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Binding Spell for General Use

Binding Spell for General Use
Ariadne’s Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic
by Shekhinah Mountainwater

Take a piece of light-weight cardboard and draw images and write words on it to represent the evils that you wish to bind…examples being a man with an X crossing out his heart to show it is closed, words like Greed, Irresponsibility, Disrespect, etc…then crumple the cardboard up into a loose ball.

Take a piece of black yarn and wind it around the cardboard twenty one times. With each time you loop the string around the cardboard, say one line of the following chant…

With the thread of the crimes
of your own design
I bind your evil
Three times seven times.
I bind you from Behind
I bind you from Before
That you’ll hurt my people
never ever more
I bind you from the Left
I bind you from the Right
I bind you by Day
And I bind you by Night.
I bind you from Below
I bind you from Above
That you may ever know
The laws of Life and Love
I bind you with your own
Good conscience Within
And so let this magic
And spin….

Tie off the ends of the yarn with three sturdy knots to seal the spell. When done with this, burn the wrapped images and words in a loud, strong, crackling fire. Chant these words until it is thoroughly burned:

Goddess of darkest night
Send our troubles all to flight
Burn them in thy sacred fires
And replace them with our hearts’ desires!

Once the image is burned and all negativity removed, do a positive visualization to replace it…for example, people laughing and dancing in rainbows, etc. Be sure that when you do this you cast a strong protective circle around yourself and all participants before you begin.


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Binding off Harm

Binding off Harm


If a person wishes to harm you: Take their picture, write their name 9 times on the back in black. Take a black glove and place 3 tsp of black pepper in the glove. Take a small round mirror and place this picture facing the mirror, and place the glove stretched out as a hand on the back of this picture. Take some twine and wrap it all together while saying:

“Everything you say to me, everything you do,
bounces off of me three times, and sticks itself on you.”

Then wrap it into a dark or black clothe and hide it some where near your entry door which is most used in your house. You can burn a black candle while you do this spell if you wish. Results should start to be evident in about three days. Best done on a Wednesday night.

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for December 10 – Rotten Apple Banishing Spell

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

Rotten Apple Banishing Spell


1. Cut an apple in half horizontally so that the star in the center is exposed.
2. Rub on half of the apple with a mint leaf while visualizing what needs to be banished.
3. Put the two halves of the apple back together again.
4. Stick a skewer through the pieces, so that they will remain joined.
5. Tie the pieces securely together with black silk or satin ribbon.
6. Bury the apple. Your problem should dissipate as the apple rots.

You may also name your problem by writing it on a slip of brown paper. Dip this paper into essential oil of mint and place between the apple halves before rejoining them. However, by naming the problem on paper, you take the risk of further manifestation. Cast whichever version of the spell that resonates best for you.

Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies
Alicia Hill

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for November 20 – No Worries Incantation

Fantasy Images

No Worries Incantation

You’ve got troubles on your mind, but worrying never makes things better. This spell uses the power of sound plus intention to chase fearful thoughts away and raise positive energy.

Ingredients/tools needed:
A dark blue candle
A candleholder
Matches or a lighter
A hand drum or gong
An athame or wand
A bell

Best time to perform the spell: At midnight, during the waning moon

Collect the ingredients needed for this spell. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Fit the candle in its holder, set it on your altar (or other surface where it can burn safely), and light it. Begin playing the drum or gong to break up negative thoughts and vibrations. Feel the sound resonating through you, too, stirring up your power and confidence. When you feel ready, chant the following incantation aloud. If possible, shout it out—really assert yourself!

“Doubt and fear
Don’t come near.
By the dawn
Be you gone.
By this sign [with your athame or wand draw a pentagram in the air in front of you]
And light divine Peace is mine.
I am strong
All day long.
My worries flee
I ring this bell [ring the bell]
To bind this spell,
And all is well.”

As you chant, envision your fears receding into the darkness, losing their strength. When you’re ready, extinguish the candle and open the circle.



Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune
Skye Alexander
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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for November 18 – A Simple Binding Spell

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A Simple Binding Spell


Items You Will Need:
Black thread or Ribbon
Rock, Cork, or wax doll
Black candle
White candle

During a waning moon pick up the item you selected (Rock, Cork, Doll) and focus on all of the things the person you are binding has said or done, focus on the feelings and resulting turmoil, gather it to you then transfer all of that negativity into the object. When you’re sure you’ve gotten it all in begin winding your thread or ribbon tightly around the object. As you wind chant:

As I wind I forever bind,
No more will I feel nor see,
These things which harmed me.

When the object is completely obscured with the thread or ribbon, and you’ve pushed all of the negativity into the object, then chant:

Never more to feel
Never more to harm
Never more!!!

Then throw this item into a body of moving water, or bury it.

The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

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The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Blood Moon – Three-Candle Banishment Spell


October 27


You will need a white candle , a purple candle, a blue candle, and nine drops of sandalwood-scented oil.

At midnight , begin by anointing each candle with three drops of the oil. Rub the oil into the wax while chanting:

Goddess of three
I call upon your divine energy
Banish all who wish to harm me
So mote it be!


Set the candles up in their holders in a line on your altar with the white one in the middle. Light the candles and dedicate them to the Goddess by saying:


Divine Goddess of
Let your love shine
in my life Dear Goddess,
please bless and
guide me
And protect me
from all harm
So be it! Blessed be!


Use your intention to connect the flames of the candles together. Imagine the light intensifying and becoming a giant shield of light that banishes all evil and darkness in your space, clearing it out with the divine light and love of the Goddess. Continue doing this for at least thirty minutes. Allow the candles to burn down safely.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for October 3 – A Little Old Folk Magick, Conjuring, Summoning, Dispelling & Exorcism of Spirits

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The Witches Magick for October 3

A Little Old Folk Magick, Conjuring, Summoning, Dispelling & Exorcism of Spirits 

To Conjure Spirits
{Folk Magic}

Lavender & Sandalwood Incenses

To encourage your chances of summoning spirits, also called necromancy, you should burn Lavender and Sandalwood together, while performing a séance, using a ouija/ spirit board, or performing any other act of contacting the dead.

Spirit Summoning

{Folk Magic}


Mint Sprigs

Another technique used to enhance your positive results during a spirit summoning session, is to leave twigs or pieces of fresh mint as an offering during your attempted contacts. If you are attempting the contact inside a magical circle, the mint should be placed on your altar, in an offering plate.


To Dispel Spirits
{Folk Magic}



Eat Garlic and sprinkle it around your property if you are eager to rid you home of spirits, and ghosts. This is said to keep ghosts from pestering you and your family.

{Folk Magic}

Frankincense Incense

Burning Frankincense is another method adapted by Christianity from Pagans to assist in the removal of evil entities. Frankincense, while being burned, is believed to rid an area of spirits, and cleanse the area of all negativity ; however other religions have been known to use frankincense during the summoning of spirits.

All Folk Magick Spells From:
The Book of Dark and Light Shadows
Dawn Flowers

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for September 13 – Malice Mirror Spell

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Malice Mirror Spell


  • Hand Mirror
  • Black Candle
  • Incense
  • Black string

Cast your circle by whatever method your normally use. Hold the mirror so it reflects your face and say:

I am immune to their hate,
their malice.
I will not accept their guilt
or their intolerance.
Their words and thoughts
are no bane to me.

Light the candle. Hold the mirror behind the candle and say:

As this mirror reflects back
the light of this candle
so shall these things be reflected
back to their sender(s).
As the mirror neither adds nor subtracts
from the reflection
I shall add no malice to nor subtract any
from that which I send back.
As it comes to me
so shall it return to them.

Tie the black string in three knots. As you tie each knot say:

With this string I bind this spell,
As I will it, So mote it be.

Let the candle and incense burn out on their own, then close your circle. As soon as possible, bury the mirror and the string somewhere off of your property in a place you will not return to.

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