Greetings! Our theme is Hope.

Greetings! Our theme is Hope. This first week of the month we work with releasing and cleansing non-hope. Following today’s affirmation are comments about the affirmation and suggestions for your process. Make this an enriching day!
I release memories that allowed belief in hopelessness.
I create new memories of hope and pleasure.
About Today’s Affirmation
Few persons are likely to admit or even recognize that they “believe in” hopelessness. However, many act precisely that way. Events and conditions that we hold up as “proof” that our beliefs in hopelessness are justified further maintain the beliefs and circumstances of hopelessness. Such beliefs and thoughts may come from our own direct experience or may be reported by others from their perspective. And, indeed, these beliefs have been passed down generation to generation and swapped as gossip among friends and relatives to further strengthen the hopelessness. Especially adept at spreading hopelessness is the media. Using today’s affirmation as a focal point, we let the past be the past, knowing we can pick from it anything we choose to focus on in the present.
About Your Process
You can enhance today’s affirmation by activating various senses. For example, what color are the memories? You may find that you associate certain colors with different people or feelings or thoughts. What color is hope? What color is hopelessness? What color is a belief that you desire? You may find that sounds are also helpful. For example, what does it sound like to release? What is the sound of hope? What is the sound of the opposite of hope? By playing with such sensations, you can find that you more quickly discern hope and hopelessness, making your choice of where to reside easier.

Copyright Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant

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