Lady A’ Spell for May 8th – Spell To Ease Grief

Gothic Comments

To Ease The Grief

Goal: To ease the grieving process

Optional extras: Black or white candle; picture or symbol of the person, animal, or thing you are grieving for

Notes: This is a simple, heartfelt prayer for help in dealing with grief. Light the candle and speak to the goddess, and know that she will hear you.

Great Goddess

Be with me in this time of sorrow

Ease the pain of my heart

And soothe my battered spirit

Bless my nights with restful sleep

So I might cope with the long days ahead

Enfold me in your compassionate arms

As I learn to live with my loss

Help me to move forward with life

And let the pain grow less as time passes

Bless me with your love

And watch over me

And the one I have lost

So Mote It Be.

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One thought on “Lady A’ Spell for May 8th – Spell To Ease Grief

  1. Thank you.

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