October, the Tenth Month of the year of our Goddess, 2015


“A year of beauty. A year of plenty.
A year of planting. A year of harvest.
A year of forests. A year of healing.
A year of vision. A year of passion.
A year of rebirth.

This year may we renew the earth.
This year may we renew the earth.

Let it begin with each step we take.
And let it begin with each change we make.
And let it begin with each chain we break.
And let it begin every time we awake.”

–  Starhawk, Reclaiming Samhain




October is the tenth month of the year, its name derived from the Latin word meaning “eight,” as it was the eighth month of the Roman calendar. Its astrological sign is Libra, the Scales (September 23 – October 23), a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. In October we enter the glorious late afternoon of the year. Bittersweet berries turn brilliant orange, and the woodland blazes with vibrant colors reminiscent of a Persian carpet. As October passes the door to the otherworld opens wider. We become more receptive to spiritual energies and feel drawn to bond with our ancestors. The main holiday of October, and one of the most magickal nights of the year, is Samhain or Halloween. This is a traditional time to honor our ancestor. Many seasonal decorations can help do this. The jack-o’-lantern illuminates a path so the spirits of our ancestors can find their way. Apples are used to feed the dead, so leave an apple near your door or a plate at your table. The name of October’s Full Moon, the Blood Moon, comes from this urge to connect with ancestors. When the Blood Moon rises, it smolders like an ember in the autumn sky. She is a beacon for spiritual energy. Thank her by leaving an apple beneath a tree, or by burning some dried wormwood in a dish and meditating on your deceased loved ones.



The Blood Moon is the last of the harvest moons, and the one closest to Samhain, the time when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is thinnest. Also known as “moon of the changing seasons” and “failing leaf moon,” the Blood Moon represents the death of one cycle and the birth of a new cycle. Blood is te life force that flows through your physical body. The Blood Moon ritual gives you the opportunity to give thanks and celebrate this life force.

Correspondences for the Blood Moon

Colors: Dark blue, black, purples
Gemstones: Obsidian, amethyst, tourmaline
Trees: Apples and yew
Gods: Herne, Apollo, Cernunnos, Mercury
Herbs: Apple blossom, pennyroyal, mint family, catnip, Sweet Annie
Element: Air


Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
Sirona Knight

Blood Moon Correspondences – Patti Wigington, About.com



NATURE SPIRITS : Frost and plant faeries

HERBS: Pennyroyal, thyme, catnip, uva ursi, angelica, burdock

COLORS: Deep Blue Green

FLOWERS: calendula, marigold, cosmos

SCENTS: strawberry, apple blossom, and cherry

STONES: Opal, tourmaline, beryl, turquoise

TREES: Yew, cypress, acacia

ANIMALS: stag, jackal, elephant, ram, scorpion

BIRDS: heron, crow and robin

DEITIES: Ishtar, Astarte, Demeter, Kore, Lakshmi, The Horned God, Belili, Hathor

POWERS/ADVICE: A time to work on inner cleansing, letting go, karma, reincarnation, justice and balance.


Symbols & Folklore for the Month of October

October’s Sign of the Zodiac

Libra, the Scales (September 23 – October 23)
Scorpio, the Scorpion (October 24 – November 21)

October’s Celtic Tree Astrology

Ivy: September 30 – October 27
Reed: October 28 – November 24

October’s Birthstones

Opal, Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire

October’s Birth Flower

The Calendula & Cosmos

October’s Folklore

When deer are in a gray coat in October, expect a hard winter.
Much rain in October, much wind in December.
A warm October means a cold February.
In October dung your field, and your land its wealth shall yield.


October’s Month Long  Observations

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Dwarfism/Little People Awareness Month
  • Eczema Awareness Month
  • National Arts & Humanities Month (United States)
  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month (in United States)
  • International Walk to School Day (International)
  • National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (United States)
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in United States and Canada)
  • National Dental Hygiene Month (in United States)
  • National Down Syndrome Awareness Month (in United States)
  • National Infertility Awareness Month (in United States)
  • National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (in United States)
  • National Lupus Erythematosus Awareness Month (in United States)
  • National Physical Therapy Month (in United States)
  • National Spina Bifida Awareness Month (in United States)
  • Rett Syndrome Awareness Month (in United States)
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month (in United States)
  • World Blindness Awareness Month
  • American Pharmacist Month
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week




“Your tombstone stands among the rest;
neglected and alone
The name and date are chiseled out
on polished, marbled stone
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn
You did not know that I’d exist
You died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you
in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
one hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved,
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot,
and come to visit you.”
– Dear Ancestor

Samhain – October 31

To most Witches, October means just one thing: Samhain! This holiday (pronounced sow-in) is also known as the Witches’ New Year, and falls on October 31st.

