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More Tarot Cards, Right This Way….

More Tarot Cards, Right This Way….

Enchanted Oracle Deck and Book

Featuring the beautiful artwork of Jessica Galbreth and the writing of Barbara Moore, the Enchanted Oracle is a powerful Tarot for anyone with a kinship to the faerie folk, and is easy to use with an insightful instruction book.
Specialty Priced at $24.95
Shipping: $7.95

ESP Test Cards

Pocket sized deck of Extra-sensory Perception Clairvoyance cards. Test yourself! Test your friends! Can be used alone or with others. Comes with 50 cards and instructions.
Specialty Priced at $15.95
Shipping: $7.95

Fantastical Creatures Tarot Card Deck

The Fantastical Creatures Tarot Card Deck is from the worlds of mythology, folklore and legend. Fantastical Creatures Tarot brings to life a colorful menagerie of mystical beings.

Fantastical Creatures Tarot Card Deck Specifications:

78 card deck

70-page instruction booklet

quick reference guide cards

custom 17″ x 20 double-sided spread sheet

Measures 7.2 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches

Specialty Priced at $25.95

Shipping: $7.95

 Gaia Oracle

Far back in time, light from the underlying fabric of creation burst forth creating the super-luminous event through which our Universe was born. Time began its endless journey through ever-expanding space. The early uinverse was simply a sea of particles, floating through space and time. But life`s invisible wheels were already in motion and over time the sea of particles became a sea of stars from which Gaia, our Earth, was born; a living, breathing entity; our Goddess, our Mother and our reflection. The Gaia oracle will point you in love`s direction and help you find the answers you seek. This deck includes 45 Gaia-inspired images designed to bring peace and healing, 45 powerful heartfelt messages that offer guidance and clarity, and 45 self-empowering affirmations to help you fulfil your dreams.

Specialty Priced at $24.95

Shipping: $7.95

Legacy of the Divine Tarot Card Deck

A world veiled in darkness after a cataclysmic collision that stilled the earth. Millennia have passed and only humankind has survived, through the divine gift of dreams. Exquisitely rich and magical, this new Rider-Waite-Smith based tarot deck by digital artist Ciro Marchetti takes you into the heart of fantasy. You can use this legacy from ages past to discover what you need for your own life as it guides you toward hope, wisdom, and inspiration. The companion guidebook, Gateway to the Divine Tarot, presents the author`s interpretation for each card`s significance, along with additional perspectives from experts in the tarot community, including Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, James Ricklef, and Leisa ReFalo. This set includes a 78-card deck, a 312-page guidebook, and a black organdy tarot bag.

Specialty Priced at $28.95

Shipping: $7.95

Necronomicon Tarot Card Deck

With the Necronomicon Tarot Card Deck, Donald Tyson strikes again with another innovative tribute to renowned occult writer H. P. Lovecraft. Tysons trilogy of works inspired by the magical adventures of the mad sorcerer Abdul Alhazredachieves brilliant completion with Necronomicon Tarot.

Gruesome gods, sinister monsters, and other strange creatures lurk throughout this fully functional tarot deck. All seven rulers of the Old Ones from Tysons Necronomicon star among the decks trumps, including the great amphibian deity Dagon as the Hierophant and the ancient witch Ithakuah as the Hermit.

The symbolism of these vividly illustrated cards corresponds with astrology, the elements, and the Golden Dawn, while the decks structure honors the boundaries of traditional tarot. The enclosed book features detailed descriptions of the cards and the meaning for both upright and reversed positions. Tyson also offers divination guidance and a special divination spread.

Necronomicon Tarot Card Deck Specifications:

Comes with 240 page book

Specialty Priced at $28.95

Shipping: $7.95

New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Card Deck

The first tarot to celebrate an African-American culture, this book and 79-card deck capture both the spirit and the imagery of Voodoo`s African, West Indian, and Catholic influences. Ancient and earth-honoring, Voodoo`s practices take on different forms specific to time and place, but its essence remains focused on the loa–the potent spiritual forces of Voodoo that are manifested directly through human beings and their actions.

