And we can’t forget the Precious Pup of the Day for March 22!

Lacy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lacy
Age: Three and half months old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Houston, Texas, USA
This is Lacy! I adopted her from the Houston SPCA when she was just two months old! I knew she was mine within five minutes of arriving there. She came from an overcrowded home and she loves having my apartment all to herself! Lacy enjoys long walks along the Houston bayou, visits to the dog park, hanging out of my car window, sleeping after visits to the dog park, sitting in buckets of water, chewing bones, getting treats and learning to roll over! She is extremely smart and knows it too! She likes to ignore me when we are training as if to say “Mom seriously? We have done this already!”

She enjoys sleeping in odd spots in the house like under chairs and at the top of the couch. Lacy has lots of energy and is a very independent puppy. Though when she wants to she follows me from room to room in my apartment. She loves to cuddle and sleep at my feet each night as well as let me know when I need to stop doing homework by laying on it. She is a sweet heart in every way and she is my best friend, though she gets into her fair share of messes. Her next trick we are working on is “play dead”. Wish her luck!

Lacy, the Dog of the Day
See more images of Lacy!
Lacy, the Dog of the Day
Lacy, the Dog of the Day
Lacy, the Dog of the Day

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