Banishing/Binding Spells

Exorcism Banishing Spell


This ritual can either be done by yourself or with others participating. (It may be helpful to have others assisting with this.)

Incense to burn: frankincense, pine, lilac, or rosemary.

This chant is to be said very forcefully many times over.

You are not to come near my body.
You are not to go before me.
You are not to follow me.
Where I stop, you are not to stop.
Where I sit, you are not to sit.
At my home, you shall not enter.
You are not to step in my steps.
You are not to be in my shadow.
Where I go, you are not to go.

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Voodoo Binding Spell


Take a treasured object from the person you are binding (something flammable) and burn it. Rub the ash on your poppet’s head and say:

“You are {person’s name } in thought”.

Then rub the ash on the puppet’s hands and say

“You are {person’s name } in deed”

Next rub ash on the poppet’s heart area and say

“You are {person’s name } at heart and I bind You from {Just about anything can be used here}.

Tie the puppet’s hands and feet behind its back.

*A word of advice, it works best if you burn black or red candles and/or bitter incense and look at the poppet occasionally and remind yourself that the person is the poppet.

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Keep Your Lover Binding Spell


To prevent the loss of your lover, during the waxing Moon take a lock of your partner’s hair and mix it with your own, contemplating your essences intermingling. Wrap the hair along with a personal artifact from each person in a red silk square, and bind with a ribbon of green, chanting:

“Love to the left of us, love to the right of us,
over us, under us, even uniting us.”

Envision the red silk as your mutual love, the ribbon as your spellbinding. Tie it tight. Attach a sprig of berried holly to the center of the package, saying:

“Prickles defend our love.”

Place the bundle in a black star-spangled box. Do not open or untie unless you wish to break the bond.

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Spell To Bind Someone to You


Cut a piece of parchment paper into a small square. Using a quill pen, write in dove’s blood the person’s full name at the top of the square. Then yours at the bottom of the square.

When the parchment is dry, turn it over and place two white gender image candles in the square. Starting at the feet, tie a red string around the bottom, then wrap it around the two candles until you get to the heads. Wrap it seven times total. tie the string. Pour binding oil on the candles, making sure to soak the string. Concentrate on the person you want bound to you then light the candles.

After they have burned completely out, take everything’s that left and bury it in a pot of soil and keep it close to where you sleep. To undo, simply dig it up.

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Spell for Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person

Spell for Separating Yourself from a Problem or Person

Small issues can be handed in a magic circle, larger issues may need a full ritual.Think carefully about which is best for the situation

2 black candles, a long black ribbon, black gloves, scissors,
cauldron containing small amounts of alcohol and a silver bell.

Cleanse and consecrate all the items, and dress the candles(to send negative energy away from you), then light the candles. Hold each end of the ribbon and name the ends. Pass the silver bell over the altar several times until you feel you are in tune with the Universal energies of love and peace. Anger is not a luxury afforded to you in this situation. Put the black gloves on and say:

‘I call upon the energies of Universal balance
I call upon the ancient energies of my people
I call upon the living energies of the Morrigan
Underworld and heaven
Land and sea, I awaken these energies unto me.
Witness now that I renounce and sever
Break bonds and connections with ________
By all the powers that are One Power
May the great sisters of Karma now weave anew
and separate me from you
As I will, so mote it be’

Cut the ribbon and say:

‘It is so.’

Light the cauldron, and burn both the pieces of ribbon.

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When you feel negativity building up in your home, or the occupants are not getting along:
Use Sandalwood, Dragons blood or (if you can stand the smell) Patchouli Incense. Make certain that you carry your censer or a stick of incense into each room. Use this in conjunction with a chant and meditation.
It’s also a good idea to sprinkle sea or kosher salt on the carpet, then vacuum it up immediately after the ritual.

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You will need:

1 oz. (25 grams)

Ground Cumin 1 lb. (500 grams)

Sea Salt


Mix well. Start at the end of the driveway, beginning to the East, and go completely around the property, strewing along the edges of the property.
Be sure you complete the circle and rejoin where you started

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Negativity Releasing Spell

Negativity Releasing Spell

You will need:

1 obsidian (should be at least 1″)

1 rose quartz (size doesn’t matter here)

This is well done during the waning (dark) of the moon, but any time will work. You will want to do this when you are at home alone or somewhere where a great deal of noise will not attract undue attention. Hold the obsidian in your right hand (assuming that your right hand is your power hand….). Begin to think on your negativity and its roots. Trace it as far back as you can.


*NOTE* Do not try to analyze the whys and wherefores of this….do not feel guilty for feeling angry at anyone person or thing….let yourself be mad! Feel all your anger and sadness and depression and guilt and all other emotions begin to boil. Let yourself get really mad! Scream if you want to, just do what ever it takes to emotionally explode! As you are doing this…focus all of this outgoing force into the stone. Do not worry about harming the stone….obsidians absorb negative energies. When you feel you are ’empty’ of the pain, throw the obsidian as far from you as you possibly can.


*NOTE* if you are inside, it is best not to throw stones. Place it in a brown paper sack and toss it in a river later. Now, turn your back on the stone. Don’t worry about someone else finding it and getting all your stuff….the obsidian will leach it back into the Earth and it will be transformed. Of course, you don’t want to retrieve the stone. Once you have turned your back….take a deep breath. Place the rose quartz in your receiving hand (left, if you are right handed). Sit down, lie down…get comfy. Think about the colour of the quartz in your hand. Remember that everything has a purpose.Remind yourself that this rose quartz is a physical representation of your heart and pour love into it. Tell it all your loves and dreams and hopes. When you are done, place the rose quartz in a safe spot.


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