The authors draw strong parallels between the Waite and Thoth Tarots, the Kabalistic Tree of Life, and the Voodoo tradition as it is practiced in New Orleans. Just as the major and minor arcana of the Tarot represent the archetypes of the human psyche and the natural forces of our world, so do the loa of Voodoo embody the primal energies of the universe. With a variety of spreads and readings, the authors show how the Tarot can be an idea channel through which the loa exercise their powers to teach, advise, and initiate the serious student into their mysteries.

Specialty Priced at $32.95

Shipping: $7.95

Witches Tarot Card Deck

With the Witches Tarot Card Deck  is a potent system that you can use as a remarkable divination tool . . . as a mesmerizing focus for meditation . . . or as a gateway to astral travel. A special feature of this tarot is its power to demystify the inner workings of the ancient, mystical Qabala. The striking imagery of these cards incorporates symbols from the Qabalistic Tree of Life, yet it is also decidedly Pagan in nature. Meditate on “The Horned One” in place of “The Devil,” “The High Priest” in place of “The Hierophant,” “The Seeker” in place of “The Hermit.”

Witches Tarot Card Deck Specifications:

Deck includes 78 full-color cards

 32 page instruction booklet

Specialty Priced at $27.95

Shipping: $7.95

Wizard Tarot Card Deck

Step through the doors of Mandrake Academy, where you will don the robes of a magical apprentice and learn from your instructor – the tarot. Featuring gorgeous, intricately rendered digital artwork by John J. Blumen, this wonderfully unique deck presents a full course in basic magic while teaching you the timeless art of reading the cards.

Progrss through the 78-card Rider-Waite-based deck and explore twenty-two enjoyable lessons, as taught by the Empress, professor of herbal magic; the Hierophant, professor of mythology; and other traditional figures who hail from the Major Arcana.

  • Gain skills in spellcasting, herbalism, runes, astrology, astral travel, shapeshifting, and other essential topics.
  • Practice four schools of elemental magic, represented by the four suits of the Minor Arcana: fire, water, air and earth.

This set includes a 78 card deck as well as a 264 page, soft-cover book full offering magical lore and an exploration of the Wizard’s Tarot Deck.

Specialty Priced at $27.95

Shipping: $7.95

Power of the Runes Tarot Cards

The Power of the Runes Tarot Card Deck represents the most ancient of the Germanic peoples` magical written symbols that offer us deep insight into the hidden structures of the cosmos and the secrets if the human psyche.

Power of the Runes Tarot Card Deck Specifications:

Includes 25 cards

comes with instructions

Measures 3 3/4″ by 5 1/2″

Specialty Priced at $16.95

Shipping: $7.95

Mystic Fortune Tarot Cards

What should I do about my finances? Is he or she the right one for me? Should I travel? Is there danger ahead? The Mystic Fortune cards will tell you the hidden answers. Here`s an easy and fun way to read your fortune. This is a 50 card divination tool, with full instructions.

Specialty Priced at $15.95

Shipping: $7.95

Gypsy Witch Playing Cards

The Gypsy Witch Tarot Card Deck is an antique design deck of 52 cards with miniature cards in the upper left corners and descriptive pictures with meanings in the remaining portions of the cards.

Gypsy Witch Tarot Card Deck Specifications:

Also suitable as a regular deck of playing cards

Measures 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″

52 card deck

Specialty Priced at $15.95

Shipping: $7.95

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The Witches Magick for Thursday, October 30 – Rowan Tree Protection Spell

Skull & Skeleton Graphics


October 30

Rowan Tree Protection Spell


To keep yourself safe on Halloween from bewitchment, ill wishes, or the evil doings of supernatural beings, cut a branch of the rowan tree that is covered with red berries. With a red thread, attach it to your clothing or hair as you thrice recite the following magickal verse:



The rowan tree has long been regarded as the most magickal of all trees, and its protective powers are legendary. However, if you are unable to find a rowan tree to complete this spell, you can still
protect yourself on Halloween simply by wearing something that is red. According to occult folklore, the color red works exceptionally well in keeping sorcerers and supernaturals at bay.

Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore
Gerina Dunwich

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Herbal Listing Page 4

Herbal Department Page 4
High Grade Herbs


HERB Quantity Price
Gotu Kola Herb 1 pound package $21.95
Grapefruit Peel 1 pound package $23.95
Green Tea Powder 1 pound package $19.95
Guar Gum Powder 1 pound package $34.95
Guarana Seed Powder 4 Oz package $19.95
Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf 1 pound package $24.99
Hawthorne Berries 2 Oz package $9.95
Hops Flowers 2 Oz package $5.95
Horehound 2 Oz package $9.95
Horny Goat Weed Powder 1 pound package $24.95
Horse Chestnuts 1 pound package $24.95
Hydrangea Root 4 Oz package $21.95
Hyssop 2 Oz package $6.95
Indigo Root 1 pound package $74.95
Jasmine Flowers 2 Oz package $14.95
Juniper Berries 2 Oz package $8.99
Kava Kava Root 4 Oz package $21.95
Kava Kava Root Powder 2 Oz package $11.95
Kola Nut Powder 1 pound package $31.95
Lavender Flowers 2 Oz package $11.95
Lemon Verbena Leaf 1 pound package $24.95
Licorice Root 4 Oz package $9.95
Mandrake Root 1 Oz package $9.95
Mandrake Root Whole 1 pound package $44.95
Marshmallow Leaf 1 pound package $34.95
Marshmallow Root 4 Oz package $11.95
Meadowsweet 4 Oz package $9.95
Milk Thistle Seeds 1 pound package $24.95
Motherwort 4 Oz package $9.95
Mugwort 2 Oz package $9.95
Mullein 2 Oz package $9.95
Nettle Leaf 4 Oz package $9.95
Nopal Cactus Powder 1 pound package $28.95
Orange Peel 2 Oz package $9.95
Oregon Grape Root 1 pound package $19.95
Orris Root 1 pound package $72.95
Osha Root 4 Oz package $44.99
Papaya Leaf 4 Oz package $14.99
Parsley Root 1 pound package $32.95
Passion Flower Leaf 2 Oz package $4.95
Pennyroyal 2 Oz package $5.95
Peppermint Leaf 2 Oz package $7.95
Pipsissewa Herb 1 pound package $42.95
Plantain Leaf 4 Oz package $9.95
Poke Root 4 Oz package $9.95
Prickly Ash Bark 4 Oz package $24.99
Psyllium Husks 1 pound package $21.95
Psyllium Seeds 1 pound package  $18.95
Pumpkin Seed Powder  1 pound package  $24.95
Quassia Wood Chips 1 pound package  $21.95
Queen of the Meadow  2 Oz package  $7.95
Red Raspberry Leaf  4 Oz package  $6.95
Red Reishi Mushroom 1 pound package  $54.99
Red Root  1 pound package  $34.95
Red Rose Buds Petals  4 Oz package $6.95
Red Sandalwood  1 pound package  $29.95
Rhodiola Rosea Root 1 pound package  $38.95
Rhubarb Root  1 pound package  $24.95
Rose Hips  2 Oz package  $7.95
Sarsaparilla Root  4 Oz package  $9.95
Sassafras Root Bark  4 Oz package  $29.95
Saw Palmetto Berry  1 pound package  $38.95
Slippery Elm Bark  1 pound package  $54.99
Spearmint Leaf 4 Oz package  $8.95
Spirulina Powder  4 Oz package  $21.95
St. John’s Wort  2 Oz package  $8.95
Stevia Leaf  1 pound package  $32.99
Stillingia Root  1 pound package  $110.95
Stone Root  4 Oz package $19.95
Red Sandalwood  1 pound package  $29.95
Rhodiola Rosea Root  1 pound package $38.95
Rhubarb Root 1 pound package $24.95
Rose Hips  2 Oz package $7.95
Sarsaparilla Root  4 Oz package  $9.95
Sassafras Root Bark 4 Oz package  $29.95
Saw Palmetto Berry  1 pound package  $38.95
Slippery Elm Bark  1 pound package  $54.99
Spearmint Leaf  4 Oz package  $8.95
Spirulina Powder  4 Oz package $21.95
St. John’s Wort 2 Oz package  $8.95
Stevia Leaf  1 pound package  $32.99
Stillingia Root      1 pound package $110.95
Stone Root 4 Oz package $19.95
Suma Root Powder  1 pound package $44.99
Tansy  4 Oz package $14.95
Uva Ursi Leaf 1 pound package $32.95
Vervain 2 Oz package  $9.95
White Oak Bark 2 Oz package  $9.95
White Sage Leaf 2 Oz package $9.95
White Willow Bark 2 Oz package $8.95
Witch Hazel Leaf  1 Oz package  $7.95
Wood Betony  2 Oz package  $5.95
Wormwood 2 Oz package $9.95
Yarrow Flower  2 Oz package $5.95
Yellowdock Root 2 Oz package $6.95
Yerba Mate Leaf  1 pound package $21.95
Yohimbe Bark 4 Oz package $18.95
Yucca Root Powder 4 Oz package $17.95

