Friday is dedicated to the planet Venus, personified as the Roman goddess of love. The Nordic goddess Freya, the patroness of women of power, gave her name to this day. In Norse mythology, she presides over the Valkyries, the winged goddesses who bring fallen heroes to Valhalla, the realm of the gods. Renowned for her beauty, Freya is often called “the Fair One.” Any spells or charms relating to matters of the heart are appropriate for this day, as well as divination for inspiration in the arts. The influence of Venus is strong on Fridays and makes this day suitable for issues dealing with love, comfort, and the fulfillment of desire.

–Judy Ann Olsen, A Witch’s Grimoire: Create Your Own Book of Shadows

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Friday’s Conjuring

Friday’s Conjuring

Friday – is associated with Venus

Candle colors – Green, Red, Blue, White, Purple

Focus spellwork on: Love, Marriage, Money, Attraction, Luck, Healing, Prosperity, Change, Road Opening work, Bring Peace, Relationships, Power and Success


—Starr Casas, Old Style Conjure Wisdoms, Workings and Remedies

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TGIF! Thank The Goddess It Is Finally Friday! Wishing You A Very Blessed Day & A Very Beautiful Weekend To Come!


The Maiden Awakes

The Earth stirs from her winter slumber
Snowdrops peep through the snow-crusted soil
Autumn’s harvest left her tired
So all winter she has slept, resting after her toil
And now it is time for her to emerge
To waken again in the growing light
To coax out the crocuses, and daffy-down-dillies
To stretch to the sun after such a long night
And though the wind in the trees is still blowing
And the rains clouds have not yet gone
We know that the Maiden is awake
And spring won’t be far along

—Arietta Bryant, Ramblings & Rhymes

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Till tomorrow, my sweets….

Circle Is Open Pictures

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The Witches Magick for Thursday, February 4th – Get Rid of Negative Energy Binding


Get Rid of Negative Energy Binding

This spell is used to get rid of negative energy directed at you from someone else. This spell stops another’s negative energy from causing you harm.

Items you will need:
Any small cloth doll you can find. Unstitch the head until you are ready to begin the spell.
A needle and black thread
A personal item from the person you want to bind. Anything of theirs will work. It can be a strand of their hair, something they have wrote on, etc.
Some Black ribbon
A Black candle
A fireproof container
A sterilized needle
A piece of paper and pen

The Spell:
Form a circle of protection in your mind.

First light the black candle

Think hard on the person you are binding, place the personal object of theirs inside the head of the doll and sew it shut. Tie the black ribbon around the doll’s head.

Now whisper these words:

” With harm to none, my will be done
I hereby bind you (say the name of the person)
Your words and thoughts cannot harm me
Nothing you can do will harm me”

Continue speaking these words until you feel energy and power surging through you. Once this happens concentrate on that person being completely helpless to harm or abuse you while you are speaking the words above.

Now sign your name on the piece of paper to bind this spell.

Now prick one of your fingers with the sterilized needle and let a small drop of blood drop onto your signature.

Now fold the paper, light it on fire and drop it into the Fireproof Container).

Concentrate on the flames as the paper completely burns.

Now go and bury the doll as far away from your home as possible.
Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

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Little Known Magickal Tips that Actually Work – Cinnamon the Money Spice


Little Known Magickal Tips that Actually Work – Cinnamon the Money Spice

– Sprinkle Cinnamon on your money to make sure it comes back to you.

– Eat Cinnamon on food or in drinks to attract money to you.

– Sprinkle Cinnamon inside your wallet to ensure money stays there.

– Shake Cinnamon around your doorways to draw money to the household.

Deran Gray, Gray’s Pocket Book of Hoodoo Spells for Wealth and Prosperity: (Gray’s Pocket Book Series Book 5)

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Greenhouse Charm


Greenhouse Charm

Here is a little greenhouse charm that you can say to yourself while you get a dose of plant magick and greenery. Just shut your eyes, soak up the warmth and those delicious, earthy smells, and repeat the charm quietly.

All around me now, new plant life does happily grow
My spirits are lifted despite the cold and the snow.
Green is the magickal color of life and hope
Refresh me and remove any reason to mope!
By the powers of the moon, stars, and shining sun
As I will, so shall it be, an’ let it harm none.

Feel free to walk around and indulge yourself for a while in the greenhouse. See if you can find a simple houseplant to take home and care for. Once you return home, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Ellen Dugan, Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating the Sabbats with the Garden Witch

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Greenhouse Therapy


Greenhouse Therapy

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn. Hal Borland It’s easy to get down in the dumps by the end of winter. You think you are doing so great and then, before you know it, you have the wintertime blues. There is a condition that happens to folks who do not get enough sunlight in the winter months. It’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). There are treatments for this, and one of them is light therapy.

I know: I battle with this every year, especially in late winter. The popular theory on this is because I am part plant. I mope when it’s cold and gloomy out and I can’t get outside to take my walks or work in the gardens. The winter holidays keep me busy, and it does not kick in until mid-February. That’s when I start watching for gardening magazines and scowling out through the windows and complaining about the snow, ice, and cold, wishing for spring.

The best cure I have ever found? Well, if it’s not too cold, then I bundle up and take a brisk walk outside. Or if it’s snowing, then I cowboy up, dig out the cars, and then shovel the snow off the sidewalk and driveway— anything to move and to get outdoors.

Should I really feel blue and it’s very nasty and bitter cold, then I go to the local nursery greenhouses and walk around inside of them for a half hour and simply enjoy the green. Oh, that yummy warmth inside— the rich, earthy smell of the potting soil, the moisture and the humidity, and that blast of green— it all really helps me. After all, green is the color of hope and of life.

So on nasty, frigid days, if I’m really missing the light and the warmth and the color green and my gardens, I quietly walk around inside of a local greenhouse. It cheers me up the minute I hit the doorway. I walk around and soak up the warmth and vibrations of all those plants that are rushing to grow. I close my eyes, breathe deep, and pull in that garden smell. I let the bright green color of the foliage fill me up with power and cheer. And it works like a charm!

Now, before someone accuses me of vamping the plants, relax. I’m soaking up atmosphere— the scents, the sounds, the colors— not the life force of the plants themselves. Sheesh. Write about psi-vamps once and everyone starts pointing fingers.

Anyway, you can safely soak up the smells, the light, and the sounds in a lush greenhouse. Try it for yourself. The worst that could happen is you’ll end up scooping out the best new varieties of plants for your garden or taking home a couple of houseplants. Besides, I’m sure the greenhouse staff would be devastated to sell you something during their slow season.

If you want to give something back to the greenhouse, then buy some plants from them while you are there or in the spring— that’s what I always do. As the greenhouses have cheered me up during the winter, I repay them by supporting the greenhouse with my business and by also planting the flowers, herbs, and shrubs and caring for them for the rest of the plant’s life cycle. It works for me. Try it for yourself the next time you are down in the dumps with the wintertime blues.

Ellen Dugan, Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating the Sabbats with the Garden Witch

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