Most people know that date as Halloween, a spooky holiday characterized by ghosts and witches. Halloween comes from the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve (Hallow Evening, or Hallow E’en), which in turn was adapted from the pagan celebration of Samhain.

As with most of the Christian holidays that were derived from pagan practices, the origins of Halloween’s modern traditions can easily be traced back to its ancient pagan roots. The witches… well, that one’s obvious. (And for a change, everyone is dressing like us, instead of the other way around!) The spookiness and the ghosts are descended from the pagan belief that on this day of the year the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, allowing for communication between the living and the dead.

Samhain is the end of the Wiccan year. We take this opportunity to say goodbye to all those loved ones we have lost in the past year, and speak to our ancestors if we have the need. At the same time, we celebrate the start of the new year with revelry and feasting. This may seem contradictory, but as Wiccans we know that sorrow and joy are both a part of life, and that neither can exist without the other.

Samhain is the third and final harvest festival, often celebrate what lies ahead. So dress up in your most witchy black, grab your cloak and your broom, and revel in the joy of being a witch!

Circle, Coven, & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Deborah Blake


Samhain Ritual Tools, Symbols and Decorations

Altar Decorations: Black altar cloth; red altar candles; cauldron or pot with water and a floating candle; black pillar candle; bowl of apples; wand tied with black ribbon, lighted pumpkins; black silk pouch; chalice covered with a black cloth; red and white wine.

Symbols: Jack-o-lanterns; cauldron; scrying mirror or bowl; tarot cards; torches; bonfires; graveyard; tombstone; broom; cornstalks; runes for casting; photographs of departed ancestors; oak and hazel wands tied with black ribbons.


Samhain Incense

1 tsp. crushed Mugwort Leaves

1 tsp. Frankincense Tears (small resin chunks)

1 tsp. Myrrh Resin (small chunks)

2 tsp. crushed Rosemary Leaves


Samhain Oil

3 drops Rosemary oil

3 drops Pine oil

3 drops Bay oil

3 drops Apple oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

Use almond oil as the base


Samhain Ritual Potpourri

by Gerina Dunwich

45 drops patchouli oil

1 cup oak moss

2 cups dried apple blossoms

2 cups dried heather flowers

1 cup dried and chopped apple peel

1 cup dried pumpkin seeds

½ cup dried and chopped mandrake root

Mix the patchouli oil with the oak moss, and then add the remaining ingredients. Stir the potpourri well and store in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container.

(The above recipe for “Samhain Ritual Potpourri” is quoted directly from Gerina Dunwich’s book “The Wicca Spellbook: A Witch’s Collection of Wiccan Spells, Potions and Recipes“, page 162, A Citadel Press Book, Carol Publishing Group, 1994/1995)



Ritual To Honor Your Ancestors

For many modern Pagans, there has been a resurgence of interest in our family histories. We want to know where we came from and whose blood runs through our veins. Although ancestor worship has traditionally been found more in Africa and Asia, many Pagans with European heritage are beginning to feel the call of their ancestry. This rite can be performed either by itself, or on the third night of Samhain, following the End of Harvest celebration and the Honoring of the Animals.

First, decorate your altar table — you may have already gotten it set up during the End of Harvest rite or for the Ritual for Animals. Decorate your altar with family photos and heirlooms. If you have a family tree chart, place that on there as well. Add postcards, flags, and other symbols of the country your ancestors came from. If you’re lucky enough to live near where your family members are buried, make a grave rubbing and add that as well. In this case, a cluttered altar is perfectly acceptable — after all, each of us is a blend of many different people and cultures.

Have a meal standing by to eat with the ritual. Include lots of dark bread, apples, fall vegetables, and a jug of cider or wine. Set your dinner table, with a place for each family member, and one extra plate for the ancestors. You may want to bake some Soul Cakes.

If your family has household guardians, include statues or masks of them on your altar. Finally, if a relative has died this year, place a candle for them on the altar.

