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Artemisia Spell: Artemisia Incense

Grind equal parts mugwort and wormwood into a fine powder. Sprinkle it on lit charcoal and burn. This incense may be used to accompany and enhance any spell-work.

Artemisia Sachet

Fill a small sachet with equal parts wormwood and mugwort. Sleep with this next to your cheek or under your pillow to enhance psychic powers while you sleep, and wear it next to your skin while casting spells to enhance skill, inspiration, and protection.


Even more than most plants, the different forms of the botanical are not interchangeable.

  • Although mugwort is largely considered a woman’s herb, it is not safe for pregnant women or for those actively trying to become pregnant. It can cause profound uterine contractions.

  • With the exception of pregnant women, the herb is generally safe for adults, in moderate doses.

  • The flower essence remedy is the safest method for use, particularly when psychic enhancement is desired.

  • Mugwort essential oil, also known as armoise, its French name, is not safe for anyone. Mugwort’s latent destructive powers, potential neurotoxins, are concentrated in the essential oil. It should not be used except possibly under the most expert professional supervision.

Acacia Incense: Sacred Wood

Blend dried powdered acacia, sandalwood, and frankincense. Burn the powder to enhance and develop psychic power and vision.

Acacia Incense: Osiris Incense

Blend acacia, frankincense, cypress, and cedarwood and burn wafting the fragrance as desired.

Acacia Incense: Basic

Burn dried powdered acacia and allow the fragrance to permeate the area.

Acacia Spells

The acacia tree has been associated with the sacred since the proverbial time immemorial, from the myth of Osiris to the Ark of the Covenant. Burn it as incense to stimulate and enhance psychic ability as well as to provide contact with the sacred.

Psychic Power Spells

Psychic Power Spells serve two purposes:

*To enhance psychic ability

*To replenish psychic depletion

Psychic power may be discovered within, its growth stimulated from what already exists hidden inside you. But it may also be obtained from external devices, such as amulets and charms.