Cleansing Spells

The Witches’ Magick for Dec. 16th – Spell To Lock Out Anything Nasty


You need to start by meditating before hand on the effect of the spell for at least 15 minutes.

Then, to cast, you sprinkle holy (consecrated to the Lord and Lady) water mixed with salt and powdered iron; (try potteries to get this) Stand in front of the door that you want to lock…or in the case of a person the 3rd eye point which is between the eyebrows just above their level. Then place your hands on the 3rd chakra point or door and concentrate your energies going down your right arm and going through the door and back into your left arm. Then you start chanting over and over:

“Portal be controlled and mine, Become as one with my mind,
I hold thee fast, To make this last,
open you not, as I weave the knot, of my power from within.”
Keep chanting this as you build up power, and imagine the circle of energy (right arm through door back into left arm) getting faster and faster. Then upon release, visualize a green field of energy coming up in front of the door or the 3rd eye chakra.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Reversing a Spell With Fire


Let’s Talk Witch – Reversing a Spell With Fire

Yesterday, we covered reversing a spell with Water. Today, I thought we would cover how to banish or reversing a spell with Fire. If you already know this, please have patience with me. I know we have several new ones to the Craft. I am hoping they will find this info helpful. Thank you!

Reversing A Spell With Fire

This method of reversing a spell is particularly effective for magickal work that has been done with Fire. This covers the entire range of candle magick, as well as any magick intended to influence yours thoughts. Some people may want to use this spell on a regular basis at the Full Moon, for it will provide protection against all of the usual negative influences from others which accumulate in the course of a month. You will need a two cups full of dirt and a candle to use this spell and process. People who do not have access to dirt in their backyards may use potting soil. The candle type, use any kind you would like.

Take a small candle and light it. Place it in the dirt (make sure the dirt is in a fireproof container) while it is lit and allow the flame to stabilize. With a sudden motion, take the candle from the dirt and reverse it, extinguishing the lit end into the dirt. Bite the burned end off the candle and light it again, saying:

“As the candle flame is reversed,
so let all that opposes me be reversed.
As the flame has perished in the dirt,
let those who oppose me come to nothing
in their work.”

The candle is now left to burn out. When it burns out, take the candle and dirt out of your home. Outside, put the candle and dirt in a small plastic bag. Go to the furthest part  of your property and bury it there. Now forget about. Always remember when you do your spells and rituals, do them and then do not dwell on them. It seems if you keep fretting and worrying about a spell or ritual working, it won’t. So never dwell on any spell work you have done.

This way of reversing with Fire has been used for centuries. And I can testify is does work well. It can also be considered an effective curse breaker. If a curse is actually present, this spell often produces an immediate feeling of relief as soon as the chant has been said. In some cases the relief can be impressive, as the spell may be done by one person for another. However, when the spell is done by a Practitioner for another, it should be followed by a cleansing and a blessing.

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The Witches Magick for October 25th – Kiss It Goodbye Spell


Kiss It Goodbye Spell

To let go of baggage.

Items You Will Need:

Black candle
Empty paper bag

Write down your baggage on a piece of paper, and put it in the bag/envelope. After you say the spell, bury the bag or burn it in a bonfire or fireplace. As you write the words and say the spell, concentrate on your willingness to let go. You can even visualize a little creature packing bags and walking out the door and down the road.

Baggage can be anything that is weighing down your life: old memories, bad habits, etc. But keep in mind that if you are doing this spell to get rid of a person, they will probably get gone and stay gone. Be absolutely sure that this is what you want before casting.

Best to do this spell on the New Moon.

“Pack your bags and get you gone
Your time with me is finished now
Once you worked but now you’re wrong
And you can’t stay–no way, no how.”
“Without your baggage I’ll move on
I’ll get myself out of this rut
So pack your bags and get you gone
Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt.”
So Mote It Be!


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The Witches Spell for Oct. 4th – So Much to Do, So Little Time


The Witches Spell for October 4th

So Much to Do, So Little Time

No matter how hard you work, you never seem to get caught up. If stress and frustration are getting you down, this spell offers a welcome respite from workplace demands.


Lavender incense
An incense burner
A light blue candle
A candleholder
Matches or a lighter
A bathtub
Essential oil of vanilla
4 good-sized chunks of amethyst

When: Any time

Cast a Circle around your bathroom. Fit the incense and candle into their respective holders, then light both. Fill the bathtub with pleasantly hot water. Add a little essential oil of vanilla to the bathwater.

