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Ritual Tools Associated with the Element of Air

Ritual Tools Associated with the Element of Air

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Elemental: Gnomes
Elemental Ruler: Ghob
Direction: North
Color: Green
Season: Winter
Time Of day: Midnight
Symbols: Salt, Stones, Herbs, Cords
Some things associated with the element of earth: Protection, Prosperity, Stability, security, carrer, home and family life.
Some Herbs associated with the element of Earth: Fern, Vervain, Primrose, Mugwort,
Type Of Energy: Feminine
Wind: North wind
Zodiac Symbols ruled by Earth: Virgo, Taurus Capricorn
Power Of magus: Tacere, to be silent

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Elementals: Nymphs, Undines
Elemental ruler: Niksa
Direction: West
Color: Blue
Season: Autumn
Time of day: Dusk
Symbols: Chalice, Goblet, Cauldron, Mirror
Some things associated with water: Emotions, friendship, dreams, intution, psychic abilities.
Some Herbs associated with The element of water: Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose, yarrow, Irish Moss, sandalwood
Type Of energy: feminine
Wind: West wind
Zodiac symbols ruled by water: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Power Of Magus: Velle, To will

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Elemental: Firedrakes
Elemental Ruler: Dijin
Direction South
Color: Red
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Noon
Symbols: Candle, Sword, Athame, Incense Burner
Some Things associated with the element of fire: Energy, Passion, Taking Action as opposed to just thinking about it, Protection especially where active is needed as opposed to passive.
Some Herbs Associated with the element of Fire: Cinnamon, Pepper, Ginger, Garlic, Basil, Cedar, Rosemary, Dragon’s blood
Type of energy: Masculine
Wind: South Wind
Zodiac Signs ruled By Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Power of Magus: Audere, To Dare

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Elementals: Sylphs
Elemental Ruler: Paralda
Direction: East
Color: Yellow
Season: Spring
Time of day: Dawn
Symbols: Feather, Incense, Wand, Oils
Some things associated with the element of Air: Memory, Thoughts, New beginnings, Finding Lost items, truth, justice, logic, intellect
Some Herbs Associated with the element of Air: clover, lavender mistletoe, meadowsweet, sage
Type of energy: Masculine
Wind: East wind
Zodiac signs ruled by Air: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
Power of magus: Nocere, To Know

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Sigils of Earth and How To Use Them

Sigils of Earth and How To Use Them



The triangle has a long spiritual history. No matter the culture or religion, its basic meaning is “three in one.” From the Zoroastrian Fire-Lighter-Ether to the astrological significance of “the Big Three” – sun, moon and rising sign that make up the bulk of your personality – in the Wiccan idea of Maiden, Mother and Crone and Father, Son, and Sage, all stand for the three-fold nature of the universe. In Egyptian magi this triangle included Isis (the mother), Osiris (the father), and Horus (the manifestation of the two – the son). An upward pointing triangle stands for the male principle, where the downward point one is feminine. Remember, masculine and feminine in magic really have nothing to do with gender, and have everything to do with how energy flows and manifests. The alchemical earth symbol drawn a line across the top portion of the triangle. Fire, air and water also have triangular symbols. The four triangular symbols can be used in your Book of Shadows to indicate information that deals with a particular element and be caved into tools, painted on magical projects or sewn on robes and altar cloths – in essence, on anything that you want to use to draw earth energy to you.

We can also activate the sigil itself by writing a person’s name that we want protected in the center of the earth symbol, asking for grounding protection, and the gifts of the earth. Triangles, whether they stand for earth, air, fire or water are activation points. Don’t put anything in there that you don’t want to change.

Odin’s Cross or the Sun Cross, appeared around the beginning of the Bronze Age. It materializes in ancient Egypt, Chine, pre-Columbian America, and the Neart East. Not only does it stand for the element of earth, but also for thunder, highest power and energy. In astrology it is associated with the Part of Fortune, a piont on every natal chart thatn, when activated by the movement of planets throughout one’s lifetime, brings good fortune, riches and success. Carve it on candles for that extra oomph. Use to break the negativity of another by placing the sigil with your name on it over their name or picture. Draw on the back of your own picture to add success to any personal spell casting procedure. Carry in your wallet dressed with a little money oil for drawing extra cash your way. Don’t draw it on the pavement in the sidewalk chalk by the front of your house, though, because in the hobo sign system this one means Here you will find food, work, and generous people. Although hobo picture writing isn’t used much these day in America, I highly doubt your spouse would be thrilled with strangers knocking on the door all day long. On the other hand, the symbol is also known as the Gamma Cross and is used in the inauguration of a Roman Catholic Church, wherein twelve such crosses are drawn in blessed water and oil upon the walls of the establishment. Given this information, you can use the same sigil to bless the moon in which you work magic.

The Wheel Cross (Sun, Cross, etc.) also has another association, that of planet Earth in astrology, although it is rarely used by modern astrologers due to their use of the geocentric system. In magic, however, we can put this symbol to good use by drawing it in combination with other astrological sigils. Simply draw, pain or write the symbols directly on candles, altars or other magical projects that match the intent.

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Air in Feng Shui

Air in Feng Shui
Feng Shui means literally “the way of wind and water,” or symbolically, “the natural forces of the Universe.” These forces affect everything in our world. Europeans call the science of Feng Shui geomancy. Hawaiians and Native Americans practice their own form of Feng Shui, each seeking to live harmoniously with nature. The ancient Chinese believed in and lived their lives by these natural forces. One of the strongest and oldest natural forces is called chi.
Chi, also known as the breath of nature or as “the dragon’s celestial breath,” is everywhere and, many believe, represents the truest abstract energy in the Universe. Chi is an invisible energy that circulates everywhere but gathers in certain place, which are said to be good in Feng Shui. Chi enhances happiness, prosperity and longevity, and it is the life force inside all living things. Good relationships, a healthful lifestyle, and meditation can increase levels of chi energy.
In Feng Shui, winds are sometimes thought of as bad because they scatter chi rather than accumulate it. When selecting a place to build a home or to hold a ritual, avoid places that are windswept. This can be hard if you live on the prairie or beside the ocean, but in those cases, just try to schedule your rituals on days when the wind is calmer. If you have a home where it’s windy, you might want to perform a weekly ritual to encourage the sylphs to leave chi where they find it.
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Symbols and Association of Air

Symbols and Association of Air
Air has the qualities of coolness and dryness and association with breath, life and communication. In astrology, Air rules the Zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. People born under the Air signs think, communicate, analyze, and theorize. They love freedom, truth and justice, and have the ability to change circumstances with amazing speed. As thinkers, they rely on rationality rather than on intuition or emotions. Their philosophical approach to any situation allows them to endure hardships. Air signs can tolerate almost any circumstances, as long as there is a rational explanation for it. They have great leadership capabilities, with a reputation of being fair. Interested in almost everything, they are lifelong students.
The Element of Air becomes a negative one when Air folks require family and friends to uphold the same standards they live by. Air people cannot understand why everyone does not think and act as they do. When they make a mistake they tend to rationalize instead of using the situation as a learning experience. They are devoted to abstract ideas and have difficulty making decision, making them sometimes exasperating to work with. In addition, they tend to procrastinate.
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