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Directional Invocation Egyptian

Isis to the south

Selket to the west

Nephthys to the north

Neith to the east.

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Babylonian Incantation

Sin is not the consequence of evil-doing but is the name of an ancient Semitic moon-god, namesake of the Sinai Peninsula.

Shamash before me

Sin behind me

Nergal at my right

Ninibat at my left.

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Archangel Summoning Invocation

Michael to the right of me

Gabriel at my left

Uriel in front of me

Raphael guards my back

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Directional Invocations

If one invokes protective spirits, one is also effectively casting a protection spell. Their presence provides the protection. Directional invocations place the spell-caster within a circle of protective spirits. This format is ancient, hearkening back to ancient Babylon and Egypt.

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“Demon” Summoning: Hecate (2)

An old tip that makes summoning Hecate easier. Dry dandelion roots, then slice and pierce them to create beads, forming a ritual necklace to wear when calling Hecate. Call–or think–Hecate’s name as you pierce, string, and knot each bead.

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“Demon” Summoning Hecate (1)

Hecate, Queen of Witches,  pre-eminent deity of the ancient nation of Caria, Matron of Midwives, and psychopomp maintains office hours only at night: formal petitions and invitations must be offered after dark. A particularly ancient spirit, the only source of illumination she favors is fire.

Summon Hecate at night by a three-way crossroads. Ideally, light your way with a mullein torch. Offer her garlic, lavender, and honey. If you have a dog, bring it with you. Keep an eye on the dog; it’s likely to perceive Hecate, who adores dogs, before you do. Why would you wish to contact Hecate? Because she can teach you to do anything you can imagine. Because she can grant you enhance psychic powers, fertility, romance, protection, freedom from illness, and magickal restitution for any crime committed against you.

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“Demon” Summoning Baal

Baal means “master” or “owner” and may be the title of various Semitic spirits, or may indicate the many “paths of one, in the manner that a Yoruba orisha has many paths (aspects) yet remains one.

Baal’s image summons him, as does fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, arrowhead, hammers, and images of lightning. Why would you wish to summon him? Perhaps because he has been known to stabilize the weather and provide fertility, prosperity, and protection.

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Angel Summoning Benzoin

Burn benzoin: benzoin incense not only summons angels but induces them to linger. It has the added benefit of repelling malevolent spirits.

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