She lives and breathes upon the Earth
Her wheel spins round the hub of June
She is the web of life and birth
Her smile floats softly with the moon

Heart of life, and caring mother
Loving sister, noble princess
Firebird spirit, restless lover
Shadowy hidden sorceress

His strength is there in mountains high
His lightning flys from air and cloud
His horn heralds the wild hunt’s ride
He quickens forest, roaring proud

Children’s friend, protecting father
Watchful brother, noble fighter
Laughing wise one, dark magister
Player of pipes, thoughtful sheperd

Their faces many, countless names
Pan, Diana, Zeus, Astarte
Teachers from dreams, oracle’s flames
Speak, and guide us within our hearts

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We Have No Book of Instructions

We Have No Book of Instructions

We do not have a book in the way that Christians have the Bible or Muslims the Koran. There are a great number of books on the Draft, however, and it is up to those who wish to read some of these to make personal decisions as to their relevance. Each individual ca choose the complexity of their rituals, and the form that their path will take. For some these may mean working in a group or Coven, others may prefer a Solitary path. Some will seek to work formalized Magick whilst others prefer the hedgewitch approach, working closely with mature and using herbs to achieve their Magick.


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We Believe That The Divine is both Male and Female

We Believe That The Divine is both Male and Female


We believe this is equal and in balance, and that we should seek that balance in ourselves and in our lives. Put simply, this means that we believe in the Goddess and the God, and they may be referred to by many names according to the needs of the individual or indeed their personal preference. It helps to think of the Divine as being like a mirror ball, with each facet having a different identity, although all are part of the Divine. As a result you may find that the Goddess is referred to as Isis. Astarte or Hecate, for example, and the God referred to as Osiris. Hernes or Pan, and so on. Some Witches will simply refer to the Lord and Lady or the Goddess and the God, and these are the terms that I will use in this blog. Others will call them the Old One or the Old Gods, or even just the Gods.

The Goddess is seen as having three aspects. Maiden, Mother and Crone (or Wise One). These aspects are reflected in the cycle of the Moon, and in our daily lives, for everything has its beginning, middle and closing phases.

The God also has different aspects but these are more clearly defined through the festivals of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

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Witchcraft and Empowering your Herbal Work

Witchcraft and Empowering your Herbal Work

Let the Magick come to life….’

You do not have to be practicing Witch to make use of the recipes and skills which are covered here, but it will help if you have an understanding of the principles of the Craft. For some this mean putting aside the misconceptions created by the media especially the popular press) and the adverse comments made by those who have no understanding and no desire to understand our heritage. Witchcraft is one of a number of belief systems whose roots pre-date Christianity and which come under the umbrella heading of Pagan. Indeed, Witchcraft has roots which go back to Pala eolithic times, as illustrated by the cave paintings of our ancient ancestors. Having said that, the Craft is a living religion and has as much relevance to us today as it had to its practitioners in the past. We still seek healing of our bodies and minds, strength to deal with our daily lives, understanding and compassion to help us relate to those around us and to develop our own selves.

So what do Witches believe in and how do they express these beliefs? First, you have to understand that, unlike the more orthodox religions, the Craft has no paid or formal priesthood we are each our own Priest or Priestess and therefore make our own decisions as to the expression of our beliefs. As a result there is no one true way to being a Witch. This gives rise to a great diversity in our daily practices and indeed enables the Craft to grow and adapt to the real world in a way that other paths find difficult because of their interpreted doctrine. Having said that, there are many beliefs and practices that most Witches have in common.

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Let’s Talk, Just Talk, Person to Person, How About It?

Friendship Images

Wow, it has been a little bit since I have actually talked to all of you. Let’s see what three or four days ago, lol! I just wanted to touch on a couple of things real quick (you know me, nothing is ever real quick). As you know, I took the weekend off. But it didn’t mean I wasn’t on the net. I was, both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I went through a bunch of old blogs I have registered here on WordPress. One of them I seriously thought about opening up for our brothers & sisters down under. I know at one time we had a blog connected to this one that provided all the daily divination a day early. I believe we operated it for about two or three months and it wasn’t successful at all. I changed my mind about opening that blog up. I figure now that I am giving the horoscopes a day ahead of time surely that will help some of them wanting that particular info. And besides you will get to see some of the info from that site in a minute or two. I didn’t realize I had put so much info into it but I had and it is good information even if I so say so myself.

