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The Witches Magick for the 22nd day of the Blood Moon – Llys Don Star Divination




The star constellation Cassiopeia also known as Llys Don (Don’s Court), represents the Mother of the Celtic Gods on her starry throne in the skies. She is called Don (Welsh), Danu , Donu (Irish), or even more ancient Anu (Pagan) . She is the mother of the legendary Tuatha De Danann (the Family or Tribe of Danu). In the night skies, she is visible the whole year round in the Northern Hemisphere, sometimes sitting upright in her chair, and sometimes upside down in her chair. There she sits through eternity watching over her children on earth. Use this divination spell to answer a pressing question.

Cast this spell at midnight . Use a comfortable chair, a white candle, and a radio. Sit in the chair and think of a pressing question . Write the date and your question down in your dream journal. Take a few deep breaths to center your awareness. Dim the lights. Light the candle. Merge with the Goddess and say:


Anu, Great Lady of the starry throne
Danu, divine Mother of the Gods
Please bless this divination with your light
May it be clear, may it be right!


Place your hands on the radio, and say:


May the Great Mother Goddess Anu
bless this radio as a true and clear oracle.
So be it! Blessed be!


Now, turn your mind to your question. Read the question from your journal aloud three times. Take another deep, complete breath, and turn on the radio. Scan or turn the knob through the radio channels to a slow count of “one, two, three.” Stop on the very next channel. Listen to the radio station for at least a minute. In what way does what is on the station answer your question. Pay attention to the words, the songs, the advertisements, the radio call letters, and so forth. Write down anything that points to the answer.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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WOTC Extra – The Self-dedication Ritual

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The Self-dedication Ritual

First, spend a few sunrises or late at night contemplating what you want to gain from Wicca. Write it down in your Mirror Book (This is like a journal that you keep about your thoughts about wicca, divination, or anything else you might want to put in such a journal). Second, think about what you wish to give to Wicca. This could be anything from connecting with other Wiccans on the Web to anything that cares for the Earth. Write this down in your Mirror Book. This done, you are ready to go to the next step of performing the actual ritual.

The Rite

Prepare a ritual bath and add some salt and a few drops of sandalwood or frankincense oil to it. If you have to use a shower, take a washcloth and put salt and oil on it, then rub it all over your body.

When you have finished your bath, dress comfortably to go to a secluded area outside. You can do this anywhere in the outdoor but you need to be in a place where you won’t be disturbed. All you need to take with you is some essential oil like sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon, or any other you feel would be appropriate.

When you get to the place you have decided upon, take off your shoes and sit quietly on the ground. Sit until you are calm and relaxed feeling the Earth’s energies around you.

Then stand up and look out where you are and let the Deities draw you to the right place for the ritual.

When you have found the right place, sit down and set the oil on the ground beside you. Use deep breathing and relax yourself again, let the energies flow around and through you.

Call upon the Goddess and the God in your own way. Tell them what you desire and that you wish to dedicate yourself to the Wiccan way and to them. Ask them to fill you with their divine energy.  When you do this, you may feel a surge of energy or a peaceful feeling. Whatever happens you will know that the Deities have heard you. You will feel different.

After you have finished talking the the Lord and Lady, take some of the oil and draw the symbols for the Goddess and the God on you somewhere. Visualize the symbols glowing in white light and flowing into your body.

Thank the Deities and sit and quietly meditate on the experience before you leave.

It is done. Go home and celebrate your experience in some way. Share the excitement with any of your wiccan friends. It’s your celebration, so do it in your way.

The Goddess symbol- )O(
The God symbol-

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The Witches Magick for the 19th day of the Blood Moon – Fireside Love Magick

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Fireside Love Magick

One of the most romantic things you can do with that special person in your life is to share a candlelit dinner for two in front of the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace or woodstove, you can create a mock fireplace with several tea candles on a fireproof surface.

After dark, prepare a dinner for two on the coffee table in front of the fireplace, or if you prefer on a tray on a thick, fuzzy quilt and soft pad. Prepare mostly finger foods, that is, tasty items you can feed each other as you kiss and caress in the candlelight next to the fire. Also include a bottle of your favorite wine (or juice) or cold brew.

Sit down to dinner, truly admire your love, and light the candles. Say:

My beloved, I love you
We are the love
We are the flame
We are the fire of desire

Pour the wine into your glasses. Make a toast by raising your glass and saying:

To the fire of our love. Blessed be!


