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The Witches Magick for the 28th Day of the Wort Moon – Hollyhock Happiness Spell

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Hollyhock Happiness Spell


Planting hollyhocks in your garden and around your yard draw prosperity and material gain to you and your home. These showy blossoms also attract helpful faeries and good fortune. The tiny leaves that shoot up at the base of the blossoming plant are particularly enticing to flower faeries.

Gather hollyhock blossoms and set them on your altar just before dark. Tie them with a white ribbon, and say three times:

Blossoms bright bring me good fortune

Wealth and happiness tonight.

So mote it be!

Place the tied hollyhocks just outside your front door, to attract more happiness, wealth, and good fortune to you and your home. Leave the bundle there for a moon cycle for best results.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight

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Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Herbal Witches Cleansing Bottle Spell

Celtic Greetings (Gp)...

Herbal Witches Cleansing Bottle Spell


To make an herbal cleansing bottle, pour a layer of sand in a large clear bottle. Add layers of dried herbs, one at a time: first rosemary; then lemon peel, sage, cedar, black peppercorns, lavender, dill, bay leaf, and rowan.

When the bottle is full, focus cleansing protective energy into the herbs and sand, and see a golden light radiating from the bottle. Visualize the herbs driving away negative influences.

Cork and seal the bottle with white wax. Using a permanent marker, draw the Algiz rune on one side of the bottle, and on the other side draw a pentagram.

Set the bottle near your front or back door, and every six months, uncap,

Pour herbs out into the woods or your compost heap, and thoroughly wash and dry the bottle before filling it with a new round of herbs.


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The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Wort Moon – Finger Painting Sex Magick

celtic woman and dragon



You will need your lover, one ounce of olive oil, nine drops of vanilla scented oil, and three drops of jasmine-scented oil.

Just before you make love, take a warm bath with your beloved. Decide what you both want to direct your sexual and orgasmic energy toward. Keep it simple and be specific. Next, mix the oils together, and paint words of endearment on your lover’s naked skin. Finger-paint one word on your lover’s skin, then ask your lover to paint a word of love on your skin. After you paint each word, use your fingers and your imagination to rub the oil gently and sensuously into your lover’s skin. See how many words you spell before you fall passionately into the throws of lovemaking. Direct your lovemaking energies toward a shared goal or dream.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight


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Sharing Some of What My Mom Meant to Me

Originally posted on Coven Life:

A Tribute to the Lady who Gave Me Life

I have one woman to thank that helped me become the woman I am today. My loving, supportive mother!

She was there to carry and nourish me for almost nine months.

She was the first to hold when I emerged into this world.

She held, diapered and nursed me.

She didn’t mind the middle of the night feedings to much or so she told me when I started having my own children.

She fed me baby food and kept introducing foods until I was able to eat regular. Thanks to her I am not a picky eater and will at least try most new things once,

This wonderful lady watch me take my first steps and say my first words.

She taught me the alphabet, how to write my full name and to count to fifty before I went to kindergarten.

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Your Personal Daily Rune for August 25th is Ansuz

Your Rune For Today

Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.


Additional information about Today’s Rune, Ansuz.

ansuz: Odin




Phonetic equivalent: a (as in ‘fall’)


DIVINATORY MEANINGS: authority figure, leader, mind & body
balance, justice, shaman, clairvoyant


MAGICAL USES: for wise decisions, success, leadership; to help in divination and magic




ANALYSIS: This rune represents the instinctive, primal energy of

uruz tempered with the discipline and experience of þurisaz. These elements are combined in the personage of Odin, who exhibits the characteristics of both chieftain and shaman – a god of wisdom as well as war. Odin is also a shaman, traveling between the worlds on his eight-legged horse, SleipnirAnsuz is a balanced rune.
As with fehu, many people choose to remain at this point in their journey. It represents power, both secular and magical, and this power can be quite seductive. Odin has learned the lessons of the first three runes, thus gaining the wisdom to rule wisely, but this is really only another beginning. He has only gained temporal power, and has only a few of the tools he will need to perfect himself spiritually. There is a certain lack of compassion and perspective in this rune. Odin sits high above his world, looking down and making decisions, but he doesn’t yet have the capacity to really care about or understand his people or himself. He still needs that emotional connection to become a truly great leader

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Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Mojo Bag for Protection

Queen Of The Dragons

Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Mojo Bag for Protection

Mojo Bag for Protection


Items You Will Need:

Red flannel bag

2 small lodestones

2 long nails

Lock of your hair

Pinch of salt


This protection bag should be carried or worn close to the body, preferably touching the skin. It will protect from injuries, the evil intentions of another person, and bad luck. To protect an area such as a room, conceal the bag near the entrance to the room and make sure it is completely out of sight. In addition to the items listed, you may add a small Catholic Saint figurine of your choosing if there is a particular Saint you feel an affinity with, or you may choose Saint Benedict for basic protection from evil.

To fix the bag, breathe onto it several times, you may add a personal prayer.


Feed the bag with Defense Oil:

1/4 ounce carrier oil

3 drops myrrh

2 drops cypress

1 drop patchouli Mint leaf




Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Gianne


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The WItches Magick for the 25th Day of the Wort Moon – Wort Moon Love Potion

princess of the dragons and bats

Wort Moon Love Potion

This is the ideal potion for a warm summer’s night.

You will need a blender, one-half cup of mango juice, one-half cup of apricot nectar, one frozen banana, one-half cup of vanilla yogurt, one cup of fresh sliced peaches, two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice, ice cubes and two glasses. Into the blender, put all ingredients, one at a time. Each time you add an ingredient repeat:

Love, harmony, and good health, blessed be!

Blend the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Pour into the glasses and drink with your special love. Before you both take the first sip, toast each other and say:

To love, harmony and good health, blessed be!



Wiccan Spell A Night, 365 Spells, Charms, and Potions for the Whole Year

Sirona Knight


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Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Advanced Shielding & Grounding

Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Advanced Shielding & Grounding

Advanced shielding and grounding. A major help in banishing spells or removing a binding.

I don’t think shielding should be that difficult. You will need a good imagination and visualize what I am going to tell you. I recommend making shields that surround you like a impenetrable bubble. They can be any color you want, be creative.? I’m not sure how this will work for you but there will be two layers of shielding. The outter layer will simply protect you and prevent any thing from entering, while destroying it with its energy. If something breaks in, the second layer will protect you and will also repeal the energy and bounce it back to whoever sent it.? Shield your thoughts as well as blocking others from harming or influencing you badly in any way. If you think that as the purpose of your shield, then it will do so. The shield of the mind is created by a strong and happy memory. Think of the happiest moment in your life and imagine your mind and body being strengthened by it and helping you in casting the banishing spell or removing a binding. When shielding, believe that you are the master of your body, will yourself to do the banishing spell, and know that no outside force can break your defenses or curse you ever again.? The shielding will take energy from you depending on how effective it is and how much energy you have. So rather than giving energy from yourself, do grounding. Imagine yourself being stabilized and the energy of nature coming to you from below your feet and making you able to stand your ground and strengthen you. This will help you.? When you finish grounding, thank the nature for helping you.?

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