Light candles for other relatives, and as you do so, say the person’s name aloud. It’s a good idea to use tealights for this, particularly if you have a lot of relatives to honor.

Once all the candles have been lit, the entire family should circle the altar. The oldest adult present leads the ritual. Say:

This is the night when the gateway between our world and the spirit world is thinnest. Tonight is a night to call out those who came before us. Tonight we honor our ancestors. Spirits of our ancestors, we call to you, and we welcome you to join us for this night. We know you watch over us always, protecting us and guiding us, and tonight we thank you. We invite you to join us and share our meal.

The oldest family member then serves everyone else a helping of whatever dishes have been prepared, except for the wine or cider. A serving of each food goes on the ancestors’ plate before the other family members recieve it. During the meal, share stories of ancestors who are no longer among the living — this is the time to remember Grandpa’s war stories he told you as a child, tell about when Aunt Millie used salt instead of sugar in the cake, or reminisce about summers spent at the family homestead in the mountains.

When everyone has finished eating, clear away all the dishes, except for the ancestors’ plate. Pour the cider or wine in a cup, and pass it around the circle (it should end at the ancestor’s place). As each person receives the cup, they recite their genealogy, like so:

I am Susan, daughter of Joyce, the daughter of Malcolm, son of Jonathan…

and so forth. Feel free to add in place names if you like, but be sure to include at least one generation that is deceased. For younger family members, you may wish to have them only recite back to their grandparents, just because otherwise they can get confused.

Go back as many generations as you can, or (in the case of people who have done a lot of genealogy research) as many as you can remember. You may be able to trace your family back to William the Conqueror, but that doesn’t mean you have it memorized. After each person recites their ancestry, they drink from the cider cup and pass it to the next person.

A quick note here — many people are adopted. If you are one them, you are fortunate enough to be able to choose whether you wish to honor your adoptive family, your biological family, or a combination of the two. If you don’t know the names of your birth parents or their ancestry, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Daughter of a family unknown.” It’s entirely up to you. The spirits of your ancestors know who you are, even if you don’t know them yet.

After the cup has made its way around the table, place it in front of the ancestors’ plate. This time, a younger person in the family takes over, saying:

This is the cup of remembrance. We remember all of you. You are dead but never forgotten, and you live on within us.


If you didn’t do a separate ritual for animals, you can add photos and candles for deceased pets to your family altar.

If you like, you may wish to follow this ritual with a Seance.

If your children are younger, and you’d like to include them in a short ritual, consider holding an Ancestor Ritual for Families With Children instead.


By Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert



Samhain Ancestor Meditation

A Time of Darkness

Samhain is known as the night when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. It’s a time to sit back and honor the spirit world, and call upon those ancestors who came before us. After all, if not for them, we wouldn’t be here. We owe them something, some gratitude for their ability to survive, their strength, their spirit. Many Pagans choose Samhain as a time to honor their ancestors.

In addition to these more formal rituals, you may also want to take some time alone for a quiet meditation. This is a point in the Wheel of the Year when the spirit world is a bit closer than normal, and if you’ve never tried to contact your ancestors before, now is a good time to do it.

When performing an ancestor meditation, people experience different things. You may find yourself meeting a specific person that you are aware of in your family history — maybe you’ve heard the stories about great-uncle Joe who went out west after the Civil War, and now you have the privilege of chatting with him, or perhaps you’ll meet the grandmother who passed away when you were a child. Some people, however, meet their ancestors as archetypes. In other words, it may not be a specific individual you meet, but rather a symbol — instead of adventurous great-uncle Joe, it may be a non-specific Civil War soldier or frontiersman.

Either way, understand that meeting these individuals is a gift. Pay attention to what they say and do — it may be that they’re trying to give you a message.

Setting the Mood

Before you perform this meditation, it’s not a bad idea to spend some time with the tangible, physical aspects of your family. Bring out the old photo albums, read through wild Aunt Tillie’s diary from the Great Depression, get out your grandfather’s old pocket watch that almost sank with the Titanic. These are the material things that connect us to our family. They link us, magically and spiritually. Spend time with them, absorbing their energies and thinking of the things they’ve seen, the places they’ve been.