When ordering your packaged herbs, please include the herb and quantity size. Include on your payment the amount for shipping (see chart below).Remember we do combine shipping on multiple orders. Please use the button below to place your order. Thank you.

2 ounce packages           $4.95

4 ounce packages           $5.45

1 pound packages           $7.98

2 pound packages           $8.20


Rune Department

Tarot Card Department

Crystal Department

Herbal Department

Herbal Page 2

Herbal Listings (Page 3)

Incense Department

Miscellaneous Department

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The Pumpkin-of-Passion Love Spell (Samhain)

The Pumpkin-of-Passion Love Spell


To bring two people together in a romantic fashion, perform this amatory enchantment during the Venus hour on Halloween. Ancient occult tradition holds that the hours ruled by the planet Venus and under the influence of the Roman love Goddess after whom this planet is named are the ideal hours for casting love spells. They are also believed to be the appropriate times for brewing love potions (known as “philters” in ancient times), performing love divinations, and basically engaging in any form of magick relating to matters of the heart. The best time to perform these is during the planetary hours of Venus.

According to the ancient grimoire (textbook of magick) known as The Key of Solomon, the planetary hours of Venus for each day of the week are as follows:

SUNDAY: 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd hour from sunrise.

MONDAY: 6th, 13th, and 20th hour from sunrise.

TUESDAY: 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th hour from sunrise.

WEDNESDAY: 7th, 14th, and 21st hour from sunrise.

THURSDAY: 4th, 11th, and 18th hour from sunrise.

FRIDAY: 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd hour from sunrise.

SATURDAY: 5th, 12th, and 19th hour from sunrise.

Using a consecrated athalme, cut a lid in the top of a small pumpkin. Remove the lid and clean out the pumpkin. Then place inside of the pumpkin the following magickal ingredients: a heart-shaped piece of red wax upon which the names (written in runes—characters of ancient alphabets, particularly Teutonic, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon) and astrological symbols of the two intended lovers have been inscribed, a lock of hair from each person at whom this spell is directed, a handful of red or pink rose petals (a plant associated with love magick), a seashell (a symbol sacred to the love Goddess Aphrodite), and a pinch of powdered orris root (a powerful ingredient of love spells).

Replace the lid on the top of the pumpkin, and enchant it by thrice reciting the following incantation over it:



Wrap the pumpkin in a piece of red satin and secretly bury it in the ground at night when the moon is shining bright. The pumpkin-of-passion love spell is now complete.

To reverse this spell, carefully dig up the heart-shaped piece of red wax and destroy it by casting it into a fire or into a pot of boiling water as you recite the original incantation backwards. Be sure to do this on a night when the moon is in a waning phase, for this is the appropriate time to reverse love spells and perform magick that brings things to an end.

If done correctly, the magickally inspired feelings of love between the two people whose names were inscribed upon the wax will immediately begin to subside.



Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore 
Gerina Dunwich


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A Lover’s Candle Spell (Samhain)



The following is an old witches’ love spell from England. It is traditionally performed on Halloween night and calls for the following items: a new candle (preferably pink in color), as many pins as you have suitors, and a strand of hair from each man’s head (assuming that none of them are bald).

