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Money Bottle Spell

Money Bottle Spell


Spell bottles were originally created to destroy the power of an evil magician or witch thought to have cast a spell against the bottle’s creator. The bottles consist of a container, usually glass, filled with various objects of magical potency. All are concentrations of energy, created and empowered for specific magical purposes.


You will need


• • 5 CLOVES





• • 5 10P PIECES

• • 5 20P PIECES


• • 5 PECANS




Put the ingredients into the bottle, making sure the top is secured tightly. Shake the bottle for five minutes while chanting words such as:

Money gain, silver and herbs Copper and grain hear my words.

Place the money bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your purse or wallet near the bottle when at home so that the power is transferred.

You should find that money will come to you, perhaps in unexpected ways.

The number five is used to effect change. In financial matters it suggests movement into another phase of material gain

You can if you wish bury this bottle close to your home rather than actually keeping it indoors. If you do this however it is a good idea to acknowledge it in some way every time you pass it. You can do this by leaving a small gift such as a pretty pebble or some wildflower seeds.

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Foot Wash for Money

Foot Wash for Money


This is a folklore recipe and would strictly only become a spell if an incantation or invocation were added. Black Cohosh is better known as a herb to be used at the time of the menopause, but here is used as a footwash which will lead you to money.

You will need






Soak the root in the cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Strain the water and throw away the root. Put the liquid in the bottle for seven days and leave it alone.

On the eighth day, rub the liquid all over the bottom of your shoes. Be alert to your own intuition until money comes your way.

It is said that you will either find money, win it, or gain it in some legal manner. This, by its method, cannot really be used to gain a specific amount, but you can bear in mind what your needs are.

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Attracting Extra Money Spell

Attracting Extra Money Spell


This is a representational spell since the money in your pocket is representative of a greater fortune. Use this only at the time of a New Moon and make sure you are in the open air. It is said that the spell is negated if the Moon is seen through glass.

You will need



Gaze at the Moon.

Turn your money over in your pocket.
As you do so, repeat the following three times:

Goddess of Light and Love, I pray Bring fortune unto me this day.

You will know that it has worked when you find extra money in your pocket or your purse or come across money unexpectedly.

In previous times the Moon was recognized as much as the Sun as being the bringer of good luck. This spell acknowledges that and allows you to make use of her power. It is said to ensure that you have at least enough for bed and board until the next New Moon.

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The Witches Magick for Tuesday, November 24th – Crystal Abundance Spell

Autumn Fairy

Crystal Abundance Spell


Some quartz crystals contain bits of greenish mineral matter in them. These are known as “money crystals” or “abundance crystals.” If possible, use one of these in this spell. Otherwise, a clear quartz crystal will work fine.


1 quartz crystal

An image that represents abundance to you


On a Thursday when the moon is waxing

Select a magazine picture or download an online image that symbolizes prosperity to you. It might be an object or condition you desire, such as a new home, a sports car, or a European vacation. Lay the picture face up on a windowsill where the moon’s light will shine on it.

Wash the crystal in warm water with mild soap to cleanse it of any unwanted energies. Dry the crystal, then hold it to your third eye (between your eyebrows) while thinking about your intention. Doing this sends the image into the crystal. Then set the crystal on the picture. Make sure the crystal’s point faces toward the inside of your home, to draw what you want to you. Leave the crystal in place overnight. In the morning, remove the crystal and picture and give thanks for the bounty you are about to receive.


-Skye Alexander, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells


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Long Term Protection

Long Term Protection

This form of summoning is closer to permanent as we would perceive it. Yet in this for you must still work with a time frame in mind, however distant it may be. Guardian Dragons may be summoned in this fashion for protection of people places and things needing or deserving long term care (such as children, houses, spouses, etc). Multiple objects can be protected with but a change in grammar, but they must be together for a single dragon to protect (the objects become a mini-horde).:

“Dragon brave and Dragon wise,

let nothing escape your eyes.

I summon your from your hidden lair,

(name object here) is entrusted to your care.

Permit no harm to come to (named object)

within your sight, in your presence let all evils take flight.

No baneful creature born of flesh or spirit,

may touch (name object) nor even come near it.

Let those that would bring harm,

be filled with fright and alarm.”

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Short Term Protection

Short Term Protection

This summoning is used for short-term goals and needs such as protecting an object being loaned, or anything for a brief period, such as a car ride or elevator trip. Mark the object to be protected with the sign of the guardian and repeat the incantation below:

“Gentle Guardian wise and strong keeps it (me, him/her)

as it (I, he/she) doth belong.

Safe within thy charge and care,

the current problem to fare.

No harm to come or ill to befall

Guarded and safe through it all!”

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To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

To Keep A Spell From Backfiring

If a Witch is sick and needs to cast a spell, he/she can bind it.

This will keep the spell from backfiring and causing harm to anyone else, most importantly to his/herself. The Witch must procure a thread with a color as dark as the nightly sky.

Light an incense of Sandalwood and Lavender, and as the incense fills the air, he/she must make three knots on the ribbon as he/she intones the words that follow:

“By the Karmic Power of Three

This spell tied and knotted be

To cause no harm nor return to me

As I will it, so must it be.”

The ribbon must be carried when casting the spell as a talisman to keep it from backfiring.

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Shield of Fire Protection Spell



one candle at each compass point


Cast the circle Invocation of the God and Goddess. Statement of intent:

“On this night, I invoke the powers of fire

to protect me from all that would harm me,

whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.”

Start at the south. Light the candle, shouting:

“Nothing from the South can harm me!”

Imagine the flame creating a wall of protection on that side of you Move West, light the candle and shout:

“Nothing from the West can harm me!”

Again, with each candle you light, imagine the wall around you growing in power and intensity North, light the candle and shout:

”Nothing from the North can harm me!”

East, light the candle, shouting:

“Nothing from the East can harm me!”

Hold up the Southern candle to the sky, shouting:

“Nothing from above can harm me!”

Place it back on the earth, shouting:

“Nothing from below can harm me!”

Sit in the center of the circle, watching the candles burn. Know that the fires are burning away all evil and harm that comes your way. Meditate on the flames and feel their power forming a shield around you – a shield you can erect anytime you feel threatened. Cakes and ale (eating bread and drinking wine or juice to restore energies spent during ritual) Release circle Thank the Goddess and God for their protection and presence in your circle

Go to each of the four directions in turn, saying:

“Guardians of the East (South, West, North),

Powers of Air (Fire, Water, Earth),

I thank you for joining in my circle

And I ask for your blessing

As you depart

May there be peace between us

Now and forever.

Blessed be.”

Raise your Athame to the sky and touch it to the earth, then open your arms and say:

“The circle is open, but unbroken,

May the peace of the Lord and Lady

Go in my heart

So Mote it Be!”

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