Sigils of Earth and How To Use Them

Sigils of Earth and How To Use Them



The triangle has a long spiritual history. No matter the culture or religion, its basic meaning is “three in one.” From the Zoroastrian Fire-Lighter-Ether to the astrological significance of “the Big Three” – sun, moon and rising sign that make up the bulk of your personality – in the Wiccan idea of Maiden, Mother and Crone and Father, Son, and Sage, all stand for the three-fold nature of the universe. In Egyptian magi this triangle included Isis (the mother), Osiris (the father), and Horus (the manifestation of the two – the son). An upward pointing triangle stands for the male principle, where the downward point one is feminine. Remember, masculine and feminine in magic really have nothing to do with gender, and have everything to do with how energy flows and manifests. The alchemical earth symbol drawn a line across the top portion of the triangle. Fire, air and water also have triangular symbols. The four triangular symbols can be used in your Book of Shadows to indicate information that deals with a particular element and be caved into tools, painted on magical projects or sewn on robes and altar cloths – in essence, on anything that you want to use to draw earth energy to you.

We can also activate the sigil itself by writing a person’s name that we want protected in the center of the earth symbol, asking for grounding protection, and the gifts of the earth. Triangles, whether they stand for earth, air, fire or water are activation points. Don’t put anything in there that you don’t want to change.

Odin’s Cross or the Sun Cross, appeared around the beginning of the Bronze Age. It materializes in ancient Egypt, Chine, pre-Columbian America, and the Neart East. Not only does it stand for the element of earth, but also for thunder, highest power and energy. In astrology it is associated with the Part of Fortune, a piont on every natal chart thatn, when activated by the movement of planets throughout one’s lifetime, brings good fortune, riches and success. Carve it on candles for that extra oomph. Use to break the negativity of another by placing the sigil with your name on it over their name or picture. Draw on the back of your own picture to add success to any personal spell casting procedure. Carry in your wallet dressed with a little money oil for drawing extra cash your way. Don’t draw it on the pavement in the sidewalk chalk by the front of your house, though, because in the hobo sign system this one means Here you will find food, work, and generous people. Although hobo picture writing isn’t used much these day in America, I highly doubt your spouse would be thrilled with strangers knocking on the door all day long. On the other hand, the symbol is also known as the Gamma Cross and is used in the inauguration of a Roman Catholic Church, wherein twelve such crosses are drawn in blessed water and oil upon the walls of the establishment. Given this information, you can use the same sigil to bless the moon in which you work magic.

The Wheel Cross (Sun, Cross, etc.) also has another association, that of planet Earth in astrology, although it is rarely used by modern astrologers due to their use of the geocentric system. In magic, however, we can put this symbol to good use by drawing it in combination with other astrological sigils. Simply draw, pain or write the symbols directly on candles, altars or other magical projects that match the intent.

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