The Wicca Book of Days for March 14th – The Rune of Renewal

The Wicca Book of Days for March 14th

The Rune of Renewal

March 14 marks the beginning of the runic half month of Berkana (or Beorc), whose last day will fall on March 29. The mists of time may have obscured the precise meaning of Berkana, but it is generally interpreted as meaning the birch tree, whose symbolic correspondences include growth, renewal, and springtime fertility (the birch’s buds are usually the first to be seen in spring in northern Europe). It is also a rune denoting feminine fecundity, with specific reference to the Norse goddess Idun, whose gift of everlasting youth was manifest in the form of magickally rejuvenating apples.


Temperance Transference

Take advantage of the prevailing energies of this day to meditate on the major-arcana Tarot card, Temperance (XIV). A winged figure pours liquid from one cup to another in an unceasing flow, and signifies the harmonious union of such opposing principles as spirit and matter and consequently also healing.

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