Air and Fire Energy Spell

Air and Fire Energy Spell

Try this air and fire spell to boost both your mental and physical energy. Place a few drops of rosemary oil in a diffuser or on a cotton ball, and inhale, facing east, while saying:

Winds of intellect, attend me.
My mind is strong and alert.
I retain all I learn.
I remember all that is important.
Winds of intellect, attend me!

Repeat whenever needed, preferably outside on a windy day. Now place black pepper oil or crushed peppercorns in a diffuser or on a cotton ball and (carefully!) inhale. Facing south, say:

Fire of strength, attend me.
I am physically fit and strong.
I perform my work energetically.
I am free of fatigue and lassitude.
Fire of strength, attend me!

Repeat whenever necessary, preferably in front of a bonfire or blazing fireplace.

By: Denise Dumars

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