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Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Sat., March 7th



Your Horoscopes for Saturday, March 7th

by Rick Levine


Waves of optimism ripple through our minds today, but something holds us back from blasting ahead. Charging forward is challenging while the Sun’s conjunction with wounded Chiron creates emotional conflict, anchoring us to the past. The peace-loving Libra Moon prompts us to idealize a difficult situation so we can balance doubt with confidence. Meanwhile, her opposition to warrior Mars urges us to tackle nearly any problem that comes our way.


Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

An urgent issue continues to overshadow your day, and you may feel as if you can’t put off addressing it any longer. But be careful about taking the quick and easy way out; whatever you do, don’t stop short of making your point. The Moon’s current visit to your 7th House of Companions tempts you to hold your tongue for the sake of someone else’s feelings. There’s no need to push too hard for immediate resolution today but make sure that you share whatever you need to say as clearly as possible. Telling the truth is an act of kindness.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

It seems as if the hand of fate is in control of your interpersonal interactions today. Something odd is happening and you can’t put your finger on it. The more you try to remember the specific issues that set your feelings into motion, the less certain things become now. Although there could be unknown factors influencing your day, don’t give up. Your positive attitude is still enough to sway circumstances in your favor. When push comes to shove, you’re the master of your own destiny.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

A lighthearted conversation could get sticky today, especially if everyone tries to cling to their positions without being open to negotiation. Even a discussion that appears to be heading somewhere productive might quickly bog down as soon as you assume your perspective is the best one. However, your resistance begins to fade when you accept that individuals can have differing valid points of view. Entertain the magical potential of each alternative instead of worrying about what might go wrong. Variety is the spice of life.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You can appear even-tempered today, even if your moods are more extreme. A minor power struggle at home could generate an emotional tidal wave, yet you might not let on how much the stress is affecting you. Releasing your attachment to your dreams enables you to remain honest without having to hide your feelings. Projecting objectivity is a sensible strategy that helps to alleviate the tension and open the channels of communication.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

It’s all too easy to just acquiesce and go along with someone else’s agenda today even if you’re aware of the imperfections in their plans. You’re more accommodating now and are willing to make allowances for other people’s shortcomings. However, don’t just say yes to everyone who asks you for a favor. It’s a real gift to support your friends by offering a helping hand as long as you don’t set aside your own goals along the way. Your generous spirit won’t go unappreciated by those who matter.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You believe that a straightforward approach to your chores is the most productive route today, but your intensity might be bothersome to those around you. You’re quick to turn a complex set of tasks into a simple concrete plan, leaving others in awe of your practical wizardry. Nevertheless, you’re still likely to cause trouble now by stepping on someone’s toes as you proceed. Being efficient is an admirable goal, but it isn’t worth the risk of upsetting friends and family. You can create a win-win situation by taking the time to include those you love in the process.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You might sound more easygoing than you actually feel today. Someone may even think you’re so ambivalent that you can’t make a simple choice on your own. However, the gracious Libra Moon gives you the wisdom to go along with others for the sake of establishing a stronger bond. You’re prepared to express your opinions once you’re comfortable with the dynamics of the situation, which may take a while longer. But rather than engaging in an unimportant squabble, speak up only when it really matters. Trust your instincts when it comes to sharing your heart.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

A window of opportunity appears to be shutting today, yet you are not quite ready to make a leap of faith. Although you are usually capable of asserting your will when necessary, you’re reticent to express what you need now. Fortunately, a friend may provide a spark of encouragement that enables you to move past your own resistance and reach for the stars. Following the advice of a trustworthy ally makes all the difference in the world.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Alternating waves of uncertainty and confidence finally give way to calmer waters today. Luckily, your feelings are bolstered by your friends and family. Instead of struggling to justify your choices, all you need to do is show up and others seem to approve. The positive feedback may seem puzzling at first, but there’s no room for self-doubt; the time to act is now. Be grateful for your support network and keep your focus on the future.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You are cool-headed today, possessing the strategic objectivity of a master chess player. Your skills are highly marketable, which is useful when pursuing your ambitions. In fact, you have an excellent chance of reaching your goals now. Although your emotionally detached logic may be appropriate at work, it comes across as cold and unfeeling to family members or friends in a domestic setting. Take time and connect on a heart-to-heart level for satisfaction that’s beyond measure.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

