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Spell Reversing Bottles

These are the most famous–or notorious–witch bottle spells. It’s hard to imagine that anyone actually cast them, as the potential for harm to those within the spell-caster‘s house is so strong.

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Protection Bottle (2) Old Spell

  1. Fill a tiny vial with mercury
  2. Seal it tightly shut
  3. Place this bottle inside a second larger bottle or jar
  4. Fill this second container with water and seal tightly shut.
  5. Place this second bottle into an even larger jar or bottle
  6. Fill this with sea sand, seashells and pebble from the beach
  7. Seal tightly shut and bury. Traditionally this is buried in the hearth or by the home’s front entrance.

*WARNING* Mercury is an extremely toxic substance.

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Protection Bottle (1) Old Spell

Protection Bottle (1)

To protect against malevolent magick

  1. Place a single castor bear in a small glass bottle.

  2. Seal it tightly. Keep one bottle and bean in each room of the house.

  3. Replace the beans at every new moon.

*WARNING* Castor beans are poisonous. Do Not leave the bottle where a child or animal (or an unknowing adult)has access to it.

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Witches Bottles

Spells can be cast within fabric pouches, cigar boxes and furniture cabinets. Once upon a time, spells cast in sealed glass bottles were very popular. Witch bottles, as these spells are known, derive their name from two sources.

The most obvious is that witches were assumed to cast spells using glass bottles. In addition, witch bottles were a popular method of breaking hexes allegedly cast by witches. Whether witch bottles were ever as popular as some claim is worth pondering. They’ve largely fallen out of favor because in general witch bottles favor extremely dangerous methods. Frankly, you’re far more likely to be seriously injured from on of these bottles than from a curse. These traditional witch bottles spells are reproduced for historical value only. I strongly recommend against casting any of them. Safer, modern adaptations are presented in this section.

Witch bottes basically exist for one of two purposes:

  • To provide spiritual protection

  • To reverse a malicious spell

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Disposing of Your Spell

People often ask me how to dispose of spells, charms, sachets, and so on once they have fulfilled their purpose or the Magick is no longer required.

The first thing to do is to remember to give thanks to the Goddess and the God. It is not enough to accept the Magick, you need to try to give back something too. Perhaps plant a useful herb in your garden or, if you have the space, a tree dedicated to the gods. Alternatively, spend some time working on the land or clearing rubbish from your local park.

After you have given something back, then it is time to dispose of the sachet. Open it and scatter all the environmentally friendly parts to the wins. Stones, crystals and charms should be buried or cast into the sea or a stream. The fabric of the sachet and any paper, perhaps with your intent written on, can be burned or torn into shreds and buried.

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To Magickally Empower A Product

There are many ways of empowering a potion or object from simply placing it in the light of the Full Moon overnight to a full Ritual of Consecration. However, you cannot sit food on the windowsill overnight for consumption the following day! Instead you might like to dedicate it to your chosen deity or deities. To do this, create a small clear space around your chosen item or product and visualize each of the elements in turn. See them in your mind’s eye materializing over the product and then enhancing it with their energy . Then take up the item in your hands and call (either out loud, or in your mind) upon the Goddess and the God to lend their power to your intent. Visualize them reaching out and touching the item and blessing it. When you feel that this is complete, thank the Goddess and the God, and each of the elements, for their aid.

If you prefer a more formal approach, and you are creating something which does not have to be consumed immediately, then you can consecrate it ritually. This will involve setting an Altar and casting a Circle by invoking the element of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and inviting the Goddess and the God. After this pass the object though the incense smoke and candle flame, then sprinkle it with water and salt whilst naming it and its purpose and asking for their energy to enhance it. Next, you present it to the Goddess and the God and ask their blessing. Lastly you will need to remove the Circle and clear away your working space by thanking and banishing the elements and the Divine.

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To Enhance Work In Preparation

Whether you are making a healing potion or bathing in preparation for a Magickal working; the first step is to clear your mind of all distractions so that you can fully focus on your intent, for it is intent and focus which make the Magick work. One of the keys to this is to carefully prepare your working area. Make sure it is clean and tidy before you start, for physical distractions lead to mental ones.

You also have to carefully define your needs and goals. Make sure that you know what you intend to do and why. Are your motives pure? Having formulated your desire, you then need to assemble all your ingredients, checking that you have everything you need and find substitutes where necessary. Then you can commence work.

Whilst working, you need to keep your goals firmly in mind, if necessary by writing them out and keeping a copy in front of you. You should also try to summon from within yourself the elements, in terms of thinking about what you are doing (Air), empowering it with enthusiasm (Fire) and emotion (Water), by the actual work (Earth) and by focusing your intent (Spirit). If you can, dedicate the work to a particular Goddess(es) and/or God(s), as you will find that they will lend their aid not only to your Magick, but also to making the physical side of things proceed more easily.

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Basic Spell Template – Recording Spell Notes


*It is a good idea for someone new to the Craft to print several of these till they get the hang of what they are doing and feel comfortable doing it*


*Name of Spell:



*Date and time performed:



*Moon phase:






*How long it took to cast the spell:






*Your state of health:



*Purpose of the spell:



*Deities/Elementals invoked:



*Tools and ingredients required:



*The full text of the spell or ritual:




*Your immediate reaction:



*Short term results:



*Long term results:

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