Now, clink your glasses together softly and sip your wine. As the room warms up from the fire and you heat up from being with the one you love, go ahead and get more comfortable and express your burning desire!


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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The Witches Magick for the 17th Day of the Blood Moon – Andromeda Creativity Spell

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Andromeda is one of the earliest constellations, named by the ancient civilizations of the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley. It contains the enormous spiral galaxy much like ours called the Andromeda galaxy, which is the most distant object visible to the naked eye. Resting in the northern sky near the constellation Pegasus, Andromeda looks like a woman stick-figure, with a belt (like Orion), with a long arm holding a sword. In Greek mythology, the princess Andromeda was the beautiful daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus. Cassiopeia boasted to the sea god Poseidon that she and her daughter were more beautiful than the sea goddess. As punishment, her daughter Andromeda was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster. The brave Perseus unchained Andromeda and married her. The couple were given honored places among the stars by the goddess Athena. You can use this spell to unchain your creativity.

You will need a white candle and a ballpoint pen. At 9: 00 p.m., draw a magic circle. Then draw a star of white light within the circle. Call in the elements. Use the ballpoint pen to inscribe the words Andromeda three times on the candle body. Draw three five-pointed stars on the candle as well. Light the candle, and dedicate it to Andromeda by saying:

I dedicate this candle to the beautiful Andromeda.

Merge with the stars and the divine, and say:

My body is a bright shining star
My head is the head of the star
My arms are the arms of the star
My legs are the legs of the star
My eyes shine with starlight
My heart shines with starlight
My spirit shines with starlight
Tonight, I unchain my creativity
By the starlight, blessed be!

Spend at least thirty minutes merging with the star goddess Andromeda. See and sense your creativity expanding like a bright shining star. Afterward, thank the star goddess Andromeda, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the star and circle of light.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

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Crystal and Candle Spell


Items needed:

Basic altar set-up including:
–salt and bowl of water, candle in color symbolic of need.

Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle.

Charge of the Goddess/God.

Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following:

“This crystal is hereby cleansed and dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and God.”

With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar sign for money, a fist for strength. As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested.

Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle. Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum.

Allow the candle to burn down.

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Spell for Needed Changes


Sit in a quiet place that is special to you. Hold a white or cream candle in your hands and visualize the area of your life that this candles energy is needed in. After you light this candle the energy will come to you. It may come right away or when you lease expect it.
When you are ready recite the spell or use your own words of power.

“This candle I see before me, its color so bright,
Holds my needs of change in its light.
I call in the forces higher than I
To release the energy that is held inside
May it work for me in the most correct way,
Harming none and helping all as it leaves my stay.
I call on thee in perfect trust and love sending me guidance from above.
This I make happen and so be it will.
Take away this thing that brings me ill.
So mote it be. 3x3x3″

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Candle Spell Against Psychic Attack



You Will Need:

White candle

Red candle

Black candle

Imagine a blue ball of energy inside the candles. Caress the candles as you chant:

Goddess of Three, I call upon thee,
To protect from those who wish to harm me
Keep them from using the gift from thee
Keep them from using thy gift to harm me.

When you finish chanting, imagine the blue ball exploding into lines of blue. Imagine the lines surrounding you and wrapping you in warm blue energy. See the blue light as a shield. Know that it is unbreakable. Think about how it is the Goddess’ Light protecting you.

Then put the candles someplace where they can burn undisturbed and let them burn themselves out, sending all the energy into your shield. This spell is best performed during the full moon.

For longer effects you can make it a seven-day spell.

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Candle Spell to Stop Harassment


Timing: During the waning moon.

Use a brown candle (an image candle, if you can) to represent the person who is harassing you.

Write the person’s name on the front and back of the candle.

On a small piece of parchment paper, write:

‘From now on, (name) will say nothing but sweet words about me and to me.
By the power of Aradia, so mote it be!’

Put a drop of honey in the middle of the paper and roll it into a ball.

Heat a knife, pin or your athame, make a gash in the candle (in its mouth, if it’s an image candle) and stuff the paper ball into it.

Let the candle burn a little while every night for an odd number of nights, to a maximum of nine nights. Throw the remnants into flowing water, but save some candle drippings or ash to sprinkle in the path of your oppressor.

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