Lady A’s Spell of the Day for March 27th – Magic Witches Ladder for Comfort and Blessing

Magic Witches Ladder for Comfort and Blessing


A witch’s ladder is an excellent gift for a sick friend or loved one. It brings comfort and positive energy from your heart to the body of your friend.

Complete your grounding, centering, and shielding exercises

Obtain a long length of blue cord or ribbon

Select 7 symbols to hang from it. These symbols must be meaningful to you and your friend.

They should represent comfort , protection, and healing. Common ideas include grey feathers for protection during sleep sprigs of healing herbs garlic for healing and protection small talismans that are meaningful to you and your friend charms healing crystals and stones

Cleanse and empower your ingredients

Tie the symbols at equal distances along the cord imbuing each knot with comfort, energy, and positive thoughts.



Spell Craft Primer A guide to understanding the basics of spell workings

Laurie Pippen


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Garden Blessing for Ostara

Ostara Comments

 Garden Blessing for Ostara


Say a blessing over your garden as you prepare it for spring.

The earth is cool and dark,
and far below, new life begins.
May the soil be blessed with fertility and abundance,
with rains of life-giving water,
with the heat of the sun,
with the energy of the raw earth.
May the soil be blessed
as the womb of the land becomes full and fruitful
to bring forth the garden anew.


Author: By Patti Wigington, Pagan/Wicca Expert

Article found on & owned by

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Irish Blessing


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Protection Water and House Blessing

Thought I should give you a little idea of how well this spell/blessing can work. I have been using this for about ten years now. We live next door to a state run boys group home, there are boys there who have gotten out of jail as well as those that just don’t fit in, in regular foster homes. Never once have we had a problem with any of the boys there even when other neighbors do. In fact they don’t even cut across our yard more then once.

Please don’t get me wrong not all the boys have a criminal background and some of those that do are now trying to change their live around for the better. We have had some of the boys help out with yard chores and if it is a boy we feel I can trust we would have them help us again.


What you will need:

24 Ounce glass container with lid of  rain or tap water
Add to it whatever amount feels right to you (nothing in potions is as simple as add 1 teaspoon of this or 1 Tablespoon of that it is all done by what feels right to each person doing it.) You do want MORE Salt the garlic in the mixture
Table Salt-No Iodine if possible
Powered Garlic
Roughly Ground or Broken into small pieces Rosemary
Use your Atheme, Ceremonial Knife, Wand or even a spoon you will use for only for mixing potions and/or herbs to mix the ingredients while reciting this spell:

“I bless this water and all it contains to keep my home and property protected from negative energy and entities, anything that may wish to harm those who dwell here,
Anyone living or dead who may try to do or say something against those that live here.
Keep us safe in all types of storms be it Elemental or man-made, physical, mental or emotional.
Make and keep our home a dry place,
A warm and safe place.
Let all who enter our home be filled with love and light
I ask Archangel Michael to surround our home and property with his protective white light.
These are my words THIS IS MY WILL So mote it be”

Strain the water into a bowl you can easily dip your fingers into.


Using your power hand (the one you write with) dip your fingers into the Protection Water and using the sign of the Pentagram or an even sided cross you sprinkle the Water saying, “EVIL LEAVE DO NOT ENTER.” This is said with convection and in a firm voice. Re-dip fingers as soon as they feel even a little dry.

Starting from the doorway you enter through make the sign of a Pentagram or Cross at each of the four corners of the door frame (I do mine inside as well as outside). You then begin walking clockwise through the house stopping at EVERY corner, window, doorway (whether it is a door or and arch way between two rooms or a closet or even a cabinet door), mirror, TV, cable box, DVD/Blu Ray/VHS player, computer (desk, laptop, tablet, etc), land line, cell phones, faucets, drains, radios, washer and it hoses, dryer and dryer vent, and everything else you may have that is a connection with the outside world and your home.

Next go to the second level of your home (if you have one); starting at the main entrance follow the same procedure to bless that level as you did on the main floor.

After that if you have a basement in your home bless everything that needs to be on that level.

Last place indoors is the attic (if you can get into it) bless everything that needs to be up there. If you can not get to your attic using a spray bottle, spray a little of the blessed water on to the ceiling in each room and the inside top of doorways.

Now go to the outside of the home. Bless the outside of all doors that the house can be entered through by either anyone living or dead or any type of entities; just as you did indoors. Also do a Pentagram or Cross on any door itself by dipping your fingers in the water draw the sign directly on to the door.

Last but not least you do the perimeter of your property. Strain the water into a spray bottle have the water coming out in a straight line rather than a mist, then just keep squeezing the trigger as you walk the out perimeter of your property. Start at the corner of your property closest to the main entrance of your home than walk clockwise and just keep repeating. “Evil leave do not enter”, in a firm, commanding voice until you reach the place you started at. Walk about two more feet back across where you started so the protection circle/square/rectangle is completely closed. If you have a lot of property you will want to walk a perimeter of the land you mow and/or use most often including a house vegetable garden if you grow one away from your normal yard.

