Aftermath Curse


Have a pot of water and put your hands in it and think of how much you hate the person who did you wrong. Let the water turn black with hate, then put 7 sticks of cinnamon, whole cinnamon…but if you got powdered cinnamon that’s fine. I’d put a pieces of lemon because of the sourness, also vinegar and milk for color.

Recite this while burning a picture or a piece of paper with the victims name on it.

“There has been unfairness done to me
I summon the elements
I Invoke them
I conjure them to do my bidding
The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds
There shall be fear, guilt, and bad blood
There shall be submission and no pity
I point the 3 fold law against thee
Against thee it shall be pointed
3 fold, a hundred fold is the cost for
My anger and pain
Thee shall be blinded
By the fear
Blinded by my pain
Blinded by me
Blinded by me

After that, get the ashes and throw them in the “potion”. Put the pot with the ingredients on the stove to boil for a little while. You get to curse them and then give them an “aftershock”


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Try this spell to reverse any negativity or hexes being sent your way. Visualize all blocks in your life-path being removed. Anoint a purple candle with Rosemary oil.

On a piece of white paper write the following in black ink:

All blocks are now removed.

Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray, or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire and its elemental spirits by repeating three times:

Firedrakes and salamanders,
aid me in my quest,
protect me from all evil forms,
turn back the negativity being sent.

After the third repetition say:

So mote it be.

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Stop A Trouble Maker Jar Spell

Stop A Trouble Maker Jar Spell

 Write the name of the person on a piece of parchment/paper, fold it twice.Take a lime and cut it twice, once diagonally and once horizontally, but don’t cut it all the way into four pieces. place the paper or parchment inside the lime and hold it together with two long steel nails. place the lime into a clean glass jar and put into it some ash, salt and vinegar and screw the lid on tight. the ash and salt are supposed to thwart their efforts to cause you trouble of any kind, and the vinegar and lime should sour their own affairs at the same time.

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Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers & Get Their Job

Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers & Get Their Job

Best time to cast: Sunset on the eve of a New Moon

Items You Will Need:
A yellow candle
A  teaspoon of salt
Half a cup of Olive oil
A chicken feather (you should gather feathers in a non-harmful manner)

The spell:

Gather up your ingredients and go to a quiet area in your home where you can be alone.
Light the candle and put the salt into the cup of Olive oil. Pick up the feather and repeat these words:

Cauda Draconis (or a deity you choose to work with)
Help me in my time of need
I want (the person’s name here) to leave my work place,
In good health let them go and go now to keep my sanity
Set the  wheels in motion that (name of person) shall leave
and I’ll be in peace and have the position I seek.
This is my will – So Mote It Be!

Dip the feather into the olive oil and soon as you are able – wipe the feather on the floor in front of the co-worker’s desk or if easier in front of your work place (make sure no one sees you!).

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General Curse for Unfairness Done

General Curse for Unfairness Done

There has been unfairness done to me
I summon the elements
I invoke them
I conjure them to do my bidding
The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds
there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood
there shall be submission and no pity
I point the threefold law against thee
against thee it shall be pointed
threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain
Thee shall be blinded by the fear
blinded by the pain
blinded by me
binded by me
Cursed by me
So mote it be!

This curse shall be laid upon the victim while burning am image of the victim (wax sigil, photograph, drawing, anything) in the flame of a consecrated black candle.

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To Curse Someone Who Offended You

To Curse Someone Who Offended You

He/she will be sorry for the things that they had done to you.

Items You Will Need:

6 black candles
His/her picture
paper and pencil

The Spell

1.  Form the candles into square and light them
2.  Put the picture of your enemy in the middle of the square
3.  On a piece of paper write all the the bad things that he/she had done to you.and burn the paper.
4.  Gather the ashes and sprinkle it to the picture and chant this words 6 times..


You have offended me many times
You insulted me and made me feel like a tool
You discriminated me by your words
You have told your friends about me and made
Them thought that I’m stupid and worthy to be humiliated
And discriminated..
Now tomorrow will be my freedom
Free from discrimination,insults,and humiliation
Cause this time you will feel the things that I felt
When you offended will be the last person to kneel
Before me and beg for my forgiveness,cause by tomorrow
You will be the one being Discriminated, insulted, humiliated
and the feeling that you are really worthy to be offended..

5.  After chanting this words burn your enemy’s picture and gather the ashes together(include the paper’s ashes) and throw them in the air. Your Done!








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Crescent Curse

Crescent Curse

The spell is to curse a male. It won’t kill them but only use if you under stand the risk.

Items You Will Need:

The Crescent Moon
1 Candle
The person full name

The Spell:

This spell can only be performed under the crescent moon. First with the salt make a the star circle. Next take a seat in the star circle, the candle in the middle of it. Then draw another one on the paper with the name of the person you are casting it on. Say these words while burning the paper on the candle :

“Crescent Moon, Crescent Light,
I call upon you to come
and smite,

Deliver a crushing blow to my enemies
and foes. Do not kill but do not
show any compassion for my  foes “

In five days or less you should know if it worked or not.

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To Get Revenge Hex

To Get Revenge Hex


To get revenge . To make the person suffer , image anything and it will be done too them, this spell is to get back at someone who has done you wrong. *Warning, Evil Black Magick*

Items You Will Need:

1 Black candle
1 Black ink pen
1 Black ribbon
1 picture of the person your binding or getting revenge on.
1 envelope

Lit the black candle and be sitting in indian style.

Then take the person’s picture and look and imaged revenge on the person, what you want too image that happens to them focus on that .Then take the picture and take the black ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the picture. While wrapping the ribbon around the picture

I bind you from everyone, I close your world
I show you only darkness no light I punish you,
You can never harm, hurt or use manipulation
never again against me or anyone else,
I chain you too the ground so you can not get up
I bind you too the chair so that you may not move
I cast snakes on you , so that you may scream in pain
I put everlasting torment on you , forever and ever.
As I Will It,  So Mote It Be!

Then take the wax from the black candle then pour it over the ribbon .
then say :

I seal it through thee art of my anger, sorrow and sadness.
{or say what ever you feel from being involved with this person}
I bind you too insanity , pain and misery and I send you far way from me .

Then take the black pen and write the person name on the envelope. Put the picture that has a ribbon wrapped around it and wax on the top of it and stick it in the envelope.Next burn the envelope with picture and say:

You can not harm me any more
through any resources you have
no power over me and you shall
see that everything you put me
through can be reverse back too
you 4 times fold.

So Mote It Be


When finished dispose of ashes . or what ever is left of the envelope.




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