You can perform this ritual anywhere, but if you can do it outside at night it’s even more powerful. Decorate your altar (or if you’re outside, use a flat stone or tree stump) with the symbols of your ancestors — the photos, journals, war medals, watches, jewelry, etc. No candles are necessary for this meditation, but if you’d like to light one, do so. You may also want to burn some Samhain spirit incense.

Claiming Your Birthright

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think about who you are, and what you are made of, and know that everything within you is the sum of all your ancestors. From thousands of years ago, generations of people have come together over the centuries to create the person you are now. Think about your own strengths — and weaknesses — and remember that they came from somewhere. This is a time to honor the ancestors who formed you.

Recite your genealogy — aloud if you like — as far back as you can go. As you say each name, describe the person and their life. An example might go something like this:

I am the daughter of James, who fought in Vietnam
and returned to tell the tale.
James was the son of Eldon and Maggie,
who met on the battlefields of France,
as she nursed him back to health.
Eldon was the son of Alice, who sailed
aboard Titanic and survived.
Alice was the daughter of Patrick and Molly,
who farmed the soil of Ireland, who
raised horses and tatted lace to feed the children…

and so forth. Go back as far as you like, elaborating in as much detail as you choose. Once you can go back no further, end with “those whose blood runs in me, whose names I do not yet know”.

If you happened to meet a certain ancestor, or their archetype, during your meditation, take a moment to thank them for stopping by. Take note of any information they may have given you — even if it doesn’t make sense just now, it may later on when you give it some more thought. Think about all the people you come from, whose genes are part of you. Some were great people — some, not so much, but the point is, they all belong to you. They all have helped shape and create you. Appreciate them for what they were, with no expectations or apologies, and know that they are watching over you.


By Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert



“Leaves fall,
the days grow cold.
The Goddess pulls her mantle of Earth around Her
as You, O Great Sun God, sail toward the West
to the land of eternal enchantment,
wrapped in the coolness of night.
Fruits ripen,
seeds drip,
the hours of day and night are balanced.”
Mabon Sabbat and Lore


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Do You Know What Your Government Is Really Doing?

We have been fortunate enough to have made several contacts that are well informed on what our elected officials in this country are really doing in Washington. The WOTC and myself have also tried every way we could to stay out of the running of our country and the government. Due to certain events that are now unfolding, we will no longer take that stand. When we are informed of any activities that are going on in our government that will effect your will being and the well being of the ones that you love, we are going to let you know. It is of our own opinion that you have more of a right to say how your life is run and lived than the government does.

We have spent the day researching our sources to make sure all the facts are correct and they are. It is a rather lengthy article but I hope you will take time to read it. It concerns the end of all pensions and retirement plans in this country. It is trying to start with one Pension Plan, if they succeed with this one, we will never stop them. Then we will all wonder, whose is next? The “golden years” you once planned and dreamed about, won’t exist. Instead, the threat and horror of being too old to work, no pension coming in, losing your home you have worked all your life for and being put out on the street, the choice between buying your medicine or eating dog food for supper….I think I have painted a gloomy enough picture for you, unfortunately it is a picture that could come true for the majority of us.  Think about it as you read this article.

At the end of the article, you will find a link to a site that tell you how you can get involved, contact your Congressman/woman and let your voice be heard. If you plan on ever retiring in this country, I would advise you read it and then take action…..

Let’s start at the beginning….

It has recently came to light that one of the biggest labor unions that ever existed in this country is seeking permission to cut benefits for participants, including retirees, as part of a proposed rescue plan that is now awaiting approval from the Treasury Department. The union is the International Brotherhood of Teamsters(which will be referred to Central States Pension Fund hereafter), who had assets of $17.8 billion as of Dec 31, 2014 and is now projected to become insolvent in 2026.

According to a statement released by Executive Director Thomas Nyhan,”the plan is painful but “the only realistic way possible to save the fund.” He also went on to add despite a recovering economy and investment returns comparable to similar-size pension funds, “there is simply no way to make up for the lost employer contributions” from the hundred of employers that have closed their doors or gone bankrupt.

The Mutliemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 allows trustees of deeply underfunded pension funds that would be insolvent within 15 years to reduce benefits, even for current retirees, after they have tried all other means. Those cuts can be no lower than 110% of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s guarantee. It is stated that disabled or older retirees have further protection but did not offer any recourse that might be available to those individiuals.