Wash the amethysts with mild soap and water, then set one on each corner of the bathtub. Climb into the tub and make yourself comfy. Feel the amethysts drawing off your stress and neutralizing it. Feel your frustrations and anxieties dissolving into the bathwater. The trick is not to think about anything outside the walls of the bathroom.

When you worry about the past or future, you block receptivity to new ideas and guidance that could help you resolve problems. If a troublesome thought pops into your mind, send it into the water or give it to the amethysts. Soak for as long as you like until you feel calm, rested, and confident that all is well.

When your peace of mind is restored, get out of the tub. As the water drains away, visualize your cares flowing away with it. Pick up the amethysts and thank them. Then wash them with clean water (not the bathwater) and mild soap and pat them dry. Extinguish the candle and incense, or allow them to burn down in a safe place. Open the Circle and emerge renewed.

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The Witches Spell for Sept. 24: Spell for Mental Clarity

Witchy Comments

Spell for Mental Clarity

Goal: To clear the mind and aid in focus

Items You Will Need:

Yellow candle
Sage smudge stick
Or any clarifying incense

This spell calls on the power of the Elment of Air; it is helpful to perform it outside or in front of an open window.

I call upon the power of Air
To clear the mind of confusion
To focus my thinking
And blow away the clutter
That keeps me from making good choices
Blow in the winds of clarity
And help me to think rationally and clearly.
So Mote It Be.
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You Got No Spells Yesterday, So Today You Get 2. Here #1


Oak Wand

Oak Wand

Imagine using this beauty to cast your spells with. Only a few more hours left and it will be long to one of our lucky friends,

Spell To Receive Divine Messages

Goal: To clarify a message that the Divine might have for you.

Items You will Need:

White Candle (you can also use a candle for each element: yellow, green, blue, and red)

This is a simple spell and can be used whenever it is needed,

I ask you help, O Elements

In receiving the message

I feel is waiting for me.

Power of air

Send in clarity

So I might focus on this message

Power of earth

Ground me

So I can shut out the distraction of everyday life

Power of water

Wash away obstructions

That keep me from seeing clearly

Power of life

Open my heart

So I  might freely receive this message

So mote it be.


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Charm of the Beast Spell


You Will Need:

3 hairs of an imposing beast
black cloth
oil of frankincense or myrrh

Mix the mugwort and angelica in equal parts, add to it the 3 hairs and bind together in a black cloth.
Add a few drops of the oil onto the cloth. then say

” He who is strong, he who is mighty
Lend thine power to this charm
Demons turn on your heels and run”

Draw over it a pentagram and the charms of banishment.
Burn the mixture to drive away the spirits that ail you.
Burn it in your home or room you wish to exorcise. Bury it before your doorstep and no demon shall touch you nor enter. Wear the charm or hide it in the roof to ensure safety against any ills.

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The Witches Spell for August 6th – CURSED OR BLESSED



You need:

Piece of burlap

piece of wool

piece of silk

Some polished stones (polished) from a river or stream

A live leaf

A bowl of fruit and/or bread

A dead branch


Lay the silk, wool and burlap at the foot of your bed in that order. About 5 feet from the foot of your bed, toward the left, lay the branch. About 5 feet from the foot of your bead, toward the right, place the bowl.  The branch is the barren curse and the bowl is the bountiful life that withers the curse.  Lay one stone on each cloth then lay a path from the wool, straight down the center, between the bowl and the branch.  The stones must touch. At the end lay the leaf.  By laying the stones, you show respect for the fates and the balance of life.  Light three candles and incense and meditate over the rite.  Sleep without touching the items.  When you wake, watch how much the stones have moved.  If they bias the branch, you are cursed.  If they bias the bowl, you are blessed.  If it doesn’t move, no outside force is affecting you.  If you are cursed, how far it has moved will determine the strength of the curse. Reset the path, and that night, light the three candles and the incense and meditate again over the rite.  Sleep again without touching anything. The path should have moved less than the first time.  Repeat this every night until the path stays in the middle.  Next, move the path toward the bowl following the same meditation and sleep process as before.  Continue this every night until the path stays at the bowl.  When it has done so, you may complete the rite.  Touch nothing, but for the three following nights, meditate over the rite, to seal your new fate.  The stones must be returned to the river or stream where you got them from .  The branch must be returned to the forest floor where you found it, and the leaf cast to the wind.  The bowl of fruit must be eaten,  and the cloth must be saved in a dark place, undisturbed.

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