neighbors’ home. Keeping your arm outstretched and the knife pointing outward, walk in a clockwise direction around the room/area until you’ve completed drawing a circle with the knife. Envision a protective wall encircling you and your home, blocking your neighbors’ view. Lay the knife on the windowsill that faces or is closest to your neighbors’ home. Say this incantation aloud:

“I’m protected by this knife [Neighbors’ name] get a life.”

Now hang the mirror so it faces your neighbors’ home. If possible, hang it outside so it reflects their home. If that’s not possible, position it at the window where you’ve laid the knife, so that the mirror faces your neighbors’ home. The mirror symbolically deflects their curiosity and bounces their own energy back to them. Now, when they try to see what you’re doing they’ll only see their own reflection. Say this incantation aloud:

“You’ll no long bother me
What I do you cannot see.”

Leave the mirror and knife in place until your neighbors find something else to occupy their time and leave you alone.

Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune
Skye Alexander

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Lady A’ Spell of the Day for January 4th – The Classic Bend Over Spell

Unicorn Comments & Graphics

The Classic Bend Over Spell


Bend Over Powder

Combine equal parts of the following:

Calamus Root

Bend Oil

To make the oil, combine the above powdered herbs, cover it three times over with almond oil. Keep it in a warm place for two weeks, shaking it once or twice per day. Strain and bottle. For extra power add a few drops of Bergamot and Vanilla oils

The Classic Bend Over Spell

You’ll need the following:
Black image candle to represent your subject
Paper Red Ink (Dragon’s Blood Ink is preferable)

Write the subject’s name nine times on the paper, then turn the paper 90 degrees and cross and cover it by writing, “Bend Over” nine times over the top of the names.

Inscribe the subject’s name on the candle. If you have a photograph, a signature, hair, fingernail clippings or a small personal item belonging to the person, carve out the bottom of the candle and insert this.

Anoint the candle with Bend Over Oil and rub it in as you project your desires onto the candle. Envision what you want the person to do and how you want them to behave toward you.

Place your candle on its holder. Dip the four corners of the paper into the Bend Over Oil. Sprinkle it with Bend Over Powder. Fold the paper toward you two times, enfolding the powder in the middle. Imagine your desired outcome as you do so. Turn your paper 90 degrees and fold it one or two more times. Then, place it under the candle holder.

Sprinkle Bend Over Powder around the candle. Light it and let it burn all the way down. Bury the remains near the subject’s home or business and forget about it.

Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection
Angela Kaelin

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Water Magick – Send Back Spell

Water Magick

Send Back Spell


Set up a small round mirror (not your Magic Mirror) so that it is leaning against the wall, or set it in a holder so that the mirror is parallel to the wall. Place before it a black candle in a plain holder. Be sure the candle is reflected in the mirror.

Now place a large white candle away from the mirror so that it isn’t reflected in the mirror and light it. This is done to ensure that the black candle doesn’t attract any evil forces.

Now standing before the mirror and black candle, light the candle and begin chanting:


Nigrum malum redeatis unde uenistis!


Evil darkness, return from whence you came!


Repeat this chant while looking at the candle for a few moments , and then leave the room. After an hour snuff the candle’s flame, then snuff the white candle flame and put it safely out of sight. Repeat this spell for seven nights. This spell sends evil forces directed at you back to the original sender . It is a defensive move only.



The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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The Witches Magick for October 3 – A Little Old Folk Magick, Conjuring, Summoning, Dispelling & Exorcism of Spirits

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

The Witches Magick for October 3

A Little Old Folk Magick, Conjuring, Summoning, Dispelling & Exorcism of Spirits 

To Conjure Spirits
{Folk Magic}

Lavender & Sandalwood Incenses

To encourage your chances of summoning spirits, also called necromancy, you should burn Lavender and Sandalwood together, while performing a séance, using a ouija/ spirit board, or performing any other act of contacting the dead.

Spirit Summoning

{Folk Magic}


Mint Sprigs

Another technique used to enhance your positive results during a spirit summoning session, is to leave twigs or pieces of fresh mint as an offering during your attempted contacts. If you are attempting the contact inside a magical circle, the mint should be placed on your altar, in an offering plate.


To Dispel Spirits
{Folk Magic}



Eat Garlic and sprinkle it around your property if you are eager to rid you home of spirits, and ghosts. This is said to keep ghosts from pestering you and your family.

{Folk Magic}

Frankincense Incense

Burning Frankincense is another method adapted by Christianity from Pagans to assist in the removal of evil entities. Frankincense, while being burned, is believed to rid an area of spirits, and cleanse the area of all negativity ; however other religions have been known to use frankincense during the summoning of spirits.

All Folk Magick Spells From:
The Book of Dark and Light Shadows
Dawn Flowers

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Witches Magick for Thursday, September 2 – Cause A Lawyer to Lose a Case

Autumn Comments & Graphics

Cause a Lawyer to Lose a Case


Materials Required:
Twelve white candles
One dark blue candle
One candle in the lawyer’s birth color (You may use the same color as the person’s birthstone.)

Instructions: Carve the lawyer’s name into the candle of his/ her birth color. Draw faces on the rest of the candles. On your altar or table, arrange the candles as illustrated further below. Have all the faces on the candles facing the lawyer candle. Begin by lighting the lawyer candle and say the following:

“[Lawyer’s name], your cries will fall on deaf ears.”

Light the blue judge’s candle and say:

“The judge will not hear the words of [Lawyer’s name].”

Turn the face of the first white candle away from the lawyer’s candle. Light the first white candle and say the following:

“Juror number 1 will not hear the words of [Lawyer’s name].”

Light the second white candle, and say the following:

“Juror number 2 will not hear the words of [Lawyer’s name].”


Continue this for all twelve candles for the jurors have been lit and are facing away from the lawyer candle . Allow all the candles to burn out to release the spell.


101 Curses Under the Moon.
Numley, Augustus

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