Now for Sunday, I checked the numbers here and I realized that you all expected me to be here. I had already checked some non-Pagan sites and got very irritated. I saw comments like, “we are going to tell our children about where the Easter bunny came from and the whole truth about Easter.” HA! I was always told if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. So I did. I would not have accomplished anything at all except sitting our Religion back by a few hundred years. That would be very detrimental to our mission. We must always portrait ourselves and our Religion in a very positive light. We must never bash another Religion no matter what. We have been bashed for hundreds of years. We must show the world we are better than that. We must rise about it and show what we are truly about. So to keep the peace, I went fishing yesterday. I believe it is too early to fish around here in the ponds. I got a few bites but didn’t catch a darn thing. Walking back there is a pond that we pass, it is stocked with fish and they are fed regularly. I have been invited over there to fish but never have gone. Back to the story, the pond has a drainage ditch, in that ditch was the biggest catfish you could imagine. I couldn’t believe it. Wasted I don’t know how many worms and all the time I just had to get a club.  But I didn’t, I pushed him back into the pond. Oh, I almost forgot I did do a lot of work on Pinterest yesterday. I was hoping to attract new members and I believe I did or at least hope so. But all in all, it was a very nice Sunday and I apologize for not being here.

This one I am just dying to ask, who watched the new show on WGN last night, “Salem?” As much as I hate watching witchcraft show, my husband just had to watch it. Oh, brother, it someone would actually consult a witch in regards to making one of these shows, it would be a miracle! Seriously! Some of the stuff these shows come up with, this one has witches hanging from trees, a ritual out in the woods involving the devil and last but not least, a pressing machine. In case there are any Hollywood moguls that read this blog I have one thing to say, “WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL NOR DO WE WORSHIP HIM!” Taking about my mouth sitting us back, ha, that show did a number on us. I believe after watching it, I will remain a true and loyal fan of the show “Game of Thrones.” Love that show. It is has a good plot and it is well worth watching. Gee, now I am a film critic, what next?

Well that is about as short as I can make it for today, dear friends. I am getting ready to pull up that old blog and move as much info from it over here. Like I mentioned earlier, it has some good information. A lot of information on making this and that, the earlier carpet freshener recipe came from there. I should mention in transferring this information (very few has credits), if you see or know of an author of any of it, let me know. Then I will give them proper credit. As old as this blog is I am sure most of the info came out of the old MSN group. So who knows who contributed and where it came from.

I do believe I have covered all the bases for now. I hope you have a super week.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Love ya,

Lady A

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The presence of Deity

Goddess Comments & Graphics

The presence of Deity.

Can you feel the presence of Deity?
Its all about us like a fleeting memory
A touch so tenuous that you feel it in your dreams
Seeking with your heart, listening with your soul

The presence of Deity is like the snapping of a twig in a far away woods
And a drop of rain as it falls into the ocean
It’s the cry of a hawk far, far up in the sky
It is the sound of a small rock as it slides down a silent slope

The presence of Deity is the spider as it makes a silvery web
It is the sound of a feather as it falls through the sky
It is the dew as it forms in the morn
And the breath of an earthworm as it burrows in the sand

The presence of Deity is the moss as it grows on an old oak tree
And the swaying of a willow as it caresses a stream
It is the sound of a flower as it springs up from a seed
It is the footsteps of a mouse as it glides through the tall grass

The presence of Deity is a glistening snowflake lost in the night
And the movement of a wave far out at sea
It is the silence of the sun as it settles down for the evening
It is the rainbow connecting the skies with earth

The presence of Deity is a tiny turtle swimming across a still pond
And the whispers in the night as spirits roam about
It is the honey bee gathering nectar in a secluded glen
It is the innocence of a newborn child

Can you feel the presence of Deity?
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A Little Thought From Me to You……….

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WOTC Cartoon of the Day – “Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work, lol!”

“Which way do we go?” “Which way do we go?” Oh, it’s just our tax dollars hard at work, lol!

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