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The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Chaste Moon – Kundalini Sex Magic Spell



The Hindu goddess Kundalini embodies sexual ecstasy. Her name is the Sanskrit word meaning coiled up, which is derived from kundala meaning “coiled.” She is depicted as a sleeping serpent coiled three and a half times around your first chakra (base of the spine). Sometimes Kundalini is described as two serpents representing the positive and negative polarities, coiled around your spine like a DNA helix. When she is awakened, she moves upward through your chakras with her fiery energies until she reaches your crown chakra at the top of your head. With this upward movement comes spiritual knowledge and sublime sexual ecstasy. You feel as though you are on fire!

You will need sandalwood-scented oil, two red candles, and a bunch of fresh flowers. Just before making love, and as close to midnight as possible, is the best time to complete this spell.

Draw a magic circle around your bedroom. Now, draw another circle of red light on top of the first, and call in the elements. Anoint yourself with the sandalwood oil, and dress the candles with a few drops of the oil. Wipe any remaining oil from your hands. Place the candles in holders side by side. Gently pull the petals from the flowers, and spread them in a figure eight around the candles. This is the symbol of infinity and also a powerful binding symbol. As you light the candles, dedicate them to the Goddess Kundalini. Merge with her energy. Be receptive to the Goddess. Become one with her and embrace her presence within and without. When you call the Goddess into your circle, her energies will empower you.

Once you have merged with the Goddess, it is time for making love. The intensity and passion of lovemaking is heightened, especially when you share the experience with your beloved. This becomes the ultimate, sensuous union between yourself and your lover. At some point, you may begin to feel as though you are one with your partner and one with the Goddess. Inside and outside, within and without, become a seamless whole. When you encounter and become as one with the Goddess Kundalini, you feel as though a wildfire is burning through you. Her heat and your heat become one, and your entire body flames with love and light. Once you are touched by the Goddess, your inner and outer senses become more finely tuned. You also may feel the intense ecstasy for a while after you experience making love in this Tantric manner.

In the morning, thank the Goddess Kundalini for her loving embrace, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Spread the flower petals on the ground outside your front door in a figure eight. This spell can also be done solo.



Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight


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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for March 27th – Magic Witches Ladder for Comfort and Blessing

Magic Witches Ladder for Comfort and Blessing


A witch’s ladder is an excellent gift for a sick friend or loved one. It brings comfort and positive energy from your heart to the body of your friend.

Complete your grounding, centering, and shielding exercises

Obtain a long length of blue cord or ribbon

Select 7 symbols to hang from it. These symbols must be meaningful to you and your friend.

They should represent comfort , protection, and healing. Common ideas include grey feathers for protection during sleep sprigs of healing herbs garlic for healing and protection small talismans that are meaningful to you and your friend charms healing crystals and stones

Cleanse and empower your ingredients

Tie the symbols at equal distances along the cord imbuing each knot with comfort, energy, and positive thoughts.



Spell Craft Primer A guide to understanding the basics of spell workings

Laurie Pippen


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The Witches Magick for the 26th day of the Chaste Moon – Delight Me, Excite Me Sex Magic

Native American Comments & Graphics

Delight Me, Excite Me Sex Magic


You will need your favorite scented oil or perfume, a pen, and a sheet of paper.

Hold the vial or bottle of oil or perfume in between your hands for a few minutes until it is warm. Focus you awareness on your beloved. Imagine the night of passion that you desire. Be as specific as possible. Now transfer your thoughts and feelings into the oil, by saying:

May this scent bring fragrant passion to our lovemaking.

Next, anoint yourself with the consecrated oil (or perfume) just before you make love. Explain to your lover exactly what you are doing and what you would like him or her to do to totally please you. Also agree on a specific goal to move your sexual energy and climax toward, for example, getting pregnant, more creativity on a specific project, world peace, or finding the perfect home. Your imagination is your only limitation. Write your names, the words “Delight me, excite me,” and your desire goal on the sheet of paper, and set it in such a way so you can see it when making love. As you embrace your lover, say:

I want you as you want me

Delight me, excite me.

I love you as you love me

Delight me, excite me!

As you make love, please each other just the way you want to be pleased. Remember to glance occasionally toward the sheet of paper to keep your focus, and send the buildup of energy and the power of your climax toward your desired goal. You can also do this solo, with a couple of modifications.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year

Sirona Knight

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Spell to Help Find a New or Better Job

This spell can be done many different ways. You can do it in a full sacred circle, bless a green candle (let it burn completely down in a safe place if you cannot watch it) with Bergamot oil or burn some Bergmot incense and just say the spell out loud.
Repeat spell three times all except the last line which should be said once at the end of your spellcasting.
I call upon the Universe to help me find a stable job as a _______
I need it to pay well enough to pay my bills and other living expense with maybe a little left over for fun
Let me work in harmony and be treated fairly with all others employed there
May they accept me as I am and may I accept them as they are
I humbly ask for this to come to fruition as soon as possible
So Mote It Be
Copyright 2015 Carla Schultz-Ruehl
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PLay Day Magick (e) More Magickal Fun


The ideas in this article are a very small sampling of all the possibilities for play magick, which are endless! Let your own childhood play-time favorites inspire you to devise even more types of magickal fun. Might you be able to skip over obstacles by skipping an enchanted jump rope? Could a game of magickal freeze tag be used to stop fear, doubt, or other baneful energies? Perhaps those dolls or action figures could come in handy for a bit of imitative magick, allowing you to mimic and play act the circumstances you desire. Challenge yourself to come up with some new ideas for play magick. How might you use a bouncy ball as a tool for magick? What other ideas can you think of? Play and magick are intrinsically linked, and the potential, possibility, and power of play magic are truly as limitless as the value of fun itself!

