Enchanting Herbs

Prior to actually using herbs in magick, they can be enchanted. Enchantment (in a magickal context) aligns the vibrations of the plants involved with your magickal need. Thus it is a process which increases the effectiveness of the herbs.

Enchantment may be performed on a single herb or a mixture, but should not be done until moments before the herb is to be used. When several herbs are needed for a spell they may be enchanted together as a mixture or singly as each herb is introduced into the mixture.

A preliminary enchantment may be performed if the herb is collected from the wilds or a garden. While actually cutting the herb for a specific spell the need should be stressed, as should the plant’s role in fulfilling that need, i.e.,

“I gather you, rosemary, herb of the Sun, to increase my mental powers and concentration.”

This begins the process of enchantment,  although it is preliminary only.

The equipment is simple: a plain wooden or ceramic bowl, two candle holders, and a supply of colored candles.

Place the bowl in the center of the altar, the candle holders with correctly colored candles on either side. The herbs to be enchanted should be placed around the bowl in their containers.

Light the candles and still your mind. Unplug the phone and lock the door. If you wish, darken the room of artificial illumination. Enchant herbs (and perform all magick) only when you are alone and will be free from interruption.

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  1. That article is an article we moved from our old Yuku group. There was no credit listed there, so I can’t tell you who wrote the article. I am sincerely sorry for that.

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