Under this proposed Central States rescue plan, terminated participants with less than 20 years of service would get the largest cuts, this compared to retirees, active participants and terminated participants with 20 or more years of service. Active participants whose continued participation in the pension fund is “vital,” they can continue to earn pension credits of 0.75% of the contributions they paid in, down from the current 1%, and re-employment restrictions on retirees are then lifted, according to Mr. Nyhan.

Mr. Nyhan stated that action was needed now. “The longer we wait to act, the larger that benefit reductions will have to be. And if we wait too long, the Central States pension fund will run out of money and won’t be able to be saved.”

The rescue plan application was submitted September 25, 2015 to the Treasury Department, which will post it shortly and allow for public comments. Treasury officials have up to 225 day to review an application, and once approved, 30 days to administer a participant vote on the proposed benefit reductions. The law requires the Treasury Department to approve an application if a plan’s potential claims would cost the PBGC $1 billion or more.


Pensions & Investments


– Contact Hazel Bradford at hbradford@pionline.com | @Bradford_PI

What Effect Will This Pension Reduction Have on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Retirees, Their Widows and Children?

Retired truck driver Jerry Deaton, 69, states that every time he gets a pension check he gets chills and worry how much money he could lose in the future given all the rumors about the Central States proposal bill before the Treasury Department.

On Monday, Mr Deaton got his answer. His pension could be slashed by roughly half. His $2700 a month pension is targeted to be cut to around $1317 a month as of July 1, 2016, as part of the proprosed rescue package now before the Treasury Department.

Mr. Deaton when on to add, “It doesn’t leave you with much options.” “I’ll be 70 years old in December. Who’s going to hire a 70-year-old truck driver?”

The giant Central States Pension Fund — which has $17.3 billion in net assets — covers more than 240 union locals with more than 400,000 participants who live in 37 states. Currently the fund said it pays a pension benefit to more than 220,000 retirees nationwide and about 115,000 retires across the U. S. face reductions now.

In Michigan alone, the fund is said to cover 24,205 current retirees — and 13, 179 now face benefit reductions. The proposed pension rescue package before the Treasury Department would save the pension fund but it would destroy a majority of this country’s hard working men and women’s future. Those that worked all their lives and only wanted to retire with the guarantee of a comfortable life after they retired.

“People are absolutely furious. People can’t believe it — 50%? Fifty?” said Maurice Curran, 71, of LIvonia, Michigan. Curran, who retired 10 years ago, used to drive a truck for Spartan Stores in Plymouth, Michigan. His pension now is $3000 a month but is set to be cut July 1st. Mr. Curan stated, “I’ll lose $1500 a month — $18,000 a year,” he went on to add, “This is draconian. The Teamsters are not bankrupt.”

Fred Bora, 69, who lives in Comins in northern Michigan, said his potential cut would be about 60% and drive his monthly pension down to about $1288 a month. His pension could face a deeper cut because the company where he worked went out of business in the Great Recession. Bora added, “I worked 30 years and they promised me a pension. How can they take it away?” Right now, Bora and his wife, Katherine, 80, have two mortgages. They pay about $800 a month on their home. “$800 — that’s almost my full pension check” after the cuts, Bora stated.

We have talked and have had access to several of the Teamster retirees in the Kentucky area. Those that we interviewed, stated that they also received the notification of their benefits being potential cut by the start of July 1, 2016. On average of these retirees that we talked to, a retiree drawing a pension check of $1424.00 first cut would be to $1080.00. A second cut would occur the following year which would further reduce the retiree’s check to $984.00. The majority of the retirees that we interviewed have house payments, car payments, utilities, groceries and not to mention extremely high medicial bills. A few even went as far as to say that the $984.00 wouldn’t even cover their retirement home mortgages. If this reduction takes place, most of them will be forced to sell their homes and make other drastic decisions as to whether purchase their much needed medicine or to eat.


Detroit Free Press


Retiree Interviews conducted in Kentucky courtesy of

K. Steel, Witches Of The Craft, witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com


Bill Number: S. 1631 and H. R. 2844

Date Introduced: Thursday, June 18, 2015 – 12:00

The Keep Our Pension Promises Act of 2015 repeals the “benefit suspension” provisions of the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (MPRA) enacted at the end of the last Congress. Those provisions allow the trustees of certain financially-troubled multiemployer pension plans to reduce the benefits of retirees and their widows and widowers. The Keep Our Pension Promises Act would ensure that pensioners will continue to get their full benefits.

