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Chant To Athena

Try this charm when you must make a decision, but aren’t sure that all the facts are on the table.

Athena, Goddess of Great Insight,

Wisest One, take owl-like flight.

Come to me–stay at my side

And let Your wisdom be my guide.

Show me what I need to see.

So I can solve efficiently

These problems. Lend Your expertise

And grant Your wisdom unto me.

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Oregano Courage Bath

Bathe in an infusion of oregano (not while pregnant!) to calm nerves, regroup scattered thoughts and emotions, and to summon courage.

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Oya Courage Spell

Courage emerges in the recognition of one’s own personal strength.

  1. Write down nine ways in which you are powerful.

  2. Place the paper under a purple candle dedicated to the Orisha of personal power, Oya.

  3. Offer Her red wine. Pour a glass for yourself,k too.

  4. Toast Oya and yourself and watch the candle burn.

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Mojo Power Bag (2)

Like psychic growth, this conjure bag, which is based on power items of North African magick, is a work in progress.

  1. Fill a red silk bag with dried oleander leaves (Warning: these are toxic! Do not ingest or leave near children and animals), pieces of sandalwood and myrrh, an odd number of hairs from a horse’s tail, and amazonite beads or crystals.
  2. Sprinkle with henna and/or antimony powder.
  3.  Add a pinch of dirt from sacred sites as you visit them.
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Mojo Element Power Bag

Gather the following and place in a conjure bag:

Sand from the beach

Dirt from a mountain

Dirt from a cemetery

Dirt from a crossroads

A cat’s claw herb (uno de gato)


Pebble from a crossroads

Nail or pebble found on or beside train tracks

These combined materials bestow the powers of the elements. Only pinches of sand and dirt are needed. Place the initial bag within a second, stronger one to prevent the dirt from spilling out and escaping.

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Mojo Power Bags

Mojo bags are created and carried to enhance and maintain psychic power.

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