Begin by tying a strand of hair from one suitor to the first pin, a strand of hair from the next suitor to the second pin, and so forth. Stick the pins into the side of the candle, spacing them lengthwise. As each pin is stuck into the wax, recite the following magickal rhyme:



Light the candle with a match and watch it as it burns down to the first pin, and then to the next. When it reaches the pin of your true mate, the front door is supposed to open and your true love will appear.

Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore
Gerina Dunwich
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A Witchs Lucky Candle Spell (Samhain)


To bring good luck into your life, take a brand-new orange-colored candle that has never been lit and anoint it with three drops of cinnamon, clove, or lotus oil. (Each one of these oils is said to possess strong luck-attracting vibrations, which make them ideal for this spell.) When the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, light the candle with a match and thrice recite the following incantation:




Gaze into the flame of the candle and fill your mind only with thoughts about good luck. Visualize the Wheel of Fortune turning in your favor. Allow yourself to genuinely feel lucky, as though you had just won a prize. The more emotion you put into your spellcasting, the better the outcome will be. It is also important to never doubt the power of a spell, otherwise your negative thoughts will inadvertently undermine its effectiveness.

Allow the candle to burn until sunrise (the morning of November 1) and the spell shall be fixed. Note: To prevent accidental fires from occurring, many witches place their candles in a sink or bathtub if they are to burn all night long unattended.

If the candle has not burned itself out by sunrise, you may now extinguish its flame by pinching it out with your moistened fingertips or by using a candle snuffer. Remember, as mentioned before, never blow out the flame with your breath because, according to old occult folklore, you will cause all of your good luck to blow away.

To peer into the future or into the realms of the unknown, sit before a mirror at midnight on Halloween. Place a black candle to the left of the mirror, and an orange candle to the right. With a match in each hand,light both candles at the same time, gaze into the reflection of your own eyes in the mirror and concentrate upon that which you desire to know until a vision (often misty at first) appears in the glass. Within this vision your answer may be found.

Another Halloween method of candle divination calls for a small cauldron to be filled with water in which a handful of mugwort gathered on Saint John’s Eve (June 23) has been steeped. (Mugwort is an herb that has long been used by witches to aid divination.) Light two pillar candles—one black and one orange—and hold them about one foot above the cauldron in your left and right hands, respectively. Concentrate upon whatever it is that you desire to know, and then recite it thirteen times in the form of a question as you tilt the candles so that the melted wax spills into the water below. Examine the patterns created by the black and orange wax to find a symbolic divinatory message.


 Witch’s Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore
Gerina Dunwich


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The Witches Magick for the 29th Day of the Blood Moon – Nymph Love Wish


Nymph Love Wish


Nymphs are amorous faeries born on the water, or are celestial or terrestrial. Gods, Titans, heroes and mortals have all fallen in love with them. A nymph lives to be the same age as the Phoenix, who outlives nine ravens, who outlives three stags, who outlives four crows, who outlives nine generations of aged mortals. Nymphs live in the place they protect and care for such as a star, planet, tree, crystal, flower, cave, ocean, lake, spring , river, or mountain. Generous to the kind hearted, they are sensuous shape shifters. Luminous, graceful, and beautiful, they grant the wishes of lovers . Cast this spell to call upon the nymphs to help your love wish come true.

For this spell, you will need your wand and a bell.

At dusk, draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Use the base of your wand to knock nine times on the altar table, in three series of three. Put your wand back upon the altar, and then hold the bell in your receptive hand, and ring it seven times. Now say:

Beautiful nymphs of the moonlight
Silver mist clad
Ladies of starlight
Graceful and loving friends,
I call to you now
Moon women of enchanting powers
Faery spirits wild and free
Beautiful nymphs of beauty and brightness
Please grant me my wish tonight.
[State your love wish.]
Thank you lovely Ladies, blessed be!

After you are done casting the spell, ring the bell three times with your receptive hand, and use the base of your wand to knock on the altar three times. Thank the beautiful and generous nymphs, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Herbal Listing Page 3

Herbal Department Page 3

High Grade Herbs

(complete list of all high grade herbs we offer)

Herbs help to maintain a healthy lifestyle in many different ways. The vast selection of superior quality herbs meets these diverse needs. Herbs include a delectable choice of dried culinary herbs to spice up your favorite dishes, medicinal herbs, an extensive variety of craft herbs, therapeutic herbs and a comprehensive selection of Chinese herbs for all your tincture, supplement and daily nutritional need.