Instead of permitting ongoing multiemployer plans to cut retiree benefits, S. 1631 and H.R. 2844 ensure that plans will have enough money to continue to pay promised pensions. The bills do this by modifying the “partition” sections of MPRA. They keep all other MPRA provisions intact, including provisions that authorize the federal pension insurance agency (the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation or PBGC) to assist plans interested in merging with each other. The legislation is revenue neutral, thanks to the elimination of two unnecessary tax breaks for wealthy individuals and estates.

How partitioning would work under the Keep Our Pension Promises Act

Trustees of a financially-troubled multiemployer plan that is likely to run out of money within 10 to 20 years will be able to apply to the PBGC for a partition order.

If the partition order is issued, the plan will not have to pay the full benefits of its “orphaned” pensioners who are retired as of the date of the partition order. (Orphaned retirees are those whose former employers went bankrupt or withdrew from the plan without fully paying what they owed.)

The PBGC will transfer money to the plan each year in an amount equal to the “guaranteed benefits” the PBGC would have had to pay to these orphaned retirees if the plan were “insolvent” without enough money to pay promised benefits in that year.

A new Legacy Fund will be created at the PBGC supported by general revenue from the U.S. Treasury. The revenue cost will be offset by money raised from closing two tax loopholes that primarily benefit high-income individuals and their estates, the “like-kind exchange” and “minority valuation discount” provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

The money that the PBGC transfers to the partitioned plan will come from both its current multiemployer pension insurance fund and the new Legacy Fund.

The plan that has been partitioned will pay the difference between the guaranteed benefit amounts funded by the PBGC and the retirees’ full benefits, up to specified limits.

Plans will continue to pay full benefits for non-orphaned retirees.

Sponsors: Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio)

You can obtain further information in regards to tracking this bill and also contacting your Congress man or woman at Govtrack.us.


A Quick Look At The History of the Teamsters & Why We Should Act

The news that we have provided you with today has been researched and is accurate. It does involve one of the most controversial unions in our country, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Here is a look at the Teamster History

For more than a century, the Teamsters Union has helped millions of workers achieve the American Dream. Our success is a testament to those who came before us, who stood together to form a union and a labor movement. These workers fought for the rights and privileges that today most Americans take for granted. Without the solidarity of unions, there would be no weekends, no pensions and no health insurance.

The best way to celebrate Teamster History is to highlight the actions and events that improved working and living standards for American families and communities.

Learning about the struggles and victories of the past will help union leaders, members and nonmembers alike appreciate the contributions Teamsters made not only to labor history but to American history. Review the real story of the Teamsters in the 20th century. https://teamster.org/content/real-story-20th-century

To get the visual concept of what makes the Teamsters Union so great, check out the Teamster history visual timeline. https://teamster.org/content/teamster-history-visual-timeline

The founding members of the union foresaw the growth and promise of the Teamsters as a model for workers everywhere. And they developed a philosophy that is as true and vital today as it was in 1903:

“Let each member do his duty as he sees fit. Let each put his shoulder to the wheel and work together to bring about better results. Let no member sow seeds of discord within our ranks, and let our enemies see that the Teamsters of this country are determined to get their just rewards and to make their organization as it should be — one of the largest and strongest trade unions in the country now and beyond.”


Teamsters, North America’s Strongest Union


What we have presented to you is articles and legislation that tell of nothing but what a disgrace our country has become. The legislation that was passed gave huge Pension Funds the right to attempt this to their retirees was put into law to stop the last Congressional shut down. No one was made aware of this fact. No one knew that the Congress was trying to play God with our future and the future of our Elderly Americans. So that begs the question do you really know what your Congressmen/women and Senators are up too? Are they doing the job that you elected them to do?