Copywrite Melanie Marquis in Lleweylln’s Witches’ Datebook 2015 Pages 6-9

I hope you have some fun with these ideas. I would love to hear from anyone willing to share how you took or are thinking of taking a childhood game, toy, board game, etc as Melanie says the list has endless possibilities and using it for magick. Remember our inner child can get restless and this would be a good way to soothe it. I think Melanie’s ideas are also a great way to teach children of all ages a little magick and think of the great time the family can have doing an activity together.

I am going to dig out my old board game called “LIFE” and play it with the intention that I will reach my goal of having my  first book self-published by Spring Equinox 2016! Now have some fun and play but remember your intentions, spells, etc will still have results so make sure you think something through before trying it. Maybe even write down the steps you need to take, what you will need in way of supplies and/or magickal tools and definitely write out any spell you will be using no point in saying a wrong word and have the spell back-fire on you. You can do the preparation but still have fun and do not forget the Wicce Rede  “Harm none, do as ye will

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Play Day Magic (d) Magickal Hide-and-Go Seek

images (8)

Need an opportunity or resource to manifest? Grab a friend and try a round of magickal hide -and-go-seek! One person acts as the seeker, while the other person becomes an embodiment of whatever is desired, be it a new car, more food, a job, a peaceful environment, or any other goal. The hider hides, then the seeker finds, shouting at the moment their quarry is first sighted that they have definitely found exactly what they were looking for, exactly what they need.

By Melaine Marquis Here we are at “More Magickal Fun” the last of Melaine’s article in Lleweylln’s Witches Datebook 2015 pages 6-9. I hope these bring some fun into your life and magick. UNtil tomorrow have fun and take a nice walk outside weather permitting. Blessed be.

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Play Day Magick (c) Jigsaw Puzzle Spell

images (7)

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle can easily be transformed into a powerful act of magick. By finding the right pieces and putting them in all the right places, a new and perfect picture is formed, a formula that happens to be perfectly suited for magickal intended to help you overcome challenges and gather resources needed for success.

You have several puzzle options to choose from for this type of spell work. The simplest is a ready-made cardboard puzzle with an image you can use to represent your magickal goal. For example, a puzzle depicting a beautiful bouquet of roses could symbolize the lovely hopes you want to achieve, while a puzzle depicting a formidable castle might be used to represent the stable foundation on which you hope to build your dreams. If you can’t find a puzzle that seems suitable, one option is to order a custom-made design from a company the converts photos or drawings into jigsaw puzzles.Depending on the size and quality, custom-made puzzles can range in price from an average of  $5.00 to around $25.00. If you would rather keep costs minimal pick up a cheap  puzzle from the dollar store and paint it yourself to perfectly suit your spell goal . Just be sure to use tempura paint, which dries quickly, and use a thin coat so that the pieces won’t be impossible to separate once the paint dries. [L B note-I would try cutting pictures out of magazines and/or advertisement papers and a sturdy piece of business card stock or poster board. Then cutting into a puzzle myself. To me this would strength what ever I am magickally using the puzzle for. With the poster board use half or a quarter then use the other half or a quarter to glue your puzzle on to keep it together.]

Lay the pieces in front of you. As you turn them all face up, imagine that you are revealing all the elements needed to make your dreams come true. Begin assembling the puzzles border, envisioning as you do so that you are creating a space in which your wishes can manifest. Proceed by filling in the rest of the puzzle as another skill, resource, or opportunity that will help you achieve your goal. Once the puzzle is complete, affirm through visualization or words that your magickal wishes are now manifest.

By Melaine Marquis

Next we’ll play “Magickal Hide-and-Go Seek”. Until then have fun magick does not always have to be a serious thing as long as your intentions are pure; have some fun with it.

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Healing Spell

Lady Kwan Yin is an oriental Goddess of healing. I also work with Sirona who is a Celtic healing Goddess. They have helped me with everything from a bad cut on my finger to helping out of a period of deep depression and everything in between. This spell should not be attempted by a novice. If you want to use it and don’t know how please write to me before starting it. Thank you. This spell should be used as an aid to help the treatment a doctor has prescribed do more good. It will not cure what ever illness or aliment you or another has. If you are depressed see a doctor or other professional health person you feel comfortable with. This is spell is not to be used in place of seeking medical help when it is needed.

For this spell you should have:

Green Candle to empower

Sandalwood Oil to bless it with

This is dedicated to anyone who needs healing be it mind, body, spirit or any combination of them. Blessed Be

Either do the spell in a scared space or Concreted Circle

You will repeat the spell three times. Wet your index finger on your power hand (the hand you use to write with) with the Sandalwood oil use it to draw a Pentagram on the candle first on the top then on the bottom and lastly on middle of the candle.


Kwan Yin, Sirona, Ancient Powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth,

Gather around me (persons name) at my (their) hearth.

Help heal what is keeping me (them) down,

So I (they) might feel more like being up and around.

So Mote It Be

Copyright 2010 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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