Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – How To Remove A Curse/Hex from Yourself

How To Remove A Curse/Hex from Yourself

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To begin light 1 pink candle, 1 green, and a black candle. Have plenty of privacy, be sure that nobody else can see you (close all curtains, doors, windows, etc.)

Now, get a bowl full of water and put 3 drops of green dye in it.Now that you’ve done that, slowly tip the bowl over each candle allowing them to be extinguished while at the same time chanting:

“Curse or Hex, I know not which,
Leave my presence and my life.
So I command it, so shall it be!”

You must do this very slowly and imagine the spell being lifted from your body and all the good luck and fortune that will soon come to you and the evil that will go to the person that placed the hex/curse upon you.


A Prayer to the Goddess To Remove Negativity and Curses

To the Goddess, I do pray
Grant me power, strength to flay
The one’s who has cursed me
with these words, I now hold thee at bay.
So Mote It Be.

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Spell to Undo Other Curses or Spells Placed on You

Spell to Undo Other Curses or Spells Placed on You

A lemon curse magic spell is cast for the purpose of un-doing another curse or hex that has been cast upon your or someone you love. This magic lemon curse spell is cast after knowing a curse has been placed on you. Try this free black magic lemon curse magic spell to void another s hex or evil magic spell cast upon you.

Items needed:
1 lemon
1 black candle
9 nails
Cursing Oil
Picture of person (to be cursed)
Black bowl

Light the candle.
Cut a slit into the lemon.
Place the picture of the person inside the slit.
Take one if the nails and feel your anger rise. Visualize your anger.
Pierce the nail into the lemon.
Do the same for the remaining nails.
With each nail your anger should rise for this person getting blacker and
When you reach the last nail, place the lemon in the bowl.
Pour cursing oil onto the lemon filling the bowl until the lemon is half
covered (with oil.)
Let the lemon rot in this bowl on your altar.
As the lemon rots, so too will the life and luck of the person!!

Remember, curses are only used when you have been wronged and cannot come up
with a fix!! Do not curse people for the fun of it or the rule of three will
haunt you.

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Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Get Lost Hex


Get Lost Hex


While this hex will definitely force the target to leave you alone, it also causes enough personal aggravation so that he or she is way too busy to bother anyone else.


Prepared poppet

Black wax, melted

Lost and Away Powder

Brown paper sack

Place the poppet in the sack and sprinkle liberally with Lost and Away Powder, saying:

Lost and away from me you go

As your life’s sprinkled with troubles, problems and woe.

Pour the melted wax on top of the poppet, and quickly douse with the powder again. (Do this before the wax sets up, as you want the powder to adhere to it.) As you sprinkle the powder, say:

Problems stick like black to crow

Like melted wax they ooze and flow,

And when you think they’re finally done,

More arrive with rise of Sun.

Bury the poppet in an area easily accessible to you but away from your home. To keep the hex active, visit the grave once each week and dust it with the powder.



Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions

By Dorothy Morrison

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My curse didn’t work. Why? How do you know it didn’t work? Leave it alone.

My curse didn’t work well enough. Can I pile on more? How do you know it didn’t work well enough? Leave it alone.

I asked for the wrong result. How do I change it now? How do you know you asked for the “wrong” result, or that you didn’t get the “right” one? What part of leaving it alone don’t you understand?

Someone might have cursed me. How can I tell for sure? If someone really has cursed you, you’ll know for sure. If you don’t deserve it, it probably won’t “take.” But if you do deserve it, that’s trickier. Use the Spotted Hag to try to escape a curse. And best of luck!

Someone has cursed me. Help! Use the Spotted Hag. And again, good luck. Curses are easier to place than to remove.

My enemy found out I cursed him. What should I do? Nothing. Don’t brag about it, that’s all. If he asks you about it, just ignore him. (But why would he ask you about it, unless you tipped him off?) If he threatens you, ignore that, too. Unless you’ve played fast and loose with the rules, you’re safe. You cursed him, right?

How long does a curse last? How long is a piece of string? Your curse knows how long it is. Worrying about things like this is a sign you’re fussing about the outcome of the curse you cast. Don’t.

I changed my mind. How do I remove my curse? Salt purifies and protects, and so it’s sometimes able to “decommission” the ingredients of a curse. Try collecting the things you used, coat them with salt—lots of salt—and burn it all to ashes in a trough in the ground. Then, bury the ashes and hope for the best. The other thing you can do is to try casting the curse again—on yourself. Be aware that nothing you try will work if you’re acting out of fear, not remorse. And next time, read the label!



The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Dawn Rae Downton

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The Vern

The Vern

Your neighbor or colleague is driving you nuts.

You Need:
A piece of first-quality stationery unlined

A pen

A few dressmakers’ pins

Take your stationery and write this down: “I give you the man who has stolen my pleasure. May the grass grow at his door and the fox nest on his hearthstone. [Write the name here.]”

Roll up the paper and secure it with several pins. Say: “So I give the name who took me away, who has been privy to that taking-away.”

Place it under your neighbor’s doorstep. The front step’s better than the back.

For a coworker, simply place the scroll at the back of one of his least-used desk drawers. The bottom drawer on the right side is best. When things improve, remove the roll—but keep it handy if things deteriorate again. This is not a curse with great sticking power, but it can be re-used.



The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Dawn Rae Downton


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Aftermath Curse


Have a pot of water and put your hands in it and think of how much you hate the person who did you wrong. Let the water turn black with hate, then put 7 sticks of cinnamon, whole cinnamon…but if you got powdered cinnamon that’s fine. I’d put a pieces of lemon because of the sourness, also vinegar and milk for color.

Recite this while burning a picture or a piece of paper with the victims name on it.

“There has been unfairness done to me
I summon the elements
I Invoke them
I conjure them to do my bidding
The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds
There shall be fear, guilt, and bad blood
There shall be submission and no pity
I point the 3 fold law against thee
Against thee it shall be pointed
3 fold, a hundred fold is the cost for
My anger and pain
Thee shall be blinded
By the fear
Blinded by my pain
Blinded by me
Blinded by me

After that, get the ashes and throw them in the “potion”. Put the pot with the ingredients on the stove to boil for a little while. You get to curse them and then give them an “aftershock”


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Try this spell to reverse any negativity or hexes being sent your way. Visualize all blocks in your life-path being removed. Anoint a purple candle with Rosemary oil.

On a piece of white paper write the following in black ink:

All blocks are now removed.

Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray, or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire and its elemental spirits by repeating three times:

Firedrakes and salamanders,
aid me in my quest,
protect me from all evil forms,
turn back the negativity being sent.

After the third repetition say:

So mote it be.

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Stop A Trouble Maker Jar Spell

Stop A Trouble Maker Jar Spell

 Write the name of the person on a piece of parchment/paper, fold it twice.Take a lime and cut it twice, once diagonally and once horizontally, but don’t cut it all the way into four pieces. place the paper or parchment inside the lime and hold it together with two long steel nails. place the lime into a clean glass jar and put into it some ash, salt and vinegar and screw the lid on tight. the ash and salt are supposed to thwart their efforts to cause you trouble of any kind, and the vinegar and lime should sour their own affairs at the same time.

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