We focused on the Teamsters because this is the first of many Pension Funds that will try to use this corrupt piece of legislation. The Teamsters have a checkered pass but if it was not for them most of us would still be working for $1.00 an hour a day. They got out in the streets, picketed, striked and even fought for your right to a decent wage for a hard day work. Many unions followed after the Teamsters. The other unions saw what the Teamsters were trying to do and accomplishing, they wanted it for the individuals they represented. The unions joined forces and we a formitable force until Ronald Reagan became President of the United States in the ’80’s. He made the statement that it was his intent to bust the unions in this country. He did bust the Air Traffic Controllers Unions in this country. After that, he tried to bust other unions in this country but those left stood strong. They stood strong for us, where we would maintain a way of life we had come a custom too, expected and deserved. Without those surviving unions, most of us wouldn’t be able to put food on the table at night, have a place to live or a car to drive. We owe these unions, whether it is the Teamsters or not, a great deal. We owe them our way of live.

Are we going to idly sit by and watch these great men and women, who fought to give us what rights we have in this country be put out on the streets, loss their pension that they worked for and were promised? When you work all your life, you look forward to retirement. Will you even have a retirement?

You spend most of your life at work. You work long, over-time hours, you pay into a pension plan or a 401K plan, you think your golden years will be just that, “golden.” You reach the age of retirement, then there is nothing, no pension, no 401K, and you are too old and tired to work anymore, then what?

The majority of this article has been about the Teamsters. It is because this is the first of any of the Pension Plans that are trying to impliment this new piece of legislation before the Treasury Department. If Central States gets this approved by the Treasury Department then there will be more to follow. Your pension plan or a family member’s pension plan could be next. The companies today do not want to pay pensions or retirement plans to any of their retirees. If they are allowed a loophole to avoid paying these well deserved pensions and retirement plans, they will find it and they will use it. It this bill before the Treasury Department is allowed to pass, every American in this country will never know what retirement is. We will all be forced to work till our last dying breathe.

The Keep Our Pension Promises Act introduced by Democratic Presidential Candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) will prevent any company or pension fund from ever denying their participants a pension check and a comfortable retirement after long years of dedication and service to the company they worked for.

This effects all of us whether you think so or not, it might be the Teamsters now but if it is allowed to pass before the Treasury, are you so certain your retirement is secure?

We have provided a link below that will direct you to a site that tells you how you can take action, get involved, and who to contact to let your voice be heard.

Pension Rights Center


*Footnote: It should be noted that Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., is against the cutting of the Teamster retirees benefit package. Mr. Hoffa strongly believes that these men and women worked and deserve their pensions and the benefits promised them.

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My Parents and I in Two Different Plains

Originally posted on Coven Life:

Mon n Dad 8 15 1957

Picture of my mom, Jeannine, and my dad, Carl. Taken 3 days after their wedding in 1957

Parents and Their Legacy

When we are young we look to our parents to teach us right from wrong in all kinds of things. From our first steps to say, “Sorry I stepped on your toes, to table manners, how to say, “Please, thank you and your welcome” “You get in more trouble if you lie then if you admit to what you did wrong”, to all the other niceties we need to get along in today’s society. Yes it is still polite to open the door for a woman, help older people out by opening doors carrying bags or packages so they do not have to, offer a lady, older person or pregnant woman a seat in a crowded bus or train. These are all things I have taught my own children…

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Till We Meet Again…

Truly Magical Day Pictures

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A Spell to Banish Unwanted Attention

A Spell to Banish Unwanted Attention


At some time or other most of us attract the attention of someone we would rather not know. If they seem slow to take the hint, this spell should speed things up. Cast it three days or nights in a row when the moon is waning.If you can’t get your hands on fresh vervain leaves,use the dried ones that should be available at a local herbalist. You’ll need about a handful of either.The spell is best cast outside, but if this is not possible, it can be done indoors.As it involves fire, it must be done with great care.

You will need:

Vervain leaves

A well-stoked fire

Consecrate the wood or coal before lighting the fire. When it has taken, throw the vervain onto the flames, calling out the name of the person you want out of your life as loudly and with as much passion as you can muster. Follow the name with these words, which should also be said with passion:

I want you not ever.

I need you not ever.

Leave my life now,

And come back never.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Spend a minute or two trying to see the other person’s face in the smoke of the fire and watch it waft away from you – never to return.

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Banishing Spell to Stop Harm


This will protect without causing the person bound any harm. It is not a dark spell but a very potent protective one.

You may use a different oil if you wish to use as a banishing oil. Rosemary may be substituted for Rue.


1 black taper or image candle (gender depends on who you are trying to bind)


black cloth a large piece of black cloth

red ribbon


needle and thread

Banishing oil

loose tobacco

a small mirror that can stand by itself

If you can obtain hair or nail clippings from the person or a picture, you can use it in this spell.

