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Anti-Evil Eye Conjure Bag (4)

Combine at least a pinch of any one or combination of the following: antimony powder, henna powder, ground malachite powder, or iron oxide powder. Add one cowrie shell and carry in a charm bag.

Anti-Evil Eye Conjure Bag (3)

Even when not decorating your eye, traditional kohl powder has amuletic power against the Eye. Carry the powder in a red mojo bag.

Anti-Evil Eye Conjure Bag (2)

Place  at least one pinch of each of the following in a red conjure bag:

  • Henna powder
  • Red dirt, iron oxide powder or ochre
  • Tar

Add one or five blue eye beads and carry it with you.

Anti-Evil Eye Conjure Bag (1)

Anti-Evil Eye recommendations from India suggest filling a red bag with some or all of the following:

  • Crocodile teeth
  • Pottery shards or bits of terracotta pottery found in a cemetery
  • Protective verses and sacred texts
  • Chili peppers, lemons or limes, to be replaced with fresh ones weekly or as needed.

Wear or carry the bag with you.

Rest In Peace Floral Spell

Cover graves with a carpet of daisies and bluebells to bring peace to the deceased and joy to the bereaved, and to invite the presence of benevolent guardian spirits.

Rest In Peace Chamomile Spell

A carpet of chamomile planter over a grave encourages the dead to sleep and also eases their passage to the next realm.

Rest in Peace Aloe Vera Spell

Plant aloe vera on the gravesite in order to soothe the deceased,  ease any sense of loneliness or abandonment, and prevent their longing for the living.

Rice Cleansing Spell

White foods like eggs and onions frequently possess this absorbent quality. Use white rice for the following spell:

  1. Place an uncovered bowl of raw rice out to absorb negative energy and spiritual debris.

  2. Replace with fresh rice weekly.

  3. Discard the old rice outside the house or feed it to wild birds, whichever is appropriate.