Repeat the house blessing yearly both inside and out as many different negative things try to get at us. By doing it this way you can make sure the protection wards for your family are strong and nothing has found a weak spot to cross into your property and/or home.

I have also used this as a body spray if I am going to some place where I may not know people. I mix a batch of protection water with less garlic and salt but the same amount of Rosemary. I mix the water and let it stand for two days then strain it. Do not make a lot of the body spray at once because it only smells nice for about two weeks and then the garlic is too strong.

I also spray this on a stone that I carry in my pocket whenever I go out to keep negativity away from myself. If you use this to empower a stone rinse it with running water every time you come home and say, “Water wash all negativity from this stone.” Place it outside or on a window sill in the Sun to dry. After it is dry re-spray it with the Protection water.

The protection water can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. Or you can freeze it for up to a year. Make sure to strain the herbs out before placing in either fridge or freezer. When I freeze mine I use an ice-cube tray that way I can take out as many cubes to melt as I need the water for.

Copyright 2013 Carla Schultz-Ruehl

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Flashback 2011 Ostara Celebration


From a search for Ostara altars on Google images.

“The balance of the year swings towards warmth starting now. On this perfect balance of light and darkness, it is time for a final decisions about plans for the year. Along with the practical, give yourself spiritual balance, too. An hour before sunset, bathe in salt water [about 2 Tablespoons of table slat will do] scented with two or three drops of eucalyptus essential oil. As you do this, picture troubles of winter sliding off your body and disappearing down the drain. After your bath, dry yourself and dress in weather appropriate clothing. Go outside and watch the sunset. As the Sun sets, chant

The winter wanes and the sun expands

Minute buy minute across the land —

Now the ray, it touches me

And carries me into sweet divinity.

The next day take the first steps toward your new projects for the year, creating written plans and contacting people who can help you accomplish your goals.

Copyright 2011 Diana Rajchel Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2011 Page 49

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Flashback 2006 Mabon Celebration


From a Google search for Mabon Goddess

“As the season of autumn begins, we celebrate the second harvest festival and the Witch’s Thanksgiving. The Autumn Equinox marks the time of equal day and night and the beginning of fall. Meditate on bring balance into you life this autumn. Get outside and rejoice in the changing leaves and the glorious colors, scents, and textures of fall.

Traditional harvest themes work into your magical decorations beautifully. Try arranging apples or ornamental corn in a basket or group cute miniature pumpkins and gourds together on your shelve or mantle. Add some pretty pine cones and autumn leaves in their rich colors and dress things up a bit. Tie a rustling bundle of corn stalks to your front porch to celebrate the earth’s blessings and harvest-tide. Hang up a trio of  ornamental corn over your front door. Bless it in the name of the Triple Goddess for protection and prosperity.

Three ears of corn for the Maiden, Mother, and Crone,

Protect our house, and bring prosperity home.

Copyright 2006 Ellen Dugan Lleweylln’s Witches Datebook 2006 Page 105

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Flashback 2006 Ostara Celebration


Picture from Google search for Ostara Goddess

“The Vernal Equinox is the beginning of spring season. This festival’s familiar symbols of rabbits, pastel-colored eggs and bright spring flowers are sweet and romantic. Look around you; everywhere in nature there are signs of life returning to the land. To bring a bit of this natural magic indoors, pick up a pretty post of blooming bulbs. Try tulips for love, or daffodils for chivakry and honor, and take them home to brighten things up. Perhaps you can jazz them up a little by tucking some moss over the soil or add a festive bow or tiny colored eggs to the container. Enchant these spring flowers for fresh starts and good luck. Light a soft green candle and call on the goddess of spring, Eostre, to work this sabbat spell for new beginnings and to increase the positive things in your life.

Ostara begins our season of spring,

Good luck, joy, and cheer these flowers do bring.

Eostre, bless my home, family, and friends,

May your love and blessings never end.”

Copyright 2006 Ellen Dugan Lleweylln’s Witches Datebook 2006 Page 53

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Flashback 2005 Ostara Celebration

images (2)

From a Google search for Spring

“In the old days, you couldn’t do much cleaning in the winter, so as soon as the weather began to warm and the snow began to melt, it was time to start scrubbing. Turning the whole house or apartment inside out and getting everything spotless is still a good idea. If your home isn’t physically clean, its harder to keep psychically clean.

You can start by magically blessing your broom and other cleaning tools with salt and water. Take a small dish of salt, draw the sign of the pentagram over it and say “I bless this salt.” Then bless a cup of water the same way [I bless this water]. Take three pinches of salt from the dish and put them in the water. Stir clockwise with your right hand [left hand if you are left handed]. Sprinkle a few drops on your regular broom saying, “I bless this broom that my life may be clean.” Then go through and open all the windows. LAst, open the back door (or if you don’t have a back door, the window furthest away from the [front] door) and shout, “Begone, dirt, be gone cold, begone winter!” Then go to the front door and chant, “Welcome, welcome, welcome thrice welcome spring.”

Copyright 2005 Magenta Griffith Lleweylln’s Witches Datebook 2005 Page 51

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