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The Witches Spell for May 11th – A Spell to Send Employment to a Friend

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A Spell to Send Employment to a Friend


For the following spell you will need a piece of paper, a pen, an herb or powder associated with prosperity, a green candle, a fire-proof tin, and some water.

Inscribe upon the paper the name of the person who is in search of employment. Set your tools in your allotted sacred space, be it upon an altar or anyplace in which you perform rituals. Cast a

circle if you wish.

Lightly sprinkle the paper with the water, cleansing and empowering it. Place the paper before you. Hold your hands over it,imagining white light flowing through your hands into the paper.

Visualize the individual attaining the job of their dreams. Do not imagine them at a specific job, but merely see the person in your mind smiling and working happily.

Sprinkle the herb(s) on top of the paper. Fold it so that it acts as a pocket or envelope holding the herb(s) inside.

Holding the paper in your hands, chant the following until you feel you have raised enough energy and that the object is properly charged:

Element of earth, fruits of your bounty
Please bring the right job to (name of person).
Sun and stars, moon and comet
Bring to (name) the best employment.

When the energy has been raised and the object has been charged, use the flame of the green candle to set it on fire, immediately placing it into the fire-proof container. Wait until the embers have cooled. Then release the ash into the wind.

Be sure to have fire extinguishing materials nearby in case of an unexpected accident

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Oh, Why Not Another Little Spell – Sweet Prosperity Spell

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Sweet Prosperity Spell

Mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon for prosperity, a teaspoon of allspice to bring money, and a half a cup of sugar to sweeten your life. Mix the ingredients together, the pour into a glass container. Snap or screw the lid into place. Empower the mixture to bring prosperity into your life. Try this charm:

“Sugar and spice and everything nice,

Make up this Witch’s spell,

A pinch of magick, a bit of charm,

And all will turn out well.


You could put a pinch of this mixture into a charm bag, or seal a tablespoon of it inside an envelope and keep it in your bill drawer or the bottom of your purse to promote prosperity. Or just sprinkle a spoonful on your buttered toast in the morning to add prosperity and success to your day.


Cottage Witchery
Natural Magick for Hearth & Home
Ellen Dugan
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The Witches Magick for Wednesday, April 9th – Apple Tree Wealth Spell

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The Witches Magick for Wednesday, April 9th – Apple Tree Wealth Spell

April Tree Wealth Spell


Items you will need:

3 slices of bread

A cup of apple cider


The Spell:

You will need to locate a fruiting apple free to do this spell. Place the slices of bread on the tree branches and pour the cider onto the roots. As you do this say:


“Blessed be, fruiting apple tree
Now bring great wealth to me
Hats full! Pockets full!
Bushed by bushel-sacks full!
Thank you, great apple tree
Blessed be! So shall it be!

As the apples grow and ripen, so will your wealth

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Spell To Get Your Boss’s Job

Spell To Get Your Boss’s Job


Could you do a better job than your boss? Let magick help you get the promotion you deserve.

Best time to cast:

  • During the Waning Moon
  • When the Sun or Moon is in Leo or Capricorn
  • On Thursdays or Sundays

Items You Will Need:

  • A camera and film
  • A picture of yourself, looking happy and confident
  • A pen
  • One (or more) of your hairs

The Spell:

!.  Photograph your boss’s office or workspace when she/he isn’t there, then paste a picture of yourself on the photo. Or have a trusted friend photograph you seated at your boss’s desk.

2.  On the back of the photo, write your name and new job title.

3.  Focus your attention on the photo first thing every morning and last thing every night for one week minimum.

4.  When the opportunity arises, hide the photo in your boss’s office in a spot where she/he won’t find it.

5.  Tie your hair to the doorknob or sprinkle a few hair clippings in your boss’s desk drawer.

6.  Say aloud:

“This office and job are now mine. (Boss’s name) now take another job for which she/he is better suited. We are both very happy and successful in our new positions.”

7.  Continue visualizing yourself performing your new job until you receive your well deserved promotion.

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Success and Prosperity Spell



* a small green or brown talisman bag
* three silver coins
* cinnamon and cedar chips
* a small dish
* your wand
* a pentacle
* cauldron
* ritual knife


This spell is best done during the waxing moon or on the Full Moon. Set your cauldron on the pentacle.  Place a small dish inside the cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon and cedar chips on it.  Beside your cauldron, lay your wand.

Tap each coin with the wand as you chant:

Glistering silver, coin of the Moon,
Shiny and round, bring me a boon.
Draw to my hands many more of your kind.
Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.

Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs.  Stir the air clockwise seven times over the cauldron and chant:

Earth elementals, cunning and bright,
With me share treasures here on this night.
Share with me riches of silver and gold.
Success, prosperity, all I can hold.

Put the coins and the herbs in the talisman bag and lay it overnight in the moonlight.  Either carry the talisman bag with you or keep it near your bed where you will see it every night.

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Witches Magick for February 3rd – Five Finger Money Spell

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Witches Magick for February 3rd

Five Finger Money Spell

The number 5 is associated with abundance and wealth, so this Wiccan money spell focuses on that energy. The last spell did too, I suppose. Anyway, this is what you need for this spell:

A green marker (washable)

A silver coin

Do this spell on a Thursday if you can. Write the number 1 through 5 on the pads of your fingers, starting with 1 on the index finger to 4 on the pinky, then 5 on the thumb. Set the coin on a table or altar, and focus on why you need additional abundance in your life right now. If you don’t actually need money, this spell may not be that successful.

Repeat the following, touching the numbered finger to the coin each time:

By the number 1, the spell’s begun,
By the number 2, let it be true,
By the number 3, so mote it be,
By the number 4, I just need more,
By the number 5, the spell’s alive

Then set your open palm over the coin, and repeat all 5 lines again. Leave the coin where it sits for 5 days, then carry it with you after that.

Free Witchcraft Spells
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The Witches Magick for January 24th – Incense Spell to Reach Your Goal

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Incense Spell to Reach Your Goal

Items needed:

Pen and paper

Fireproof dish


Write your goal on a piece of paper and put it in the dish. Sprinkle with the incense and light the paper. As it burns, concentrate on your goal coming to fruition and say:

Smoke into the Cosmos go
So the Ancients will now know
I need assistance to achieve
This goal that I have set for me.

Repeat this spell every day for a week while working toward your goal.


Everything Under The Moon


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The Witches Magick for Jan. 21st – Master a Skill Mojo Bag

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Master a Skill Mojo Bag

Items You will need:

Yellow flannel bag
Charm or image
7 peppercorns
Handful of dried peppermint
Lock of your hair  

This bag is used to master a skill or increase a talent. It should be carried on the body or kept in a workplace where you specifically work on your skill or talent.

The bag is only good for one thing. Choose what is most important to you if there are several skills you are building and make a new bag for each skill if necessary. The charm or image should be directly related to the talent or skill you are working on.

You may include charms or images for skills you currently have which relate directly to that which you are trying to master, or a petiton paper stating what you wish to master.

To fix the bag, breathe on it a few times.


Feed the bag with Success Oil:

¼ ounce carrier oil
3 drops heliotrope
2 drops lavender
1 drop patchouli
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