Fold the felt in half and cut out a rough shape of the person you want to bind. Make the figure large enough so that you will be able to stuff it after you have sewn it together. Sew the pieces of the poppet together, leaving a hole through which you can stuff the poppet. Fill it with cotton and tobacco, and if you have the hair or nail clippings of the person, add those to it.

Once it is filled, sew the opening closed. If you have a picture of the person, staple or sew it to the front of the poppet. Next, care the name of the person onto the black candle with the nail and add these runes: Thuraz, Isa, Eihwas, a dark filled in circle to represent the dark moon, bars like you will see in a jail, and a widdershins (anticlockwise) spiral. Anoint the candle and the poppet with the oil.

Cast a circle, invoke the elements, God or Goddess you are working with. Light the altar candles. Light the black candle and adjust the mirror so that flame is reflected in the glass.
Hold the poppet out in front of you and say:

“Creature of cloth thou art,
Creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you (name of the person you are binding).
No more shall you do me harm.
No more shall you repeat false tales.
No more shall you interfere in my life, nor in the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of the Gods and by my will, So mote it be!”

Draw an invoking pentagram over the poppet. Now take the ribbon and begin to wrap the poppet like a mummy, leaving no space unwrapped. Say:

“I bind your feet from bringing harm to me.
I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.
I bind your mouth from spreading false tales to harm me.
I bind your mind from sending energy to harm me.
If you do so continue, let all negative energy be cast and reflected directly at you!”

Tie off the ribbon and hold the poppet in front of the mirror while you visualize all negative
energy this person has sent to you being reflected back at them. Wrap the poppet in the black cloth and tie with another length of ribbon. Say:

“Great Mother, I have bound this person
from harming me and my loved ones.
By the powers of three times three
By Earth and Fire, Air and Sea
I fix this spell, then set it free
Twill give no harm to return to me
As I will, So mote it be!”

Let the candle burn out while the poppet sits at its base, then take the poppet and the remains of the candle far from your home and bury it deep in the ground or toss it in the ocean and walk away without looking back.


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A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic

A Spell to Counter Another’s Magic


If, for some reason you believe that another person is using their powers adversely to affect you in some way, remove their negative influences with this simple spell.

You will need:

Two teaspoons of almond oil (or any suitable carrier oil)

Rosemary essential oil

A mixing bottle

A sheet of white paper

A black ink pen

A white altar candle

A purple taper candle

A fireproof bowl

Add three drops of the rosemary essential oil to the carrier oil and charge it by rolling the mixing bottle between the palms of your hands,focusing your thoughts on the purpose of your spell weaving. Now light the white candle and, focusing on its flame, see whoever you think is being negative towards you becoming smaller and smaller.

Anoint the purple candle with the charged oil,drawing the oil away from you as you are banishing something that has been directed towards you. Before lighting the candle, write on the paper ‘All blocks are gone’ and fold it three times. Now light the candle and use its flame to set fire to the paper. Focusing on the flames, say the following three times, at the last adding, ‘And let it be done, that it harm no one’:

As this paper burns away, Elements please hear me pray. Turn back the ill will sent to me, And send it on its way.

As the flames dim, see the ill will dissolving with them, then bring the session to an end in the usual way.


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Exorcism Oil





Mixed with base oil.


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Banishing Oil


1/2 oz olive oil

7 drops pepper oil (add cayenne pepper to olive oil if you wish)

10 drops peppermint oil – or peppermint essence from icing part of a grocers plus olive oil.

12 drops of rue or rosemary oil. You can add rue or rosemary to olive oil and put in a warm
place for 3 days and strain or buy the essential oil.

Some crushed black peppercorns

15 drops of pine oil or some pine needles stepped in olive oil for 3 days in warm place and strained or pine essential oil.

One obsidian or black onyx stone or a small black pebble.


Blend together in an eggcup and put In a clean brown or dark medicine bottle.
Some of these oils are volatile. Do not anoint yourself with Banishing oil. You could burn yourself.
Wash your hands after using. Charge the stone or stones used after adding it and focus on the person and your intent pouring in energy and emotion. As you dress the candles you make them your magical tools. Charge again as you massage away from you massaging in banishing oil from middle to the ends of the candle.

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