Dark Arts Potions/Powders

Unhex Mojo Bag

Unhex Mojo Bag

Red, purple, or black flannel

Cord to tie it up with

A Piece of High John the Conqueror root

1 piece of agate crystal

Pinch of St. John’s wort

A Piece of rosemary

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Witch To Witch – Goofer Dust Questions?


We have had a few questions in regards to Goofer Dust. Mainly, how do you make it and then what do you use it for.  I have attempted to answer some of these concerns below. If you have any further question, drop us a note.

Goofer Dust

Traditionally this powder is put wherever the person has to walk through it. It causes extreme discomfort and is used to drive people away. So, if you want to get your spouse out of the house, put Goofer Dust where he or she must walk through it. So you don’t get into the stuff yourself, carefully sprinkle a small amount in and around his or her shoes. Sprinkle a little under his or her pillow.

This powder can be used in other spells to rid yourself of any unwanted person. An alternative to using it the traditional way is to place some Goofer Dust in a box. Then, place a picture of your victim alone in the box and bury it.

Goofer Dust recipes vary. Here is one of my favorite:

Goofer Dust Recipe

1 part Graveyard dust (taken from the grave of a murderer at midnight)

1 part Sulphur

1 part Ashes from a fire

1 part powdered Bones (Bone Meal)

1 part powdered Snake Skin

1 part Iron filings

In short the ingredients are thing designed to poison and kill the victim by means of magick. When it is blessed and carried in a bag with you, it becomes a protective agent.

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The Witches Spell for July 23rd – Reverse and Send Back A Spell or Curse

Book & Candle Comments

The Witches Spell for July 23rd:

Reverse and Send Back A Spell or Curse


Ingredients You Will Need:

Pine Needles

If you feel someone has been performing Magick on you against your will, you do have the option of stopping their effort. You should burn pine needles while concentrating on stopping and sending back the Magickal Act. This will also aid in blocking future attempts at Magickal intrusion.

The easiest way to perform this spell indoors is to crush a small amount of needles and to place them atop a round charcoal tablet. This spell can just as easily be preformed outdoors by placing pine needles on the campfire. All people present should participate in the visualization of sending the Magick back to its owner.

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Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar


Four Thieves Vinegar is one of the tastiest salad dressings you’ll ever experience. It also has a wide-ranging reputation for healing and practical magic. For healing, it is used as a preventative tonic against all sorts of diseases, although its reputation was gained as a preventative against the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages. It is also used as a wound dressing in the old style treatment of gangrene, being applied to the wound after the maggotts have eaten off the dead flesh. It is not recommended for healing anymore, as there are more conventional ways of treating these illnesses.

To make the original Four Thieves Vinegar, peel a number of cloves of garlic. Place the garlic in a clean glass bottle. When the bottle is full of peeled garlic cloves, wine vinegar is poured over the garlic until the bottle is full. The bottle can then be capped and placed in the refrigerator, root cellar, or spring house for a week or so. The vinegar should be used a little at a time, with new wine vinegar being added as some is drawn out. It will last a year or so before a new batch needs to be made.

Purists use a red Bordeaux wine, and wait for it to tum to vinegar before using it. With modem pasteurized wines this may take some time, so wine vinegar is a faster starting place. Apple cider vinegar is not the “real thing” but it works just as well in magic and better for some healing work


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Begone Banishing Powder

Begone Banishing Powder


Grind the following ingredients together:

Black peppers

Cayenne Pepper


Sea Salt


Sprinkle the banishing powder on clothes, especially belonging to anyone you would like to see gone (without wishing harm to them) This powder can also be used as an accompaniment for spells, particularly around or over candles

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Putting The Dirt To Work

Putting The Dirt To Work

When working with dirt, there is no need to cleanse it, charge it or do anything else you might do when using another ingredient in your spells or rituals. Why? Because the Earth is very old, ancient in fact, making it very stable. The Earth has collected all the consciousness of those who have walked here before us. The Earth has collected their knowledge and their power. If you had collected the dirt from a cemetery, it would contain all the energies and qualities of the person whose final resting place you got the dirt from. Altogether, you have already made a magickal operation. Now to apply it.

There are several ways you can do this, but they all start out the same. You just need to decide which dirt samples to combine. You can mix as many or as few as you like, the only rule being that the combination must be to your benefit and not harm you in any way at all.

Once you’ve decided this, the only left is to figure out exactly how you intend to apply the dirt. There is no right or wrong way and that you can’t mess it up.  Just be comfortable with the method you choose and let the dirt go to work.

Here are a few ideas on applying your dirt:

Sprinkling:  The easiest and quicest way to incorporate the dirt’s energies into your life is to sprinkle it along the bottom of your walls, under your throw rugs, along the outside of your house and then at the end of your property. Be sure to include all door mats and around the front porch. The only problem with its presence inside the house is the vacuum cleaner. Just be aware that you’ll have to replace the dirt every time you clean.

Charm Bags:  The bag can be made out of the traditional red flannel, leather, beadwork or any material that you prefer. The dirt is combined with snippets of your hair and fingernail clippings. By doing this, it indicates that you are the person to benefit from the spell. You can also include any other items that you might consider important to your spell working. The mixture is then placed in the bag, which is then worn around the neck or placed some where on the body. The bags can contain nail and hair clippings from other family members also. If you decide to do this, the bag should be buried rather than worn and rest close to the front step of the home as possible.

Good Luck Bottles:  Some knows these as Witches’ Bottles, which means you will have to have a jar with a tightly, secured lid.  The dirt mixture is placed in the bottom of the container and sprinkled with herbs that vibrate to good fortune (cinnamon, basil, lavender, as excellent herbs to use, the combination brings love, money and spiritual protection.)  Fish hooks are also added to hook good luck for you, as are nine dimes in payment to the spirit world for its protection and rewards.  Once the jar is at least half full, it should be filled to the top with your urine, capped tightly, and buried on your property.  Again bury this close to the front door as possible.

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To Control Another

To Control Another

Take a High John the Conqueror Root and anoint it with John the Conqueror Oil. On a piece of brown paper, write the name of the person you wish to control/conquer and soak the paper in Controlling Oil. When the paper is dry, wrap it around the High John the Conqueror root and tie with purple thread.

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Slave Maker Potion

Slave Maker Potion


10ml unscented body lotion 2 drops lemon
1 drop geranium 1 drop sandalwood 20 drops of pre-diluted rose oil
Blend well and massage into your hands.
Now, if you shake somebody’s hand they’ll do anything for you.

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