The Wicca Book of Days for April 4th – Greetings, Great Mother

The Wicca Book of Days for April 4th

Greetings, Great Mother

April 4th marked the beginning of the Megalensia, or Megalesia, festival in Ancient Rome, which continued until April 10th and was intended to honor the Goddess in her motherly aspect, and specifically in her incarnation as Cybele or Magna Mater (“Great Mother”). Over the course of the festival, an image of the Goddess was paraded through the city streets (and was said to bestow blessings on everything that it passed) to the sound of cymbals, tambourines, and drums. Competitive games – called the Ludi Megalenses – were held at the Circus Maximus; bloody sacrifices were made; and much feasting was done at lavish celebratory banquets.

Make Music

Pay tribute to the all-powerful Goddess today. Follow the noisy precedent established by her worshipers over two thousand years ago and clash some cymbals, shake a tambourine, or bang a drum as you invoke the Great Mother.

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