It’s as if you are lifted high above the chimney tops and humdrum worries of the mundane world as your imagination soars to new heights. But you may be hesitant to relinquish your earthy subjectivity because you’re afraid you might not be able to return to ground level when duty calls. Nevertheless, worrying about being practical isn’t in your best interest today; your responsibilities will still be there tomorrow. In the meantime, explore the amazing possibilities that lay dormant in your dreams just waiting for you to discover them.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Relationship dynamics continue to shift, making it nearly impossible to figure out where you will land. On one hand, your dreams are more colorful and vibrant, putting you directly in touch with the supernatural realms. On the other hand, your visions also seem more real and reachable than ever. Don’t panic; your common sense will keep your feet on the ground now even when your thoughts drift off into space. is a Daily Insight Group Site

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The Witches Magick for the 6th Day of March – Lapis Dream Charm

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments


A beautiful blue stone, lapis has the metaphysical ability to fortify your intellectual expression while at the same time enhancing your intuition. Lapis can also be used to break up any negativity that might come into either your personal space or dreams.

For this spell, you will need a teaspoon of salt (sea salt works best), a bowl of water, and a small piece of lapis.

Add the teaspoon of salt to the water, then bathe the stone in the salt water for a few minutes. While doing so, say:

Crystals of salt

Purify this stone.

Take the lapis from the water, rinse it for sixty seconds in clear cool water, and dry it with a towel. Now, cup the stone between both your hands and call out:

I charge this lapis Dream Charm with

the wisdom and

powers of the Goddess and God.

May it serve me well in dream,

keeping me from harm and acting

in my greater good.

Dream it so! Blessed dreams!

Blessed be!


Keep your lapis charm in your pillowcase or hand at night. Carry the stone with you during the day to strengthen your creative abilities. Any time you want to access its powers, hold your lapis Dream Charm in your power hand and repeat:

Dream charm, fill me with the divine

power of creation.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day – Magic Egyptian Knot Amulet

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

Magic Egyptian Knot Amulet

Complete your grounding, centering, and shielding exercises

Gather a length of red string, ribbon, or embroidery floss

1 tbsp sea salt

½ cup water

1 tbsp incense of your choice

1 cup melted candle wax

Cleanse and empower your ingredients

Knot or braid the red string into a bracelet while visualizing your need.

Knot the bracelet seven times. With each knot, say the seven names of the Goddess.








Bless the bracelet with Air by passing it through the Incense three times.

Bless it with Fire by passing it over the Candle three times.

Bless it with Water by sprinkling it with three drops of water

Bless it with Earth by passing it over the salt bowl three times.

Bless it with Life by blowing across it three times.

Tie the bracelet around your wrist with a square knot.


“With this, the Lord and Lady

shall shine light on shadows

cast and keep me from harm’s way,

let this be done!

So mote it be!”

Spell Craft Primer A guide to understanding the basics of spell workings

Laurie Pippen

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Full Moon Blessing

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

 Full Moon Blessing


My Lady of the Moon

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Bless this house

Bring fortune, joy and peace

To all who live within.

Blessed Be.

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Full Moon Spell – A Spell for Personal Empowerment

Full Moon Spell – A Spell for Personal Empowerment


This spell is particularly good when you’re in a new relationship and are feeling somewhat uncertain or unsettled about where the relationship is headed. It’s also good for any situation or time when you need to feel personally empowered.


2 gold candles

Oil or sprig of frankincense

Sprig of sage

Deck of tarot cards

Pen and paper

When: The full moon

If at all possible, do this spell when and where the light of a full moon spills across your working area. Begin by lighting a sprig of sage to smudge the area where you’ll be working and to increase your mental clarity. Next, remove the kings and queens from each of the four suits in your tarot deck.

If you’re doing this spell for personal empowerment, simply select a king or a queen that represents the element of your astrological sign.

If, for instance, you’re an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarian female, then you would choose the queen of wands. If you’re doing a spell that involves another person , then select a king or queen of the suit that represents the element of that person’s astrological sign. If you don’t know the person’s sign, allow your intuition to guide you in your selection of a card.

On the sheet of paper, write out your intent. Keep it simple and specific. Place the paper on your altar, with the card or cards on top of it. Put one of the gold candles to the west, the other to the south . Light the candles and the frankincense. Shut your eyes and visualize what you desire. Then say:

Spirits of the west,

Clarify my love,

Spirits of the south,

Empower me.

So mote it be.

Give thanks , let the candles burn down, then toss them out the next day.


The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need (The Only Book You’ll Ever Need)

Marian Singer

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Full Moon Spell – Bring Someone Close Spell

Full Moon Spell – Bring Someone Close Spell

There are any number of ways to do this spell. You can drip water (preferably Full Moon Water) on photos of you and your beloved. You can set a candle in a bowl of water and allow it to burn until the water extinguishes it. You also may want to use Come To Me oil and/or incense for the spell. However you do it, visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love!

“Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear.

A love that’s true once here he’ll find
And know his journey’s end.
And in his heart and soul and mind
He’ll know our lives should blend.”

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Full Moon – Simple Love Charm

Full Moon – Simple Love Charm

Put the following things in a drawstring bag: 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Pink Feather, and 1/5 Cup of Clove.

Get one pink candle to burn while your chanting the spell. Now light the candle and chant the following words

“Love shall come to me by the powers of three, by my will so shall it be!”

At this time anoint the bag with holy water and say,

“The bag is sealed and the charm is made.”

A spell to draw two people closer together.

Take two pink petals from a Rose.

Write on one the male lover, and on the other petal the female lover (or if gay write the different names on the two petals as above).

Take an apple, and slice it through, so that you can clearly see the five-pointed Pentagram of the seed capsules.

Take the two Rose petals and putting them together, place them on the bottom half of the apple.

Place the top half of the apple on to the petals so that the apple is whole again.

Now tie a red cord first one way across the apple binding the two halves together saying:

“I bind this man to this woman until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

Now tie a green cord ninety degrees from the red cord and say:

“I bind this woman to this man until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

These words can be set in rhyme (which makes the spell stronger) and helps you not to forget it.

Now place the apple in a dry cupboard, where it won’t be disturbed such as a wardrobe or something similar.

Each full Moon, bring the apple out (unobserved by anyone) and place in the full rays of the Moon for at least an hour, then put the apple back where you had put it first.

You may say something whilst it is in the Moon’s Light to aid the spell of attraction and binding of the two souls.


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How To Draw Down the Moon

How To Draw Down the Moon

By Patti Wigington

Wicca Pagan Expert

In this beautiful and powerful rite, the practitioner invokes the Goddess directly into herself (or himself, as the case may be). In some variations, a High Priestess (HPs) may go into a trancelike state and speak the words of the Goddess, or it may be a formal monologue calling upon the Goddess in her many forms. Regardless of how you practice it, Drawing Down the Moon is best performed on the night of the full moon, or on one of the nights immediately before. While it’s more suitable to be performed outside, if the weather is inclement or your neighbors are easily startled, you can hold the ritual indoors.

Stand at your altar with your arms crossed over your chest, and feet together. Face towards the full moon. Say:

Goddess of the Moon, You have been known by many names in many lands in many times. You are universal and constant. In the dark of night, You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light and love. I ask You, O Divine One, to honor me by joining with me, and allowing me to feel Your presence within my heart.

Move your feet apart to about shoulder width, and raise your arms up and out to welcome the Goddess into you. The next part is one that you can memorize and learn, or you can speak spontaneously from the heart. You will begin to feel a surge of energy, a palpable tingle – don’t worry, that’s the Goddess making Herself known to you. Feel free to change these words as you like. You are speaking for Her, in Her voice, so let Her say what She wishes. Say:

“I am the Mother of all life, the One who watches over all. I am the wind in the sky, the spark in the fire, the seedling in the earth, the water in the river.


“I am the vessel from which All Things spring forth.

Honor Me from within your heart! Remember that acts of love and pleasure are My rituals, and that there is beauty in all things.

Honor Me on this night of the full moon! I have been with you since the moment you were created, and shall remain with you always.

Let there be beauty and strength, wisdom and honor, humility and courage within you. If you need Me, call upon Me and I shall come to you, for I am everywhere, always.

Honor Me as you seek knowledge! I am the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, and I live within you

Feel the power of the Goddess within you. When you are ready, conclude with:

I look down upon the sands of the desert, I crash the tides upon the shore, I shine on the mighty trees of the forests, and watch with joy as Life continues every cycle.

Be true to Me, honoring that which I have created, and I shall be true to you in return.

With harm to none, so it shall be.”

Take a few moments to stand and bask in Her glow, and to meditate upon that which you have just experienced. Once the energy surge has subsided, lower your arms, and proceed with your ceremony as you normally would at the conclusion of a ritual.


Drawing Down the Moon is an altered state of consciousness, a ritual possession by the Divine. It is not uncommon to feel the energy of the Goddess for quite some time following Drawing Down the Moon, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a heightened sense of clarity over the next few days. You may also feel extremely emotional — it’s not uncommon to cry or laugh spontaneously during this rite.

The above ritual is one that I created myself, but for more variations on Drawing Down the Moon, there are excellent versions in Wicca For One by Raymond Buckland (pp. 87 – 89 and The Grimoire of Lady Sheba (pp. 167- 168).


Author: Patti Wigington, Pagan/Wicca Expert

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