HERB Quantity Price
Agrimony 2 Oz package $5.97
Alfalfa 2 Oz package $4.97
Alkanet root 1 pound package $24.97
Aloes Powder 2 Oz package $5.97
Alum Powder 1 pound package $10.95
Annatto Seed 1 pound package $14.95
Arnica 2 Oz package $4.97
Artichoke leaf 1 pound package $21.95
Asafoetida 1 pound package $21.95
Astragalus root 1 pound package $21.95
Atractylodes slices 1 pound package $34.99
Barberry bark 4 Oz package $11.95
Bayberry Root bark 4 Oz package $16.95
Benzoin Gum powder 1 pound package $14.95
Birch bark 4 Oz package $12.95
Bitter Melon powder 4 Oz package $11.95
Black Cohosh root 1 pound package $34.95
Black Henna powder 4 Oz package $11.95
Black Radish root powder 1 pound package $22.99
Bloodroot 1 pound package $82.00
Blue Cohosh root 4 Oz package $14.95
Blue Flag root 1 pound package $58.00
Blue Violet leaf 1 pound package $21.95
Boldo leaf 4 Oz package $12.95
Boneset Herb 1 pound package $25.95
Borage Herb 4 Oz package $5.95
Buckthorn bark 4 Oz package $10.95
Buckwheat Hulls 1 pound package $14.95
Burdock root 2 Oz package $5.97
Calamus root 4 Oz package $9.95
Cascara Sagrada Bark 4 Oz package $9.97
Cat’s Claw powder 1 pound package $16.95
Catnip leaf 2 Oz package $5.97
Cedar berry 1 pound package $35.95
Cedar Tips 1 pound package $16.95
Celandine herb 1 pound package $18.95
Centaury herb 1 pound package $24.95
Chaparrel Leaf 2 Oz package $5.97
Chia seed 4 Oz package $9.97
Chickweed 1 pound package $21.95
Chinese Red Ginseng root pwd. 4 Oz package $19.95
Chlorella powder 4 Oz package $21.95
Cinquefoil herb 4 Oz package $19.95
Cleavers herb 1 pound package $32.00
Coltsfoot herb 2 Oz package $9.95
Comfrey Root 1 pound package $29.95
Cornflowers 1 pound package $37.99
Cornsilk 4 Oz package $15.95
Cramp Bark 4 Oz package $29.95
Cranesbill Root 1 pound package $34.95
Cubeb Berries 4 Oz package $24.95
Damiana Leaf 4 Oz package $11.95
Dandelion Leaf 4 Oz package $9.95
Dandelion Root 1 pound package $34.95
Desert Sage 4 Oz package $10.95
Devil’s Claw Root 4 Oz package $19.95
Devil’s Claw Root Bark 1 pound package $85.00
Dong Quai Root powder 1 pound package $29.99
Elder Berries 2 Oz package $9.95
Elder Flowers 1 pound package $39.95
Elecampane Root 4 Oz package $14.95
Eucalyptus Leaf 4 Oz package $8.95
Eyebright powder 1 pound package $38.95
False Unicorn Root 4 Oz package $78.00
Fo-ti Root 1 pound package $39.95
Gentian Root 1 pound package $42.95
Ginko Biloba Leaf 4 Oz package $7.95
Goldenseal Leaf 1 pound package $74.95
Goldenseal Root 1 pound package $165.95

When ordering your packaged herbs, please include the herb and quantity size. Include on your payment the amount for shipping (see chart below).Remember we do combine shipping on multiple orders. Please use the button below to place your order. Thank you.

2 ounce packages           $4.95

4 ounce packages           $5.45

1 pound packages           $7.98

2 pound packages           $8.20


Tarot Card Department

Crystal Department

Herbal Department

Herbal Page 2

Herbal Listings (Page 3)

Herbal Listings (Page 4)

Incense Department

Miscellaneous Department

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