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Easy Juniper Spell

Pierce, string and wear juniper berries to attract lovers.

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Juniper Spell (2) Woman Seeking New Love

A quicker spell to prepare, ironically it solicits long-term love, romance, and commitment.

  1. Soak juniper berries in vinegar for several hours.

  2. Strain out the berries, reserving some, and add a generous quantity of the infusion to your bath water.

  3. Enjoy your bath. Vividly visualize the end results of a very successful spell.

  4. Emerge from the bath but don’t drain the water yet.

  5. Toss some used bath water plus the reserved berries outside onto the Earth near your home to signal your desire for love and your available status.

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Juniper Spell (1) Hot Mama Douche

Soul mate? Perhaps all you desire is to find a fun, vigorous, exciting lover. This hoodoo formulation takes a little while to prepare but promises quick, exciting solutions.

  1. Make juniper vinegar, warm apple cider or wine vinegar on the stove. Add a handful of bruised juniper berries. Let it simmer for a little while, then bottle in an air tight container. Allow this to sit for at least two weeks, and then strain out the berries.

  2. When you’re ready to use it, dilute with warm water or a hydrosol.

  3. Used as a douche, this is said to draw men like the proverbial flies.

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Holly and Ivy Spell (2) Women’s Spell

Women seeking to attract men should carry a conjure bag filled with ivy.

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Holly and Ivy Spell (1) Men’s Spell

Men seeking to attract women should carry a conjure bag filled with holly leaves and berries.

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Bloodstone Magick Wound Enhancing Potion

Place a bloodstone in a glass of pure spring water overnight, exposed to the light of the Full Moon. Use this water to bathe wounds, as appropriate for magickally enhanced healing.

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Bloodstone Charm

Bloodstone is reputed to encourage wound healing, and also to prevent wounds.

  • Wear a bloodstone for protection
  • Apply to the wound as appropriate (gently bind to bandages)
  • Carry a bloodstone within a red charm bag
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Crystal Lattice Patterns


A cube-shaped lattice. Most crystals  of this type consist of a number of interpenetrating cubes, rather than single cubes. Examples: garnet, pyrite, sodalite, diamond, halite, fluorite and copper. Qualities: releasing tension and encouraging creativity


This lattice is shaped like two pyramids joined base to base, with elongated upper and lower points. Examples: apophyllite pyramid, zircon, rutile and chalcopyrite Qualities: balancing and harmonizing


Shaped like a small squashed matchbox, with all sides unequal in length. Examples: danburite blade, peridot, topaz and celestite. Qualities: linking, aiding, the flow of information.


This lattice is shaped like a diamond or a barrel-shaped lozenge. Examples: sapphire, alpha quartz, tourmaline and ruby. Qualities: energizing and anchoring


Shaped like an elongated squashed matchbox. Examples: selenite wand and kunzite Qualities: affects movement and perception.


Shaped like a hexagonal prism. Examples: aquamarine, beta quartz, emerald and apatite. Qualities: organizing and supporting.


This lattice is the most variable, having no set angles or lengths. Examples: kyanite blade, labradorite and ulexite Qualities:  opening and protective.

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